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Is there any P5 character aside from the some of the palace rulers (and mementos bosses) you don't like that much? You seem to really like everyone. You seem pretty much the opposite of me, since I pretty much always get only obsessive over a single person per game/book/whatever. Not that I dislike the other characters; but I only get super invested and really obsessive over one. Or is there a P5 character you like far more than the rest? Though I admire that you seem passionate about everyone.

Honestly, I really do like everyone, but I absolutely cannot choose a favorite in the main cast. If I’m choosing a least favorite, I’d say the reporter since her social link was a bit lacking (Lala saved it tbh). 

Anyway, the main cast each has their own story, and I find it extremely easy to relate to them. Granted, there are a few characters that I can relate to a lot more than others in terms of personality, past experiences, struggles, etc. But! They all hold a special place in my heart. <333

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we need more spaghetti


#throwbackthursdays in a crafty way 👈🏾 This is my first @amymillerknits pattern and it’s probably in my top 5 favorite projects. I finished my Spring Fever exactly 2 years ago yesterday.

This is a perfect example of “when you decide you can do, you simply do” I had convinced myself that “other knitters” made stuff like this, I did the bulky stuff because I was new and couldn’t do anything with small yarn and little needles. I was sure of it and look 👀I did it!

So many of you have inspired me to try things that I was sure I couldn’t do and I thank you. If I can do it so can you!


To the best person on this website: @zefyre

Happy Birthday (again)!!!!!! 

I wasn’t sure if you’d like the line or “colored” version better, so here’s both!


TOP DAIR MOMENTS (voted by the Dair Fandom)
»»» #05 - 5x19 “It Girl, Interrupted”  (4.86 %)

B:What is this about? The sun has'nt set. I feel like a prom queen doing the walk of shame.
D: You look like a princess. Now i’m not gonna lie, this is cubic zirconia that I got from a costume shop.But you’ll sell it.
B: Cubic zirconia does not touch this body.
D: Put it on, Blair.
B: I have hit rock bottom. What is going on?
D: I, uh, I thought you should get to feel like a princess one last time.

get to know me meme [wrestling edition]

Inspired by stewarter. You can customize it if you want, and don’t feel pressured to make it only a gifset or photo edit/graphic etc. Also you don’t have to name 5 things on all of these, for example if you don’t have 5 or 10 favorite wrestlers and only like 3 or something less than 5 or 10, just post 3. I also suggest you use Text-Edit or a document app to organize/plan out how you want to do it because that’ll help a ton.

[10] favorite wrestlers

[10] favorite finishers

[5] favorite divas

[5] favorite matches

[5] favorite promos

[5] favorite moments

[5] favorite entrances

Like I said before, feel free to customize this how you want, if you want to replace something with something else, go for it. After all, fangirl challenges are just for fun.

Chapter 15:

He chuckles hysterically, dragging a clammy hand down his face. “I’m going crazy,” he mutters, rainwater dripping into his mouth and rolling off his chin. “Derek is missing and now I’m losing my mind. Great. I’d audition for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but it hasn’t been on Broadway since the sixties.” He buries his head in his arms again, feeling played and cold.