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A Standing Ovation Ch. 5: Game Abandonment, Pt. 5

Refer to: Cast, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Ryuusei’s Office

Hands placed onto the desk, his face turns a pale color like that of a dead person.

The messages keep coming up even now on his computer, but now the names of the senders were not just Amagi and Nishikino.

Names of freelancers eliminated in the past started to mix in, and the evidence pointing to “that” asleep in the underground warehouse is included.

Honestly it was as though the dead came back from that world and are pushing him into a corner.

“As expected, you cannot cast the dead?”

Izaya calls out to Ryuusei standing there in the pit of despair to make sure.

“Really, you’re so interesting. You truly are an amazing person, Ryuusei Takioka-san. You were close. If we met a little bit sooner and under different circumstances we may have been friends. I would have been glad to be an actor for you. But we ended up meeting differently. The “ordinary coincidence” is truly something to behold. Just a slight detail could entirely change human’s fates.”

“Izaya-dono, I think it would be best to cease this meaningless provocation.”

Sozoro chides, but Izaya continues with his sharp tongue.

“The one who was being directed until now was you yourself, isn’t it?”

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