5 dollar pizza

a list of bad tim hcs

  • every time Bruce starts lecturing someone, Tim’ll stand slightly behind him and talk over him really loudly in a deeper voice until Bruce is looking like Murder
  • Tim, flashing two 5 dollar bills and a PIzza Hut coupon: “maybe this will convince you”
  • at galas, when Bruce has a pretty lady on his arm, Tim will lean over and whisper “she doesn’t have the range” “What??” “she doesn’t have the range, Bruce.”
  • one time he ate an entire 1lb bag of sour gummi worms in one sitting. he had never wished for death more than during those following hours of complete misery. his stomach was collapsing inwards and his tongue was numb
  • fell asleep at a WE meeting with his eyes open and freaked out half the people in the room. one guy thought he might have died and security was called. Bruce brings it up every time he’s pissed at tim.
The Signs Described Using My Childhood Memories

Aries: To prove my friends wrong, I wanted to climb a big tree that nobody had the balls to climb at the park we used to hang out in. Being a fearless ass bitch, I climbed that tree like a motherfuckin champ. But then I realized quickly that I couldn’t get down. So, I said “jesus take the wheel” and just let go. I broke my leg in two places. 

Taurus: I kicked a kid in the balls when he stole three of my tater-tots off my lunch tray in the 4th grade. I love tater-tots. 

Gemini: I wrote my name on a piece of eraser and dropped it in front of my crush so that he could pick it up and give it to me and we could start a conversation. It fuckin worked. 

Cancer: Once, I cried for hours on end because somebody took my seat on the carpet in my kindergarten class…

Leo: I was in a bad mood once so I took my sisters poster of Vanessa Hudgens (which she loved) and ripped it into tiny little pieces. Then I felt bad for doing that so I sat there for hours trying to tape it back together.

Virgo: In the 4th grade, I had to have all my notebooks written in with the same exact pen (same brand and same pen color) because I don’t even fuckin know. I would lose my shit when that one pen ran out of ink. 

Libra: In middle school, there was a rumor being spread about me that I my left leg was fake and I just never said anything about it to deny or confirm it cause I thought it was so stupid and funny. They finally put to rest the rumor when I wore a dress for graduation. 

Scorpio: We were on vacation and my brother was being really annoying so I waxed a part of his hairy leg as punishment :)

Sagittarius: When I went to Vegas for the first time ever (when I was around 10), my parents left me in the hotel room to go down to the casino. I waited until they left the room so that I could sneak out and go explore the strip. I walked all the way to Miracle Mile (which was far from the hotel we were staying in), bought myself some nice ass ice cream, and then walked all the way back to our hotel without my parents were finding out.

Capricorn: I once studied for my science test for 7 hours and I got an A and everybody thought I was stupid for studying for 7 hours but I got that damn A so its all good.

Aquarius: Never one to fight, I would always express myself using words. But one time this fucker wrote all over my notebook with a different color pen (refer back to Virgo) so I tried to kick him but he kicked me back and I started crying. We both got suspended. 

Pisces: I remember once my mom didn’t give me 5 dollars to buy pizza at school so I sat at the corner of the lunch room and wrote poetry until the lunch bell rang. 

Make A Wish

This is for the Girl In Every Port Project which was created by winchestersinthedrift and deansdirtylittlesecretsblog.  My prompt was “delivery girl at a pizza joint”.  Here’s the masterlist for the other GIEPP pieces, I suggest that you give them all a read!  For this prompt, I decided to do a hs!au and it is a Dean fic.  Enjoy!

If you were being honest, you’d say that this pizza delivery thing sucked.  It was just a summer job that you had picked up to make some spending money for senior year.  Being a pizza delivery lady had sounded like such a good idea, but in reality it meant a bunch of creepy guys hitting on you and the tantalizing smell of warm pizza that you weren’t allowed to eat.  It all sucked.  Royally.

“I’m gonna take these last 3 orders and then head home, Mindy,” you wave at the owner of Paisano’s Pizza, backing out of the front door.

“Thanks Y/N, see you tomorrow!” she smiles, looking up from wiping down the counter.

“Bye!” you call before letting the door swing shut behind you.  Outside is cool in that summer night kind of way and you slide into the front seat of your car, sighing happily.  You put the pizza down in the passenger seat and check your list for the night.  The first two are normal Saturday night regulars, but the last one reads “Room Number 106, Four Leaf Hotel”.  That’s weird and a little bit sketchy, you’re not going to lie, but it’s all part of the job.  Plus, it’s not like you really have a choice.

The regulars go easy and you’ve made a solid $10 in tips by the time you pull up to the hotel.  It’s an old looking place with a flickering sign the reads “Four Leaf” in the front.  You walk anxiously up to the door of room 106 and knock lightly on the door.

“DEAN,” you hear a young voice through the thin hotel room door, “PIZZA’S HERE!”

“I’m getting it,” another voice says.

The sounds of a bed creaking signal the owner of the second voice rising to greet you.  “Hey,” a boy who looks around your age swings open the door, leaning languidly on the doorframe.

“H-hi,” you blush, glancing down.  This kid undeniably was attractive.  Like really hot.  Like forget-how-to-breathe hot.  You swallow hard.  “Pizza’s here.”

He nods before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a couple one dollar bills.  The boy counts them quickly, grimacing as all of his confidence drains from his stance.  “How much is it again?”

“Five dollars,” you glance down at the money in his hand and notice that it’s not going to be enough.

“I’ve only got four,” he says.

“I don’t know what t-,” you begin, but are cut off from the whines of a little boy inside the hotel room.

“Dean hurry up, I’m starving!”  The boy, Dean, looks at you pleadingly.

“Please,” he whispers softly so that the other boy can’t hear, “cop me a dollar.”

“I don’t know if I can,” you stare back, shifting from foot to foot nervously.

“Please?  You can come in,” he offers, “eat pizza, watch some bad hotel tv.”  Your eyes widen at his proposition.  “I’ll make it worth your while,” Dean gives you a wink that even you can tell overcompensates for the weak side he just showed you.

You purse your lips.  It’s only 9 o’clock and your curfew isn’t until 11.  You have time, but is it safe to go into some random kid’s hotel room and hang out for a night?  Probably not.  But something just seems right about this.  You don’t know why, but you feel like you can trust this cocky boy who can’t find 5 dollars for a plain pizza.  “Ok,” you agree, “I’ll cover the change, but you owe me at least two slices.”

“Deal,” he beams in a way that lights up his whole face, complete with crinkles at the corners of his eyes.  It’s probably the cutest smile you’ve ever seen.  Dean ushers you into the hotel room and you hand him the box of pizza, closing the door behind you.

“I’m Dean,” he grins before nodding towards the boy sitting on one of the two double beds, “that’s my little brother Sammy.”

The boy makes a face, “it’s Sam.”

“Nice to meet you,” you giggle, “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N, huh?  Pretty name for a pretty girl,” you and Dean meet each other’s eyes, faint smiles ghosting across your faces.

“Deee-eean,” Sam whines, “cut it out.”

He shakes his head, laughing softly, “yeah, right.  Let’s eat!”  Dean drops the box down on a small table in the corner.

“You got plates?” you ask.

Dean looks up and you think you catch fleeting embarrassment dance across his face, but it’s gone quickly.  “Come on Y/N, where’s the fun in that?”  He hands you a piece of pizza and you plop down on the empty bed, sliding back to lead against the headboard.  Dean gives a slice to Sam too before getting one for himself and sitting next to you.  He grabs the tv remote, flicking through the channels before finding Disney channel and leaving it on.  At first you wonder why he chose a kids show, but your question is answered by Sam’s exclamation of “this one’s my favorite!”

You munch happily on the pizza, feeling surprisingly comfortable.  The tv is bad but at least the company is good.  2 half an hour shows later and the pizza is completely gone and Sam’s eyelids are drooping.  Somewhere along the way, Dean slid closer to you and you’re now resting your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around you lightly and chin resting on the top of your head.

“Let’s go outside so Sammy can get to sleep,” he mutters into your hair and you nod.  “Sam?”

“Mmhmm,” the younger boy hums sleepily.

“Get into bed, Y/N and I are going to be right outside,” Dean pulls back the covers and Sam crawls underneath.  He snuggles into the pillows as Dean presses a soft kiss to the top of his head.

“Night Sammy,” he whispers, beckoning at you to follow him as he opens the door and flicks off the light.

“Goodnight Dean.”

You follow Dean into the cool summer air and he shuts the door behind him before sliding to the ground and patting the concrete beside him.  You slump to the ground, leaning onto his shoulder.  It seems like forever and no time at all at the same time as you talk about everything under the sun, or should you say the moon.  You talk about high school and home life, but never anything that really matters.  Eventually, the two of you reach a comfortable silence, just listening to the sound of each other’s even breaths and the cicadas in the grass.  If for nothing other than this moment right now, you’re glad you took this pizza delivery job.

“I’ve always loved the stars,” he stares up into the night, tightening the arm around your shoulders to pull you in close, “wherever you go, you’re always looking at the same stars.”

You hum in agreement.  Suddenly Dean gasps, pointing to the sky with the arm that’s not around you.  “Look!”

You follow his finger to see a shooting star soar through the night.  “Quick, make a wish,” he smiles and you turn to look at him, noticing the way his eyes glimmer with the light of the twinkling stars.

“I wish to stay right here, forever.”

“Silly,” he shakes his head, turning to look at you.  You’re close enough to feel his warm breath on your slightly parted lips.  “If you tell me your wish it won’t come true.”

“Oops,” you shrug slightly, getting lost in his sparkling green eyes.  He leans in just a tiny amount so that the tips of your noses brush together.

“But I wished that too,” he smiles softly, closing his eyes and leaning in just a little bit more.

All of a sudden, an uncomfortable vibrating plays from your pocket, snapping you out of your Dean-induced trance.

“Shit it’s 11:30,” you murmur as you pull out your phone, seeing your mother’s contact lighting up the screen.  “Hey?  Mom?” you hit answer and put the phone up to your ear.  “Yeah, work ran really late.  You know Saturdays can be a little busy.  Yeah, I’ll be home as soon as I can.”  Dean runs lazy circles around your hip with his fingers and you try not to let your breath become shallow.  Your mom will figure it out.  You don’t know how, but she will.  She can always tell when something’s up.

“Ok I’m on my way home now.  10 minutes.  I promise.  Ok bye mom.  Yeah, bye.  Bye.”  You hang up.

Dean looks at you with wide eyes.  “You have to go, don’t you?”

You stare down at the ground, “yeah.”

“Ok,” he murmurs, but neither of you move.

“Next time you’re in town, you better give me a call,” you reach into your pocket to pull out a pen and then grab the hand that isn’t holding your waist.  You write your number on his palm before pressing a kiss to where the digits are.

He sighs.  “What?” you ask as you begin to stand up.

“I told you that if you told me your wish it wouldn’t come true,” Dean explains as he rises to stand next to you.

You smile sadly before looping your arms around his neck and pulling him towards you.  “Come here,” you whisper and he closes the distance between the two of you, pressing your lips together and resting his hands on your hips.

It’s a slow, sweet kiss, not like anything you’ve ever experienced before.  It’s something special, something uniquely Dean.  He pulls away reluctantly after a few minutes.  “You should get going,” he whispers in the small space between the two of you.

“Yeah,” you sigh, “I know.”  You drop your arms to your sides, pulling his hands off of you, knowing you won’t be able to walk away if he continues to hold on.  “Really call me, ok?  Let me know when you’re back in town.”

“Ok,” he nods, but you both know that it’s unlikely you’ll ever see each other again.

“Goodbye Dean,” you say, backing up towards your car.

“Bye Y/N,” he draws in a deep breath that fills his whole chest before letting it out with a heavy sigh.  Dean watches you get into your car and drive away completely before he goes back inside.

“I liked her,” Sam whispers as Dean closes the door with a certain finality.

“Yeah,” he smiles faintly before crawling into bed, “me too.”

saviors and pizza { Michael }

word count: nearly 2k
prompt: badboy!michael

an//// so anyways, this has been in my docs for days and i cut off half my finger nearly so fuck it here it goes

“But you love parties!” A voice rings out, hot, sweaty hands pulling you along the sidewalk which is only dimly lit by the street lamps.

“I also love having one night stands in the Target parking lot, but you don’t see me letting it ruin my education!” You try not to laugh, your friend throwing up one of her hands in an annoyed manner, the other still holding onto yours tightly.

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