5 gays 1 girl

I don’t understand why people who are transgender get upset when anyone (cis or not) call them by the wrong gender unless the person knew beforehand.

For example, when I went to a GSA conference, I went to a workshop where it was kind of like 1 Girl, 5 Gays and we were allowed to ask them questions about how they came out, what to do if someone is being phobic, etc. But one question led to one of the trans guys saying how he always gets angry (like raging angry) when people accidentally call him a girl instead of a guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for gay, trans, bi, asexual, etc rights, but I got offended and angry myself when he said that. 

It’s like people mistaking how to pronounce your name if they have never met you before. You can’t get angry at people who didn’t know that you were a guy when we honestly didn’t know. If you told a person beforehand to talk to you as if you were a guy but they still call you ‘she’ or 'her’, then I can understand your frustration and I would be frustrated too, especially if they did it purposely. However, if the person just met you and called you by the wrong gender, how could they have possibly known? That person you just met does not know your backstory nor know you so how can you get angry at people for not knowing. Like I said, if the person keeps purposely calling you by the wrong gender then you have the right to be rude, or say they knew from other people to call you a specific gender and they still don’t, that’s wrong too. But, if the person came to you without any prior knowledge, how can you be angry? That person didn’t know.

I know a couple of friends who work in retail or as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant who accidentally used the wrong gender pronoun to address a customer and they got chewed out. I don’t understand that. It’s not like the person knew so you cannot get angry at that. There was one time where a friend of mine was getting yelled at McDonalds for accidentally calling a girl 'Mr.’ The manager had to step in and tell him to leave the building because he couldn’t be yelling at the workers and in their faces like he was. She then claimed it to be discrimination, but it wasn’t. My friend didn’t know that the person was actually a girl to call her by the right pronoun and it wasn’t discrimination to be taken out of the building. You can’t lean over the counter and yell at the worker right in their face. My friend was close to tears and was afraid this girl would get physical. Since it was a nighttime shift, there weren’t many other people around in case something happened. 

That is another thing. It is not discrimination to escort a gay, lesbian, trans, etc out of a building when there is actually good reason. If the person is being escorted out because of who they are, then that is discrimination, but if you are being violent, rude, obnoxious, etc then the managers and workers have the right to show you out.  It’s not discrimination, it’s policy and in some cases, safety.


1. Kiss a girl and you think about that kiss.  (Too many times even if that kiss had no meaning )

2. Realize that most of the bands  you listen are female bands or female singers with strong personality. 

3. You know ALL EPISODES OF THE WEB SERIE CARMILLA  (and not for the vampire elements.)

4. You watch Lost Girl. ( Believe me there is no reason for a straight girl to watch it, there is no reason to watch it even for an human being.)  


5. If you are watching an interview with Kristen Stewart and you find out you have the same shirt she’s wearing. There is no way to go back. 

You’re gay as fuck.