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>> Capture the Flag

Will and Nico have to be on opposing teams in capture the flag because if they were on the same team, there’s no way the other would win. ((Reyna and Nico think they’re such badasses but it’s okay cause they totally are.))

Will trying to use his sunlight control to throw Nico off his shadow-traveling game. Golden. ahaha. ((Mansi’s sunlight-controlling headcanon. His art is awesome, you should check them out!!))

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For the 5th year in a row I prepared myself for the Eurovision week by painting my fingernails in the colour of my favourites’ flags :)

Have an amazing Eurovision week you all!!! ♥


Mabel Appreciation WeekDay 2: Favorite AU!

i love @sailorleo‘s Reunion Falls, mainly for the concept that is incredibly good and the good ships that exists within haha

sweater inspired by some concept art by Emmy Cicierega

AU Enjolras headcanons.

AU Enjolras headcanons.

  • Often lies awake at night wishing he’s said something different.
  • Find it hard to get comfortable before falling asleep.
  • Always carries a notebook with him
  • But always forgets a pen
  • Good job Jehan’s always around.

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  • Sings to Beyonce in the shower.
  • Loves old books and hardly ever reads anything new
  • Likes movies
  • But never find the time to watch any
  • Has a collection of old records which he only gets our to impress Grantaire.
  • Own’s more than one pair of doc martens

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  • Only ever wears red socks.
  • Has like 5 french flags in his small flat
  • Has one house plant which he looks after very well.
  • And a cat
  • called Patria
  • Who Enj loves very much.
  • There’s always an open bottle of wine of the table
  • Just in case he gets a surprise visit

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  • Loves the smell of clean sheets
  • Wears a lot of red jumpers
  • Is at all the protests
  • Salty pansexual
  • Has the fluffiest bed hair ever
  • Struts more than walks

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  • Is really sarcastic
  • Rolls his eyes more than 20 times per day
  • Has the most adorable giggle
  • That he gets really embarrassed by.
  • Blushes really easily.
  • Complains when no one pays him attention
  • Secretly loves cuddles.
The Elvebakken case:Hvem er Yousef?

Trigger warning for mentions of suicide.****

Indeed. So far he seems to be a dream! An illusion! Created from the depths of Sana’s subconscious. An answer to the question “Is there really anyone out there worthy of Sana’s love and attention?”

At the moment the answer seems to be no. Which is sad. I really like Yousana. It’s the cutest ship. And he seems seemed to make Sana so happy.

So the question is, why does Yousana feel so…wrong? Why most of the viewers are so suspicious of Yousef? He’s nice. We all like him. We all agree that he’s a good person. Elias (my bro!) agrees!But for some reason, since the day we saw the very first photo of him, everyone had other plans for Yousef than him being Sana’s love interest. So many good theories on that. We all thought this might be a case on unrequited love or love triangle or just Sana imagining the obvious interest Yousef shows.

This is a theory based on the assumptions made in this post.

Recap of The Elvebakken case: I think Mikael lied. He’s not the one Even kissed.

This theory: Whatever happened in Elvebakken is actually about Even and Yousef. I think Yousef kissed Even or vice versa.

Let us go way back!

It’s 2015. The balloon squad has a hazy number of members. Most probably: Elias, Yousef, Mikael and Even.

We know that Mikael and Even were best buddies. But it also seems Yousef and Even were very close. If we listen to what Yousef himself said about Even, he was just “a guy they used to hang out with.”. But going by the story Yousef himself goes on to tell and photo evidence, they seemed to have been closer than that.

Losing your religion is a huge deal. I would know. I went through it. It comes with a lot of baggage. It comes with doubts and years of not-being-here-anymore-but-not-there-yet-either. It’s also not a decision you make one night and execute the next day. It’s a process. So even if there are catalysts, none of these things can be the reason™. So when Yousef says he doesn’t believe in Allah because of what happened with Even, it’s not that I don’t believe him but I think it wasn’t the only reason.

I think what happened in Elvebakken is that Even was probably discovering his sexuality.Based on the very little that we know we mainly think that he struggled with it back in Bakka. He kissed/or was kissed by one of his friends. The feelings were not returned(?) and somewhere along the way he got the idea that something was wrong with him and he could cure it by reading the Qur’an and what happened was that he saw all those verses in it that condemn homosexuality. This led to his suicide attempt and Yousef was so deeply affected by this that he abandoned religion for it. But weird thing is Mikael who was supposedly smack in the middle of all this, felt nothing!

But just look at that kid’s face! Have you ever seen anything as pure as Mikael?! He’s so sweet! There’s no way in any of the parallel universes that he is a heartless person, completely unaffected by Even’s issues from before. But whatever he feels, he is guilt-free. Someone else however, looks hella guilty.

Now I think Mikael is a super good friend to both Even and Yousef. I think he is the one person who actually knows what happened in Elvebakken. And I think what he knows is this:

I think Yousef was also questioning his sexuality. It is very likely that he and Even had feelings for each other(maybe?) they kissed once. And maybe Even took it a bit more seriously and tried to kiss Yousef again. Maybe someone saw, but wasn’t sure who it was that they saw. Maybe rumors started flying around and Yousef freaked out. Lashed out even, then Mikael comes to the rescue. Telling Yousef that he’ll pretend it was him that Even kissed. They hide what actually happened. Even goes along with it because he thinks what he did was wrong and he feels guilty. In his attempt to fix things, he reads the Qur’an to cure himself “just like Yousef”. Then those other things happened and by the end Yousef felt guilty for pushing Even away like that.

So he started to doubt everything. Imagine Yousef and Even going through the same thing but Even’s experience turns outward, people recognize his struggles, he finally accepts himself but not Yousef. He turned it inward, his struggles hidden, a wound within him that would neither heal nor open. He hides it but it eats away at him. So first he quietly turns his back on his religion, because he has come to the same conclusion that Even had. Then he tries to make it work by acting straight. But he doesn’t really want that.

So what he does is he finds himself an impossible love-interest. I’m not saying he does this consciously or out of the malice. But maybe subconsciously Yousef develops a crush on Sana because ultimately she’s unavailable. Here’s the thing, as a former Muslim, Yousef must know that Sana won’t really pursue a relationship with a non-muslim. So the fact that he went for her and did so, so blatantly is a bit odd. But if we assume that he’s trying to find an acceptable excuse for not being in a relationship, then claiming he has fallen for an impossible person, is both true and convenient.

Everything is going well until Sana flat out blocks him from her life. Making it virtually impossible for Yousef to start a romance that would eventually fail. But then Sana invites them to a party. An invitation to be reintroduced into her life. What happens though is that Yousef comes face to face with Even. A person that he might have residual feelings for and at least some unresolved emotional involvement with.(Even’s reaction is very strong too) If you look at the clip’s screen shot, he looks fine until he spots Even then he returns to Sana with a look that clearly says “How could you?!”. Yousef looks betrayed.While he should look at least a little pleasantly surprised, because if he was so sad about what happened to Even, seeing him supported and healthy and happy should be a good surprise. 

He seems to be thinking about the safest way to get out of the situation. Meanwhile Mikael has disappeared from the face of earth. Probably because he hears Even’s voice and is just freaked out by the notion of being in the same room with Even and Yousef.

Anyway, what happens next is The Fight! Looking at the clip, whatever is happening outside, Elias and Yousef and Adam, are only watching it from inside. Then Yousef calls Sana, telling her Elias (his best friend!) is in trouble but stays inside as Sana goes to deal with the fight between Balloon squad and boy squad.

Why? I think because he didn’t want to face Even. I think he hides inside, his façade cracking, his emotions all over the place, cue heartbroken and bitter Noora who finds him attractive. I think maybe Noora made a bitter comment about heartbreak. Maybe Yousef agreed. Maybe they found a common ground in their heartbroken states. And then in a last attempt to prove just who Yousef really is, he kisses Noora.  The kiss however looks a bit weird since Yousef has his hands by his side, almost unengaged in the kiss.

Here are 180 reasons that support this theory(!):

1.Our introduction to Yousef is by his “accidentally” left open Facebook and the photos in it. Photos that to this day, no one can view again.

2.The metaphoric conversation with Sana about how they play for “opposite teams”. More on that in this theory Here!

3. His reaction to Even’s name. More on that here

4.His aluminum leg story.Basically the Even story that he tells Sana. But he’s actually the Mikael in that story. Just like Even used the Sonja has aluminum leg to talk about his bipolar disorder.

5.The Rainbow flag that ends up right next to his face

Also see this theory

6.The fact that Mutta says “Lie all the time” and then the video shifts to Yousef’s face. Courtesy of @heltchill

7.The country mouse and city mouse: One lives with little but free, the other has the potential to have it all but lives in fear so it has nothing.

8. Now the whole “How to get over someone you love” article has a new victim too! 

*sigh* this is over! This is my attempt to explain Yousef. I don’t know if I’m right. There’s a 90% chance I’m overthinking but this is what I came up with *shrug*. 

I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for reading <3 


in Helsinki, above, on Helsinki Pride Day, 27 June 2015.  Rainbows in Vienna, 10 June, below:

 (this is a long post ) Vancouver, 17 July:

Baltimore, 8 August:

Buffalo, 3 September:

(Liam sees Harry with the flag)

Montreal, 5 September:

Ottawa, 8 September:

Boston, 12 September:

London, 25 September:

London, 30 September:

Birmingham, 12 October:

Dublin, 16 October:

Dublin, 17 October:

Belfast, 22 October:

Sheffield, 30 October:

Belfast || Montreal  xx || Buffalo  xx || Vancouver  xx || Birmingham || London  xx  xx  xx xx || Ottawa || Boston  xx || Dublin xx || Vienna || Sheffield || Helsinki 

above in Helsinki, 27 June — Helsinki Pride Day. (Also on 27 June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage in all fifty states. “Today,” said Pres. Obama, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”) || #LoveWins

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Some late leo rankings: the US Rio leos, in order? Thanks!

I’ve probably already overly expressed this, but I think the US leos were fucking INCREDIBLE.

1. We all know what this will be: ALY’S AA LEO (Laurie’s Beam leo)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am a WHORE for Aly in red. This leo GIVES ME LIFE. And I will be so very, very sad if we never see it in competition again. Obvs it looked good on Laurie in beam final too, but ALY IN RED. I adore the cutouts, and the fact that the mesh extends down the arms. The neckline is shaped PERFECTLY, stylish, but not too low cut. I think the rays of crystals are placed perfectly, they almost radiate from the face, as if to say, look up at me, I’m a star, but it’s also really understated? I also love that it’s a V-neck. I JUST LOVE IT OKAY. IT’S MY FAVORITE LEO EVER.

2. Team Final

ICONIC. No real explanation needed. This would be #1 if it wasn’t for Aly’s AA leo. (Also look at Aly’s abs in this picture, YAS). Like this is just designed PERFECTLY to be a team final leo. The fade of the red, the balance of the navy/stars to the white with red stripes. I know the ‘USA’ is the same on every leo, but I feel like it stands out REALLY well on this one. It looks good on EVERYONE. 


These were just gorgeous. And perfect for a qualification leo. To me, it said “Hey, just an FYI, we’re here and we obvs gonna dominate but like we’re not gonna really show it off yet.” Again, this looks good on everyone, but in a more understated way.

4. Simone AA 

I mean just look at that leo. It looks incredible on her. I’m honestly SO GLAD no one else wore this leo in competition because the fact that only she wore it sort of said, “Yepp, I’m the GOAT and this is the leo you’ll always remember, just like Mary Lou’s, because I’m the only one who wore it and I SLAYED.” The red and white stripes are placed perfectly. The mesh/see-through sleeves, with perfect placement of crystals up the arms. The blue extends all the way up the back over the inside of the shoulders. The stars on the torso are just… yes? Like Idk how else to describe them.

5. White version of the Floor leo

Idk why I adore this SO MUCH? But I think that the fade on the red into white is executed PERFECTLY. I usually HATE all or mostly white leos (McKayla Maroney’s vault leo, I’m looking at you), but I LOVE this. I think it’s designed extremely well. The gradient on the sleeves is just perfect. I prefer the white ribbon over the red. The placement of the red gradient on the torso is placed REALLY well.

6. Podium Training

Again, Aly in red. I like the US in all red in general. The v neck is great. I LOVE THESE SLEEVES. If I could change anything about this leo it would be the weird line of where the torso portion ends above their breasts? I think this would be beautiful as a mini v neck instead of a mini inverted v neck? But I still like it.

7. The Cursed Leo of 2016

The unfortunate circumstances of this leo aside, I actually like Gabby in this leo? Better than Simone. I’m shocked too. I think it’s honestly designed well. Like really well. If it wasn’t for the superstition…

8. Floor finals

THIS LEO HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL. It’s perfect IMO, except for the weird ass red ribbon v neck thing. Like imagine this leo without that ribbon, it would be BEAUTIFUL. Especially with how the crystals are placed on the torso, like yes. The sleeves are YES. If you couldn’t tell, I ADORE mesh/see-through sleeves (is there a better word for that?). 

Training Leos!!

1. Gradient Heaven

2. The non cursed version of this leo (ft. the Dutch!)

3. Blue and Red Party

4. Another White Leo I actually sort of like?

5. American Flag-it-Out

6. Are they Stars? Are they polka dots? WHO KNOWS.

I work for my city’s art museum for their community Outreach program. Basically we go out to schools and festivals and set up tents and tables and do art projects with the community to encourage museum attendance. Usually everything is hunky dory but every now and then you just get the most nonsense fucking people.
Like this one time we were working a local fair and we were doing a project with watercolor pencils (draw with the pencil, add water, works like paint. Easy peasy) and since we’re arts and crafts based we often get a lot of small children who we have to walk through the steps of doing the project. So no biggie, about halfway through the day this family comes up to the table (two parents and a little boy) and I go over and greet them and ask them if they’d like to make art and the little boy gets really excited so I’m showing him how to use the watercolor pencils so he can make his project. He says ok and starts working so I figure he’s fine (note: our job isn’t to stay with each kid while they make something, just to get them set up and answer questions) so I start talking to another group of people. After they leave I can see this little boy is visibly upset, his parents aren’t directly near him, which isn’t that uncommon I figured they were talking to my boss or getting free museum passes. So I ask him what’s wrong and he shows me his picture which is very muddy. Like he put all his colors down and then just used the water everywhere and it blended everything together. So I tell him to use the water really carefully and let him make another one. He starts working away happily and I start greeting more people, after a bit I hear him slam his hands down on the table and scream that it isn’t working. (which, by the way, the watercolor pencils did exactly what they were supposed to, his picture actually looked pretty nice but I guess he just didn’t understand how watercolor works and it wasn’t what he wanted) at this point he’s crying and yelling about the pencils not working right, and me and another coworker are trying desperately to calm him down and tell him it looks beautiful and things like that while frantically looking around for his parents who are fucking NOWHERE TO BE FOUND and this kid is screaming and crying at us about the art supplies doing what they’re supposed to do. It took us like 5 minutes to flag down his parents who had wandered like 6 booths away from us and couldn’t hear their wailing offspring.
Like I get it our setup is kind of a break for parents, they can sit off to the side and their kid will be entertained with art and they can have a breather but it’s NOT. A. FUCKING. DAYCARE. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CHILDREN.