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I hope you all have/had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

If you are with your partner then I hope you have a good day and if you’re alone, remember one day you might spend it with your sunshine x

Dream big !

All the love, C xx

Fuck Me Daddy

Gruvia Love Fest 2016
Day Five: Dirty Talk

Gray was so exhausted after completing a difficult job but he got quite an interesting phone call.

Gray: Man I’m so fucking tired. *phone rings* Oh it Juvia.

Juvia: *on phone* Daddy Juvia missed you.

Gray: *smriks* Don’t worry princess. Daddy will be home soon.

Juvia: But Juvia wants daddy now.

Gray: Then why don’t you do daddy a favor and prepare yourself for him.

Juvia*giggles* Yes daddy.

Gray: That’s right. Be a good girl for daddy and he’ll reward you, okay.

Juvia: Yes daddy but can you help me???

Gray: of course princess. First get comfortable and strip.

Juvia: Okay daddy what’s next.

Gray: Now stimulate yourself and go on from there.

Juvia: but daddy…

Gray: Don’t worry. Daddy will be home soon to help.

Juvia: You promise.

Gray: I promise princess. I promise.

And With that a Gray hangs up. As he hung up he passed by sex shop and a devilish smrik came across his face.

Gray: Looks like we might not sleep tonight.

Without anymore thought Gray walked in and smriked once again.

Gray: Now let the fun be *rubbing hands together in an evil manner*.

By the Time Gray left the store, he already had a bag full of surprises and started to head home.

Timeskip-at home

Gray: Where’s my princess that missed my so much.

Juvia: Daddy your home.

Gray: I would never break a promise to my princess.

Juvia: Juvia missed daddy too. *looks at bag* What’s in the bag daddy???

Gray: It’s a surprise princess. Did you prepare yourself yourself like daddy asked you to.

Juvia: *slowy backing away*

Gray: Now where do you think you’re going princess.

Juvia: Um…bed.

Gray: That’s a good girl. Let’s go together.


Juvia: Daddy~.

Gray: Yes princess???

Juvia: *spreads legs* Juvia’s ready~.

Gray: *smriks* Wow looks like you really did prepare yourself for daddy.

Juvia: *cutely giggles*

With that Gray crawls over Juvia giving her a rough passionate kiss.

Juvia: Juvia loves it when daddy fucks Juvia in his daddy kink mode.

Gray: Don’t worry princess you’re gonna have have on hell of a good time.

Gray went back to kissing Juvia until he remembered about the bag.

Gray: Princess do you really want to know what I bought.

Juvia: Yes daddy. Juvia really wants to know.

Gray: Okay but first cover your eyes *hand over blindfold*.

Juvia: *covers eyes* Yes daddy.

As Juvia ties the blindfold on herself she feels something cold on her skin.

Juvia: Ahhhhh~ Daddy that’s cold~.

Gray: I know. It’s just that daddy it disappointed in you.

Juvia: What did Juvia do daddy???

Gray: When I say prepare yourself I meant it.

Juvia: But daddy Juvia did what you asked.

Gray: You did but you could have done better and for that I’m going to have to punish you.

While Gray’s ice was teasing Juvia’s nipples, Gray kissed Juvia’s neck while a vibrator teased Juvia’s clit.

Juvia: Daddy~ Ahhhhh~!!!

Gray: That’s right princess. Moan for daddy.

Then Gray moved to the free nipple but still teasing the other nipple with ice while the vibrator still messed with Juvia’s clit.

Juvia: Daddy you know how sentivtive Juvia is when she’s about to cum.

Gray: I know princess but remember this punishment. So you’re gonna cum as much as I please.

Juvia: Daddy Juvia is sorry.

Gray: Sorry princess but sorry isn’t gonna cut it. Now Shush and keep moaning for daddy.

Juvia loved it when Gray was so nasty and aggressive when that had intimate moment like these.

Gray: Princess what are you thinking about??? You should be paying attention to the pleasure daddy is giving you *plays with her body harder*

Juvia: N-nothing daddy!!!

Gray knew Juvia was lying but her just smriked it off and played with Juvia’s body even harder making Juvia close to her limit.

Juvia: D-daddy *moans* Juvia is about to *moan* c-cum!!!!

Gray: Then be a good little princess and cum for daddy.

At this point even if it was a little teasing Juvia couldn’t handle it anymore and released all over the vibrator and Gray’s hand. Out of curiosity (yea totally curiously 😒) Gray took his hands up to his lips and tasted Juvia’s cum.

Gray: Wow princess you taste so sweet. I can’t wait taste more of my little princess but well continue this later okay. I have other surprises to share with you.

Juvia just nodded has she heard ruffling from Gray’s bag of surprises.

Gray: Princess can you sit up for daddy.

Juvia: Okay *sat up*.

Soon Juvia felt a round plastic ball (a.k.a a gag) filling up her mouth.

Juvia: *trying to speak* 

Gray: Princess I can’t understand you with that gag in your mouth so do daddy a favor and not speak. Just sit back and relax okay.

Of course being the dominant one, Gray pulled away from Juvia’s body enjoying the view that he created.

Gray: Princess you look so cute

Of course with the gag on Juvia couldn’t say anything but she loves it when Gray says things like when she’s in sexual situations like these. Gray notice that Juvia wasn’t paying attention him so Gray took out another vibrator and stuffed in her wet and greedy cunt.

Juvia: Ahhhhh~ Daddy~. That feels so good~.

Gray: That’s right princess take all this pleasure into that greedy thirsty cunt for yours.

Gray thrusted that vibrator in Juvia’s cunt at fast speeds making Juvia tremble in pleasure.

Juvia: Daddy~ Juvia’s gonna cum again~!!!

Gray: You know what to do princess. Cum for me.

Gray thrusted the vibrator viscously into Juvia which led Juvia to cum once more.

Juvia: That’s the second time daddy.

Gray: I know princess but I’m not finished yet with you wet. *takes off gag and blindfold and points to dick* You still have to make daddy feel good too.

As weak Juvia was from the pleasure she wobbled her way to Gray pushing him on his back and took his long hard thick into her hands.

Juvia: *pumping Gray’s dick harshly* Juvia thinks daddy also needs to punished.

Gray: * stuttering in pleasure* Getting cocky aren’t we.

Juvia: Huh??? What did you say daddy??? Juvia couldn’t quite understand.

Gray: I said *gets interrupted by Juvia sucking him dry*.

Juvia just mentally smriked with accomplishment as she ran her tongue up and down Gray’s thick long hard cock sending waves of pleasure into Gray’s body.

Gray: Ohhh~ yes~ princess~. That feels so good.

Juvia: Daddy would you like Juvia to put in her mouth???

Gray got irrigated from Juvia asking an obvious question. without any warning  Gray shoved his bulging cock into Juvia’s mouth forcing her to suck.


Gray: See what happens when you get cocky. *chuckles* I guess I was quite literal. Now suck.

Juvia knew when Gray was in his daddy mode she had no choice but to follow all his commands. So with the harsh invitation Juvia sucked him dry making him shake in pleasure.

Gray: Yes~ princess~. Suck…daddy…real good.

Juvia didn’t lie to herself. She loves the taste of Gray’s hard cock in her mouth to the point that she could feel precum dripping down her throat.

Gray: Prin…cess…I’m…cum gahhhh!!!

Gray couldn’t even finish his sentence as his thick seed dripped down Juvia’s throat making Juvia shiver in pleasure.

Gray: Wow princess. I didn’t think you we’re that good. I guess I shall reward you.

Juvia had no idea what was happening Gray pushed her down and viciously ate her out which gave Gray enough time to also slip some anal beads into Juvia’s ass.

Juvia: Dad…dy~!!!

Gray: That’s right. Moan for me baby girl.

Juvia couldn’t take all this pleasure. First she had Gray eating her out and then anal beads harshly thrusting in and out of her ass. All Juvia could do is just squirm in pleasure as she was reaching her limit.

Juvia: Dad…dy J-juvia is gonna ahhhh!!!

Without finishing her sentence, Juvia cummed all over Gray’s mouth.

Gray: Once again you taste amazing princess. Now let’s get the the grand finale shall we my princess.

Juvia couldn’t have been more excited. This is the part that Gray finally got to give Juvia’s greedy cunt a good fuck. Soon Gray slammed into Juvia not even letting her adjust Gray pounded into Juvia like there’s no tomorrow.

Juvia: Oh yes yes yes oh yes daddy please fuck Juvia hard so hard she won’t be able to walk the next morning.

Gray: You don’t have to tell my twice princess. I’m going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to get out of bed the next morning.

Gray fucked Juvia with unhuman like speed. Juvia couldn’t even keep up with the speed Gray was going. Juvia screamed in pleasure as Gray inserted a butt plug at the last minute while still fucking Juvia at full speed causing Juvia yearn out in pleasure.

Juvia: Ahhh~ daddy~. Hit Juvia hit Juvia there again~!!!

Gray just smirked and thrusted at that particular angle causing Juvia squirm in pleasure and cum all over Gray’s hard, thick cock.

Juvia: Ahhhhh~ daddy~!!!!

Gray: So you’ve reached you’re limit well I haven’t so hold on tight baby girl.

Juvia continued to twitch and squirm in pleasure until Gray reached his limit. He pulled out and released his thick sticky cum all over Juvia’s body.

Gray: *takes out butt plug* Do you have a good time princess.

Juvia: *panting heavily* Juvia had a lot of fun daddy.

Gray: *kisses Juvia* I’m glad you did. Now let’s go take a shower and call it a night, shall we.

After all the dirty talk they shared with each other, Gray and Juvia washed up and got ready for bed to cuddle.

Dirty Harry (Without Rap)
Dirty Harry (Without Rap)

I always thought Bootie Brown’s rap felt a bit out of place in this song, so I looked for a version without it. I happened to find a video of their live visual performance in the 2006 Brit’s Awards with the rap taken out, but the instrumental sounded a bit choppy towards the end, so I decided to fix it and here I am at 5 in the morning wondering why I decided to do this in the first place whatevs enjoy

My talents include:

• ????????

•I can tell which member of 5sos is singing at any point of any song

•I can cry, scream “CALUM” and cry some more all at the same time


It is officially midnight in Florida which means… HAPPY 5 YEAR HANNAVERSARY!!! Words don’t even begin to describe how much this girl has inspired me! I’m so proud to say I’m a hartosexual! I’m so proud of Hannah for everything she’s accomplished from MDK, to the book! To the hello harto tour which lead to Have a Hart Day! To camp takota! To dirty thirty! To Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to Ingrid! and to her just existing!! I can’t begin to express how much I love her but this is just the beginning for her because I know there’s so much in store! She’s amazing and deserves the life she has because she has a good heart and a genuine goal to have one big community world wide! She’s saved so many lives and that number is continuously rising! She’s beautiful,hilarious,clever,puntastic, adorable, amazing, perfect, of course but she’s so much more than that! Hannah I love you so much and congrats on 5 years! You’re mine and so many peoples hero!! You’re amazing and I can’t wait for year 6! CHEERS TO YOU AND FIVE YEARS OF BOOP BOOPS! @mydrunkkitchen 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘😘😁😁😁