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please consider punk akira and pastel-prep yusuke please consider ple

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Steven isn’t the first victim of Blue Diamond’s grabby hands and he certainly isn’t the most severely wronged


Motivational Persona 5 buttons, with in-game battle quotes! This is the last of my new merch for AX 2017 unless I can squeeze in another character during the weekend; come find me at table K31!! (I’ll be the one with short hair and glasses!)
These buttons will go up on my stores after AX is over! c:

Edit (7/23/17): Yusuke has been added to the sets, and Ann has undergone a minor edit! They’re now available on both my etsy and storenvy stores!

Something I found out today which many people might find helpful in an emergency situation.

If you press the lock button 5 times on an iPhone it brings this up.

Your medical ID which is set up via the Health app on the iPhone which has details of emergency contacts, any illnesses/allergies you have and any medication and the emergency number if someone needs to use your phone if you’re in trouble and it has a pin!

May help save someone’s life!


NOTEBOOKS PRE-ORDERS OPEN! (3 designs available)

  • $22USD for 1 notebook & 5 buttons + shipping
  • Payment method is via PayPal
  • Notebook size: 5.43 x 8.26 inches (13.8 x 21 cm)
  • 100 blank pages per notebook


Send an email to johannathemadshop@gmail.com telling us your favorite design and get your notebook+buttons pack now!