5 days post op


And while there’s something to talk about, and while there’s something to say, I promise you that I won’t be gone…


(5 days post-op). I got the sponges off today, so I finally got to see my nips, and I couldn’t be happier with the placement and the size. I’m still experiencing minimal pain, I’m only a little sore in my chest and my arms. Hope that the rest of my recovery will go just as flawlessly. ✨

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Hi Lovely!

Yes, I was initially kind of WTFing myself, but unfortunately the logic part of my brain had to kick in. As I mentioned on this post here, setlock was absolutely not long enough at ALL to film an entire new series that it would be released in less than a year. A full new 90 minute episode? Yes, I can see it being pulled off – take alternate takes from each episode and chop them together to make “the true story” – during the filming of S4, but a whole other season? No. 

Plus, I don’t understand how or why they would be privy to the airdate information, when the BBC is always super-secretive of the airdates. To me, this is just another case of someone adding in their own dates like they did with the Jan 22 thing and the editing of that Polish S4E4 thing.

However, I DO feel like SOMETHING is still left to surprise us, just unsure what or when. My money is on a secret episode to be released very soon.

IF – and this is a HUGE “if” – there is already a season 5 filmed and done SOMEHOW that is coming out in the new year, the ONLY WAY I can see them doing this is if it is an EXACT replica of S4 with alternate scenes and the “true story” that were filmed as “alternate takes” at the same time as T6T, TLD, and TFP were filmed. I do think they could pull this off, since multiple takes of each scene are always done… they would just have to NOT fuck up as much, and then crop it in with all the extra scenes that they had filmed over the years (and we KNOW those exist – it was once said that HLV or S3 [can’t remember] had 5 HOURS OF ADDITIONAL FILM). So then essentially S5 would be S4 pt 2 which is then telling the REAL story of what happened in S4, because clearly there’s WAY too many inconsistencies with S4 to not suspect most or ALL of it is some sort of Unreliable Narration or Mind Palace/Bungalow Fuckery. What I wouldn’t understand is why they didn’t do it “right” in the first place.

But anyway, yeah. I’m remaining skeptical about a FULL season coming in 2018 until BBC confirms it.


And then came surgery…..I had a glansplasty because it did not hold the first time (phalloplasty performed on June 24, 2015). The below picture is where skin was taken in order to build the graft. And below that is my mummy phallus coming out of surgery, all happy, and bandaged up! 

Shown below: At 3 days post op, I attempted to change the dressings and xeroform. The xeroform was so stuck to the ridge or the new glands, then we called the doc and he told us we could leave it on until day 5 post op! So pretty soon, I will have pre and post glansplasty photos! 


Post op day 5. Not allowed to shower so I haven’t washed my hair yet. It looks like one big dread lock that I had to rip in two. It took me almost two house to get it to the picture on the right. Now I’m off to the salon to get my hair rashes and blown out. I’m kinda excited.

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hi!!! so, im hoping to have my breasts removed soon, i was just wondering what to expect? like, with the surgery and all. should i get ready to not move my arms att all, or is some fine? should i buy any specific things to help out in the healing process?

you should get ready to be able to use your hands and to be able to bend some at the elbows and maybe rotate them in and out enough to eat and drink and text and the like. i’m 5 days post op and i can’t reach up and today’s the first day i’ve been able to use my laptop. but my chest muscles are weaker than i expected them to be. 

i’ve been using a body pillow, a neck pillow, and a bunch of normal pillows to sleep (mostly sitting up and on my back only). also you probably won’t really be able to shower so something like baby wipes would be super helpful. 

i would plan on having at least one person around for pretty much the whole first week, day and night. i was shocked at how much help i’ve been needing. 

5 days post-op today. the drains aren’t that bad. I’m having the most trouble with the bandage around my chest. it’s difficult to straighten my back or take deep breaths. overall, the pain is very mild though, absolutely nothing compared to my foot surgeries. I have to take antibiotics every six hours, and I’ve been taking ibuprofen at the same time and that seems to be enough. I’m not sure I even need to take it, but I figure it will help with inflammation if nothing else. I only had to take the rx painkiller once. after my foot surgery I was taking vicodin and otc painkillers regularly and there were still several days where I was in a lot of pain. I still can’t shower though, which is annoying, as is not being able to reach stuff or stretch my arms. 


5 days post-op today and I’m itching like nobody’s business. I am also really sore in the middle of of my chest and on each side where my stitches are, which I suppose is to be expected. Nothing unbearable though!
Had some nausea and dizziness yesterday but that’s probably because I overexerted myself, so I am making sure I rest up today.
Can’t wait for these stitches to come out next week! Otherwise, I’m healing well :)

The ginger and white photo bombing mound of fur to my right is the new kitty we adopted. His name is Pickles…for now anyway.