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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my phone + headphones
  • my precious wallet
  • lipstick 
  • my glasses + sunglasses
  • my notebook

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • books 
  • my guitar
  • a whole part of a wall covered with sticky notes and timetables and school study plans because im a nerd
  • posters+ pictures of myself
  • tons and tons of drawings

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • travel the world with my best friend
  • start digital art and get more into drawing fantasy
  • go to a Two Steps From Hell live concert
  • speed up my make up game by wearing glam glitter looks all day all night
  • get a belly button piercing

5 things that make me feel happy:

  • being with my bestfriend (she cooks for me and gives me her hoodies bxsbq)
  • make up. i like playing with make up a lot.
  • @drerry . my moon.
  • hugging my mum bc im very cuddly and she’s warm and i love her ‘)
  • Two Steps From Hell music

5 things I’m currently into: 

  • the walking dead
  • spicy noodles
  • making more edits and saving them in my drafts
  • olives, they’re a must. you dont even know
  • Star Sky by Two Steps From Hell

5 things on my to-do list:

  • preparing for universities entrance exams. sigh
  • getting my nails done bc I’ve been neglecting them
  • giving my skin some care and love bc I’ve been neglecting it too. shoot me.
  • study harder than i did in high school
  • buying more make up

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Steven isn’t the first victim of Blue Diamond’s grabby hands and he certainly isn’t the most severely wronged


NOTEBOOKS PRE-ORDERS OPEN! (3 designs available)

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based on an ask @richardgoranski got about nya emo phase Michael and honestly yeah


5SOS recorded a message for their Russian fans as well as a song 4/14/17

lmao i often get old people from my hometown calling my number by accident and i just noticed i had a missed call + voicemail so i listened to it and i just hear an old lady say “……i dont know who dis is” and then press like 5 buttons trying to hang up

Hello all! In celebration of reaching 10k I’d love to give back to you all!

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Now let’s get to the prizes!

There will be one winner, contacted after I put the notes through a random number generator. They will win:

1 Intergalactic bath bomb, 
1 Twilight bath bomb,
1 Big bang bubble bar,
4 Nasa themed patches from etsy
Either a galaxy skirt OR shorts from Hottopic
and 5-6 space themed buttons (not pictured)

I will answer any and all questions, just ask!
The Giveaway ends July first, 2017

Thank you everyone!