5 cell

rank of how likely thing is to spy on you

those robotic voice things that the companies are pushing: 10
laptop: 8.5
smart TV: 8
cell phone: 7
game system: 5
UAV drone: 4.6
neighbors: 4
smart fridge: 3.5
microwaves: 3.4
washing machine: 3.3
spy: 2

Hey guys I'm taking comissions

I’ll be taking comissions for the next few days

I’m sorry I don’t have a fancy page about it but here’s the gist of it:

Icons: $3

Bust: $5

Midbody: $10

Full body: $20


Sketch: $5

Flat color: $10

Cell shading: $15

Smooth shading: $20

>>additional characters and background are $5 each

I will not draw:
-offensive art
-porn (for the moment)
-comic pages
-intense gore
-complicated designs

Please message me if you want a comission~

Okay, let us review:

1. Jack come in lookin’ like Mad Max meets The Warriors
2. The reboot is hella darker and it’s exquisite like the aged wine that it is
3. An ambiguously human woman might might *might* have birthed the septuplet spawn of a demon
4. Jack fights a villain who looks like he’s from One Piece but talks like he’s from YTAS
5. Aku has a cell phone, and even if he had one before, the fact that he is given this kind of continuity even in this darker climate just –
6. Jack, at some point, became swordless and this is probably a part of what’s contributing to the guilt hallucinations

The Signs as High School Teachers

Aries: Gym teacher who’s probably having an affair with one of the students?incredibly scary, hasn’t figured out how to use an inside voice. still hot though ;)

Taurus: will make you take your shoes off and sit in a circle with a candle in the middle. that one who gives tests that have absolutely fucking nothing to do with what you’ve been learning. unnecessarily angry if you’re 2 minutes late

Gemini: so fucking smart. just cant get it across to you in a way you understand. they’re really nice, but will probably spend 20 minutes telling you about their childhood growing beans in mexico DEFINITELY A SCIENCE TEACHER

Cancer: the kind of teacher who gives you print outs that are already trimmed down to size. probably gets walked all over by the students but loved by everyone

Leo: that one who needs to chill. constantly reminding you of how many days till exams and giving random tests and shit. screams MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL 5 times every lesson. reminds you you’ll fail regularly

Virgo: They’ve made you and 20 other students cry because your project was the wrong file type and not supported by their laptop. Lowkey want to cry everytime you look at them.

Libra: ohmyfuckinggod tears you fucking a p a r t . Encourages you to share your opinion just so they can rip you and your self worth to shreds in a “healthy debate”

Scorpio: that teacher you see like once a month. you constantly have supply for their lessons. probably is actually a really good teacher but is too busy going on school trips to ghana

Sagittarius: Has no lesson plan. Ever. And you always seem to finish working twenty minutes before the end of the lesson. Yet you somehow still end up getting As in their tests?? How? ! ??

Capricorn: their lessons are so boring. textbook work all of the time, and frequent tests. you probably do well, but you want to get hit by a car everytime you think about going to their class

Aquarius: CONDESCENDING. they never say anything but you feel like you’re being judged constantly. you give your opinion on a topic and they reply with an “okay” before inviting someone else to speak, who they KNOW will contradict you

Pisces: Manipulates you into doing extra work for something?? always asking you’re okay as well and recommending you speak to the school counsellor every lesson. genuinely cares about your mental health

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Sing me a song"

An imagine about the 7th episode of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 had to be left out because of the small timeframe between the visit in Alexandria and this episode)

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

You sat on the corner of your bed in your room, looking outside. 

Well “your room” was not your favorite description, since it was in the sanctuary where you had to live since Negan had taken you with him after the line-up.

But this place wasn’t only the place where you had to live, it was also the place where Negan tortured your brother Daryl and turned him into a mess with an empty glance leaving you the hope that deep inside was still the real Daryl. Negan hadn’t turned you into one of his wives, he said he had other plans with you, whatever that meant.

You stood up and turned around to Negan who stood smirking just a few meters away. 
“See that? A fucking brand new day after one fantastic night”, he said chuckling earning a hateful glare of you. 

Negan hadn’t forced you to sleep with him since you where here, but that didn’t change that you had the constant feeling that your decisions could effect your brother and your group. 

You didn’t want him to hurt another one and you didn’t know what he was else capable of doing.
“You seem a little angry…what about if we go outside and catch some fresh air”, he said chuckling before he took you out with him.

As you stood outside the Sanctuary, you saw the trucks coming from Hilltop. They stopped before you and Negans men began going through the stuff they had taken from Hilltop.
You desperately tried to find Daryl behind the fence where they held the walkers, you knew he was there, but the trucks covered your sight.
”We’re gonna find something damn nice for you for sure between all this stuff”, whispered Negan smirking in your ear.
Suddenly you heard shots that lead your eyes to one open truck where someone you knew pretty good stand.
A maschine gun in his hand and a dead savior next to him, yelling he only wanted Negan.
How did he even get into the truck?!
Negan began to whistle and pulled you with him behind one of his men
And that was the moment Carl noticed you and Negan.
“You took that gun ‘cause it looked cool right? Yeah, you did”, said Negan chuckling staring at Carl.
“I have to be honest, you scared the shit outta me”, added Negan loud yelling.
“First let her go”, yelled Carl nodding at you and pointing the gun at Negan.
“Youre not making the rules here Kid”, laughed Negan, before Carl immediately began to shoot again at the men before him until Dwight pushed him to he ground.
Hell, how much you wished Dwight would finally fuck off.
The tense in your body increased as Dwight pointed his gun at Carls head before Negan raised his voice at Dwight and went over to Carl while you were eying his actions warily.
“Don’t have to glare like that Sweetheart. Not gonna kill this badass kid”, he said chuckling in your direction before he offered Carl his hand.
“C’mon I’ll show you around”, said Negan looking down at Carl who made no actions to take Negans hand.
“You really not gonna take my hand? You can be glad that you even have a hand left!”, said Negan chuckling.
“Same as your boy Daryl over there!”, continued Negan turning to the fence.
You finally saw Daryl, he was eying the scene but he seemed like they didn’t beat him again, which gave you some release.
“Your job hot enough for you? Would be fucking hard with one arm”, chuckled Negan, while your glance didn’t leave Daryl. 
You could only see him for a pretty short while when you could and you just finally wanted to hear his voice again.
Carl finally took Negans hand and got pushed again on his feet while you saw how Dwight dragged you brother out of the cage.
“Dwight boy, get Daryl to the kitchen and prepare something nice for us”, said Negan to Dwight who got a strong grip on your brother.
Daryls glance didn’t leave you and finally you saw some emotions back in his eyes not that emptiness you had seen the last days when you saw him.
Negan laughed and took you and Carl over to a door. 
“What are you gonna do with me?“, asked Carl with an angry undertone.
“Listen Kid. Number one. You’re a fucking badass. Don’t shatter that image I have of you by being scared. Number two. You wanna ruin the surprise? Screw you kid, seriously screw you”, he said chuckling before he his arm around your waist was back again and the other one was resting on Carls back.

Walking inside you suddenly stumbled and immediately felt a strong grip on your arm. “Got ya. You’re alright Sweetheart?”, you heard Negans chuckling voice say as you turned to him.
“Yeah,…I’m fine”, you muttered eying him warily before he opened a door and went inside with you.
You were standing on a platform inside the hall, hearing the voices of the people coming from its middle.
“Watch this”, said Negan grinning and walked over the railing.
Negans voice sounded through the hall announcing that everybody would get vegetables to dinner no matter how many points they had.as you and Carl stood next to him.
The saviors clapped in their hands as they heard what Negan had said while he turned around to you.
“See that? Respect..cool huh? they’re still on their knees”, he said grinning to Carl while he leaned with his back against the railing.
“As you were!”, yelled Negan walking away.
You began to walk as you saw how Carl was still looking down to the people.
“Carl?”, you asked. He directly looked up to you, ripped out of his thoughts before he came over to you.
You saw Negan turning around as he saw that Carl and you weren’t directly behind him and turned around walking back to you slinging his arm around your waist once again.
“And within a second walking is a lot fucking more enjoyable”, he muttered grinning in your ear while he squeezed your waist slightly making you huff.
Then you walked again through the corridors not knowing where Negan would take you.

There you stood, before the couches that were filled with women in dresses and dessous.
You felt the same feeling in your stomach and throat area as you had when you were short before throwing up.
That was just disgusting.
Of course you knew that he had wives. But seeing them, and seeing how many of them he had was just something complete different.
All eyes were on you and Carl for a short moment until some of the women began to talk again.
“Is she a new-”, asked one of the women sitting on the smaller couch.
“No she’s not”, growled Negan before he looked around in the room.
You caught two of the women looking over to you, anger in their eyes. 
Before you could think more about the two wives you heard a loud voice.
“Do not fucking look at her like that”, growled Negan loud the women jolting up in shock.
Trying to blend out that you were in this room you sunk in your thoughts for a short moment.
You had no idea if he stayed the nights after he had slept with his wives like he did with you or if he just left after it was done.
Well, to be honest, you didn’t really want to know. 
Your glance landed on two other women.
The blonde one was crying and the other one talking to her.
You knew about the talking one that she had been Dwights wife Sherry.
Negan looked at the both women and waved Sherry over to him and went with her to a bar that stood in one corner of the room.
“What a fucking dumbass…”, you growled muted to yourself crossing your arms looking at all these women while Carl just swallowed hard.
You saw Negan talking to sherry while he nipped on a glass with some scotch.
He was either threatening or manipulating her.
Well, probably rather both.
But, you just heard pieces of sentences.
The things you heard were that he was talking about one of his wives having something with a “Mark”, it seemed like he wanted to threaten Sherry to tell him what she knew.
And from the way he walked over to Amber you could assume she did.
“Amber, baby. You know I don’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here, right?”, Negan said with a slight grin on his lips.
“So if you want to leave and go back to Mark you can. But what can’t you do?”, asked Negan looking down on the blonde women.
“Cheat on you”, she directly said her lips trembling.
Negan grinned as he told her that there were others loving to have her place and she could go back to Mark and her Mom if she wanted to.
“No…. I’ll stay. I’m…I’m sorry”, she assured.
You swallowed, you knew that this meant something bad for Mark.
Something pretty bad.
“You know what that means, right?”, asked Negan before he repeated it again.
“Yes…I love you, Negan”, she said looking at him.
Did she really just say that she loved him after what he had said?!
“Oh, of course you do, darlin’. I don’t know why you’re crying. It’s all gonna work out aces for you”, Negan said before he chuckling pressed a kiss on her forehead.
Yeah alright, you could understand that she was done and scared, you really could but she just accepted that Negan would fucking burn her guys face while she admitted her love to him, the one who would torture her man for a mistake they both did?
Gave him the permission to do so with no resistance?!
What the fuck?!
Negan stood up and walked back over to Sherry, a grin on his face.
You were pretty sure that this shit was all just about might, showing who’s the boss and keeping everyone in the lane he wanted them to be and not out of jealously caused by emotions.
That has been already pretty clear to you since he had offered Dwight to sleep with one of them as reward.
He had no emotional connection to them, when he had emotions at all, they were just there to satisfy his sexual drive with the “advantage” to not have to work for points.
The deal was crappy but that still didnt let you pity amber that much, you pitied Mark.
He had no choice.
You looked at Carl who seemed also shocked.
Just that he didn’t know what Mark would await.
As you looked up you saw Negan talking to Sherry.
You overheard her say that Negan was an asshole wheron he answered that he knew he was one, wow at least he knew that, but that the messed-up thing was that she liked him anyway.
You first thought that she would oppose herself somehow, not talking back, no, but maybe a glare.
But she just accepted it as he bowed down and began to kiss her, she even joined him doing so.
You huffed annoyed.
He was just such a fucking douchebag.
He opened his eyes looking at you and let go of Sherry.
Your eyes were filled with hatred and disgust and he seemed to notice that. “Looks like my number one is fucking jealous”, he said walking chuckling over to you.
The room was suddenly way more silent than before.
You saw that the most women had stopped talking and watched how Negan walked towards you.
“Not really”, you growled as he stood close before you making him chuckle.
He moved his face closely before yours, so close that your lips almost touched. He was short before kissing you.
“Don’t”, you growled at him glaring in his eyes.
You wouldnt kiss him here, now, in the middle of his damn harem.
You saw Negan backing a little bit back, chuckling before you heard how the door opened and Daryl and Dwight stood before you.
Daryl carried a plate with fruits and else on it and Negan ordered Carl to take it.
“Why you got him here”, you heard Daryl suddenly ask and it seemed like forever that you had heard his voice. 
“Whoa Daryl! Careful! Dwight get him a mop and lighten up the fireplace, we three gonna talk a little bit in the meantime”, said Negan chuckling walking out of the door.

A short time later you walked into Negans apartment, it wasn’t like the other ones, it was pretty fancy.
“Are these women-”,tried Carl to ask but couldn’t finish
“Yeah they are all my wives”, he said grinning
“Asking yourself why I didn’t make her one?”, asked Negan Carl who was looking at you.
“Gonna tell you why. I’m not gonna let her fucking deprave between them. You know what, she’s somehow one-of-a-kind, I’d be so fucking dumb if I wanted her only to screw her”, Negan said smirking.
“But…are you sleeping with all-”, Carl started again.
“Always wanted to screw a whole bunch of women. Why taking the old rules serious and screw just one… I mean, even if I could consider that with the Sweetheart because damn its good with her”, he pointed at you enjoying your hateful glare before he continued.
He seemed to enjoy teasing you a lot.
“You have to know that fucking her is really great. You’re getting addicted to it!”, he called grinning now earning an upset growl from you.
Couldnt he just shut up for a moment?
“What Sweetheart? That was a fucking compliment!”, he said grinning stroking his beard.
He looked back at Carl who looked the same way at him as you did right now. “Let’s talk. Sit”, he ordernd pointing at one of the benches facing the Black Leather Couch Negan took you with him on.
“I wanna get to know you a little bit better”, Negan said leaning his elbows on his knees.
“Why?”, asked Carl.
Negan chuckled staring at Carl and began to tell him why he thought that he was smart and that because of that he should know that he’s not gonna let his actions slide.
“I can’t….You know it’s like talking to a birthday present. I wanna know what Grandma got me! Take that shit of!”, he said chuckling amused.
He wanted what?!
“No”, said Carl calm.
“Two fucking men! Two!”, yelled Negan staring at Carl.
“You really wanna piss me of?”, he asked Carl threatening while you felt your heart beating faster.
You swallowed as Carl began to lose the bandage.
You hadn’t seen him without his eye and you were pretty sure that he didn’t either. It was easy to see how much it bothered him to take the bandage of while Negan chuckled.
As Carl finally pushed his hair to the side you could see the wound that was once his eye and all what Negan did was fucking laughing.
You could see Carl breathing heavier his glance becoming hurted as you looked concerned at him.
You wouldn’t let Negan hurt him.
“Crap! That is fucking disgusting no wonder you’re covering that up!”, Negan said laughing while you saw Carls lips trembling.
“Have you seen it? I mean that is gross as hell!”, Negan said while you felt the anger your stomach becoming more and more. 
You hated seeing him doing that to Carl.
Negan kept talking as you saw how tears began to roll down Carl’s cheek making your heart cramp. 
“Negan stop! Don’t you see that he’s crying?!”, blustered out of you almost yelling.
As he heard your voice Negan suddenly stopped. His glance turned from amused to actually kinda concerned and the grin from his lips disappeared.
“Holy hell, kid…”, within a blink Negan turned concerned.
Truly concerned, not played.
“Look I just…It’s easy to forget that you’re just a kid…And I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything….I…I was just screwing around…” He continued and it was hearable that it was difficult for him, that he was actually sorry.
That was probably the first time you saw Negan being completely humane for some time.
And you didn’t know why but it changed your view on him a little bit in that moment. You still despised him but you hadn’t thought before that seeing Carl cry in front of him would let him show some true emotions.
There was actually something humane in him left.

It suddenly knocked on the door and a stout man came into the room, Lucille in his hands.
You hadn’t noticed that he had left the bat outside.
“Seriously? I never do that”, he said before he looked grinning at Carl. “I guess a kid firing a machine gun is a little bit of a distraction. All jokes aside, you look rad as hell. I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is gonna screw with you looking like that”, he said somehow encouraging on his very own way to Carl.
You looked at Carl who had still tears in his eyes while Negan screw around with the man that was standing before the couches.
Asking him serious if he had treated Lucille like a lady and so on until the man just stood bewildered before him.
“I’m just kidding! Bats have no pussies!”, Negan said suddenly chuckling again.
“Fat Joseph”, the name Negan called him, laughed nervous but relieved.
“Out”, ordered Negan and the man immediately rushed out of the room.
“See that? Thats what I meant. Men cracking each others balls. Thats some shit your dad should have taught you”, said Negan standing up and walking a little bit around before he stopped before the couches again and looked from you to Carl.
“You know what? Why don’t we talk a little bit about her”, he said pointing at you chuckling. “You know whats interesting? She can control herself when she has to, which is pretty fucking impressing, when you see her glaring and growling at me! There’s some assload of hate in it!“, he said chuckling before he continued.
“But the moment she saw you cry…POW! It fucking bursted out of her”, he chuckled looking from Carl to you. “Really interesting”, he said grinning stocking his beard trying to hold your glance.
He went silent for a few moments until his voice raised again.
“So Carl, you like music or so?”, Negan asked.
“Well, uhm…yeah”, answered Carl quielty.
“Sing me a song”, said Negan.
“Uhm…What?”, asked Carl and spoke out what you thought too.
“You mowed over two of my men with a fucking machine gun. I want something in return for that”, Negan said. 
And that was a song?
“I..I can’t think of any”, stuttered Carl, his glance going down to the floor.
He seemed insecure and helpless, something you hadn’t seen Carl in huge while and you definitely hated to see him this way.
“Bullshit! Think of a song your mom sung to you or your dad had on in the car! Start singing!”, ordered Negan
Then Carl began singing.
Slowly, his voice cracking and silently sniffling he sang “My only sunshine”. 
You looked concerned to him and glanced over to Negan who was swinging his bat as if he would train bashing heads. 
You looked slightly annoyed by his actions to him as he winked at you while Lucille swung around him.
As Carl had finished Negan walked over to the couches again, complimented Carl grinning and told him that “Lucille” loved music, but not as much as bashing heads.
He sat down next to Carl and asked him if his mother sang that to him.
You swallowed hard, that theme was complicated for Carl.
He had to shoot his own mother. 
Even if it was necessary, no one could get over that.
“That was some example for breaking balls by the way”, said Negan and got smirking up.
Even if you despised what he let Carl do, it was nothing against that what he usually did against people who had done things like Carl.
Maybe he had a bad coincidence or even something else?
“Kid, Sweetheart? Come up, the irons ready”

You found yourself in the big hall, surrounded by Negan, Dwight, Sherry and Amber, even Daryl and tons of other saviors, after Negan had held a speech about how important rules are.
That you were standing here again got you back to reality.
From the man who felt truly sorry about making a “kid” cry he changed again to the man who was about to burn someones face.
Before you sat the guy, named Mark, tied on a chair sobbing and completely done.
No wonder, the iron was already waiting for him in the fireplace, you pitied him.
Negan had shown Amber some options, they were for sure all not great, but at least she had one and she took the one where only he got punished.
You saw how Dwight fished the iron out of the fire, Negan taking it after he had slid a thicker glove over his hand.
You swallowed as you saw how Negan took the iron in his hand.
”You can look away If you want to”, Negan said grinning to you before he took the iron in his hands and earned a glare of you.
“Mark, I’m sorry. But it is what it is”, said Negan slightly grinning.
You searched for your brothers glance that seemed as bewildered as yours.
Then you heard a scream that let your blood freeze.
You immediately stared in the direction of the young man who got an iron pushed into half of his face.
His screams sounded cruelly through the hall.
You gasped for air, seeing Carls and Daryls glance.
All rules aside, that was just insane and disgusting.
Negan finally pulled back leaving the man unconscious as you saw how a puddle created under his chair.
“Now that wasnt that bad, was it?” asked Negan.
No of course not, he had just a fucking iron in his face, laid unconscious there embarrassed in front of everyone he knew.
“Jesus, he fucking pissed himself”, spatted Negan annoyed going over to Daryl as your heart made a step.
“Clean that shit up”, he ordered.
You glared at Negan who looked chuckling over to you and slung his arm around your waist.
You felt your body tremble in disgust and anger as Negan waved his doctor over to Mark.
”Let Marks face be a daily reminder to Mark and to you that rules are fucking important!,”, yelled Negan before he went over to Carl with you.
“That was some fucking  sick shit right? You probably think that I’m a lunatic. Come on lets find out what to do with you”, he muttered to Carl leaving the great hall and your brother behind.

You felt more anger building up in you while you were walking back to Negans appartment. You could control yourself, especially to protect Daryl and the others, but all what happened had build up in you finally wanted out.  
That punishment had been the last drop.
“Whats wrong Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan chuckle.
You had to say something and satisfied this urge as you began to speak calm but with a trembling anger filled voice.
“Whats wrong? You just fucking burned a mans face and humiliated him in front of everyone”, you said but you hadn’t finished yet.
“Rules Sweetheart. He did not follow them. Yeah and I burned his fucking face. Ain’t my fault if he is a fucking pussy and fucking pissed himself. Amber had the fucking choice”, he said serious but still grinning.
“Of course he pissed himself, you burned his damn face…I wouldn’t have let you do that”, you growled.
“Oh really?”, his eyes glowed in curiosity.
“I would rather have to live out there again having to kill and fight against tons of walkers every fucking day. I wouldn’t have let you hurt and humiliate someone I love especially if it was my fault too and if I had another choice. I wouldn’t just let you do that without any resistance”, you growled.
It was out, finally.
Negan looked at you smirking before he began to chuckle.
“Woah Sweetheart! Is that the fucking anger you build up while you glared at me controlling yourself? But damn. You wouldn’t let me do this because you’re one brave fucking thing! Some fighter like Carl over here! I like that! But they’re not like that Sweetheart, they’re not”, he chuckled.

”Can I put the bandage back on?” asked Carl as you were sitting again on the couch, Negan looking something up in a notebook.
”No”, he said while he put one of his arms behind you on the edge of the couch, his fingers slightly placed on your shoulder.
“Why the hell not?!”, Carl suddenly stood up and glared angry at Negan.
“Look at this badass! because I am not fucking done with you”, answered Negan.
Carl let himself fall back onto the bench and glared at Negan.
“What?”, Negan asked grinning.
“Why haven’t you killed me? Daryl? My Dad?…or (Y/N)”, Carl asked.
Negan looked grinning at Carl.
“First of all kid, leave her out of that game, got that?”, Negan said slightly smirking but still serious.
Carl looked over to you and nodded. 
His glance was a little relieved, even if it was still concerned and upset.
“Good”, Negan said before he told Carl that your brother would make a good soldier, Rick bought him good stuff and he, Carl, would be more productive and fun to break.
Carl huffed.
“What I think is, that if you would know how dangerous we are you would kill Daryl, my father and me… but you just can't”, he said.
Negan glanced grinning up to Carl.
“Yeah, maybe you’re right”, Negan answered smirking.
“Lets take you to Alexandria!”, said Negan finally after a pause and got up.

You were sitting in the truck while it was driving over the empty roads, almost on Negans lap because there was so little space.
You watched out of the window thinking about that Daryl would be in the Cell again because he had rioted somehow when you were about to drive away.
On the one side you were glad that they hadnt stole everything of his character when they tortured him, on the other side…he would get punished for that again.
You felt Negans breath against your neck as you watched how you drove past the mattresses the saviors had burned and you felt how a shiver run through your body.
Negan chuckled seeing your reaction before you felt how his lips were placing themselves on your neck.
You slightly shifted away from him hearing him chuckle more.
You didn’t need him even closer than you already were by sitting half on his lap. 
Especially when Carl was sitting right next to you.

And then you finally stood in Alexandria again, before the door of Ricks house as you saw how Olivia opened it.
Negan walked straight inside pulling you with him.
“Wheres Rick?” he asked.
Olivia stuttered, you could see the fear in her eyes as she assured that Rick was outside searching for stuff and wouldn’t be back soon.
“We are practically starving”, she said, you could see her lips tremble.
“Starving?”, Negan asked smirking. “You?”, he pointed at Olivias body.
He was just such an ass.
“By practically you meant “not really”, he asked while you saw how Olivia tried to not cry.
But then it overwhelmed her and you heard a loud sob as she turned around sniffing.
“Really?”, asked Negan as he turned around to you and Carl while you glared hatefully at him.
That comment had just been unneccessary.
Negan eyed you before he turned back to Olivia who tried to control her tears.
“Excuse me”, he said before he asked her after her name.
“Sorry for being that rude. We have to get along because I guess we’ll have to spend some time here until your leader returns…”, he said before you thought you’d didn’t hear right what the heck he was saying to her.

A loud slap noise sounded.
She had slapped him.
Olivia had fucking slapped Negan!
You couldn’t prevent a grin forming on your lips and a giggle traveling up your throat leaving your mouth.
God how much he deserved that.
You saw Negan turning around to you looking grinning at you.
“Oh, that’s what’s making you laugh? Gleeful huh?”, he said smirking looking in your eyes. “You should laugh more often, Sweetheart, I like that”, he said before he turned back to Olivia who looked stills shocked.
“What if you make us some lemonade Olivia?”, he asked before he ordered Carl to show him the house.

Negan seemed like a big kid exploring the house.
He took his shoes of, tested the carpet.
Threw darts and seemed to have a hell of fun.
He seemed to really enjoy that.
You went from room to room and saw how Carls glance changed as you came near a certain room.
Judiths room.
But then you were standing right before it and you swallowed as he opened the door.
Negans eyes got big, his grin mixed with a smile.
“Look at that angel”, he said going to Judith and actually taking her on his arm, teetering her slightly.
You were eying his every move and so did Carl.
Negan looked smirking over to you, his tongue between his lips.
”What Sweetheart? Wanna have one of those precious little humans too? Making one would be sooo much fun!”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you. 
”No seriously, isn’t she precious”, he said looking at Judith, his eyes somehow softened. 

There were you sitting.
In rockers on the porch Negan next to you with Judith on his lap almost sleeping.
He looked somehow different since you sat here.
Yes he still had something of his weird glance in his eyes left but there was also some kind of softness.
He had his hand placed on your thigh after a while, but not on that lewd kind of way you expected him to, no, he was even stroking softly with his thumb over your knee. It seemed, actually, as weird as it sounded to you, like some kind of loving gesture.
You looked how a man from Alexandria walked past the porch you were sitting on. “Hi neighbor, why don’t you come by later? We’re maybe grilling out”, Negan said somehow chuckling happily to the man who looked confused at Negan as he heard his words.
Negan chuckled then leaned back again into the rocking chair.
You felt how he took your hand into his and lead it to his face.
You felt how he brushed his lips against your knuckles as you felt how some fuzzy feeling made its way into your body.
God no.
Not that feeling again.
That was Negan, you shouldn’t feel that.
And also, who knew why he did that?
It wasnt definitely all played. You could see it in his eyes.
They probably kinda backstabbed him if he wanted no one to see the difference in his glance.
His consternation when he made Carl cry had been real, the way he acted, he hadn’t planed this.
But how far did this humane in him go?
You just didn’t know and that made you warily.
You turned to him looking slightly confused into his eyes. You also didn’t expect him to do such a gesture the soft hand on your knee had already surprised you.
“Got fucking red cheeks Sweetheart, you like that, right?”, said Negan chuckling placing a light kiss on your knuckles, his signature grin was mixed with the softness that surprised you every time again when you saw it
Now you first noticed the blush that had created on your cheeks and you realized that you couldn’t hide it now he had seen it.
“You do-o-o”, sang Negan chuckling.
“Hell…"you sighed huffing trying to get rid of your blush and that feeling in your stomach while you leaned back in your rocker.
You couldnt really estimate Negan.
And that bothered you.
Especially since that whole thing started it was so important to be able to interpret the actions of others to prevent yourself from bad surprises.
But Negan was something different, which didn’t mean that this was something good.
He was the giant asshole on one side who bashed heads, had a damn harem, threatened, manipulated people and burned peoples faces and on the other side someone who couldt get along with a “kid” crying because of him, who couldnt even stand when someone was glaring at you and who was sitting in a rocker with a baby on his lap while he softly kissed your hand.
“Carl, I thought about what you said, maybe killing you, Daryl and your Dad wouldn’t be such a bad idea, maybe I’ll consider it”, he said suddenly.
There it was showing up again, the asshole part of Negan.
All you hoped was that it was just one of his sick jokes…

part 8  (all other parts)

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About Dylann In Jail

  • He can keep 5 photos in his cell, the others will be placed in his property box. 
  • He can keep as many letters as he wants in his cell 
  • He has no restriction for visit as long as there’s booth available
  • Two people can visit him at the same time
  • He has access to “canteen” items (hygiene items, snacks, writing items) 
  • He is allowed 1 hour per day out of his cell, for showering, exercise and phone call
TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Hearts still beating"

An imagine about the midseason finale of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 ist about 7x07 “Sing me a song”

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

The sun was shining, birds sang happily their songs and the wind rustled softly through the trees standing in Alexandria.
Without looking at the circumstances Alexandria seemed right now like a one of the most peaceful places on earth.
Well, that wasn’t the case.
You were sitting on the porch with Negan, Judith on his lap and Carl next to him.
Negan had taken you with him after the line up and since then you lived in the sanctuary knowing that somewhere there they would torture your brother Daryl.
And now you were here again only short after you had seen this place at the first visit of the saviors.
It wasn’t the same, but you still felt better being here. 
You liked it here.
You had seen Negan somehow soft while he had Judith on his lap or even when he saw Carl crying, the way you guessed before that he wasn’t even able to be that way, what had surprised you, but anyway it was still Negan and with that also the cruel killer you had experienced in this one night…
“You know what? I got an idea”, you heard Negan suddenly say chuckling.
Great one of his amazing ideas again.

As you were standing in the bathroom you looked questioning at Negan while he rummaged a cupboard, Judith was sitting on Carl’s lap on the corner of the bathtub, who looked the same way at Negan as you did.
“There it is!”, said Negan triumphant holding a razor up.
“You, my dear Sweetheart, gotta help me fucking shave”, he said grinning placing the razor in your hand.
You huffed annoyed while he began lathering his beard. He turned around to you, half of his face covered in soap.
You had problems hiding a grin, to be honest he just looked ridiculous.
“Alright lets go”, Negan said chuckling before you finally put the blade on his skin and began shaving sighing annoyed.
You felt how he put his hands on your waist winking at you before he earned a glare.
“Gentle… and always against the grain, that’s important Kid, you better listen”, chuckled Negan while you kept going.
Negan hummed some song, chuckling here and there and obviously enjoying what happened.
“Now look at us, don’t we look like some oldass couple, kid?”, Negan chuckled as Carl just glared at him, what lead to Negan chuckling even more.
“I’m done”, you mumbled as Negan smirked at you and turned around eying his face chuckling.
“Good Job Sweetheart”, he said smirking before he cleaned his face with a towel, turned around to Judith and Carl And picked Judith up.
“Lets make us some fucking Food!”, he called chuckling teetering Judith slightly. 

You found yourself standing in Ricks kitchen.
“Kid youre gonna make the fucking dough. Thats some big task so feel fucking honored that I fucking give that to you”, Negan said grinning looking at the glaring Carl.
“Well kid, you have to get the stuff”, Negan continued and had to repeat it before Carl went getting it.
Olivia was in another room with Judith, what meant that you were alone with Negan in the kitchen who looked smirking at you.
“Been a fucking while since we were alone, huh?”, he asked smirking as he stood close before you, his hands again on your waist a shiver running immediately through your body and you could see that Negan had somehow noticed that.
“Yeah”, you just muttered with an annoyed undertone hearing Negan chuckle. 
His intense stare was back again, what made a weird feeling you couldnt define come up in your stomach area staying there next to the shiver.
“Too bad that Carls gonna come back so quick…”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you.
“You’re still the one thats hard to get, right?”, asked Negan smirking as you swallowed and kept looking at him.
“I’m not gonna be your puppet”, you muttered staring into his eyes.
Negan chuckled and came even closer to you as you felt how another shiver run through your body wondering what he would respond.
“And you know what, Sweetheart? I fucking like that”, you heard him whisper in your ear while you could hear his smirk through his voice.
You felt how he pressed his lips slightly on your neck before backed away still chuckling, while inside you didn’t know what to do with the weird feeling his touch had left.
And you were relieved as just moments later Carl finally entered the room keeping you company again, breaking the weird atmosphere that had created in the room.

“It needs some some herbs. Where do you keep them?”, asked Negan Olivia after a while after he tried the sauce.
“They stand in the garden…”, answered Olivia looking slightly frightened while teetering the sleeping Judith in her arm.
“So would you fucking get us some”, asked Negan grinning stepping closer to Olivia.
“Uhm…yeah”, She answered while searching for a solution what she could do with the toddler on her arm.
“I can get some, if she moves Judith around now, she’ll wake up again”, you said walking closer to them.
Negan turned around to you grinning.
“Alright”, he said smirking before he looked over to Carl who was finally done with the dough.
“Why don’t you help her, Kid?”, Negan asked smirking.
You walked together with Carl outside, a bit relieved that you got a pause of Negan.
“Don’t know what he wants to achieve with that shit”, Carl muttered as he began ripping some herbs off.
“They are taking even more…I saw them at the gates…”, added Carl upset.
“As if they didn’t already have enough…”, you growled before you raised your voice again.
“You know…We have to keep on fighting…but on a way that won’t get anyone else hurt or killed and without giving him even more power than he already has…you saw what he did with all the guns…I want us to grow stronger not weaker..”, you mumbled.
“Yea-”, answered Carl but couldn’t finish because of Negans voice that sounded outside.
“Where are my herbs?”, he asked chuckling.
“We’re coming”, you answered sighing before going inside again, where Negan finished his sauce proudly with the herbs you got him
He placed it on the table and sat down on the head of it.
You took the bread and went over placing it on it on the table while you felt Negans stare on you.
“Sweetheart why don’t you take a seat, I guess Carl and Olivia can fucking do it themselves”, he said chuckling while you eyed him hesitating.
“Come on, I mean… if you want to you can take my lap as a fucking seat. I’d be more than fine with that”, he added grinning.
“I actually prefer a chair”, you said back glancing in his eyes as you let yourself fall on the chair next to him.
Negan shook his head slightly while he chuckled as he told Carl to put one more pair of fork and knife on the table in case Rick would arrive.
It was just weird how you sat there, at the table eating spaghetti with Negan.
Like…a family.
While you ate you thought about Daryl.
What he had to go through right now, back again in the dark small cell.
You couldnt even speak a whole sentence with him after this one horrific night and all you wished that you could finally do that again.
You just wanted to give him a hug and talk to him.
But not even that seemed realistic right now.

You finished the meal while Negan leaned chuckling back in his chair until something outside got his attention.
”Whats going on there?”, asked Negan standing up walking over to the door opening it.
”Don’t be an asshole, Arat, Let the man in”, you heard Negan chuckling say while you saw Spencer walking up the porch.
He was dressed up like he was going to a sundays brunch and held a bottle of liquor in his hands.
Whatever he was planning you assumed he had planned it without any other person knowing because you saw how confused Olivia and Carl looked.
”Sweetheart, why don’t you come outside”, you suddenly heard Negans voice ask as he opened the door again looking smirking at you while you hesitated.
”Come on. Its fucking beautiful out there. Not as beautiful as you but still..”, he added chuckling.
Thinking about that you could get to know what Spencer was doing there you finally walked to Negan outside.
He sat down in the Rocker, in another one sat Spencer who poured some liquor in the glasses.
”Sit down and enjoy”, said Negan grinning to you patting the rocker next to you.
You huffed slightly and sat down listening to Negan who talked about how much he liked Alexandria.
”The only thing missing is a fucking pool table”, said Negan sipping on his liquor.
”Theres actually one in the garage in the house there”, said Spencer pointing at the house towards you.
”Oh Spencer, you may just be my new best fucking friend”, you heard Negan euphoric say.

The Saviors began carrying out the pool table as you stood next to Spencer in the Garage.
You didn’t trust him.
“What’s your intention with that?”, you asked as you watched how a few men placed the pool table on the street trying to get it into the right position.
“What do you mean?”, he said while you turned around to Spencer looking annoyed in his eyes.
“What are you trying to achieve with this game?”, you repeated.
“Gonna get close to him so we can strike up against him”, Spencer answered not really persuading.
He was lying, he was definitely lying.
“I meant the truth”, you said a little bit more urging.
If he would fuck this up he could get others killed and you knew that he was against Rick and probably the most of your group in general.
Spencer took a deep breath and looked at you, anger in his eyes.
“Since you all are here, since Rick is here…everything is going downhill. My mother died, my father died, a whole bunch of people died and its Ricks fault”, he said quiet but upset.
“Spencer are you kidding me? Rick…we all saved your damn asses more than once! Your mom was a good leader but it’s not Ricks fault that she’s dead, same with your father. I won’t say everything Rick did was right but he’s trying his very best to help and he’s doing a good job here”, you said angry.
“Rick is the goddamn hell”, Spencer spatted.
“You know what the hell would have been? If we and Rick wouldn’t have been here when the wolves attacked, same with the herd of walkers. You would be all fucking dead if we and Rick wouldn’t have been here with you to fight together! In this times we have to stand together and not work against each other!”, you growled glaring at him.
Spencer looked at you shaking his head.
“I’d be a better leader than Rick”, he growled.
“Really? So why did your mom put Rick in charge?”, you asked, Spencer glaring hatefully at you.
“If you wanna get more power that way Spencer, then you’re a deceitful coward. And if you get anyone killed just because you can’t get enough, I promise you, that I’m gonna make you pay for that”, you growled before you heared heavy footsteps sounding through the garage.
“Any problems?”, you heard Negans deep voice say as he walked over to you.
”No everything is perfect, is the pool table ready to play?”, asked Spencer suddenly again with an innocent smile on his lips.
”It is, and Sweetheart? You okay, you look a little upset?”, Negan asked grinning.
You turned to Spencer looking warning at him.
”Yeah, I’m fine”, you answered then.
”Great, then we can finally fucking play”, Negan said grinning clapping his hands.

You walked outside while the saviors placed themselves around the pool table, their guns ready.
You decided to walk up the stairs and watch whatever would happen now together with Carl and Olivia.
You looked down to Negan who just noticed that you were up there.
“You wanna watch that game so far away from me? Wow Sweetheart, that’s really hurting my feelings”, said Negan chuckling, placing his hand dramatically on his chest.
You answered with an uninterested glance and saw how Negan smirked to himself. “Could have taught you some shit about that”, Negan added grinning before Spencer slightly cleared his throat.
And you hoped for him that he wouldn’t mess this up.
“Oh of course. Thank her for that delay, she destracted me once again”, Negan said winking up to you before he turned completely to Spencer and the pool table.
”I could never do that with Rick. He would just stand there giving me that fucking annoying side eye he’s always giving me”, Negan said smirking while Spencer bought the balls into the right order.
”Thats actually what I came to see you about”, answered Spencer while your glance turned into a glare.
Fuck you, Spencer.
“I get what you’re trying to do here, what you’re trying to build. I’m not saying I agree with your methods, but I get it. You’re building a network. You’re making people contribute for the greater good. It makes sense. But you should know that Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others”, said Spencer.
Now you also saw the disbelief in Carl’s glance.
“Is that so?”, asked Negan sipping on his liquor.
“Rick wasn’t the original leader here. My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. Then she died, not long after Rick showed up…same with my brother, same with my dad”, explained Spencer walking around the Pool Table.
He really said that, he really did.
“So, everything was fucking peachy here? for what? years? And then fucking Rick shows up, and suddenly, you’re an orphan? That is the saddest fucking story I’ve ever heard”, Negan said, the grin off his face while he looked eyed Spencer warily.
“Good thing for you he’s not in charge anymore”, Negan added sipping on his liquor once again.
“Doesn’t matter. His ego’s out of control. He’ll find a way to screw things up, to try and do things his way, to take over. That’s what he did with my mom. That’s what he’ll do again”, Spencer said and you first thought that you couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
He was straight up betraying and you weren’t sure if Negan saw what Spencer was trying to do there.
“What exactly do you want to be done about that?”, asked Negan stepping closer to Spencer.
“I am my mother’s son. I can be the leader she was. That’s what this place needs. That’s what you need”, said Spencer.
No Spencer, you can’t be a leader you can be a little lying bitchy asshole not more and not less, you thought to yourself.
“So I should put you in charge…that’s what you’re saying?”, Negan asked testing.
“We’d be much better off”, answered Spencer.
From the outside you probably looked completely calm, just glaring.
But on the inside you were furious.
He was risking the peace between the people in Alexandria, probably also their life’s with such a move just to get his way.
Like some toddler crying because it wanted the toy another kid had.
“I’m thinking how Rick fucking threatened to kill me, how he clearly hates my guts. But he is out there right now, gathering shit for me to make sure I don’t fucking hurt any of the fine people that live here”, Negan said grinning walking closer to Spencer.
“He is swallowing his hate and is getting shit done. That takes guts”, added Negan chuckling.
“And then there’s you The guy who waited for Rick to be gone so he could fucking sneak over and talk to me to get me to do his dirty work, so he could take Rick’s fucking place”, Negan said chuckling pointing at Spencer.
You were sure now that he had seen what wrong game Spencer played, but you asked yourself what he would do now.
“So I got to ask …if you wanna take over, why not just kill Rick yourself and just take over?”, Chuckled Negan stepping even closer to Spencer whose glance got even more shocked.
…he played himself.
“What..no…uhm”, stuttered Spencer looking frightened at Negan.
”You know what I am thinking? Cause I have a fucking guess”, said Negan his face moving even closer to Spencers.
”Its because you got no fucking guts”, you heard Negan say and suddenly saw how he took his knife and burried it in Spencers stomach.
Spencer stumbled as you looked unbelieving down to the scene that was playing there.
You felt yourself jolt up and gasp as you saw how Negan ripped Spencers stomach with his knife open, his guts treading out of his body.
”How fucking embarrassing! There they are! They were inside you the whole fucking time! You did have guts! I’ve never been so wrong in my whole fucking life!”, called Negan as Spencer sunk to his knees holding his gut in his hands, his blood pouring outside him.
Of course you couldnt stand Spencer but that still shocked you and let a shiver run down your back. 
You looked over to Carl and Olivia.
They were as shocked as you and you could even see their bodies tremble.
Your glance stayed on them until you heard Negans voice again.
”So someone has to clean that shit up”, said Negan grinning leaning against the pool table.
Deadly silence.
”No one?”, Negan asked chuckling.
Again no one answered.
”Alright anyone wanna finish the game? I was winning”, Negan asked grinning looking into the crowd where no one answered from.
They just stared shocked and disgusted at him, before he turned around in your direction.
”Sweetheart! Come on! We two can play together how about that?”, Negan asked grinning. 
You shook slightly your had as your shocked glance turned into a glare.
”Turning me down again. What a shame! That would have been so much fun!”, Negan chuckled before he looked back to the crowd.
”Now anyone? Don’t let yourself be distracted by Spencer over here. He finally has his guts he’s more than fucking alright!”, chuckled Negan before you saw how Rosita stepped forward, took her gun and a blood freezing  shoot called trough the air.

“Shit! What the fuck?! Did you try to fucking shoot me?!” Negan screamed, your heart making another step while he uncontrollably stamped towards Rosita while Arat wrestled her down.
He looked upset at Lucille, the thing Rosita had hit instead of Negan.
Negan took a step back breathing heavily obviously trying to control himself as he saw something on the ground.
“What is this? What the fucking fuck is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those fucking crimps….This was fucking homemade”, Negan said still angry but more calm holding a bullet in his hand.
“You may be fucking stupid, darling, but you showed some real ingenuity here", he said walking closer Arat and Rosita
“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face” ordered Negan while you gasped hearing Carl and Olivia doing the same.
“Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the fucking same, so why should yours?! Unless…Unless you fucking tell me who made this
“It was me. I made it”, you heard Rosita spatt.
“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. Arat’s gonna have to fucking cut up that pretty face”, Negan said grinning Rosita trying to assure that she made the bullet while Arat cut the first line into her face.
You didn’t have to think a lot about it to know that Eugene must have made it…and of course Rosita wouldn’t extradite him.
You listened up again as you heard Negans voice.
“Good have it your way”, said Negan and you felt how a cold shiver run down your back. 
You knew what that meant.
“Arat, kill someone”, Negan said as you felt yourself gasp.
Not again.
The woman looked up, pointed in your direction and a loud shot sounded through the air.
You felt something brushing against your arm and pain and adrenaline shooting through your body.
The pressure let you stumble a few steps back.
You saw how Negan hit the pistol out of the woman’s hand, his face even angrier than before.
“Fuck! Arat are you fucking kidding me?! Who the fuck shat in your fucking brain that you get the fucking idea to fucking shoot her?!”, screamed Negan.
The woman that seemed so tough looked now shocked up to Negan, her lips trembling.
“I’m s-sorry…But…you said someone”, she said almost unhearable for you.
“God fucking damnit! You are so fucking lucky that you didn’t fucking hit worse…”, Negan yelled.
“(Y/N),…are you okay?”, you heard Olivia’s voice. You looked at her as she glanced concerned at you. Behind her Carl looking the same way. “She didn’t hit me. I’m okay…I’m okay”, your shocked voice said as you looked down on the wound the bullet that had brushed you had left.
It was just a small wound, it wasnt even really bleeding.
But only a few centimeters more and you would have been dead.
You had goddamn luck.
The shock was still stuck in your body, leaving you trembling while you heard Negan still growling at Arat.
Olivia handed you a tissue that you pressed on the wound and looked again over to the scene.
You realized that this all wouldn’t be over, Arat didn’t hit you but that didn’t mean that no one else would die.
You’d lose someone again and it could be anyone.
And that made your heart pump faster than it already was.
“Sweetheart come over here”, Negan said as looked at you waving you over. You first stood there, not moving an inch.
“Come on”, he said in a more urging serious tone.
You breathed out, and began walking down the stairs…who knew if he’d kill not just one but two when you would resist.
You glared at him as he pulled you next to him in the puddle of Spencer’s blood he was standing in. 
The smell of the blood travelled up your nose and let another shiver ran down your back.
“So Arat, once again. Now. Shoot. Someone. And don’t fucking fuck it up”, Negan growled.
He was standing now with his back to you but you just kept glaring.
The one who would die would be completely innocent and again you could do nothing against it.
You just felt so helpless.
As helpless as in the night you lost Glenn and Abraham.
Rosita screamed again on the ground that it was her.
You looked over to Carl and Olivia seeing the fear and shock in their eyes as another shot sounded and you felt your body cramping immediately as you saw who sank to their knees.
“No”, came cracking out of your mouth.
Why Olivia?
That just seemed unreal, she was one of the most innocent people you knew and now it was her who had to pay for it.
You saw Carl looking up over to you, shock and disbelief in his glance.
You heard some loud panting as you suddenly heard Ricks voice.
“We had a deal!”, he shouted.
”Rick! Oh look everyone fucking Rick is here again! …Ah, your people are making me lose my fucking voice doing all this yelling”, Negan said chuckling at Rick.
You looked behind Rick and saw Aaron standing propped by Eric looking like he was beaten up.
God, what the heck did they do to him?
Why became this situaton even worse and worse?
“Rick how about a “thank you”? I mean, look, I know we started this fucking relationship with me beating the holy fucking shit out of your friends, and because of that, we’re probably never gonna fucking sit around and braid each other’s hair or share our deepest, darkest secrets, but how about a little fucking credit? I just bent over backwards to show you how fucking reasonable I am”, Negan chuckled.
“Your fucking kid”, he pointed at Carl “he hid in one of my trucks and fucking machine-gunned a bunch of my men down, and I brought him home, safe and sound…. and I fed him some fucking spaghetti!”, Negan said grinning.
“Another one of your people. Well, he wanted me to fucking kill you and put him in charge. I took him for you!”, Negan continued and talked about Rositas try to shoot him.
“Now you have one fucking mouth less to feed and I mean I guess that mouth did some fucking damage…I personally wouldn’t have chosen her but Arat”, he stopped while chuckling “she just didn’t trust her, you know.”
“What did you do to her?”, asked Rick looking concerned and angry at the now blood soaked tissue on your arm. “A damn fucking mistake of Arat over here”, Negan said glaring at Arat.
You mouthed an “I’m okay” to Rick trying to calm him down.
Your wound wasnt bad, it would heal itself pretty fast and Rick had already enough sorrow and problems, your wound shouldn’t be one of it.
“Don’t worry Ricky boy, she’s gonna be alright”, Negan said smirking.
“I’m gonna take fucking care of her”, he said grinning walking over to you slinging his arms around your waist.
You shifted slightly away as you felt his touch turning to him and glaring in his eyes. Negan looked chuckling at you before Rick raised his voice.
“Your shit is waiting for you at the gate….just go”, growled Rick.
“Sure thing I just gotta know who made this fucking bullet”, said Negan holding up the self made bullet.
You heard Tara scream but your glance just laid on Eugene who stood sniffling there. “It was me..it was me..”, sobbed Eugene as you hold your breath seeing how Negan turned to him.
It made you feel horrible seeing how Eugene desperately tried to explain how he build it, sobbing and sniffing uncontrollably until Negan stopped him. “Shut up, I believe you…listen Rick I’m gonna relieve you of your bullet maker and whatever is waiting for me at the gate”, said Negan grinning before he laid his hand on your lower back pushing you with him.
You looked back to your friends, the glance in their eyes reminding you of the one you had seen in the night Glenn and Abraham got killed.
And that made your heart cramp.
You hated that every time you got to see them again it was connected with them suffering or someone getting hurt or killed.
You just wanted them to be safe.

As you came to the gates of Alexandria the saviors began loading up the stuff they had collected and pushed the still sobbing Eugene into one truck as Negan suddenly stopped.
He looked at you, his glance turned into a little bit softer a somehow concerned one while it wandered from your face to your arm where you still pressed the tissue on your wound.
“Let me see”, he mumbled taking the tissue of the wound eying it.
“Shes gonna have to work her fucking ass off to make just roughly up for that”, he muttered serious and more quiet but still hearable.
The same guy who had just minutes ago first ripped someones body open and then let someone else who was innocent get killed as punishment looked actually somehow concerned about a small wound on your arm.
You sighed while Negans glance wandered up again to your face, his glance mixed between his signature smirk and this slight softness you didn’t know how to interpret and that seemed so unfitting for him.
“Boss we’re ready”, some man shouted out of one of the trucks.
“We’re coming”, growled Negan just.
You looked back at Alexandria, not knowing when you’d come back and what would happen if you did…
But who knew what the future held for you?
For Alexandria?
For your group?
For your brother?
And for that weird thing, whatever the heck it was, that seemed to evolve  slowly between you and Negan…?

part 10 (all other parts)

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Cell Signaling 
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(Cliffnotes AP Biology Workbook 4th Edition)

Please note there are 2 more types of signal receptors: 
Protein Kinase Receptors: transmembrane-protein enzymes that are kinases, that add a phosphate group to  protein. The best understood of these are Receptor Tyrosine Kinases.
Intracellular Receptors: receptors positioned in the cytoplasm or nucleus, and are able to pass through the phospholipid membrane. 

Definition of Terms // freebies from thearialligraphyproject

Wouldn’t it be nice to compile all those terms and concepts you have to learn into one neat sheet?

How can I make the most out of this printable?
The third column of the printable labeled “How to remember the term” encourages you to associate the concepts you’re learning to something you are already familiar with in order to improve memory retention. As Julie Neidlinger (2014) put it, “We remember things better by what they are associated with, not by what they are.” So whether it’s a much simpler, synonymous word or a funny story you remembered, if it’s going to help you understand a concept better, write it down!

Terms and Definitions (with cells set to a height of 0.5″, 1″, or 1.5″)
Terms, Definitions, and Formulas (with cells set to a height of 1″)

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The Cell

Hey, guys! I know I’m pretty strictly a Supernatural imagines blog but I’ve recently caught up with TWD and wanted to try a mini series. Let me know if you guys want me to continue this or if you’d rather me stick to Supernatural!

Had this idea after Season 5 ep 3 The Cell.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 375
  • No other warnings than the same ones from the show.

You watched as Dwight shoved Daryl back into that small cell. He was yelling, though it was hard to hear what Dwight was so angry over. The hatred that man had toward Daryl was so hard to understand for you. Daryl never tried to hurt anyone. It was a simple outburst, something that should have been looked over. Negan never cared, never would.

Dwight stumbled away and a door slammed shut in the distance. You slowly made your way closer to the cell, leaning it to see if you could hear Daryl. There was silence.

“Daryl?” You gently push open the trap door and slide an apple inside. It was fresh from the gardens and you had brought it for yourself, but Daryl was more important. Negan didn’t care after the prisoners so well, especially this one.

You look at the apple as it sat on the floor. It took a minute before Daryl reached a shaking hand and took it quickly, scared it might not really be there. “Thanks.” He grumbled, though it was hard to know if that was really what he said.

“You’re welcome.” You smiled just a tiny bit. “I’ll bring more. Just give me the pieces when you’re done.”

Crunch. Crunch.

The apple core was sat back on the ground. You take your hand and gently reach for it, not before Daryl grabbed your wrist, causing you to gasp.

“Shhh.” He grunted. He rolled over, showing you what he could of his face. “Why?”

“You didn’t do anything.”

“You’re Negan’s.” He said, though it stung a little. The way he said you’re Negan’s made you seem like more than just a person.

“I’m not.” You countered. “Not anymore.”

Daryl’s eyes were almost lifeless by now. The beatings, the dog food, the downright bullying had to stop.

“I’m going to help you out. Just do what I say, okay?” You lowered your voice.

Daryl let go of your wrist and smacked the apple core toward you. “Won’t work.”

“It will. Please?” You begged. Daryl was the first man that hasn’t given you that look that reminded you of a hungry lion stalking is prey. You wanted to help him, whatever that meant.

Daryl was silent until finally he said, “what first?”

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Rock in the Road"

An imagine about the 9th episode of season 7
The reader has to go back to the Sanctuary with Negan once again…

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short)
part 7 is about 7x07 “Sing me a song”
part 8 is about the midseason finale

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You looked back at Alexandria, that still laid in a shocked silent before you while you still saw some of your friends from afar as you stepped huffing into the truck, knowing that you’d have to return to the place where your brother Daryl was held in a tiny cell and probably also Eugene soon.
You walked swallowing over to the bench in the back of the truck that came from the place you had come from with Carl and Negan just hours ago.
Before you saw Alexandria once again.
Before two more people had to die.
You let yourself fall onto the bench still pressing a tissue on the wound Arat had given to you. Before she had shot Olivia, she had chosen to kill you but her bullet had just brushed your arm leaving a small wound and Negan out of control. 
He had shown that kind of protectiveness also in other situations, you had seen him softer when he had seen Carl crying or when he sat with Judith in the rocking chair on Ricks porch while he was on the other side still that asshole who had murdered your friends in that one night.
And with killing two more people, he had just supported that image.
Negan let himself fall next to you while he looked from your face to your wound before he looked over to his men.
“Someone gotta get me some disinfection stuff and bandages”, he said looking at the man sitting before him before one of them got up and rushed out of the truck.
You glanced warily at him as he turned back to you with a big grin on his face.
“What Sweetheart? I’m just taking fucking care of you”, he said smirking at you while you huffed and the man came back into the truck with the stuff Negan had asked for.
He began dripping some liquid on a tissue as the motor of the truck started.
“Lets get fucking ready for it, Sweetheart! I’m gonna be fucking gentle I promise”, he said chuckling while he winked at you before he took your arm into one of his hands and began carefully cleaning the wound.
Negan hummed some song while you turned your head away from him and looked out of the window as the truck rushed past the trees.
You felt how he wrapped the bandage around your arm before he you looked over to him right as he finished
“Perfectly done, Sweetheart. Gonna get you to my doctor anyways”, he said smirking while he packed away the left bandages.
You turned away from him again while you felt how one of his arms wrapped around your waist.
You leaned against the window, looked outside while you thought about your friends in Alexandria and Eugene who had still sobbed uncontrollably when you had seen them loading him up.
The truck kept driving over the roads passing smaller groups of walkers once in a while, while you felt how you got more tired the longer you looked out of the window.
Your eyelids got heavier, the whole day from the beginning with Carl showing up to you ending up in one of Negans truck again had stressed you and made you extremely tired.
You tried your hardest to stay awake, you didnt want to fall asleep here, next to him and his men but at some point you couldn’t fight your tiredness anymore and finally dozed off.

The slight swinging of arms around you woke you up.
You felt warmth around you and almost wanted to cuddle closer to get more of it before you slowly opened your eyes and found yourself carried in Negans arms.
Your head was nuzzled into the curve of his neck, your hands rested on his chest while he held you closely to himself as he kept walking.
You almost jolted up as you realized what was happening but could stop yourself and instead raised your head carefully while Negan turned his face to you.
“Holy fucking hell, the Sleeping Beauty has awoken from her beauty sleep”, he said grinning at you while you scoffed still not really awake.
“Let me down”, you said huffing while Negan kept smirking at you.
“Thats some fucking service I only offer to you, you should think twice about it”,  Negan said chuckling.
“I have, could you please let me down now”, you said with a more urging tone in your voice.
“Alright”, Negan said sighing before he let you down and you could first see that you were not far from the trucks that had brought you back to the sanctuary.
You looked around trying to search for Eugene, but all you found were some Saviors that walked around.
You felt how Negan slung his arm around you as you saw how Simon walked towards you and Negan.
“Boss…we’ve got a problem”, he said scoffing while walked closer.
“And thats what, Simon?”, Negan asked raising his brows.
“Her dickhead brother”, Simon said pointing at you while you felt how your blood froze.
God, what had happened again?
What did they do to him?
And what did he do?
“That prick broke out and killed fat Joey on his way out”, said Simon while looking at Negan
”Fucking shit, really?”, asked Negan scoffing while he stroke over his jawline.
”Yeah, bashed his head with some iron bar”, Simon responded swallowing.
”Jesus, bet that prick run back to his sweet sweet home”, said Negan huffing.
”Probably, we can go searching for him”, responded Simon.
”No, no doesnt make sense to search in the fucking night. Don’t wanna risk to get more of my men killed in the darkness searching for that asshole…we’re gonna talk tomorrow more about that”, Negan said before Simon nodded and walked over to the other Saviors.
You saw how Negan turned sighing around and looked at you.
“Did you know about that? And don’t even think about fucking lying”, said Negan looking serious at you.
“No I didnt, I mean how should I even done that? You were with me the whole time”, you said looking back at him before he looked nodding at you.
“Yeah, yeah right”, he muttered stroking pondering through his hair.
He clenched his jaw swallowing before he looked back at you.
“Alright lets get inside”, he said before he began walking with you over to the door.

Negan lead you trough the hallways all the way to your room and walked chuckling with you inside.
You knew exactly what he planned for the rest of the night, but this time you couldnt.
The first two times you agreed had just been caused through the thought that you could maybe endanger the others a bit with not rejecting and maybe even provoking him.
But that wasnt the case.
It didn’t matter if you would sleep with him or not, you knew now that he wouldnt force you and you knew, that he would hurt them whenever he felt like they deserved it regardless of how many nights you would spend with him.
You couldn’t deny, as much as you hated it, that you had felt joy in these nights while you had known that everything that made you feel this way was wrong and you didnt want to feel those wrong feelings again.
And you didnt want to have him that close.
Especially not after all what had happened today.
All what was probably happening right now to Eugene.
You stopped walking before you felt how Negan wrapped his arms around you from behind and pulled you closer against his body.
You heard him chuckle as you felt his hot breath on your skin and moments after that his lips that placed themselves on your neck while you felt his body even closer and a shiver running down your back.
“Sweetheart, I guess a fucking eventful day deserves an eventful night”, you heard him whisper smirking in your ear.
“I’m not gonna do anything with you after all what happened”, you growled while you turned around and freed yourself with that out of his arms while he looked chuckling at you shaking his head slightly.
“Because of the two dead fucking people? Or what? I know you got your own head and I’m not gonna fucking force you to anything but If I might remind you that we already fucked two times, Sweetheart?”, Negan said chuckling holding two fingers up while you felt how the anger in you builded up and Negan walked closer to you.
“And might I remind you that, both fucking times, you were a moaning mess under me?”, he said smirking at you while you had to control yourself to not slap him.
You hated him for that comment and you also had hated yourself for enjoying a single moment with him even if his statement had been exaggerated in your eyes.
The reason you had slept with him had never been joy, it had always been the fear of not exactly knowing what he was all else capable of doing.
You breathed scoffing out and swallowed, before you calmly raised your voice that was tembling through anger.
“Why did I spend those nights with you? Why Negan? Absolutely not to have the damn murderer of my friends around me even more. You’re an asshole but you’re for sure not dumb, you’re probably everything else than that. You know why I did that”, you said into his eyes while you balled your fists trying to keep yourself under control.
You looked at Negan who remained silent for a few moments but still with that grin on his lips chuckling slightly.
“The only reason why I agreed was to protect the last ones you’ve left me. That’s it….you’re not the only one who can read people Negan. I know what game you are playing by punishing others than the ones who made the mistake…I just never wanted to play that fucking game with you”, you said swallowing hard while you saw Negan smirk wider.
“I know, I fucking know Sweetheart. First, I wouldnt ever fucking punish you for not fucking me. Second, that girl back in Alexandria didn’t seem to fucking understand anything. Similar thing with your fucking dickhead Brother. He could’ve have the best fucking life here, but he chose to fucking fuck it up more than once”, Negan said grinning.
“He just chose to not be one of your brainwashed fucks”, you muttered growling.
Negan came closer again and stopped shortly before you.
“And now he fucking fled and killed one of my damn men. Bad decision, fucking bad decision even for a dumbass like him”, he said looking into your eyes.
You looked at Negan while he walked chuckling towards you and took your chin into his hand while his glance intensified
”I really hope for your fucking friends that they fucking learned out of their damn mistakes. But in case they haven’t and my men find your fucking brother in Alexandria…hell, they’re all dead and Daryl, fuck, I’m gonna get him back here and torture the living fucking shit outta him”, he said dangerously whispering while you felt how your breath stopped.
You felt how painful strokes shot through your whole body.
You saw their dead bodies before you, covered in blood and spread all over Alexandria.
Your brother being turtoured to death while you heard his screams crystal clear in your head.
You felt how the burden on your shoulders grew, how the pressure on you increased.
You hadnt have time to come to turns even about glenns and abrahams deaths because the man who had murdered them had been around you the whole time and now you had to fear even more of the people you loved would be killed.
You shifted disgusted away from him, stepped away while you glared at him and clenched your jaw
”What? Thats how it works. They know the fucking rules and when they’re not playing by them…well, they gotta fucking pay for it”, he said chuckling while he stepped closer looking at you.
“Fuck you”, you muttered growling while you heard Negans chuckle.
“Well Sweetheart, you know, I better like you doing that”, he said grinning as you scoffed and shook your head angrily at him.
“Times have fucking changed but your friends don’t seem to want to fucking get that. You know what that whole thing reminds me of? That I guessed that you all thought you’re gonna sit around a table at sundays dinner with a sweet little happy fucking ending. But those fucking happy endings are nothing for this world”, he said stepping closer again.
“Told that Rick already when he laid crying like a little ass baby on that RV…you know Sweetheart, I think you also hoped to get that happy ending, didnt you?”, Negan asked, his face shortly before yours, while you felt how the pain already crawled up in your body.
“Well Sweetheart I fucking hate to disappoint you but I guess your friends just turned that sundays dinner into a fucking slaughter”, he said as he chuckled as he backed away while his glance still laid on you. 
You felt the feelings washing over you how it hurt you to see that scene again before you.
Their screams that still sounded through the air, Alexandria turned into a bloodred hell and everyone and everything you loved gone forever.
That scenes before your eyes werent just any nightmare that kept you awake in sleepless nights, no, it was worse.
They could be reality.
They had already taken so much from you, close friends that had fought through this world had to die through his hand.
And now, if they would find him, they would take the very rest.
“Just go”, you said glaring at him feeling that you couldn’t take his presence anymore and just didn’t want to.
No matter if you had seen a slightly bit of a soft concerned side of him, that what seemed like somehow protectiveness over you, you were just disgusted by him right now and by what he did to your friends.
You felt how your eyes became slightly wet just because that burden that laid on you became even bigger.
You didn’t want him to see how hard that all hit you, confused you and came close to you, you didn’t want him to see you ever cry again as you did in the night he murdered Glenn and Abe.
“Just go”, you tried to growl while you heard Negan chuckle once again.
You looked up shortly before adding something as you saw how he suddenly went quiet and his glance changed into a softer concerned one.
He had seen the tears in your eyes.
He looked at you and swallowed before he raised his voice.
“Holy hell Sweetheart, fuck I’m…I’m sorry, I really am, shit…I didn’t…I never wanted to-”, he said not finishing but instead looking at you while he breathed stressed out.
Within one moment that man in front of you who had threatened to turn your home into a slaughterhouse got turned simply from seeing how much he had hurt you with that, to his softer side, to the man that looked at you as if he would actually regret telling you that.
But you didnt care right now.
You didnt care if he was that softer, concerned Negan again you just wanted him to leave.
You looked swallowing at him while he bit his lip before he swung his bat over his shoulder and you’re glance went away from him, outside the window until you heard his voice again
“Good Night Sweetheart”, you heard him say before the door shut, knowing that even when he had regretted telling you, he would still let all your friends get killed when your brother was in Alexandria or just close to it.
As soon as you heard the door being shut you couldn’t hold your tears back anymore, a loud sob escaped your mouth while your body turned into a trembling mess, while you felt incredibly helpless thinking about everything that could happen tomorrow.
You felt the hot tears stream down your face while your sobs suddenly stopped for a second as you heard how the handle of the door moved but was let go of  seconds later and finally followed by heavy steps that got quieter with every second.
He had stood there.
He had stood there for sure and had heard you crying.
And he seemed to have at least thought about coming back in to you.
You let yourself fall scoffing onto the bed, your feelings mixing between grief, sorrow and the anger you felt because he had heard you sobbing.
It had been enough that he got to see your glassy eyes, you didn’t want him to see you weak, even when he had apologized.
You curled up into your bed while your head began to pound through the tears that just wouldn’t stop.
You wanted to be strong and not cry but at that moment all the sorrow you had tried to suppress over all the time you were here bursted out though the storm Negan had provoked just with what stood behind his words.
You didnt know how long you laid there, but at some point you could finally doze off.

The bright sunlight that shined through the windows of your room woke you up.
It seemed still pretty early and you just wanted to sleep more but instead of that you laid awake there and as you realized that it would avail to nothing you decided to shower just to get wash all the dried tears from your face and body.
You let the water pour over your body and even when the thought of Negans words last night still let a shiver run down your back you felt a bit better now and just hoped that Daryl and the others knew what they were doing.
You got dressed, tried to get one of the fruits down your throat that laid in a little basket on a desk and sat down on the bed knowing that Negan would probably come soon.
And your feeling was proved right.
You heard the knock on the door before Negan came chuckling back in.
He eyed you and as he seemed to notice that you were mostly alright again his signature grin formed on his lips.
”Good fucking morning Sweetheart. Promised to get your wound treated and as you know, I’m a man of my fucking word”, he said smirking at you.
”Alright”, you said sighing before you got up and walked to Negan who ultimately placed his arm around your waist again as he lead you out of the room.
For a few minutes you walked with him through the hallways of the sanctuary while several Saviors kneeled as soon as they saw Negan.
Then you stood before a door Negan opened for you and guided you grinning in.
It wasn’t a room like the most ones in the sanctuary it was a doctors office. “Only the fucking best treatment for my Sweetheart”, Negan said grinning at you before he turned to the man in the white tunic.
“Doc, you gotta take a look on her wound”, said Negan as you walked completely inside the room.
The man nodded and lead you to the treatment table while Negan leaned the wall.
“What happened?”, he asked looking at you as he began to slowly loosen the provisory bandage.
“A bullet brushed me”, you muttered.
“Well then you had a lot luck, Miss”, said the man as he turned around to a cupboard and began to rummage around in it.
You nodded slightly as he turned back around and began to treat your wounds while you felt Negans intense glance on you.
After a few moments you looked carefully over to him and noticed how serious he was eying every move the doctor made until he saw you looking at him.
You looked back but could still catch how he grinned and winked at you before his glance fell back on the doctor.
”Doc, have you already heard of Fat Joeys fucking terrible fate?”, Negan asked suddenly.
”Yes, already yesterday night. Really sad”, responded the man while he kept going.
”Yeah, yeah it its, especially ‘cause that Fat Joey, Skinny Joey joke fucking died with him. No but seriously he was a good man”, Negan said before he chuckled slightly and took his walkie into his hands and raised his voice.
“Alright everyone. Listen. Fat Joey’s dead. For anyone out there who loved the obese bastard as much as I did, I just want to say a few words. Fat Joey was not the most badass son of bitch, but he was loyal. He had a great sense of humor. In fact, we were just joking about oral sex with Lucille the other day. Things will not be the same now that he’s dead. Without Fat Joey, Skinny Joey is just … Joey. So it’s a goddamn tragedy. So, let’s have a moment of silence”, Negan with a slight touch of consternation but mostly with his regular voice where you hadnt have to see him to know that he was grinning.
You looked at Negan who remained silent, dandling his head slightly from left to right as if he would count how many seconds he had to wait to talk again.
You looked back to the doctor in front of you who was spreading salve over your wound  as you heard Negans voice again.
”We got ourselves a red situation. I need a search party and see if Daryl ran home like the dumb animal that he is”, you heard Negan say while you swallowed thinking about last night.
It still made you want to vomit just thinking about what could happen if they found him there, or if they found him outside somewhere.
“On it. Be there in time for lunch”, you heard Simons cracking voice through the walkie.
“Turn that sleepy little burg upside down”, Negan said grinning before you looked swallowing back to the Doctor who kept treating your wound
“You are going to be fine really soon. It’s just a small wound, with the salve I put on it’s going to heal fast”, the doctor said as he began to wrap a new bandage around your arm.
“But I guess you already had worse wounds”, he added and kept going.
“Yeah”, you said nodding.
“Alright you are done”, said the man with a half smile before you hopped of the treatment table.
You walked over to Negan who already waited for you with one of his arms as always ready again to wrap around you.
”Thanks Doc”, Negan said before he walked out of the room with you.
You felt his glance on your body before his voice raised again.
”If he’s not as fucking dumb as he often acts they’re staying alive. Just hope for that, Sweetheart”, you heard him say before he kept on walking.

Minutes later you arrived in front of a door, but it wasnt yours, it was Negans.
You looked questioning at him while he began to chuckle.
“Got some shit to do and I guess you’d like to be up to date about whats happening at the wonderfully idyllic Alexandria”, he said while he opened the door and lead you grinning in.
There you were back again in his room, like the times you had spend here when Carl had been here.
Your glance wandered around in the room until it laid on his giant bed as you heard him chuckle.
“Taking a fucking liking in my bed, Sweetheart?”, Negan asked chuckling while you looked annoyed back at him.
“You can fucking believe me, you’re its most welcome guest”, Negan said grinning before he waved you over to the couch with him.
You sat down on it while Negan let himself fall next you, placed the walkie on the table and grabbed a small booklet.
He leaned back and began writing down something while he placed an arm on the backrest and stroke with his fingers over your shoulder creating a weird feeling inside you, you ultimately wanted to get rid of.
You looked out of the window, knowing that somewhere outside there was Alexandria and you had no idea what was going to happen there.
If your brother was there, if he was outside in the woods or maybe even in Hilltop.
In case he was in Alexandria, you could just hope that they would hide him extremely good and you didnt even wanted to think anymore about the alternative.
You couldnt do anything, you couldnt warn them, you couldnt help them, nothing.
You were completely helpless.
Your glance wandered more often than you wanted to the walkie that laid on the table until that one moment the crack sounded that made you jolt up.
“Alright Boss, we’re in Alexandria. Just sent the others out. By the way, Rick acted like an innocent sheep”, you heard Simons voice suddenly burst out of the walkie before Negan leaned towards the table and took it into his hands.
“Of fucking course, lets see if he’s the innocent bastard he pretends to be”, Negan said chuckling into the walkie while you swallowed knowing what the Saviors were doing right now.
“Wow, you really do not fucking seem like you’d trust a lot in your friends intelligence”, said Negan chuckling as he had seemed to notice your shocked face expression.
You looked scoffing over to him while he kept chuckling.
The next minutes seemed like an eternity.
You felt an unbearable pressure on your ribcage that didnt want to let you breath and while your thoughts circled around everything that could happen your body began to tremble and your breath speeded up.
You felt how Negan began to look at your trembling body that just didnt want to stop and your ribcage that went faster up and down then you wanted to.
You saw how Negans hand reached over to yours and took it carefully into his before he squeezed it soothing.
After a few moments you felt his thumb stroking over the back of your hand while he remained silent.
He didnt say anything, he didnt even chuckle.
He just sat there with you on the couch, your hand stayed buried in his big warm hand while it somehow calmed you down as bizarre as it was.
You didnt know if he did this because he felt guilty for last night or if he actually cared somehow about you.
Maybe even both.
You just didnt know.
That thing between you hadnt got any clearer it actually got even more muddled.  
Your thoughts would have stayed circling around that but the cracking of the walkie ripped you out of them.
”Boss, we went through everything, don’t know where that prick is but he’s definitely not here”, you heard Simon voice while you could finally catch a breath for the first time.
They didnt find him there, they were all alive.
No more dead people.
Daryl was somewhere out there, but doesnt matter if Rick and the others had contact to him or not, they would somehow find themselves and now that the Saviors didnt find him there, their situation was safer.
”Alright Simon”, you just heard Negan say into the walkie.
”Looks like your brother isn’t as fucking dumb as I thought”, you heard Negan say chuckling.
And while with that the silence was gone and the chuckle back at it again, his hand stayed to your surprise tightly around yours.

part 10 

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  • Jyugo: The nerve of those guards. Inviting me down there - and on such short notice. Even if I wanted to go my schedule wouldn't allow it.
  • 4.00, wallow in self pity
  • 4.30, stare into the abyss
  • 5.00, Play with Kuu, tell no one
  • 5.30, Escape the cell
  • 6.30, dinner with the rest of the cell. I can't cancel that again
  • 7.00, wrestle with my self-loathing
  • I'm booked. Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9 I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness.

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