5 countries 5 days


I just needed this on loop he looks so damn cute

what’s more surprising, ah’ find it heartwarming tha’ no-one leaves me after ah’ve been gone fer ah’ while. missions are ah’ bitch in ah’ half ta’ do, especially when they’re out in tha’ middle o’ nowhere in gods knows where. 

ah’ love those kinds o’ people. 

please, dun’ leave me. 

I love Zombie Apocalypse stuff on paper but watching it stresses me out so much, catastrophe/apocalyptic stuff in general makes me feel so anxious, it just claws to my gut with a feeling of dread and doesn’t stop for hours… and here I am watching more of Fear The Walking Dead just so I can have context for a fanmade character this is unbelievable.

When 5sos gets mobbed

When Ashton gets tricked into kissing

When 5sos becomes #1 in basically everywhere

When Michael obsesses over PewDiePie

fetus 5sos

ashton singing

when i meet 5sos