5 continents


In 2035, a mysterious outbreak at the North Pole shook the whole world and made him tremble in anticipation. Anomaly was noticed by a group of climbers-researchers. They did not dare to approach the point of the origin, but pictures were taken. After the incident, 5 continents decided to send the best scientists to study the phenomenon, but unfortunately, the connection between them was lost. Six months later their bodies were never found.

After the incident, people began to see what they had never seen before.

Effre - is an unknown creature. It eats the emotions of a person, which causes it to evolve, and is always next to its “host”. They can develop intellectually, but at an early stage of evolution, they don’t have a permanent body shape. Depending on the type of emotion, they acquire new traits. If a person experiences negative emotions, it tempts effre, and it is very difficult to give up. They are palpable only for their “host” and for them. If you interact with another person, the effre will imitate, but only with each other. They are hermaphrodites, but they can not reproduce. If desired, a person can show their effre.

Fanatics refer to the aliens’ machinations. In church, effre is considered a sin, which follows the possessor (the person themselves). Scientists consider them as a mass hallucination, because of the incident that occurred at the north pole.
The military initially was highly in doubt, but three years later after the incident, the effre became the enemies of mankind. More precisely, their subspecies - “Tangible”

Every effre knows that a complete devouring of a human means death to themselves . Therefore, if the “host” tries to commit suicide or has suicidal tendencies - they will be swallowed. After that, the person lives in the effre, like a baby in the womb of the mother. This happens until the effre will no longer consider the “host” compatible enough to live on. The effre itself becomes - “Tangible”. But not all of them are good. They are individual. Each of them has their own opinion about people, their “host” etc. Some of them began to attack people, which causes a great panic and massive resonance.
Scientists have tried to study the “tangible”, to negotiate with them or to remove the “host” from the effre, but all attempts only caused death of the person inside the “tangible”. Subsequently, the negotiations of world powers created a special organization for the extermination and studies for these creatures - “Cycle”.
The plot develops around two employees of this organization “Cycle” - Simon Schempp and Ralph Hardman. 

Ralph Hardman is 37 years old, height of 182 cm, widower, and does not have a relationship. He is asexual, has a quick temper and is regularly grumpy. At the expense of his military classification, he went to work for this organization, where he is put with a partner named Simon Schempp, which Ralph is not very happy about. He often has conflicts with him because of his irresponsibility and sloppiness, but the organization constantly refuses to give him a new partner.

Simon Schempp is 42 years old, height of 186 cm, married, and has a 7 year old daughter, Angela. He is pansexual and works in the organization practically from the very beginning. He has an excellent reputation as a hunter, but because of repeated sex with the “Tangible” and his relationships with his partners, he has a mixed reputation in the team. He loves his daughter and his wife Samantha, about whom nothing is known. He is sarcastic, prideful, and a cunning man, and sometimes deliberately substitutes his partners in consequence of which they are perished.

196.9 million square miles
7 continents
5 oceans
every bit already touched
fought over
blood spilled and families split
nothing left to see that another person has not already
also witnessed
there is no more exploration
no more discovery
no more new worlds
the only pioneering on behalf of humankind
left to be done
is between the stars
and I wonder
if on the planet of the mind
of the poetic
I am an explorer
equipped with a hot hair balloon
instead of a spaceship
—  A.O.A.M. || Explorer
はたふってパレード フィリピン版
Cioccolatodorima (cover)
はたふってパレード フィリピン版

Since it’s Philippine Independence day here, I sang a Hatafutte Parade

English Translation:

In my right hand is LAMBANOG! INIHAW in my left!
Eating and Drinking in the festive Parade!
Towards the enchanted world, TARA NA!

A spinning world while we hold hands
 As long there’s MERIENDA, it’s okay!
While I’m alive there’s hope! He-ta-li-a

“AAA~ it’s great to sleep under the shade of the tree during afternoon~
I wonder what’s the MERIENDA? haaaa~
AHHH-AH, wait, wait! I’m going to be late!”

Come on, join the festive Parade~!
 Sound the band, let’s march!
 If everyone here unite on the same melody,
The one and only song is now complete

And among the RONDALLA is the Philippines!

“Ah! There’s surely beautiful maidens watching this!”

Every corner has a history
Let’s ride on a big KALESA
l fly to faraway places or ride on a beautiful VINTA~


Sipag at Tiyaga 2x

 SIPAG AT TIYAGA! While I’m alive there’s hope!
 SIPAG AT TIYAGA! Do not frown, smile~
SIPAG AT TIYAGA! Do not worry, leave it to me~
Join the PIYESTA!

Let’s go, join the festive Parade~!
This melody is universal
In 5 continents and the 7 seas
With this energetic tempo, it will reach all!

This is the non-stop PIYESTA
 Release the joy~

“ Ah~ I wonder what food is prepared?”

While I’m alive there’s hope! He-ta-li-a

“Ahh~ That was fun… I’m tired~
Ahh! I should eat first before sleeping~ Yawn…
Let’s do it again tomorrow…”


Lambanog- alcohol drink from coconuts 
Inihaw- barbeque (Chicken or Pork or anything) 
Rondalla- a string ensemble 
Merienda- Snack/ Light Meal
Kalesa- a horse-drawn carriage, widely used during Spanish Period. Still used in historical places
Vinta- a colourful boat 
Sipag at Tiyaga- Diligence and perseverance
Pag May Tiyaga May Nilaga- a saying that if you persevere, you will see great results
asul, pula, puti, tatlong butuin, 'sang araw- Blue, Red, White, 3 stars and a sun ( the Phil. Flag)


The 5 known continents of Mira || Art by me || Twitter

Compilation of my landscape practices so far (the one above is the first I did and so on). 

I must thank again the Xenoblade X Community for showing support (and even enthusiasm!) via notes, tags or even comments! I almost didn’t post Noctilum because I thought it looked like crap! (I still do) But you made me see positive things about them and now I can see my improvement :3

thoughtsappear  asked:

6 & 11

How did writing change me: Writing doctoral term papers/conference papers/etc  makes me wanna write fic even if I’m dead tired and only have an hour or two before bed. 

Writing fic makes me wanna learn more about what I do as a researcher (interpersonal comm is my discipline). I mean that might be shit motivation, but I am on the tail end of a rut rn so bad coping is my middle name. 

The YOI fandom in particular has made me feel really involved and collaborative in fandom in a way that I’m not sure i’ve experienced before, even when I did weekly fanfic contests on LJ? It’s like I have a little family all over the world. (at least 5 continents). 

Do I listen to music when I write: sometimes! Right now I’m listening to LAMF (johnny thunders) Marquee Moon (television) and the New York Dolls first LP a lot 

Thank you so much for the ask :D 

Dear lord, someone call 911 (or 999 depending on your local) my heart has literally stopped

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Hi! I want to get into the ice skating fandom and I want to watch it professionally/officially (does that make sense idk) so I was wondering if there any big ice skating events and where to watch them? Thank you! x

You’re right on time! The Grand Prix season for Senior skaters is just around the corner. Major competitions are usually live-streamed. Check out this amazing blog where you can find links to live streams and competition schedules. If any live stream doesn’t work for you (as may be the case if you’re in a major skating country like the US, download and use a VPN to change your location. If that still doesn’t work, just wait until after the competition (maybe a few hours), and some people will upload videos onto Youtube. Some channels that do so are: 

A bit of background, if I may digress - the skating season starts around  October (for Seniors) and around August (for Juniors) and ends around early March every year. So you’re really just in time. The competition schedule goes like this:

1. The earliest Senior competitions are small competitions like Finlandia Trophy and Lombardia Trophy.

2. The Grand Prix series of competitions are the first major competitions to start. Basically, a series of competitions are held and each skater takes part in 1~2 competitions in the series. The top 6 skaters (based on overall placements) enter the Grand Prix Final (GPF) and compete among themselves there.

3. National competitions are usually held after the Grand Prix Final. National placements are (usually) used to decide who gets to go to the World Championships, the European Championships, and the Four Continents Championships, because there are limited slots (3 maximum and 1 minimum). If the year is an Olympic year, placements at the National Championships are also used to decide who gets to go to the Olympics. In Yuri!!! on Ice, Yuuri mentions that he didn’t do well in the Nationals and thus did not get to get on the World Team for Japan. 

4. The European Championships are held. This is for skaters who represent European countries only.

5. The Four Continents Championships (4CC) are held. The 4 continents are America, Asia, Africa and Oceania (basically the countries who can’t take part in the European Championships). Only skaters who represent countries from these 4 continents can take part.

6. If the year is an Olympic year, the Winter Olympics are held. The next Winter Olympic year is 2018 and the competition will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

7. The World Championships are held. This is like the most major and important competition of the season. 

Juniors have their own version of all these competitions, held earlier than the Senior versions.

Preference #11 - Best Friend's Brother - Requested




“I swear you only actually drag your ass over here when Ashton gets back.” Y/BFF/N said over her shoulder as she walked into the kitchen in her house. I laughed dropping my sleepover bag in the foyer.

“I can’t be blamed. Your brother is hot.” I said laughing more as I hopped into a bar stool.

“He thinks you are too. God, it’s infuriating.” She said handing me a bottle of coke.

“Y/BFF/N! You have swim practice!” I heard her mom screaming and I laughed.

“Fuck, can you just stay here for a couple hours? I’ll be back.” She said hurried running back toward the front of your house.

“Sure, Ashton can just entertain me!” I called after her. She flipped me the bird as she grabbed her swim bag running after her mom.

“Why am I entertaining you?” Ashton said walking in from the back yard, wiping the pool water from his face.

“Y/BFF/N just left for swim but I’m hanging out. Someone needs to entertain me.” I said taking a gulp from the coke bottle drinking in more of Ashton’s abs than the coke.

“Aren’t you eighteen? Entertain yourself.” Ashton said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“How do you suggest I do that?” I said leaning over the counter toward him raising an eyebrow.

“Join me in the hot tub after you get on a suit.” He said laughing reaching out and taking a swig of my coke.

“It’s a date.” I said whirling around and grabbing my bag before running up to my friend’s room. I hurriedly tugged my bikini on before I twisted my hair into a messy bun. That teaks so much effort. I took a towel from the bathroom before making my way back downstairs to the hot tub next to the pool in the backyard. Ashton was sitting in the tub, the bubbles on, with his head tilted back and his eyes closed as he listened to the radio.

“Hey,” He said lazily sitting up as I slipped into the water near him but not quite next to him.

“Hi,” I said with a small smile. Suddenly I felt nervous. Here I was, alone in a hot tub with my friend’s hot brother that I had a crush on since boys stopped being gross to me.

“Nice suit.” Ashton said his eyes glancing down to my chest, languidly taking their time before they returned to looking into mine. I found it hard to breathe either from the hot water or Ashton. Probably Ashton.

“Thanks. I got it this year…” I said nervously adjusting the straps a bit. I heard him clear his throat so I looked up at him. He looked uncomfortable. “What?”

“Don’t do that.” He said in a strained voice.

“Oh uh, why?” I said dropping my hands into the water my heart racing.

“It’s… Turning me on…” He struggled to admit.

“Oh, then I probably shouldn’t stop doing that.” I said my tone shifting to teasing.

“I never pegged you for a tease.” He grumbled his eyes locked on watching.

“I can be a tease.” I said lightly. I felt the water move as he slid closer to me on the bench in the hot tub.

“They say you shouldn’t tease people.” He said in a low voice leaning closer to me. His arm was draped behind me on the edge of the hot tub.

“They also say you shouldn’t give people chest pains.” I countered hoping to be sassy but my voice was too weak.

“So, I give you chest pains?” Ashton whispered leaning closer. His lips had to only be a couple inches apart as his nose brushed over mine.

“You uh…” I couldn’t seem to form a sentence and he smirked, moving closer.

“Finally… I love when you get tongue tied around me, just like I get…” He murmured before I felt his arm dropping from the edge to drape over my own bare back. One more millisecond and his lips had finally met mine like all the dreams I had in his sister’s room late at night, wondering about boys, and then all my older dreams as I too got older. The guy I’d liked for years was finally kissing me. I was so happy I met him as my best friend’s brother.


“How come you’re so easy to convince to come to my brother’s football games?” My best friend asked as we were laying down on the hill near the soccer field to watch the games. We’d set up a blanket to rest on. I was fixed on watching Calum move on the field until she spoke.

“Maybe I just like soccer.” I countered turning back to look at her.

“You make a stink eye watching it on TV.” She said right back.

“I uh don’t like those teams.”

“You like Calum.” She said bluntly.

“…That transparent huh?” I said softly glancing back at her brother celebrating a goal with his teammates. I loved his chocolate brown eyes, his fluffy chocolate hair, his tanned skin, his full lips, his smile… Basically I loved the whole freaking package but he was my best friend’s brother.

“Not like I’ve known you forever or anything.” She said laughing leaning closer to me.

“What?” I said a little uncomfortable of the sudden closeness of my friend’s face.

“He stares at you like you stare at him sometimes.” She said in a low voice. “Of course I’m not supposed to know my brother likes my best friend…” She said leaning back with a coy smile.

“He doesn’t. I’m younger and he’s so… hot and I’m so… well not.” I said waving my hand as if to put the labels on our heads.

“I think you’re hot. He always gets happy around you too.” She said glancing down at him pointedly.

“What?” I said looking down at the field.

“He’s coming up.” She said laughing. My heart stopped.

“Hey sis! We won!” He cheered animatedly running up his water bottle in his hands.

“Congratulations!” My friend said with a big smile.

“You looked good out there.” I added energetically.

“Thanks Y/N, you staying the night with us like usual?” Cal said squatting next to me. I felt his hand drop to my upper back. Warmth spread through my body as I felt my cheeks begin to blush.

“Planning to.” I said with a smile. He beamed at me.

“I’m thinking you and I should celebrate together.” Cal said with a wink.

“Get a room.” My friend cat called.

“We could, you spend the night in my room.” Calum said with another big smile.

“Wait…” I stammered. He laughed.

“Kidding, but I still might steal you away.” He said with another wink before jogging back down to his team.

“He wants to bone you.” My friend sang out loud repeatedly as we folded the blanket. Later at their house, I was just coming out of the bathroom when I was faced with Cal in the hall and he seemed less confident than he had on the field coming off of the high from winning a game.

“Hi.” He said scratching back of his head.

“Hey…. You really did look incredible out there today.” I said with a soft smile. It occurred to me I was in my sleep clothes and with the heat that only meant I had on a thin strap tank top and girl boxers over my underwear. He could probably see most of my skin.

“I always like it, and work harder, when you come to my games.” He said in a quiet voice not looking at me.

“What do you mean?” I said slowly.

“I mean… I want to impress you because I like you and it pushes me harder when you’re there…” He confessed only meeting my eyes when he had finished speaking.

“You know I am your sister’s best friend though?” I whispered.

“And she wants you two to have kissing and fun together tonight while she runs off with her boyfriend.” My best friend said suddenly popping up. She handed Calum my sleepover stuff and winked at me.

“What the hell?” Calum said to his sister.

“What? I want to go bone my boyfriend and you two want to bone each other so hop to it.” She said waving us toward his room. “At the very least, finally fucking kissing each other and leave me in peace to enjoy my boyfriend. Loves.” She said waving as she disappeared.

“Well… Maybe sex would rush it, but she is not wrong when she says I want to kiss you.” He said a little pink in the face.

“That sounds good to me.” I whispered slowly following him into his room. Who would have thought, my best friend’s brother.


“You come over and all you want to do is eat pizza and play video games.” My best friend sighed as I parked my ass on their couch picking up one of their controllers.

“So?” I said also picking up a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“I already have one Michael. I don’t need two.” She sighed heavily before resigning herself to go along with me.

“I wear skirts and make up and do not dye my hair the whole colors of the rainbow.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“Inside you are a teenage boy.”

“Just because I make dirty jokes and like video games and pizza…” I countered laughing.

“I hate you sometimes.” She sighed lifting herself up off the couch. “I’m going to do homework.” She said going to the stairs.

“How’d I end up with such a lame sister?” Michael said loudly coming down from his room.

“I got brains and you got the stupid.” She countered just continuing on up.

“Hey Y/N, only here to use the xBox again?” Michael said throwing himself on the couch beside me already taking a slice of the pizza in his hands. I tried to quell my racing heart. Truth be told, I became like this when I got my crush on Michael, my own best friend’s brother. I wanted him to like me and I was deep in it for him it was so easy to just enjoy the things he liked.

“You know it, want to play me?” I asked handing him the second controller.

“Loser gets to answer the winner’s question.” Michael said setting the rules. We usually did that. Loser has to feed the other pizza. Loser has to say a dirty joke to my friend. Loser has to sit upside down until next game is over and so on.

“Fine.” I said settling in to play. Michael still easily beat me.

“Who do you like?” He said looking at me calmly.

“I uh… I can’t tell you that.” I said looking down blushing.

“Why?” He said leaning closer to me. “And why are you blushing?” Because you’re trying to make me tell you my crush when you are my crush and I am embarrassed I wanted to scream at him but my lips were closed tight. “Y/N, you can tell me. I just really want to know.” His tone was different than anything I had ever heard him use before and it prompted me to look up. He was looking at me seriously.

He looked serious.

I’d never seen him look serious.

Be still my beating heart.

“Please… I just want to know…” Michael continued his hands dropping down to hold my comfortingly.

“I uh… Why do you care?” I finally whispered looking into his light eyes.

“I want to know if I have a chance.” He confessed not wavering from staring deep into my eyes. If there was a moment my heart would have stopped it would have been that moment.

“You are my crush.” I finally whispered in the heavy tension between us.

“So, that means when we play video games, we can share the same pizza, play games and loser kisses the winner, I’m always allowed to cuddle you and I can hold your hand and kiss you, right?” He said moving his hands to interlock our fingers together. I nodded slowly.

“I want that…” I whispered and he smiled coming closer to me.

“Can I start with kissing you now?” He said raising our hands together to run his thumb over my lips. I nodded slowly. I didn’t have to wait long for the moment I had been waiting for years for, the moment our lips finally met. The moment we first kissed. Him. My best friend’s brother.


I was slipping out of my best friend’s bedroom from a sleepover. It had been an emergency sleepover of course, she had another problem with her boyfriend. As the friend of sound mind I was called to fix it. To cure her of her problems with him. They were on the phone together now. Despite being the girl that seemed to be able to cure everyone else, I couldn’t cure myself of my crush on Luke, my best friend’s brother. I tiptoed down the stairs hoping I had left my notebook down there. It was full of my poems and stories and I had forgotten it while I was fixing my friend’s relationship.

Then I walked right into someone.

“Sorry.” Luke said moving to let me by. I was frozen staring up at his gorgeous face as my whole body began to blush. Yes, that is completely possible.

“It’s ok. Have you seen my notebook?” I asked and he moved his hand from behind his back. He had the notebook in his hands.

“It was on the coffee table. It had your name on it.” He said looking downwards as if he couldn’t meet my eyes.

“Thanks. You didn’t read it, right?” I said and he shook his head.

“It’s private. Not something I have the right to read.” He shrugged.

“Oh ok, thanks.”

“So why are you down here and not in my sister’s room?” He asked twisting his fingers together as we talked.

“She’s talking to her boyfriend. I figured they should have privacy. I came down here to write in my notebook until she was done.”
“You can come to my room.” Luke said shyly.

“I can?”

“I don’t have a no girls allowed sign you know. Feel free to knock whenever.” He shrugged walking ahead of me toward his room upstairs and I followed him up the stairs.

“I like your room.” I commented as he moved to move all the scattered clothes into a pile.

“It’s small and a mess and mom moved the play station.” Luke muttered. “Sit wherever.” He said gesturing around. I just sat on the edge of his bed and he sat on the bed with me.

“It’s you.” I said looking around at the guitars in the corners and the posters on the walls to the scattered papers. I bent to pick up the closest one thinking it was homework but it was something written in Luke’s scrawl.

“Don’t!” He cried going to snatch it from me. I let him take it without getting so much as a peek.

“What?” I said quietly holding my notebook on my lap.

“It’s just personal. I don’t think you should read it.” He said turning a pinch pink.

“Why?” I asked in the same quiet voice.

“I wrote those lyrics about a girl… But they’re stupid.” He said shaking his head and crumpling the paper.

“I could help. I write poetry you know.” I said gently slowly reaching for it.

“Please don’t.” He said with a desperate plea in his quiet voice.

“OK.” I said retracting my hand.

“What do you write about?” He asked suddenly.

“The guy I like.” I answered simply.

“Oh, who is it?” He asked nonchalantly as he shifted on the bed too look at me better.


“Or you can’t tell me.” He said looking down.

“I’m sorry.”

“Here. Let’s both write our crushes on pieces of paper and hand them to each other.” He said and I nodded ripping a sheet in my notebook. He handed me a pen and I wrote ‘you’ on it.

“Here.” I said slipping it to him. He slipped me his. On it was the same word I’d written.

“No way…” He breathed next to me while I just tried to calm my heart.

“Luke…” I said slowly and he turned to me.

“Y/N…” He said cupping my cheek in his hand as he leaned in. His lips finally met mine if only for a moment before he pulled away.

“I’ve wanted to do that forever.” He whispered with a chuckle. I giggled too reaching out to finally touch him the way I wanted to. “Can I do it again?” He whispered sucking his lip into his mouth. Needless to say, I nodded.

[TRANS] RIVERIVER vol. 10 - B.A.P Interview

B.A.P The New Kingdom

Seeking for a shapeless utopia, going forth on a pathless road
The 6 who overcame their hiatus talk about their new kingdom

In November 2015, B.A.P made a comeback fit for “the king’s return”. Standing on the stage after 21 months, they showed off their undiminishing charisma and “evolution” in front of 3000 fans. But this is only the start. In February, they introduced a new genre with their mini album “CARNIVAL” and began their 5-continent-wide world tour. Furthermore, releasing their first Japanese album “Best. Absolute. Perfect”, the 6 are going forth at a tremendous rate. This is the beginning of B.A.P’s new chapter!


This is my first time meeting the members after the hiatus. I was a bit worried that I would have 6 people with their guards high up waiting for me, but the members who sat in front of me were more relaxed and free than ever and overflowing with their love for each other. In this interview with unending laughter, I was able to meet with the 6 of them unadorned, as the simple youths they are.

Keep reading

January 20th, 2017: Donald Trump is standing on stage, the applause is dying down. Silently, Trump leans towards the mic. All the media cameras zoom in on his face. The world is watching. Suddenly, the skin on his forehead split revealing his third eye. His fist rises in the air, and melanin pours through to the surface of his skin, rendering him midnight black, across the nation every Trump voter raises their fist in the air as the glorious melanin comes to the surface, revealing Trump and his supporters to be the true black african race.

In rage Hillary Clinton rips off her skin revealing herself to be the mad black scientist, Yakub.

January 31st, 2017: Donald Hakim Muhammed X Trump finishes the southern border wall of New Africa. 

Yakub and his legion of white devils invade africa, with the intention of stealing the bolts that hold the Motherland secured to the earth, giving the black race their physical, spiritual, and mental strength and intelligence. Yakub begins to steal the motherland bolts and use them to bolt Europe to the ground, thus diverting the flow of melanin power from the now adrift Motherland to the homeland of the white devils, giving them the power to push Africa off the edge of the earth, leaving the remaining 5 continents to revolve around Europe.

February 8th, 2017: The black Master race of New Africa notes its lower melanin power, and launches an assault on Europe to regain their Melanin powers from Hillary Yakubs white devils.

February 10th, 2017: A Million Million black samurai ninja warriors land on the shores of western europe, Ready to take their bolts back. 

February  11th, 2017: Hillary Yakub begins preparations to push Africa off the edge of the earth.

February 27th, 2017: Hillary’s Yakubian white devils are pushed out of Europe and into the middle east. In response Yakub begins to push Africa toward the edge of the earth. 

March 1st, 2017: Trump meets Yakub on the battlefield that is the Sahara. Africa is mere miles from the edge. Trump stands alone against Yakub and his legions of white devils. Out numbered, Trump unleashes his ultimate ability, Stand Mother Plane. the Mother Plane blots out the sun with its magnificent Melanin power. Within an instant, before Trump can react, Yakub releases his final trick, and siphons Trump’s glorious melanin power, robbing him of his Stand, and impaling him. 

Yakub absorbs all of the white devils into himself, intent on using his newfound powers and stand to finish Africa off, once and for all.

In his darkest moments, Trump channels the ancestral spirits of every great black man who ever lived, from King Henry the VIII to Mike Brown. With the strength of Millions of black men flowing through him, Trump rises gloriously as Yakub screams in anger, Using the stand to gouge the earth. By sheer black power alone, Trump grips the stand and rips it from Yakubs control. 

With the pimp hand of ultimate blackness, Trump slaps the shit out of Hillary Yakub, sending him flying off the edge of the earth. 

Mere minutes left until africa falls off the earth, The glorious melanoid leader realizes there is no way he can live and save africa. 

Using his own body and strength, he sacrifices himself to become the new bolts, securing Africa to the earth.

March 15th, 2017. The glorious black race finishes off Yakubs white devils, retaining only some white bitch war brides. 

All continents are reunited to the original africa, creating a new Utopian black world. 

The end


HIStory World Tour.

The HIStory World Tour was the third and final worldwide solo concert tour by American artist Michael Jackson, coveringEurope, Africa, Asia, Oceania and North America. The tour included a total of 85 concerts and was attended by approximately 4.5 million fans, beating his previous Bad World Tour with 4.4 million. The HIStory World Tour spanned the globe with stops in 58 cities, 35 countries on 5 continents.

More on solarpunk education:

So I made a big post about cooperative, age-appropriate games as a solarpunk education method, but in my ideal solarpunk world that would only be one aspect of education. Here are some other education ideas bouncing around in my head. Like cooperative games, they all require a lot of time, knowledgeable teachers, and community investment, but I think they would lead to healthier, enthusiastic people, fully prepared to live well and be lifelong learners.

Food Science Education: Starting at a young age with simple gardening and cooking, stuff that young kids can get really excited about. As kids age, folding in the complete science of where food comes from, its relationship with the ecosystem, how to preserve it, and how to prepare it.The idea being that by the time you’re an adult you should have the tools to competently feed yourself even if you end up focusing on other things.  

Relationship Education: An improvement on sex ed. Much of the same content, but expanded with more information for all genders and sexualities, and good, non-scare tactic science on the human body, reproduction, contraceptives, stds, and common communicable illnesses. Also, workshops on healthy relationship communication, self-care, meditation/introspection/self-knowledge, basic first aid, how to help friends in the midst of crisis or mental illness, how to recognize predatory/manipulative/abusive behaviors (in sexual situations and otherwise oh my god it’s so important, why aren’t we taught this early and often?), some basic childhood development stuff. 

Artistic Expression & Upcycling: Art classes which would cover art theory and allow for a lot of self-expression, but would also teach young adults to make and repair their own clothing, use basic woodworking tools, work with ceramics, safely fiddle with metals and basic electronics, and other practical “specialty” skills necessary for a world with less waste. 

Rotating Apprenticeships: Starting out as small group field trips for younger kids, and evolving into longer choice-based apprenticeships in areas of interest, maybe taking up one day per week for high school aged kids. The community members involved in this experience wouldn’t necessarily give lessons on their livelihood – for example a farmer with a deep knowledge of medieval history and geology could focus on one of those subjects if they chose. This would give adults in the community a chance to delve deeper into subjects they loved, and kids a chance to learn a subject from someone truly enthusiastic.

Questing/Journeyman years/other travel: I know there are plenty of posts on solarpunk travel, but in an educational context I imagine it as a continuation of rotating apprenticeships. This would be a time for young adults to visit people and places related to their areas of interest. It could be very specific (like meeting and working with 5 scientists on 5 continents while studying food sustainability) or a more general exploration (visiting some great museums, WOOFing, contributing to public art, and journaling about the experience while trying to decide what to do next). 

Independent Project Salons: This would be a way to tie together celebration, community, and education. Informal salon settings would be a great place for young adults doing independent study or in the midst of travel to meet and talk about their experiences and ideas, and maybe show off their work. Possibly hosted by retired folks who could organize food and drink, introduce topics and guests, and add the benefit of their own experiences.

What other kinds of solarpunk educational programs do you love the idea of?

It’s been a year since Night Time,My Time came out (& I’m still not allowed to post the actual album cover due to nudity). It’s been the longest/shortest year of my life. Thank you for all of your support. This is all been very surreal. When I was about to release the album, I was told to have no expectations & that most people wouldn’t like it etc. Only 2 people at my label were willing to somewhat promote it (I’m signed to a major). The only people that truly did was Lance Turner,my fans, & I. It ended up being top 5 of iTunes within the first two hours it was released & sold up to 100k copies (without label support or radio) which is a really big deal. I put whatever I had into this album,including any money I had. In order to make the songs & noise & visuals I wanted whether it was the album cover or music videos. @grant_singer made my videos the best & everything I dreamed of even with limited resources (I also made the album when we were living together).I ended up being able to tour 5 continents with the help of @bobbycory @andyjdcook & @mileycyrus. @justinlraisen & @arielrechtshaid helped me find my voice. The last person I wanted to thank was Steve Barnett for letting me finally release it when he just started working at EMI….and most of all @lovealienzzz for being my main inspiration 💝💝💝. This album will always mean so much to me. Not only because it was my first album (and took almost 7 years to be released) but it’s something I’ll always remain proud of because it’s something I wanted to make so badly & was made out of nothing but creativity & hard work. It really stands for so many things in my life & I’m really really really grateful for all of the support & the people who helped me to make it REAL 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 (sorry the giant post) ::Photo by Gaspar Noe::