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Still Life of Fruit and Flowers
c. 1612
By Clara Peeters

It’s Museum Week!

This year’s focus is on women in culture (follow the hashtag #WomenMW) and cultural institutions around the world will be sharing stories from their collections all week on Instagram and Twitter. 

Today’s theme is FOOD (follow #FoodMW) and so here is Still Life of Fruit and Flowers, c. 1612, by Clara Peeters, who was one of the first professional women artists in the Netherlands.

Little is known of her life and career, though her dated works suggest she was active from 1607 to 1621. Peeters specialised in sumptuous still lifes of fruit and flowers, and this painting is one of Peeters’s largest and most sophisticated works, unusually painted on copper rather than a wooden panel or canvas.

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2012 Treana White Blend

My snaggle tooth approves of this wine. White flowers, nuts, honey, and some waxy stone fruit on the nose. Apricots and donut peaches on the palate with honey and raw nut mix. This is a very nice Marsanne from Paso Robles. Good entry to the style and grape. 

4/5 bones


Marsanne, Viognier

14.5% abv

Central Coast, California, USA

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4.8lbs lost in 1 week.

i’ve been seeing people ask how i lost 4.8 pounds this past week, so here is what i did.
i restrict my calories to 500 a day but sometimes i eat less than that. (500 is my limit) i start out my day at around 10:30-11:00am by eating 5 apple slices OR 5 grapes. the apple slices are 30 calories and the 5 grapes is 15 calories. i don’t eat at all through out the day until 6:00-7:00pm but i NEVER eat after 8:00pm and before 8:00am. for dinner this past week, i had a veggie burger, eggs, a small bowl of penne pasta, a tiny grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, and mixed vegetables. i have cut out meat and all junk food which means i don’t eat fast food, cookies, cake, ice cream, donuts, chocolate etc. i refuse to eat snacks like chips and pretzels. also, i don’t drink anything but water. TIP: DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. DRINK WATER. IT WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND WHILE LOSING WEIGHT. i ALWAYS have water with me. i have had the absolute worst cravings for fast food, and anything sugary but i simply tell myself no. i fight my cravings because i know that if i give in, i will gain weight and i can’t let that happen. it’s been hard but it’s worth it. please remember to stay safe💕

god-damn-it-miranda  asked:

Fairy lights, painting, and marble? (aesthetic ask)

fairy lights: if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about anything, what would you want to know?

is ted cruz the zodiac killer

painting: what is the best halloween costume you have ever put together? if none, make one up.

its not the best but,,,i w as once a grape,, a fucking grape imagine 5 year old me dressed up in 30  green balloons 

marble: what is the most important thing to you in your life right now?

Getting into a good school and making my perents proud

Beauty 101: Korean Beauty Wave

Korean Beauty is the most recent trend. It’s increasingly hot as the popularity of Kpop and Kdramas. Halyu Actors and Kpop Idols appeal to their viewers with their attractive faces and, especially, their flawless complexion. Like most fans, I am also curious on how they achieve such great skin.

During my trip to South Korea, two years ago, I wasn’t just attracted with Korean fashion and culture, but also with their obsession with skin care. Korea is one of the leading countries in producing skin care and beauty products. So during my travel, I couldn’t help but buy some (okay, most) of their best seller products and be allured by their cute packaging (I couldn’t resist the cuteness…it’s everywhere!!!!). I felt that by buying those products, I have also acquired some beauty secrets that Koreans are so famous for.

I tried my best getting all the tips from my previous trip and from watching korean variety shows (thanks Get It Beauty and Pony Beauty Diary!) and apply it to my daily regimen. Here are a few of them:

1. The 10 steps regimen

A typical skin care routine for Koreans varies between 9 to 10 steps. They mostly do this before going to bed and the process starts by using a makeup remover, then followed by cleanser, exfoliation of oily t-zones, then the use of toner, and other essential essence and serum needed for the skin. The last part would be your favorite cream, emulsion, masks (if necessary) and eye cream.

The key here is removing every last trance of makeup, massaging the face for a minute (to boost circulation), and moisturizing. The healthy habit of Koreans serves as a lesson for us on how to take care of our skin more and the importance of putting time in valuing ourselves.

2. Cushion Makeup

We know that BB Creams have been a part of most girls’ makeup routine ever since its launch in 2006. Right now, there is a new added cream in the market and Koreans and Filipinos alike are slowly loving this product, and it is called the ‘Cushion Makeup’.

The cushion makeup started as a CC Cream/Foundation, a silky texture that covers spot and gives natural light and smooth skin. Both BB and CC Cream have common uses but CC Cream puts more emphasis on nourishing the skin while providing optimal coverage. It’s the same thing with cushion makeup. It’s more lightweight and it is a watery foundation in a compact container. You gently press the product and apply it into your face. The anti-microbial puff is the best part in putting the foundation, it makes the application look more natural, rather than cakey.

3. Lip Tints

I love lip tints!

Lip Tints, also known as lip stains, has this long lasting effect that other regular lipsticks don’t have. The tints simply color the natural texture of your lips and often finish off with some lip gloss. Lip tints are also versatile, it’s up to the user if you want your lips to appear naturally colored by using simple and lighter tints that matches your skin tone, or going for a dramatic effect by using darker tones or red to look more fierce. The best part for using this tint is that it is long lasting. I go to the gym a lot and I usually wear lip tints (I like orange lippies.. :) ) while working out and it doesn’t come off and it lasts an entire day, say, no need to reapply.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

This is a must-have in my holy grail of beauty products! I seriously love this product and I’m so happy to share it with you guys. My first encounter with this product is out of pure curiosity. I saw good reviews over the internet and immediately bought some when I saw it in stores.

NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL is made out of 92% Aloe Vera. a generous tub of 300ml that could last for months or so. I used it as my body moisturizer, face mask, eye mask, use for after shave or treat for sunburn. I like to put my tub in the fridge so that it has this cooling effect when applied onto the skin. I love how it is quickly absorbed, without feeling greasy, leaving a soft and smooth skin after application. I preferred using it before bedtime and lather it all over my face and neck.

Other Beauty Tips worth mentioning:

5. Grape Seed Oil

My aunt introduced to me this supplement, and when I saw great effects on her, I decided to give it a try. She has psoriasis and it’s hard for her to find a perfect medicine for her skin, until she found out the benefits of Grape Seed Oil. I started using it by taking it once a day and I’m really happy with the results of taking this supplement.

First off, Grape seed oil is extracted from grapes. It produces useful compounds in the form of oil which offer plenty of benefits for human, especially to skin. It is a good source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which is the main requirement for having good skin and also contains strong antioxidant compounds to fight acne and many more. These health benefits of grape seed oil are enumerated below:

  • Treat Acne
  • Skin Tightening
  • Relieve Dark Eye Circles under Eyes
  • Moisturize
  • Minimize Skin Aging
  • Good for skin asthma, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis
  • Can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and beneficial for all diabetics
  • Promote hair growth
  • Can provide protection against the sun damage
  • Smooth skin

6. Sunblock

It’s so init in the Philippines! Be sure to protect your skin with sunblock before going out. Waterproof sunblock with a high SPF is ideal. It prevents facial brown spots, aids you against sun protection, and helps to slow down the development of wrinkles and aging skin. Just don’t forget to apply it before putting makeup.

7. Putting body lotion/moisturizer at night

My mom always says that putting lotion at night is also important as the way we put moisturizer on our face. Our skin needs to be hydrated and by applying body lotion or body butter at night should do the trick. It will leave your hands, body and feet as soft and smooth like a baby.

8. Green Tea

I’m a self-confessed green tea addict. Green Tea is not only used for fat burning but it also helps improve physical health. It also does great benefits to the skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that can be used to treat acne. To help your skin appear brighter and flawless, you can follow these few tips:

  • Use as a facial mask. After each cup of green tea that you drink, take the teabag out and cut it open. place the used green tea leaves into a small cup and add a little honey to it to make it into a paste. Make sure your face is clean before applying the paste. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse.
  • Use tea bags as a refresher. I do this before going home and need to fresh up before applying make up. Take a used teabag and run it over in hot water. Squeeze out some of the water and rub the teabag all over your face (or use it first for your tired eyes, especially in your dark eye circles before using it to your whole face). Use it for one to two minutes or until the teabag has cooled off.
  • Drinking green tea everyday. It is recommended to have 5 cups a day.

That’s it for now! You can share your thoughts and your own beauty tips as well in the comment section below.

I would love to hear from you guys :)

I’m gonna end this post with our handsome Minho here <3

This is not a promotional post. The writer of this article is in no way paid to specify the aforementioned brands.