5 galleons

First Kiss
  • Harry: YOU WISH!
  • *Both look intensely at each other*
  • *Draco Blushes*
  • *Awkward Silence*
  • *Crowd waiting for reaction*
  • *Harry moves closer and kisses Draco on lips*
  • *Hot make out session in public*
  • *Crowd cheers with confetti everywhere*
  • In the corner
  • *Blaise hands over 5 galleon to Pansy*
  • *Ginny smirks as Hermione thrusts 10 galleons to her*

the half-blood prince is literally the funniest movie out of all of them because:

1. harry with the pincers 

2. cormac throwing up all over snapes shoes  

3. hermione telling off lavender in the hospital wing 

4. harry with the felix felicis in general 


6. “how much for this?” “5 galleons” “how much for me?” “5 galleons” “i’m your brother.” “10 galleons

7. “why is it when something happens, its always you three?” “believe me, professor, i’ve been asking myself the same question for 6 years.” 

8. “who’s harry potter?” “oh, no one. bit of a tosser really” 

8. did i mention the PINCERS YET 

9. “she’s only interested in you because she thinks you’re the chosen one” “but i am the chosen one*gets hit with newspaper* “ok sorry, kidding

10. “it’s no joke! i’m in love with her.” “alright fine, you’re in love with her. have you actually met her?” “no….can you introduce me?

How to troll Educational decree number 31

Educational decree number 31: Boys and girls are not permitted to be within 8 inches of each other.

The Weasley twins initially looked up at the sign with an air of malice but then simultaneously an idea sparked in both of their heads and they turned to look at each other with matching grins of glee.

“You thinking what I’m thinking Georgie”

“I believe I am dear brother of mine”

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hp headcanons: asexual charlie weasley

So you don’t like girls? - No, Percy - Or boys? - No, Bill - So who do you like? - No one, that’s the point, Ginny -  Dragons? - Sure, Ron, I like dragons  - Knew it! You owe me 5 galleons Fred! - Merlin, George - That’s fascinating son! - Thanks, Dad - You can still adopt some grand kids for me though, right? - Mum!

  • Teddy calls Harry dad one day and he doesn’t really know what to say.
  • Teddy Lupin crying when someone accidentally lets it slip that his biological parents are dead.  He’s 4 and the thought never occurred to him that Ginny and Harry weren’t actually his parents.  Harry holds him until he stops crying.
  • They figure out that now’s good a time as any to bring out old photos of Remus and Tonks.  They substitute bedtime with any old stories they remember from their Hogwarts days.
  • “I can still call you Mum and Dad right?”
  • Harry and Ginny waiting until Teddy’s about 6 years old to start having their own kids.  
  • Sirius’ spoiling godfather nature is evident in Harry because he spoils the boy beyond belief.  
  • When James Sirius is born, Teddy vows to protect him and be the best brother ever.
  • The first couple of months after they bring him home from the hospital are pure murder.  Harry asks, “How do you turn him off?!”
  • One day when Harry and Ginny are too tired to function, James Sirius begins his crying routine.  Teddy walks by the room before he gets too loud and starts changing his hair color among other things.  Harry comes into the room to see Teddy leaning into James’ crib with the latter laughing for the first time ever.
  • Edward Remus Lupin is sorted into Hufflepuff without a moment of hesitation from the sorting hat.
  • The marauders each hand Tonks 5 galleons apiece.
Love Potion

Request: @bear105 Can you do an imagine where Draco gets a love potion from the Weasley Twins joke shop hoping to use it on the reader please 😁

YAASS!! I literally screamed when I saw this request lmao (Y/F/N means Your Friend’s Name)

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A Fred-lives-Au where Fred and George go back with the trio for there eighth year and there is a shared common room because why the fuck not. The twins decide to prank the remaining Slytherin’s (idk dying there hair red) and after they all have a mental breakdown and slight sobbing on Draco’s behalf they see the Gryffindor’s laughing and think “game on!”. resulting in a prank war between the Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s. The Slytherin’s know how to find there weaknesses and use it against them and the Gryffindor’s are just ruthless when it comes to pranks and don’t hold back. after about a week nearly everyone has dropped out of the prank war except Harry and Draco. This lasts for like two days until everyone has had enough and just want them to get over it and Harry and Draco being who they are don’t listen to there friends. So Hermione and Pansy team up to put a stop to it. They end up locking them in a abandoned classroom together with a promise to not let them out until they “kiss and make up”. For the first 30 minute’s is spent opposite ends of the classroom in silence, glaring at one another until Draco mutters a insult about Pansy causing Harry to laugh. When everyone else come to open the door to let them out they are shocked to find they really did kiss and make up. Resulting in a unconscious Ron and the twins owing Blaise 5 galleons.

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Being part of the marauders and people always gossiping and thinking you're dating a different one each week and the week they start thinking it's James who you're dating, he goes along with it until even the other marauders are convinced that you guys are dating and when you tell them it's a joke, Peter kind of looks down, Remus looks between you two in shock while also giving James a kind of knowing look and Sirius just laughs. Like please. I need this to happen somewhere for someone.

I might write a fic about this because I love it so much 

we’ll see


but it would be lots of: 

  • hand holding
  • “No, really, we’re in love!” 
  • his arm is constantly around you
  • suddenly he just wants to cuddle you everywhere????
  • “James, I’m trying to eat lunch”
  • “But we’re in love”
  • pretending to get jealous
  • “Padfoot, stop hitting on my girlfriend”
  • actually getting mad when other guys flirt with you because
  • “they don’t know it’s a joke! They think we’re actually in a relationship and they’re going after you anyway!”
  • pretend love notes that look beautiful and romantic, but usually consist of “did you write down the homework” 

And when finally everyone is convinced, you’re telling the other marauders you’re just joking and they’re genuinely shocked

  • “Wait, really?” 
  • “Shit, Moony! Give me my 5 galleons back, I told you she wouldn’t go for him!” 
  • “Did you guys make a bet about us actually getting together?!”
  • James is offended 
  • “What do you mean she wouldn’t go for me?!”
  • “Well, we’ve all pretty much figured that Prongs is in love with you, Padfoot just figured you’d have higher standards.”
  • And James would be all hurt
  •  “Pads! I am bloody fantastic”
  • “Sure you are, mate. Y/N is just out of your league.”
  • “She is not!”

But then the joke would be over. And everything is weird bc James isn’t constantly by your side pestering you for your pretend affection. And you realize that you actually liked fake-dating James. And then 

  • “holy shit, I’m in love with him” 
  • and you’re freaked out because he’s James
  • and he’s your best friend, this is so messed up
  • he’s James
  • Who likes James????
  • you do
  • you really really like him
  • because he’s James
  • and then you’re worried because it’s gonna ruin everything
  • these feelings are going to ruin your life
  • except about an hour after you realize it, he comes up to you
  • “I’m gonna need you to be my actual girlfriend because this whole ‘not being together’ thing is not working for me at all”

Remus gets his 5 galleons back

Work For It (Sirius B. x FemReader)

Description: A bet is made and minds change.

Word Count: ( will add later)

“- I wouldn’t date you if you were the last person on Earth you arrogant toe rag!” yelled Lily Evans before spinning on her heel and storming off. The Marauders watched as James’s shoulders sagged. With a sigh Sirius went up to his friends, “ Don’t worry about it Prongs, she’ll come around. It’s just you’re not me that’s all.” he finished rather cockily.

James snorted, “ You couldn’t get Lily to go out with you, hell she probably thinks you’re worst then me.” The boys laughed while Sirius smirked, “ Well I don’t need to worry about Evans, because she’s not my type.”

Remus snickered, “ Yeah James, she’s not Sirius’s type, but I know who is.” James smirked, “ Oh yes… a certain (Y/H/C) with (Y/E/C)eyes, and a (Y/H) crest pinned to her chest is.” he taunted.

Sirius’s eyes narrowed. “ But alas,” began James, “ She wouldn’t have you.” Sirius snorted, “ I could have any girl in this school Potter, all I have to do is smile and they’d drop their panties.”

James’s smirk only grew, “ Is that so? Would you like to make a wager, Black?” he asked batting his eyelashes. Sirius glared, “ 5 galleons says I can get (Y/N) to sleep with me till we’re out for holidays.”

“ You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Remus only shook his head at his idiot friends,  this wouldn’t end well.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) was walking back to her common room when she heard someone shout her name, she halted to a stop, “ Yes?” she asked before fully turning around, only to be met with the silver eyes of Sirius Black.

“ ‘Ello love.” he began in a voice that made most girls melt, and some like Lily pissed. “ Hello.” answered (Y/N) kindly. Not at all fazed, well she wouldn’t say that, he was bloody attractive.

Sirius grinned, “ I would just like to ask you out to Hogsmeade.” he said. She smiled, why not? “Sure.” she stated. Something shone in Sirius eyes that she couldn’t quite place.

“ Excellent!” he said, “ I’ll meet you in the Hall at 7 tomorrow, okay?”

She nodded.

Sirius swaggered into the common room with a skip in his step, “ Guess what arseholes?” The boys perked up, “ Yes?” His smirk grew, “ I just landed a date for Hogsmeade, (Y/N).”

“ You bastard!” said James with a goofy grin, like he thought the whole ordeal was hilarious, “ I can’t believe it!” Remus only shook his head and went back to his book while Petter clapped slowly.

“ Thank you, Wormtail.” said Sirius, his grin turning lazy. He had always found (Y/N) attractive and he’d admit he thought of her that way before when she had dropped something and leaned over, giving him a nice view of her arse.

He had never gotten to know her though, but he had his eyes linger over to her quite a few times, and apparently the boys had seen this.

Sirius looked up at the clock and sighed, he better go to bed, he’d have to get up pretty early tomorrow.

“ Sirius!”

Sirius spun around to see (Y/N) waving at him. He waved back and watched as she walked over to him.  His silver eyes went from her face down her body. She was wearing casual clothes at least, he’d been on a few dates where girls were wearing borderline nothing.

“ You ready?” she asked. Sirius nodded.

The day was spent going from store to store, buying here and there. Sirius admitted he had fun, (y/N) was funny and knew how to let her hair down. Most of their date was spent drinking butterbeers in the Three Broomsticks.

“ Wait!” gasped (Y/N), “ You and James did what?!” she laughed.

Sirius smiled into his drink, “ We set Mrs. Norris on fire- not on purpose- and she came running toward Filch.”

(Y/N) began laughing uncontrollably and Sirius joined her, “ That’s h-horrible!” she coughed. Sirius continued to snicker, “ It wasn’t even real fire, but Filch screamed so bloody loud!”

The two burst into hysterics once more, Sirius had enjoyed himself and he knew she had too.

They made their way back up to the castle and Sirius leaned down to kiss her, remembering the deal. “ Whoah!” shouted (Y/N). Turning her face, causing him to but a kiss right below her jaw, Sirius looked at her confused.

(Y/N) giggled, “ I don’t kiss on the first date Black, you’re going to have to work for it.” she teased. Sirius smirked, “ What about the second?” he asked, his eyes full of mischief. She smirked too and looked him in the eyes, “ We’ll see.” she whispered, patting his cheek with her hand before walking off, making sure to swing her hips while doing so.

The smirk on his face grew, oh he liked this one.

The next few weeks consisted of Sirius and (Y/N) hanging out mostly, and walking each other to class. Many had asked if the two were a couple and they’d always say no. Sirius now saw the girl as his friend, and he didn’t know if he could go through with this anymore, well that was until James mocked him.

(Y/N) didn’t really know what to make of him, they had only went on one date so… she didn’t bloody know.

“ Hey Black!” said (Y/N) one day going down the hall. Sirius turned away from the girl he had been talking too, Marlene. “ Yeah?” he asked.

“ You still owe me that date.” she said. Sirius smirked, and Marlene smiled at the two, “ I knew it!” she said.

(y/n) smiled at her friend, “ Oh hey Marly, how are you and Dorcas?” she asked. Marlene smirked and winked at her, “ Oh don’t worry about that love.” she purred.

(Y/N) blushed slightly while Sirius barked a  laugh, “ You do that Marly!” he shouted, waving her goodbye. When the two were alone Sirius gained his usual smirk, “ Yes, that is true.” he said, answering her earlier statement with casual arrogance.

(Y/N) smiled, “ So it seems.” she played along. His smirk turned into a boyish grin, “ Meet me at the Astronomy Tower at 12.”

So they met at the Astronomy Tower that night, just them and the stars. That talked and laughed and soon the night came to a close. Sirius walked her back and they shared a kiss. It wasn’t fast or heated, but slow and sweet.

After they parted ways they both couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.

After that night they were inseparable, still people asked if they were a couple- No, always being the answer, but kisses were still given and hugs were tight and warm.

The more time they spent together, tucked away in corners talking or snogging, the harder it became for Sirius to do go through with the bet.

“ (Y/N), I need to talk to you.”

She looked up and nodded. “ Yeah sure.” she said, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. She followed him to a deserted corridor and watched as he looked down at his shoes, avoiding her eyes.

(Y/N) sighed, she knew what this was most likely about. They had been running around snogging but claiming not to be a couple, they had already went on two dates but they seemed to be heading no where, she would be lying if she said she hadn’t developed feelings for Sirius, but you couldn’t blame her as she had been sneaking around with im for the past week or so.

Sirius felt the same, except unlike her he had guilt raging in the pit of his stomach, “ I….The reason I asked you out- in the beginning that is- was because James and I had made a bet.” he said it all in one breath, praying to whatever god or gods were out there that the witch wouldn’t curse him, even if he did deserve it.

“ To ask me out or was there more, and don’t lie.” she said coldly. Sirius gulped, the calm before the storm, “ I said I could get you to sleep with me by the end of the semester.”

(Y/N) didn’t hex him, nor did she curse him with her wand or her words, but she explained exactly how she felt as her hand reared back and hit him across the face. The sound of her hand meeting his cheek echoed off the ancient walls.

“ Women are just a game to you, aren’t they?” she said coolly, “ We’re just toys to mess with and eventually break so you move on and get a better one. You find it funny.”

“ Let me tell you this Black, I might be just as stupid as the rest of your lovers but I sure as hell won’t let you break me. So back the fuck off me.”

And with that she spun around, leaving him speechless.

Two weeks had passed, and during that time Sirius devised a plan to win the girl he had fallen for back. It would be hard as shit, but she was worth it, she was worth it so much.

It was the weekend, and Sirius found himself standing outside the window of the place (Y/N) and her friend were studying. He grabbed a pebble and threw it at the window, causing the window to break.

“ SHIT!” he yelled before hauling ass back into the castle.

It was the next day, and he had managed to get Prof. Sprout to let him borrow some magical fertilizer for a bouquet of exotic flowers.

After the window incident, as he like to call it, he had thought to go with something more simpler, but even more scary. He was going to talk to her, face to face.

So with his Gryffindor courage her marched up to her in the hallway. Bouquet large and luminescent- he had no idea what the hell was in that stuff. She was sitting down, talking to Lily.

“ (Y/N).” he said quietly. She turned to him and frowned, while Lily scowled. “ Yes?” she asked smoothly. Sirius began to stumble over his words and his palms began to sweat as a blush began to blossom on his pale cheeks.

Merlin, he had never been so frustrated or tongue tied in his life. Before he knew what he was doing he grabbed the bouquet and threw it in her face while screaming, “ FORGIVE ME!”

After he realized what he did he tried to make a run for it, “ Gotta blast!” he shouted, but before he could take another step, (Y/N) had grabbed his shirt, causing him to fall on his ass.

“ Why should I?” she asked.

Sirius looked up and sighed, “ I…I just…” he ran a hand over his face, “ I really like you (Y/N) and I love spending time with you and I just…I made a huge mistake obviously, and I just want to make up for it and at least be your friend again.”

She pursed her lips but held out a hand to help him up. Lily watched the two in silence.

“ Okay Black, but a broken window and flowers won’t make it better, you have to work for it.”

And so he did.

 A/N- So sorry it took so long, and go check out my fanfic on wattpad if you want, it may be shit, lemme know. @giggleberts

Jealousy ~ Pt. 2 of ‘Nightmares’

Part 1: https://undercovermarauder.tumblr.com/post/159411456294/nightmares

Pairing: Young! Sirius Black x reader

Requested: sort of, in the comments

Warnings: none

Word count: 1265


Here it is! One day early! I have been working on it and I feel like it’s way better than the first part, although be sure that the story isn’t over yet and that there are a lot more parts coming up!

  It was here: the Graduation dance was merely a month away, so close, yet so far away. Every 7th year was looking forward to it, and so was (Y/N) Lawson. Although she was definitely one of the most wanted girls in her year, her four best friends scared away nearly every boy that wanted to ask her to the dance, until, Thomas Smith, probably the hottest boy in her year, right after Sirius Black of course, set is eyes on her.

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Sensitive skin stressing you out? Hogwarts alumnus Katie Bell might have the answer with her Herbivicus skincare range

Witch Weekly | Health & Beauty: Reviews

During her chaser days on Gryffindor’s Quidditch team, Herbivicus CEO Katie Bell often broke out in rashes and acne off the pitch. Besides teenage hormones, she attributes this to ‘Quidditch grime’, the dirty oil build-up from long and gruelling training sessions. 

Frustrated, she spent many hours trying to charm her skin woes away; however, she soon learnt only an exceptionally skilled witch or wizard could charm sensitive, inflamed, and unbalanced skin back into health. 

What helped, however, was the rare potion brewed by matron Poppy Pomfrey, made with leftover ingredients from the Potions stores. Such a concoction was hard to come by and wheedled out of Mdm Pomfrey at great cost. 

After the war, Ms Bell built a career in innovative skincare, working with expert healers in Vietnam, her mother’s native country. After spending a few years there in research and development, she returned to the UK and perfected her skincare line with Mdm Pomfrey’s input. 

Herbivicus prides itself on extensive R&D practices and cutting edge technology, both of which are reflected in their plant-based, lab-charmed products. This expertise is also reflected in the cost of their products: at 5 galleons for a 120ml Fluxweed Cleanser and 6 galleons for their famous Moondew Serum, Herbivicus does not come cheap.

The products are so effective, however, that the Skin Centre at St. Mungo’s Hospital prescribes them to patients. When I followed Ms Bell’s recommended 6 Step Skincare Regimen, my sensitive skin was noticeably clearer and smoother after just 14 days. Half a year later, my old acne scars are almost completely gone, thanks to the Dittany Scar Eraser. 

Verdict: Worth every galleon.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Visit the Herbivicus flagship store at Diagon Alley for a free skin consultation and customised skincare regimen. The Herbivicus range is also available nationwide at Brown’s and Astor Apothecaries.

More Health & Beauty reviews here

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This is for the anons who wanted to know what Katie was up to!

Photos are not mine. Photographer: Zhang Jingna | Model: Minh Hang

Kang Daniel Hogwarts Au!

So I thought, hey, how could I start this blog? A Hogwarts au! Please nice I’m only a small bean~

•Kang Daniel is your friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff,
•(Could also high key be Gryffindor but Hufflepuff Daniel!!!),
•He’s probably prefect because let’s be real could he be anything else?,
•Also one of the teams chasers,
•You’re Slytherin who’s also a chaser so yanno, You’re competitive,
•And when you pass each other in the halls you always shout playful jeers at each other that are SO BAD,
•"Hey Y/N,  they say laughter is the best medicine, everyone would be healthy if they watched you play.“,
•"Was I ment to be offended, Kang? The only thing offending me is your face.”,
•You can’t help but laugh at eachother/your selves because they seem to get worse each time,
•But Daniel is a goof with you and it’s probably just what you need,
•(Don’t we all need a lil bit of goofy Daniel?),
•Although sometimes he makes you want to scream,
•You were in potions and making a potion that would flash colours and fizz (because it’s pretty yanno) but yours would only turn dull blues and browns,
•So here comes Daniel with this pot of whatever,
•"Here Y/N this should brighten it up.“,
•Next thing you know it’s a neon orange and FIZZING,
•Although fizzing isn’t a strong enough word because that stuff is like a bowl of Coco pops on crack,
•Long story short you manage to loose your eyebrows and could only see in black and white for a few days,
•Daniel walks you to madam Pomfrey, Apologizing all the way but you can see him laughing when he thinks your not looking,
•So you hex his hair to turn pink but he actually turns out liking it,
•So you become his new hair stylist,
•The Slytherin stereotype is to be great at potions but nope, not you,
•So you reluctantly start working more with Daniel because, despite a few rare hiccups that are generally hilarious, he’s pretty good at potions,
•And you’re brilliant at transfiguration so it works both ways and you end up spending so much time together that others start to think it’s suspicious,
•And, honestly, so do you,
•Daniel always catches you at breakfast or lunch and asks for help in something or another,
•And then when you get round to it you can tell he’s lying and is actually perfect,
•You confront him each time and it always goes like,
•"Huh, I guess I’m just better than I think I am,”
•"So can we head off, I heard Jisung and Seongwoo are going to See who can eat the most Puking Pasties in a minute"
•"No, come on Y/N, we’re here now we might as well just stay, do you want to go for a walk around the lake?“
•And you can’t say no to him, because when he asks you it always makes your heart flutter in a small way that you crave,
•It’s the final quidditch match of the summer and boy are you ready to WIN,
•The score is 130-160 to Hufflepuff and you aren’t having any of it,
•One of your team mates manages to steal the quaffle (right as the snitch has been spotted) and launches it at you,
•Just as you throw the ball the bludger comes flying at you and damn is that thing fast,
•You fall off your broom and are dangerously hurtling towards the ground but you don’t care because the quaffle has just gone through the hoop,
•But then u realise,
•Damn what happens when you hit the ground?
•But before you know Daniels swooped down and rescued you like a damn knight in shining armour with a huge grin as you gather your surroundings and rest your hands on his shoulders for support,
•You giggle a little when you see the shine in his eyes as he leans in slowly,
•Woojin’s the commentator "And just as we where all about to never be able to watch Quidditch again, Kang Daniel flies in to save us all from being scarred and- LOOK AWAY KIDS! JISUNG YOU OWE ME 5 GALLEON- and prof. McGonagall would like you to know Hufflepuff have won”
•Your kinda salty Hufflepuff won but you’re going to have to live with it,
•That trip to Madame Pomfrey is a hell of a lot of pain but, hey, Daniel doesn’t leave your side,
•Dating Daniel would be like before but x10,
•More awful jeers but just as everyone thought they couldn’t get worse,
•"Hey Y/N, you need more quidditch practice, not only do you fall off your broom but you fall for me.“
•"So you can catch me but not the quaffle?”
•Everyone groans,
•But you guys are giggling,
•Dates to the astronomy tower late at night where you’d talk about your worries for the future or your deepest thoughts,
•Dates to the kitchen where your joke around and give Daniel a beard with whipped cream,
•The room of requirement used atleast twice a week to be able to chill and cuddle together in peace,
•Everyone knows about you guys so constant teasing,
•Your THE couple in Hogwarts even the first years know and everyone comes to you for advice aswell,
•"you’re asking me to help when I’ve got that dork?“
•You love him really,
•You both get eachother goofy hand made Christmas presents, like a poorly stitched pillow that says ‘My Boo’ in changing colors because you’re cheesy,
•You could be walking to the nearest park to your house in the holidays and suddenly Daniel will apparate , grab your hand and you’re off to a new location he’s found that are always so damn pretty,
•Daniel talks you over and you ultimately become part of the pink hair Squad,

Ta da! So it’s nothing spectacular but I love Daniel and Hogwarts headcanons! Hope you enjoyed~

(Also I gotta say I’m heavily inspired by imagineproduce101 because they’re great pls check them out)

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Sirius x reader please? Colour me in- Damien Rice

Colour me In (Sirius x Reader) Drabble 

((Sorry its so late i have been busy but im in a creative mood so lets get going))


“well padfoot are you going to talk to her or just keep staring at Y/N like an escaped convict” Remus sighed taking a sip of his tea his attention turning back to the daily prophet  

“Very funny Moony but is she still my Y/N the one always new what to say and..” He trailed off but  kept his eyes fixed on Y/N, it had been 14 years since they last seen each other, 14 years since he said “I Love you”.  

 Y/N was helping Mrs. Weasley with the cooking her hair tied back in a messy bun held up by her wand to Sirius she was something more than his friend.

After dinner Y/N made her way to the door with Sirius and Remus behind her 

“so.. ill see you two at the next meeting then” Y/N spoke awkwardly punching Remus in the arm trying to avoid Sirius as much as possible  

“I guess so…” Remus grinned nudging Sirius to speak

“STAY!” Sirius sudden outburst drew the attention of everyone in the house “stay with me Y/N Please… let me love you again”

Y/N had a smug grin upon her face with hot tears spilling from her eyes “i was waiting all day for you to say that, because all those 14 years you were gone i Never stopped loving you and Remus owes me 5 galleons ” she sniffed and hugged the awestruck Sirius 

“Wait” Sirius looked at Y/N “why dose moony ow you 5 Galleons”

“to see who would confess their love first”

“you never cease to amaze me Y/N” 

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I have a headcanon that Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore would have tea and talk about which students were dating and place bets their favorite couples.  

“Minerva did you see that James Potter and Lily Evans are finally dating?”
*Hands over 5 Galleons*

“You know Albus, Potter and Cho Chang have a date on Valentine’s Day.”
“Oh that won’t last, he’s getting together with Ginny Weasley, mark my words.”
“10 Galleons?”

Sirius x Reader: Mo & Pa (Pt2)

Warnings: None (pregnancy?)

Requested: Yes 

A/N: Ok idk if this is as good as pt1 but i hope everyone still likes it!! Enjoy reading and remember to send me requests because I’m running low x 


“You folded it wrong.” You said from the armchair in the corner of your bedroom.

“You do it then.” Sirius huffed.

“Um, pregnant.” You feigned horror but flicked your wand nonetheless, folding the shirt perfectly.

Sirius rolled his eyes, stood up and kissed you on the forehead before making his way downstairs to get the owl that had just flown into the kitchen.

“It’s from Molly!!” Sirius called up the stairs.

Molly Weasley had invited Harry, you and Sirius to their house to celebrate Christmas as Harry and Ron had quickly become inseparable.

“Ok, coming!” You said before Sirius brought it to you. You were only 4 months pregnant but to Sirius you looked pregnant enough to not have to do much, and you definitely didn’t mind.

You jogged down the stairs and opened the envelope:

Dear Y/N and Sirius,

I am simply overjoyed that you will be celebrating Christmas with us!

Also, a congratulations are in order Y/N- a baby! I have enclosed our address for you as I found it much easier (and felt safer) to travel by floo powder when I was pregnant.

I cannot wait to see you both- would you mind bringing some potatoes with you? Our garden was a bit of a disappointment this year!

Love, Molly and Arthur

You smiled at the letter and quickly scribbled a reply, saying you would bring potatoes and a turkey finishing with a thank you for her consideration. You sent the owl off with the letter and looked at the clock. 1 hour until you had to collect Harry from the train station.

“TIME TO GO!” you shouted up the stairs, you had missed Harry enormously and wanted to see him as soon as possible.

“YOU CAN’T RUSH BEAUTY!” Sirius ran down the stairs, you rolled your eyes when you saw the smirk that had spread over his face, the same one that had made you fall in love all those years ago.

“I can’t see him.” you moaned, trying to look over the crowd in front of you.

“It’s fine, I’m sure he’s on it.” Sirius said coolly, swinging his arm over your shoulder.

You leant into Sirius and wrapped an arm around his waist, resting the other on your growing belly. “Saw him.” You muttered a few minutes later, seeing his crazy mop of black hair that was exactly like the one you’d grown up with.

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i burn, i pine, i perish

pairing: ginny weasley x blaise zabini

setting: post-war canon, but where blaise’s wealth supposedly can’t support his extravagant habits…please just go with this one lol. also based on this except i replaced michael corner w ginny bc fuck michael corner

wc: 1788

link: ff

written for: @provocative-envy, belated happy birthday, this is like 4 days late sorry!

also: this is the first fanfic i’ve written since i was like, 12. it’s 4 a.m. please god help me  and please excuse the tense changes bc im sure they are THERE and GLARINGLY OBVIOUS to everyone except for me

It all begins at the Dragon’s Breath on a Tuesday—

Well, that’s not quite right. It all begins during sixth year in a train compartment on the way to Hogwarts.

Blaise should have known that somehow word of him calling Ginny a blood traitor would have reached her. At the time, Ginny’s opinion of him hadn’t seemed pertinent.

Not that anything’s changed present day.

It begins in a train compartment on the way to Hogwarts, but it doesn’t really start until the Dragon’s Breath on a Tuesday.

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patronus training

After Marauders and Lily graduated they were asked by Dumbledore himself to join the Order of the Phoenix, none of them hesitated before saying yes. Alice, Frank, Marlene, Dorcas and Mary were in the same room as they were when Dumbledore made the invitation and none of them thought more than a second, it was important and they were important, too. James and Sirius’ life long dreams of becoming Aurors were put on hold for a while but Remus felt good being a part of something as important as this. Peter was mostly excited because he got to be around the others for a few years more, until the war ended, he was scared but he had the boys so it was alright.

After they accepted Dumbledore’s offers they were put through some trainings. It was sometimes Moody, sometimes McGonagall, they even did some with Dumbledore.

Moody was standing in the middle of a particularly large room in the Orders headquarters. The room was gloom and empty, Marauders figured it was because they didn’t want to deal with things breaking. All the Marauders and Lily were standing side by side waiting for Moody to say a word about their training today, if it was Moody they were sure to deal with some advanced hexes but when he opened his mouth to say “Alright, we will deal with the Patronus Charm today. The incantation is quite simple Expecto Patronum” Lily gasped and the Marauders started looking at each other. 

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