5 feet or shorter

x-files fun facts pt.2

1. When Anderson became pregnant, the writers explained her absence by having her character abducted. Little did they know, this plot line would become a crucial motivator for the show’s overall mythology.

2. According to Anderson, the pilot episode was only the second time she had been on camera.

3. Anderson spent most of her time on the series standing on a box due to the fact that she’s just a little over 5 feet tall and a full 10 inches shorter than her co-star.

4. Before being cast as the Cigarette-Smoking Man, William B. Davis had not smoked a cigarette in 20 years. He smoked real cigarettes for the first two seasons of the show before shifting to herbal.

5. According to producer Kim Manners, at the start of the show, Davis was only supposed to be an extra leaning against a shelf. They didn’t intend for him to become the main antagonist of the show.

6. Anderson was unhappy with filming a hotel scene in her underwear, where she reveals to Mulder some conspicuous bug bites in the pilot. She believed the scene was gratuitous and there was “no reason for it.” Carter believed the scene was necessary to “highlight the platonic relationship between the two.”

7. Dana Scully originally had a boyfriend named Ethan Minette in the pilot episode. He was added in by Fox executives because they felt there was not enough “romantic interest” between Mulder and Scully. Carter nixed all of his scenes, insisting the relationship between Mulder and Scully was much more interesting.

8. Duchovny and Anderson thought the show would bomb.

9. Anderson liked filming the more light-hearted, comedic episodes because she loves comedy. 

10. Duchovny and Anderson both admit the overarching mythology of the show was too confusing and hard to follow, even for them. 

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