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also……………………..bc it was bound to happen sooner or later……………


hope shlottman

peggy carter

basically what this means is that while i’m still kinda on the fence about officially adding them here, i ?? would rly like to give them a test run ?? and basically u can hit them up for interactions / send them memes (and also feel free to like this if you’re down to get tagged in / sent stuff from them??)

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I'm very sorry for asking. But which traitor? There's a traitor? When it was mentioned?

the teachers in-story mentioned the idea of there being a traitor among the school, because there’s just no other way for the information about USJ and the changing plans for the camp to have gotten out. Mic and Nedzu have brought it up separately, but beyond that there hasn’t been any other mention of a traitor

but that’s who people are talking about when they ask about who the traitor could be

personally, i don’t care to speculate on it and i’m just waiting to see what happens in canon

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I'm usually against Alibaba too but I think when he says "such pathetic anxieties" it's because he's actually aware that she doesn't want it and he knows he's just being stupid about it. Hope I'm making some sense haha

You are making perfect sense :)

It’s possible that Alibaba indeed knows that Morgiana doesn’t want polygamy and thus why he calls his anxieties pathetic. In such case,he’s being an idiot for having these thoughts and a small part of himself still doubts Mor (shame on him,really) because otherwise he wouldn’t get insecure in the first place. At least, that’s how I see it.

You taught me that love hurts, you taught me that life hurts too. I want to be there for you, I want us to be there for each other. So that maybe, it’ll hurts a little less.
—  Piper Chapman - ,,Orange Is The New Black’‘

the thing about supercorp is that tbh kara is the best gf for almost every character katie has played

morgana? needed a kara danvers to support and validate her bc no one else fucking would
lucy? wouldn’t have an unrequited love, would never get bitten, and would live with her alien gf like the happy blonde lesbians they are
sarah? murderer would’ve been found out in like a day bc there’s no way kara would allow that toxic mess to run loose. sarah doesn’t deal with the traumatic events of the series and kara runs the newspaper
zara? doesnt fucking get eaten

like for every tragic katie character there’s an AU where kara danvers exists and it’s better than canon