5 great years of my life

Other fic writers: writes 2 fics per week, grades are A+, still maintains relationships with actual people, all fics are consistently great, makes friends with other writers, doesn’t check their activity page every 5 seconds after posting something because they are Self-Assured™

Me: hasn’t written anything in 183764 years, does tumblr instead of homework, ignores people in real life, writes one decent fic then the next 5 are terrible, is intimidated by other writers, panics if there’s no feedback after posting something


hi tumblr, it’s been a while since i last talked about this. just over 5 years. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long, woah. I wrote a blog post in 2011 about being transgender but wasn’t in that great of a place. My world was still really dark. I ended up deleting the post shortly after publishing it. Compared to the unbelievable amount of acceptance and support there is today, many people weren’t accepting and I couldn’t deal with even more people telling me I’m not who I say I am on top of the very little support in my immediate life. As of right now though, I can confidently say I’m waaay way way happier than I ever was back then and have made a full FTM coming out video and discussed a couple things regarding my journey to transitioning with Hormone Replacement Therapy in the near future. I’m also working on a project I hope will help other trans people like myself which I will share with you in the coming months :) I just want to make a difference. I felt so alone growing up and with how much the internet has grown since I was a fetus baby Jey Wale, I hope to reach other beautiful humans and give them the love and support they deserve for being exactly who they are, just the way they are. Thanks for always being here for me, it means the absolute world. Stay positive, stay strong, stay beautiful, stay you.

Jeydon Wale 


🌌Kaleidoscope Eyes Sparkle at the World🌌

Found this in my drafts. It so simple.

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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 4)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – A few curse words, but I’m writing Tony… 

Word Count - 713

Notes – I’m so excited for this fic, I can’t even tell you guys!!  27 Dresses is so fluffy and then I’ve got this dark, twisty fic going at the same time!  My evil little heart is overjoyed!!!  As always, I appreciate your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

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You crossed the room to pull him into a hug.  “These past two years have been great, Phil, but we both know that I need to learn to stand on my own two feet again.  I can’t let my fear of the Winter Soldier keep me from living my life.”

You got up and started packing.  You didn’t have much, just a few essentials.  The only thing that you had kept from your childhood was a framed photo of you and your parents.  You had taken a trip to the beach and you and your dad had built a huge sandcastle. Your mother had asked the little old lady collecting shells to take your photo in front of your masterpiece. Everyone was smiling and so happy. It always made you sad to remember how happy you were.  It made you mad to think about how that happiness was ripped away from you.  You knew where the blame lay, but you just couldn’t help imagining what you would do if you ever came face to face with the monster that stole your life from you.  He would pay, you would make sure of it.


Phil had arranged for a helicopter to transport you to the Avenger’s Compound in Upstate New York. It was the beginning of November and the leaves were in full color, painting the landscape below you in warm shades of yellows, oranges, and reds.  The serenity of the scenery helped to take your mind of the nervousness you felt about your new position.

The chopper landed on the circular landing pad by the compound.  Stark was leaning against the wall, looking extremely bored as he played with the device in his hand.  You grabbed your duffel, thanked the pilot, and made your way over to Stark.  He finally looked up as you approached, tilting his sunglasses down to give you a once over.

“So, you’re the best that S.H.I.E.L.D. has to offer?” he questioned sarcastically.

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Are people still using Tumblr? Because I’m finding I miss it.

Things that are happening in my life:

1. Work pays the bills, provides nothing to my self-esteem or worth other than financial security & that’s…ok.
2. Trev & I are great! We still bicker sometimes, but it’s a completely different world than it was earlier this year. I’m happy. And I love him.
3. We are trying to get pregnant, which comes with its own…bullshit, but hopefully it happens for us.
4. I’m working with @clevcrew to lose weight! And it’s WORKING! I’m down over 20lbs this year, and I feel wonderful!
5. Thanksgiving is coming, and we are celebrating Christmas early since the boys are going to their mom’s house early this year. I am both excited & stressed for this.
6. I miss having a space like this, so welp, I’m coming back! Even if just for my own self interest.

HOW IS LIFE?! Hope you all are well. ❤️

the doctor's ever changing opinion of gallifrey/timelords
  • one: fuck dese guys I'm out
  • two: wow my life's great now, can't believe I spent 200 years on that god forsaken orange rock, without jamie too!!
  • three: you know what idc that u pompous arseholes banished me to earth, I got da brig with me and let me tell you something they don't have moustache's like that on gallifrey
  • four: first u accuse me of treason and now you want me for president,oh my daze you guys are such nerds, jelly baby?
  • five: wtf omega!?!
  • six: you killed peri! then fragmented her in to 5 different versions of herself, you guys are fucked up, stay away from my humans!
  • seven: shit man... me, the master and the rani, used to be so cool back at the academy, like the ultimate squad y'know, now we all so damn fucked up, that's what gallifrey does to innocent childrens
  • eight: take the master's jiggly sperm back to gallifey they said, it'll be fine they said
  • war: haha GALLIFREY STANDS bitches, totally keeping this jacket as a memento
  • nine: well I'm just going to have to cover up my severe psd with immense sass, any way it's not all bad at least I have rose she's great, although somehow she reminds me of the time war and why am I still wearing the jacket that I wore when my planet burned?!?
  • ten: well the thing is martha its like every story about a kid who wants to get out of their small town but then ends up missing it, except the kid is 900 years old, the small town is an entire planet and the kid ends up committing the genocide of his own species
  • eleven: yay!! my people are back they are actually alive and I can go home, this is the best thing ever!! two tics clara I need stand on a cloud with me, myself and I and stare at this beautiful planet full of my problematic faves
  • twelve: the bae is dead and its probably your fault!! my hybrid valeyard arse has smashed on some glass for two billion years to get here and get my revenge, I told you to stay away from my humans!! and clara and peri both have scattered lives, way to rub it in. jeeze I can't believe I was so thirsty for you two hearted cunts to come back

//02.01.17// My messy desk…

Hey, hope you had a great New Years!

This year, I’ve decided to do 100 days of productivity and I’m on day 2! Are you guys doing it? Where are you at?

The app on my iPad in the picture is called ‘focus keeper’ and it’s saved my life with revision! It’s basically just a timer but it makes me do 25 mins of hardcore revision and then I get a 5 minute break :)

Hope you have a great week! Xx

Episode 1
  • Lance screamed for Keith when they were all being pulled apart :’)
  • Nice reminder of how gorgeous the animation is
  • PIDGE, my actual daughter… So yes, Green is a girl <3
  • “I’ll see what I can do”…*proceeds to build her teammates out of space garbage*
  • awww she misses them
  • anyone else hella impressed by allura’s fingers flying across the screens in panic mode? no? just me? ok.
  • HOLY SHIT! ponytail coran was nothing compared to this sexy edgelord right here
  • and omg his voice :’D 
  • i can’t believe young coran = lance
  • what the fukc was the pirouette IM SCREAMING
  • for someone who hates the outdoors pidge has the best nature karma i s2g
  • damn. i could have gone my whole life without seeing coran’s emo nihilist phase
  • space mom can deal with literally any personality type \(^.^)/
  • well at least you found water keith A+ space exploring
  • me @shiro: you’re doing great sweetie!
  • pidge my smol genius daughter u build that transmitter girl - again with the amazing nature karma
  • broganes bonding :’)
  • aaahhh toddler coran with a lisp AND A MUSTACHE LAKDFJL;AKDFJ;AL
  • “i hungry’ *angry stomping* SAME KID, SAME
  • mom of the year award goes to allura; she just handle a good 4 decades worth of parenting in 20 minutes
  • Keith piloting the black lion? nice 80s voltron reference ;)
  • all those de-age fics of lance and keef, and it’s actually baby coran we get <333 he’s so smol 
  • more broganes <3 but sadder this time :(
  • Prorok: “I’m innocent” maybe innocent means something different in galran
  • THACE! i need to know more

Where should I start? Taylor is such a huge part of my life ever since 5 years. It’s been such a great joy watching her grow and her having such a great success! She’s always there for me when no one else is, her music helps me and has always helped me through bad days and good days. When I’m in great pain, i turn to her music. And in the opposite when I’m having te best time of my life I’m turning to her music. Her persona is just such a place to feel at home. I feel like the happiest kid talking about her and how amazing she is. She has done so much for us and also for me only with her music. It’s
incredible! So now that it’s her 27th birthday I need to share this long ass text because I’m very emotional about how time flies. Didn’t we just get the single 22? Didn’t she just wear 50’s clothes? Didn’t she just start the RED tour?…
All of a sudden you’re 5 years older than then. I’m so proud of you Taylor, for taking all those risks and staying strong through all stages in life who aren’t very easy. I’m also proud of me that I made it until now! And it defenitely was with your help, with the help of you and your music. In the worst days I’ve had, where I didn’t really see the sense of life you music brought me back to life. I love you so so much, there aren’t words who can describe this love to you. I always end up with saying that I love you, my sparkly little cupcake, but that isn’t even enough!

Enjoy your bday you adorable dork! lots of love

xx Valentina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(ps. yes I made the drawing by myself)


Senior Year

Chapter 4: Tee Shirt

Originally posted by wonued

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2 // Ch. 3 // Ch. 5 // Ch. 6 // Ch. 7

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader x Mingyu

Genre: Slice of life

Words: 565

Summary: You all stayed up late and oh no your mom is on her way to wake you all up for breakfast but Wonwoo is shirtless, you’re in Mingyu’s clothes, Wonwoo is holding you, and Mingyu is… Where is he?

A/N: sorry this one is short! i was thinking up of ideas all night and wanted to started getting  little further before i start getting to the ideas i have. also sorry they havent had anything crazy happen yet, im trying yall(i’m excited and i hope you all like this pls tell me if you do)

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I avoided reading The Surrogate (although I was dying to since the premise is so intriguing and have been eyeing it since its first chapter) because it wasn't finished and I didn't know if it would be, but today I just thought what the heck, and I fell in love with it immediately! I had to come here and see if there were any plans to continue it and saw your post about the next chapter! I can't wait for it! Your writing and the story is so great! Thanks for not abandoning it! Please update soon!


And @dianaflynn22 (thank you!) returned my latest chapter all corrected and I just have to finish going through the fixes. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and being so patient with me and my snails crawl. That gives me life! One of my New Year’s resolution is to sit down, not get distracted and write write write. So as a gift, here is the first paragraph.

The Surrogate Chapter 5 - Homecoming

Katniss cuddled further into the comfort of the the welcoming soft bed still intimately aware of the arm wrapped around her waist holding her almost a little too tight. His hot breath fanned against her neck and she felt uncomfortably sticky wherever their skin touched. She sighed and resigned herself to the fact she wouldn’t be getting any sleep. Her brain was too busy to allow her to get any rest and the one time she did close her eyes she dreamt of finding her father cold and still, eyes devoid and empty. After that she didn’t want to go to sleep again.

It seemed like she had been on this train forever. It didn’t help that it had been delayed due to an obstruction on the track that put them off for hours. And even though District 1 was kissing the Capitol, the large Mellark house was on the outskirts of the district.

Peeta had no such problem drifting off as Katniss, but his dreams didn’t seem to be any better than hers. Occasionally he would whimper, groan, and mumble “no” repeatedly but unlike her he seemed unable to break from whatever was holding him. There were so many nights that she had soothed Prim during rough nights, so it was automatic for her to reach out do the same. She tried  to smooth away the lines that tightened his face, with gentle fingers, but Peeta wasn’t a little girl, and his reaction was to wrap her up in his muscular arms like she was a human security blanket.

  • FlitzMk2_Recording_1
  • Progenitor_Purdue
  • MemoryCore2

… On a cold, rainy evening in Ambermill.. Flitz Mark Two would tug on the leg of a member of Amberstaff. With the Nighthold defeated and Gul’dan slain at last… There would be within, a Somber recording. A Last will and Testiment of Archwizard Alranon Purdue of Amberstaff… 

Some OOC information: Alranon is not dead, but after his mysterious vanishing at the end of 7.1.5′s Night Hold, this recording starts playing for Amberstaff and anyone whom would inquire to his trusty robot companion! I will be going away for a while. I’m off to serve my country as a United States Air Force First Airman. I’ll be without outside communication for FOUR MONTHS! Once I’m out of Basic Training and a full fledged Serviceman, I will be back and better than ever. Amberstaff has been my life for almost 5 years now and I’ve never regretted a moment of it. They’ve walked me back from a cliff and for that I’ll be eternally greatful. I cant wait to come back to the best people on the planet.

Life In Utopia

By reddit user coinator. Estimated reading time: less than or equal to 5 minutes. 

Our small town could be considered a utopia. The location is great, right next to the beach, there is no poverty, no racism and crime is non-existent with the exception of some robberies that have happened. Finding a job is really easy and as long as you are willing to work hard and acquire some skills you will get a promotion. I became my department’s head in the local bank in only a year.Services like the police, the fire department and hospitals are excellent, but taxes aren’t very high.

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Danny Phantom AU Part 1.5 (aka What Eric Bittle Did Last Summer)

(Part 1 here)

Because I don’t have enough of this shit in my life 

Again: it’s, like, 2k of bullet points and stuff under the readmore

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I’m looking at jobs to apply to for after graduation and its making me so nervous because all the companies are amazing and do great work, and though I am confident in my work and talent, I feel completely underqualified for any of these jobs, like I won’t meet their expectations or I’ll let them down, and they won’t hire me or will fire me. Looking at the requirements lists makes me feel like I have to do 15 million balance beam flips and drive a flaming truck off a cliff and over 100 cars while also having experience in doing both and more for the past 5 years. 

ug. post grad life is looking v scary and hard.


Seven years ago today, Joseph and I uploaded a short video to youtube that we thought might be seen by a few dozen people. It was supposed to be a fun little side project called Marble Hornets.

What ended up happening instead was the most wonderful 5 years of my life, all thanks to amazing fans like you. All of you made me so happy, and gave me such great incentive to work as hard as I could to live up to your expectations.

Things have definitely slowed down since then, with a few rough patches here and there, but I am still endlessly thankful for everything all of you have done for me.

I’m still working on making things for you, though I can’t dedicate quite as much time to it as I used to be able to. I hope that you’ll stick around for it.

Regardless, I just want to say thank you, again, for everything.

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4,5,7,23,60: favorite blogs?

4. what are you looking forward to? this weekend def!!! Im getting my acceptance letter soon + playoffs for basketball start tm but im also pretty nervous haha

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile? my friends lmao we are all living memes also my tumblr friends blc everyone is just so nice i cri

7. what was your life like last year? ok I guess but im so much happier with myself now i feel great :)

23. fear(s) ohh i like this one! I have trypophobia and thalassophobia… and i wouldnt search them up if i were u but basically trypophobia is like the fear of many holes and thalassophobia is the fear of the ocean? im just terrified of the fact that we know nothing abt the ocean and idk what could be in there and all that stuff

60: favorite blogs? umm if i list content wise it will prob be too long so i’ll just list a couple good frens (aka ppl ive talked to at least more than once lmao): @cutiepatoodie @littleight @choco-seventeen @minghaeo @17dad @minygu @performanceunit

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this is ur daily reminder that u r great, ur art is great, and ur whamilton adds 5 years to my life everytime i see it ok bye ray have a good day < 3

Thank you so much! I rarely do anything wow that makes me really happy… Have a nice day.

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3, 4, and 5!

3. Do you miss anyone?

Death wise, yes, my dog that I’ve had for 11 years recently passed away in January, it was pretty hard, and couple people I’ve known have passed away as well. All pretty hard to deal with.

Friends wise, yeah, I do have a couple people I was very close with that have drifted away/are enemies that I wish I could still talk too

4. What are you looking forward to?

THE SHORE omg, my friends and I went last June for Senior Week, no parents, a house to ourselves, and it was one of the greatest times of our life, and it was so great that we decided to go again this summer! Time is actually going by faster than it did last year, but it still feels so far away

5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile?

No matter what she says on snapchat, @metal-harbor never fails to make me smile or laugh :)

Thank you! :)

One Year Ago

One year ago today, the series finale of Gravity Falls aired. I honestly never thought this Disney Channel show would change my life as much as it actually has. But in reality, Gravity Falls has been one of the most influential parts of the last 5 years. I have learned to value love and family to a great extent. I have learned that while I do get older everyday, I never have to let go of my inner child. I continue to grow fonder of each of the characters in the show. And even to this day, my love for the show has not faded. In fact, it’s gotten bigger. The endless fan art and fan fiction made for the show have kept it alive thanks to the various artists. I am so grateful for Alex Hirsch for creating such a huge influence on my life. He made his weird imagination into a very successful tv show which I immensely enjoy to this day.