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me at slfl when don’t stop ends


Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)


David Burdeny (Canadian, b. 1968, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) - 1: Red Chairs, Havana, Cuba, 2014  2: Pink Room, Havana, Cuba, 2014  3: Art Deco Lobby, Havana Cuba, 2014  4: Street Corner Horse, Havana, Cuba, 2014  5: Old Hava Corner (Night), Havana, Cuba, 2014  6: Record Room, Havana, Cuba, 2014  7: Ballet School (Stairs), Havana, Cuba, 2014  8: Ballet School, Havana Cuba, 2014  9: Green Screen, Havana, Cuba, 2014 from Cuba series  Photography


i spent new years drawing this ayy. happy new year people! <3

i. When they break your heart, don’t blame yourself. Some people are not right for each other. That does not make them better or worse than you. I am so sorry they caused you pain.

ii. Stitch your heart back together with love, not hatred. Never stop believing in love. Never stop believing that there is love in everything. Never stop loving.

iii. They may have stabbed you in the heart, but your heart is still beating. That is amazing. People will not tell you you are strong as much as you deserve to be told it, but I will. Never forget that you are a warrior.

iv. There are songs that will tell you it is okay to harbor anger for the rest of your life. There are songs that will tell you to stick both of your middle fingers up to everyone who makes mistakes that negatively impact you. Turn off the radio.

v. Believe in second chances. Believe in third chances. Believe in all of the chances in the entire world. But never back down. Tell people to screw themselves when they deserve it. Tell them you are not a damn doormat. Then forgive them.

vi. Don’t be afraid to let go of anything less than you deserve. This includes feelings. Leave anyone who is not positively benefiting you. That does not mean you have to hate them.

vii. Remember that there are people who hurt as much as you do. Everyone is fighting battles against the world, and more importantly, battles against themselves. The one who broke your heart is fighting their own battles. They may seem happier than you right now, but they are not always happy. You affected them more than your damaged self-confidence will let you believe.

viii. Believe people are good at heart. Believe in the good in the world. Remember the good times.

ix. When they break your heart, don’t blame yourself.

x. I believe in you.

—  To my future children

and it’s the s w e e t e s t  bloody thing

Home: A Gilmore Girls playlist.

Listen. 1. Welcome Home - Radical Face | 2. There She Goes - The La’s | 3. Lakehouse - Of Monsters and Men | 4. Home - Gabrielle Aplin | 5. My Little Corner of the World - Yo La Tengo | 6. You And I - Avalanche City | 7. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane | 8. Reflecting Light - Sam Phillips | 9. To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.


MS91 Orama bathroom

This was a collab between me and @mxims. Thank you for the help, fun as always <3 

It has been sitting in my mods folder for a while now. I haven’t been “inspired” to take previews for it and there was some small issues that I had to fix, but I just.. I didn’t felt like doing it, sorry! Well, up untill now, I hope you guys will like it!

What you get:

  • Sink (8 swatches)
  • Counter (5 swatches)
  • Bathtub (8 swatches)
  • Shower (6 swatches)
  • 2 piece fireplace (5 swatches each)
  • Wall divider (1$, sculptures, 12 swatches)
  • Wall divider track (1$, misc, 4 swatches)
  • Double sponge (1$, misc)
  • Single sponge  (1$, misc)
  • Body brush  (1$, misc)
  • Cocoa butter  (1$, misc)
  • Bath salt  (1$, misc)
  • Body wash  (1$, misc)
  • Soap bar  (1$, misc)
  • Tub towel (5 swatches)
  • Corner shelf (5 swatches)
  • Plank floor (4 pieces, all 1$, rugs)
  • Plank floor with shower drain (3 pieces, all 1$, rugs )
  • Mirror (4 swatches)
  • Walls to match (0$, paint)

Credits: @marcussims91, @mxims

(To TS3 players: Get the original files here)

Enjoy, happy decorating!
Download (simfileshare)

Make sure your game is updated to the latest patch. 
If anything is wrong or I have missed something, let me know and I will fix it asap!

I´m there
where land and sea collide
indigo waves and pastel skies
where thoughts soar as ideas fly
here I stand
life breathes
through sacred lands
and  solemn seas
the elements set free
water, earth and air in me
like Magic I flow through briny streams
Bringing siren songs and Neptune dreams
where my soul resides
my body in tune
with the lunar moon
heart beats with the pulsing tides

-Daydreamer H.A.I ©

I am beginning to think that Hawks scouts have the following checklist for potential players:

1. Hard to knock off puck
2. Slick on edges
3. Wicked fast
4. Creative visionary
5. Great on corner battles
6. Excellent personal character
7. Heart eyes for children/pups/veterans
8. Criminally long eyelashes
9. Exceedingly strong profile game
10. Bone structure of angels

Haven’t done this in awhile but…
Thank you for 2,000+ followers.
Means a lot and I value all of you.
Everyone gets a Bates Motel discount!
Not all at once. We only have so many rooms.