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The 5 Essential Elements Of A Perfect Ending

‘Nobody reads a book to get to the middle.’ ~Mickey Spillane

We can divide a story into a beginning, which is roughly a quarter of a book, a middle, which is half the book, and an end, which is the last quarter. This last part of your book is your reader’s reward for going on this journey with you. It is the part we remember because it has, or should have, the most drama in it.

Here are five tips that will help you to end a story so that readers will want to read your next book.

Lavenderwhisp’s Witch Type Master Post

Witch: magical practitioner

Elemental Witch: Witches who work around the 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit.

Earth Witch: Witches who specifically work with their magic around the element of Earth, through grounding exercises, rock/soil collecting, crystal magic, and Green Witchery.

Types of Earth Witches:

Green Witch: use plants/herbs/flowers in herbal and natural magic, such as using them in spells and creating remedies with them.

Garden Witch: A version of a Green Witch, they enjoy working with the earth through gardening and using their herbs and plants to help and care for their families and loved ones.

Flora Witch: Similar to the above witches, they work with flowers in their practice. Their Book of Shadows would likely be full of Green Witchery, such as than herbs and herbal recipes, and flower classifications and associations.

Crystal Witch: Witches who work with stones and crystals, such as through crystal healing. Their Book of Shadows will most likely have information about the stones, chakra balance, and crystal meditation.

Forest Witch: A witch who enjoys the company of trees and live amongst them. The seclusion is perfect for cottage magic and tree magic. They also enjoy the company of fey and woodland animals, and use local plants. 

Swamp Witch: Witches who live within the swamps, use swamp plants, and enjoy the company of swamp animals. 

Desert Witch: A witch who lives in the desert, enjoys the natural desert scenery, uses desert plants, bones, sand in their practice, collects desert rocks, and befriend desert animals such as snakes, lizards, and scorpions. They also tend to use the elements of Wind and Fire as well as Earth in their practice. They normally worship desert deities and study desert lore in their area.

Water Witch: Witches who work with the element of Water. Water magic includes water scrying, collecting water, swimming and other water-related actives.

Types of Water Witches:

Sea Witch: They work with magic and deities around the ocean and oceanic world. The practice sea magic using seashells and bones, sea weed, beach sand, driftwood, ocean water, etc. They also may worship sea deities and enjoy the imagery of sea creatures.

Ice/Arctic Witch: A witch who lives amongst snow covered land for most of the year or have a deep appreciation for the cold and snow. They worship ice deities, use snow water, and enjoy the cold. 

River/Stream/Spring witch: Witches who work with running water, worship river deities, and study local river lore.

Air/Wind Witch: Witches who center around the element of Air. They work with wind, using tools, symbols, and deities associated with Air.

Fire Witch: Witches who focus on the element of Fire and fire magic, such as candle magic, and may worship deities associated with fire. 

Other Natural Witch types: 

Seasonal Witch: Witches who draw magic during a specific time of the year. They are known as Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer witches who have a deep connection to the season they love. A seasonal witch gains most of their power during and from the season they identify with. For example, a person who loves the heat and sunshine of summer will soak up the rays and become very magical during the summer. They practice magic throughout they year, but they have that favorite season, like we all do. They would incorporate seasonal specific plants, symbols, colors, deities, and so on. Their work could also be affected depending on where they live, such as one season occurs for a longer period of time more than any others instead of the distinct 4 seasons.

Sun Witch: A witch who enjoys sunshine, works with spell work involving the sun during the daytime, and sun deities.

Lunar/Moon Witch: A witch who draws magic from the moon. They are nocturnal witches and closely follow the phases of the moon, and do magic according to the lunar calendar. They also tend to worship deities associated with the moon.

Astronomical/Space Witch: Witches who focus on the planets and stars. Their Book of Shadows will have information about each planet, the zodiac and astrology, and the enjoy nocturnal magic based on astronomical charts and the alignment of the planets.

Nocturnal Witch: A witch who works with nocturnal deities and magical work at night. They find solace in darkness, the darker side of life, and normally wear dark colors. There is a great book by Konstantinos called Nocturnal Witchcraft.

Storm/Weather Witch: Witches who combine one’s energy with the energy of the weather and storms. They collect rain water, utilize the energy of a lightning storm, and so on.

Animal Witch: Witches who have a deep appreciation for all animals and use animal materials, draw on their energy, and most of the time worship animal deities.

Death Witch: Witches who specialize in working with the dead. They work with bones and graveyard dirt, and some commune with spirits. They tend to worship Gods and Goddesses related to death and the afterlife.

Sex witch: Witches who manifest most of their magic from sex and sex magic, and worship sex related deities. Their magic could also focus around fertility.

Special Witch types:

Energy Witch: Witches who harness their own energy and use it to manifest change.

Divination Witch: Witches who work with practices of divination, such as tarot readings, palmistry, tea leaf reading, and so on.

Hedge Witch: Also known as shamans. They use a type of magic that is oriented around the spiritual world. Astral travel/projection, lucid dreaming, spirit-work, healing, and out-of-body experiences are some of the magic they do.

Fairie/Faery/Fey Witch: Witches who communicate and work with the fey, such as calling on them and leaving them offerings regularly to thank them for their assistance. They study fairy and elemental spirit lore, especially in regards to their local area. 

Draconian Witch: Witches who call upon dragons, use dragon imagery in their practice, and worship dragon deities.

Mermaid witch: Witches who call upon mermaids specifically. They use mermaid imagery and mermaid deities.

Modern and Domestic Witch types:

Kitchen Witch: Witches who enjoy working in the kitchen and put their magic into herbal mixtures, brewing, baking, and cooking.

Cottage Witch: A lot like a kitchen witch, they enjoy being in their home and doing things for their loved ones.

Country Witch: Witches who enjoy living in the country. Some may have a large ranch with livestock, while others enjoy the seclusion for their practice. Most likely they will enjoy the company of horses, worship animal/agriculture/nature related deities, and practice domestic and green magic. 

Urban Witch: Witches who live in a urban environment and use more modern practices of magic. They may substitute traditional ingredients with modern ones, use traditional tools but in a new way, such as wearing sigils on their clothing or as a tattoo, use electronic sources, and have their Book of Shadows on their computer. Urban witchery is all about combining the old with the new.

Technological Witch: Witches who work with technology. They practice modern witchcraft through phone apps, online blogs, online divination and spells, and most likely have a digital Book of Shadows.

Science witch: Witches who love science, most likely work in a science related field, and get their magical energy from their science experiments.

Athletic Witch: Witches who enjoy pushing themselves physically. This could be through yoga, running, or a sport. Their practice includes keeping themselves healthy and motivated physically, and using their healthy energy to help others through physical challenges. 

Music Witch: Witches who enjoy music. They use magic in their singing, chanting, and playing instruments. Music is in their lives everyday and is how they create magic in other people’s lives. They may worship music related deities, enjoy the music of their ancestors, and enjoy music history.

Artist/Craft Witch: Witches who put their magic into art, such as drawing, sculpting, painting, and creating. Magic is in everything they work hard physically and mentally to produce. They may worship artistic and creative deities. After all witchcraft would only be “witch” without the craft.

Literary Witch: Witches who enjoy books and literature. They enjoy reading, writing, poetry, creating catchy spells, and studying witchcraft, lore, and magical practices of every culture. They are very studious witches who are bound to have a library of witchcraft sources. 

Eclectic Witch: Most modern witches follow many practices and traditions, and go by many titles. 

Religious Witch: Witches who practice their religious beliefs in cohesion with their craft.

Common Types of Religious Witches:

Wiccan: Wicca is a modern Pagan religion. Wiccans worship nature and normally use magic for positive unharmful change, but not all Wiccans do. Wiccans also follow the Wiccan Rede, which simply states that you will not use magic to harm others or yourself.

Druid: Druidry means following a spiritual path rooted in the green Earth. It means participating in Celtic wisdom teachings, but embracing the contributions of many peoples and times.

Satanic: Satanism includes symbolic association with, or admiration for, Satan, whom Satanists see as an inspiring and liberating figure. Satanic witches don’t always worship Satan, but rather follow the beliefs preached in Satanism.

Christian: Christian witches follow the teachings of Christ and worship God and Jesus through witchcraft.

Norse: Norse witches worship Norse deities. Witchcraft was very important in ancient Viking culture and a normal part of their everyday life. Warrior shamanism, runes, and sacrifices to the Gods were just some of their important practices.

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avatar skye waterbending and airbending
in all seriousness, we should think about the two elements she was seen manipulating, here. water represents change, which is the primary theme in skye’s life right now. and air is freedom. when she fires off the air blast, she chooses gordon of SHIELD of any kind.  she has taken off her gauntlets, which while well-intended, served more as shackles. throughout her change, she’s tried to hide and control it. but now, she seems ready to set her powers free, and in turn, free herself.

Person of Interest Week 1 Event

Day 1: Favorite Scenes

Any scene that involves Shaw “telepathically” reading minds (a.k.a insane cold reading skills).

2x21 Zero Day: Shaw needs John to find a coerced Harold so she can track down Root.

2x22 God Mode: Reese finds a picture of Jessica in Finch’s vault.

3x13 - 4C: Finch needs Shaw to investigate the Activity to find out why John is with a relevant number.

4x09 -The Devil You Know: Root tries to hide Shaw after her cover was blown. (They should have reversed Root’s sequence of dialogue to put more emphasis on Shaw’s cold reading.)

You know what? I just realized Shaw’s cold reading skill is something I don’t see fans pointing out often. It kind of annoyed me when some people stated that Shaw can’t really read emotions on others because she herself doesn’t feel emotions nor want to understand it. I’m sure she can read people spot on despite rarely feeling any emotions. There’s a difference between detecting/acknowledging versus relating/compassion.  

Edit: 12/29/2015

A few POI fans pointed out that I missed a few scenes that are related to Shaw’s “cold reading” skill. So, I added more gifs to this post because it’s a nice place to hold the collection. I also updated the original scenes from still images to animated gifs.

S03E18 - Allegiance

S03E23 - Deus Ex Machina