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i have a story to tell about tonight:
so the show that the homeless gospel choir played in chicago had an age restriction and i fell just under it. i had tweeted derek a couple of days ago asking about it and he said to just show up and he’ll do something if they don’t let me in. so today comes and i’m waiting outside a few minutes before the doors open and derek has been walking around outside talking to people, but he runs out of the venue up to me and goes “are you chris??” i nod and he says “come with me!” he leads me out of the line up to the bouncer and im marked and let in no questions asked. he introduces himself and i introduce myself and he gives me a huge hug. he tells me that if he sees me drinking he’ll break my nose (not really) but he sits me down by his merch and tells me im is unofficial merch person for the night then he just sits and talks to me for a good 10 minutes. other people start coming into the venue and people start performing, he stops by after every set to check on how im doing and talking to the people near me too. after his set i go up to him and thank him profusely and he tells me “thank you for doing all this so i could get you into the show” and hugs me again and i love that man so much he’s such a good soul.

Tips on Auditioning for A Choir

I was asked by a friend for some tips on auditioning for a choir, and I decided to make a post about it, so without further ado, I give you my two cents on auditioning:

1. PRACTICE SIGHT READING AT HOME. sight read choral music, sight read rhythms… You need to be a strong sight singer and more often than not, you will be asked to do some sight singing at an audition. That’s how it’s always been for me, at least. It never hurts to practice sight reading!

2. KNOW YOUR RANGE! sometimes you will be asked if you are soprano ½ or alto ½, etc, or they’ll ask for your range straight out. If you don’t already know your section and/or your range, sit down at a piano or keyboard and figure it out- here’s how!

-On a Piano: Start at middle C, and sing down from there. Stop at your lowest comfortable note, and write it down. Then, back up to middle C and do the same thing, but going up. Again, stop at your highest comfortable note and there’s your range.

-If you don’t have a piano, there are many youtube videos that will help you determine your vocal range!

 to determine your section from your range, here is a handy chart: 

3. If you are auditioning in a group setting, get used to BLENDING! Choir is not a group of soloists. Adjust your voice so that you are not louder than the people around you or too powerful. 

4. GO IN WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE! Go in to your audition with confidence, but don’t be that one person who thinks they’re better than everyone else either. Nobody wants that person in a choir. 

5. WARM UP BEFOREHAND. Kind of a no brainer. Go in well warmed up and ready to sing. 

These were just the basics- if you need more info or advice, on what to wear, or anything audition related, shoot us an inbox and one of us will be happy to answer! 

As always, keep singing!

Prima Donna

theonlyprincessoftheworld  asked:

1,Asking Alexandria or My Chemical Romance 2, Jake or Jinxx 3, 2011 BVB or 2013 BVB 4, Unbroken or Devil's Choir 5, Black Veil Brides or We Stich These Wounds 6, Wich video clip? Knives and Pens or Fallen Angels Love your work ,by the way ❤

1. Probably Asking Alexandria. I love My Chem and everything, but I can’t wait for the opportunity to see AA live!

2. That one is a hard one. I have to go with Jinxx, because he seems so sweet and caring and he’d put up with my love for period films.

3. Definitely 2013 BVB. I’ve only been in the BVB army for about a year now, but I really love their look now.

4. Devil’s Choir all the way. I adore Wretched and Divine. I just find it funny that BVB recorded a song for a Marvel film since Andy is such a big DC fan.

5. I really love BVB 4. I like We Stitch the Wounds, it’s just the production value that bothers me. I know it was their first record and they were just starting out, but I BVB 4 just speaks to me.

6. Fallen Angels, because the music video is fucking awesome!

BTW, I love your icon. ;) Mrs. Lovett is awesome!

we were nothing like the rest! || a spamano fanmix!!

1. that’s that (do what we want) - say anything 2. mountain sound - of monsters and men 3. flaws - bastille 4. R U mine? - arctic monkeys 5. whistle for the choir - the fratellis 6. july, july! - the decemberists 7. sushi - kyle andrews  8. the only hope for me is you - mcr 9. nobody but you - the apples in stereo 10. safe and sound - capital cities 11. + one bonus track



I’ve been in the PTX community for about a year and let me tell you it has been the best year ever. I saw them in concert for the very first time in April, which was also my first concert ever. I went back and watched all of their older videos and I saw the way they improved and changed–for the better of course. These 5 choir nerds have inspired me to do so much and I couldn’t be happier that I look up to these people. If I never found them that one day on YouTube, I don’t know where I would be. The community is BEYOND the greatest I’ve ever seen. Together we’re all apart of the PTX family. Together we are the pentaholics. But without them, we wouldn’t know each other. I’m internally grateful to have the chance be in this family and see them. We have helped them as much as they have helped us. We all love you; Scott, Mitch, Kirstie, Avi, and Kevin. (BTW #5YearsOfPTX is trending on Twitter, and I’d love to meet and get to know more of you guys, the fellow pentaholics.)
Much love,
~Nynx 💛