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>> Capture the Flag

Will and Nico have to be on opposing teams in capture the flag because if they were on the same team, there’s no way the other would win. ((Reyna and Nico think they’re such badasses but it’s okay cause they totally are.))

Will trying to use his sunlight control to throw Nico off his shadow-traveling game. Golden. ahaha. ((Mansi’s sunlight-controlling headcanon. His art is awesome, you should check them out!!))

Art by me
Please don’t use without my permission.


AU Enjolras headcanons.

AU Enjolras headcanons.

  • Often lies awake at night wishing he’s said something different.
  • Find it hard to get comfortable before falling asleep.
  • Always carries a notebook with him
  • But always forgets a pen
  • Good job Jehan’s always around.

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  • Sings to Beyonce in the shower.
  • Loves old books and hardly ever reads anything new
  • Likes movies
  • But never find the time to watch any
  • Has a collection of old records which he only gets our to impress Grantaire.
  • Own’s more than one pair of doc martens

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  • Only ever wears red socks.
  • Has like 5 french flags in his small flat
  • Has one house plant which he looks after very well.
  • And a cat
  • called Patria
  • Who Enj loves very much.
  • There’s always an open bottle of wine of the table
  • Just in case he gets a surprise visit

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  • Loves the smell of clean sheets
  • Wears a lot of red jumpers
  • Is at all the protests
  • Salty pansexual
  • Has the fluffiest bed hair ever
  • Struts more than walks

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  • Is really sarcastic
  • Rolls his eyes more than 20 times per day
  • Has the most adorable giggle
  • That he gets really embarrassed by.
  • Blushes really easily.
  • Complains when no one pays him attention
  • Secretly loves cuddles.
Write a story including a set of three things

1) A red wine stain, a broken vase, street lights 

2) Autumn leaves, rain drops against the window, cups of tea 

3) Blue paint, handprints, an airplane 

4) A text message, a giddy feeling for the whole day, a flag 

5) A campfire, lightning bugs, a note 

6) A box of green hair day, a motivational speech, snowflakes in eyelashes 

7) A promise, a clock, the airport 

8) Hands intertwined, an inside jokes, a poem 

9) Baking on a rainy day, high fives, a first kiss 

10) A phone call, a ferris wheel, a broken heart. 


in Helsinki, above, on Helsinki Pride Day, 27 June 2015.  Rainbows in Vienna, 10 June, below:

 (this is a long post ) Vancouver, 17 July:

Baltimore, 8 August:

Buffalo, 3 September:

(Liam sees Harry with the flag)

Montreal, 5 September:

Ottawa, 8 September:

Boston, 12 September:

London, 25 September:

London, 30 September:

Birmingham, 12 October:

Dublin, 16 October:

Dublin, 17 October:

Belfast, 22 October:

Sheffield, 30 October:

Belfast || Montreal  xx || Buffalo  xx || Vancouver  xx || Birmingham || London  xx  xx  xx xx || Ottawa || Boston  xx || Dublin xx || Vienna || Sheffield || Helsinki 

above in Helsinki, 27 June — Helsinki Pride Day. (Also on 27 June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage in all fifty states. “Today,” said Pres. Obama, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”) || #LoveWins


Street Deco - 17 objects to decorate your outdoor street areas ( most were extracted from The Sims 4 game).

Find in Sculptures:
1. 2 Way Street Name Sign (stand alone) - $51
2. Art Nouveau Sign Pole (stand alone) - $151
3. 2 Way Street Name Sign - $151
4. Planter Box1 (wood) - $136 (4 textures)
5. Planter Box2 (stone) - $126 (4 textures)
6. Planter Box with Flowers - $425 (*5 ½ tiles long)
7. Flag - $150 (7 textures)
8. Street Light - $260
9. Stop Sign - $150
10. Bollard - $425 (4 textures)
11. Trash Can1 - $185 (4 textures)
12. Trash Can2 (stone) - $175 (3textures)
13. Mail Box - $185
14.-15. Clock - large $1300, small $1200 (6 textures)
16.-17. Info Kiosk - large $1420, small $1020 (6 textures)

*the planter box with flowers is 5 ½ tiles long but it was cloned from a 1 tile object…sims will walk through it!!

DOWNLOAD Sim File Share 

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[4/5] pride flags ! Shiro coming soon!
the rest: Keith&Lance, Hunk

1.5″ (3.81cm) PRIDE FLAG BUTTONS! We have 4 listings to make the pins easier to search for on Etsy, but you can order any of the 31 pins using any of the 4 listings! Check them out at the following links: Agender to Bisexual, Demiboy to Gender Binary, Genderfluid to Neutrois, Non-Binary to Transgender

These are Mix & Match sets, you can mix ANY of the pins in our shop. All our pins are $1 or less. 

  • Agender Pride
  • Androgynous Pride
  • Androphilia Pride
  • Aromantic Pride(New!)
  • Asexual Pride
  • Autosexual Pride
  • Bisexual Pride
  • Gay Pride
  • Gender Binary Pride
  • Genderfluid Pride
  • Genderqueer Pride
  • Gynephilia Pride
  • Demiboy Pride (New!)
  • Demigirl Pride (New!)
  • DemiFluid Pride (New!)
  • DemiFlux Pride(New!)
  • Demisexual Pride(New!)
  • Heterosexual Pride
  • Intersexual Pride
  • Lesbian Pride
  • Lipstick Lesbian Pride
  • Neutrois Pride
  • Non-Binary Pride
  • Pansexual Pride
  • Polyamorous Pride
  • Polysexual Pride
  • Skoliosexual Pride
  • Straight Ally Pride
  • Transsexual Pride
  • Transgender Pride

If there’s a button flag missing that you’d like to see or think we should include, please let us know! Send us a message with a source with the flag details. We are always expanding our flag sets :).

Pinterest users can check out the pin here!