5 borough

Saurbury, Saurustan and Sauratlas

Based on Brachiosaurs, and serve as the ‘semi-legendary’ line on Islas Azul. 

Saurbury are known to gather in impressive numbers in vast plains, causing the plain to be seen no more. They like to created stampedes, which can be felt and heard miles away, and are rather mischievous, often causing havoc. A group of Saurbury is called a borough. 1.6m (5′03″) tall. Name derived from saurus + -bury (an English suffix given to fortified cities)

Saurustan occasionally join boroughs of Saurbury to keep an eye out for danger. They mostly spend time in groups of 5-10 individuals (known as a nation) raising young Saurbury, while singing beautiful songs to calm them. Their gender ratio is 12.5% male and 87.5% female, and only males can evolve further. Females don’t evolve because it is impossible to raise young once they do. Each year after breeding season, males migrate to a certain area where one is chosen to evolve. 4.0m (13′01″) tall. Evolves from Saurbury at Level 42. Name derived from saurus + -stan (a Persian suffix meaning ‘land’ or ‘place of’, given to several Central Asian countries and provinces) 

Sauratlas is the tallest known Pokemon in the Cyare region. It’s impressive height at 13.9m (45′07″) has unusually made it part flying type, due to the fact that it feels like it’s soaring the skies with a bird’s eye view of it’s surroundings. Clouds even form around it’s head. Sauratlas are mostly solitary, as a group of them (known as a world, containing up to 3 individuals) would cause too much chaos due to their sheer size. They are also very few and far between, due to the extremely specific conditions required for it’s evolution. Evolves from Saurustan at Level 70 (males only, perhaps holding a specific item, in a specific area, during a certain time period, just to be annoying. Maybe your entire party needs to be full of male Saurustan as well, to make it more annoying). Name derived from saurus + atlas.

Newsies Locations?

So I was trying to write a Newsies fic and I had to explain about the locations of the different groups of Newsies, and I couldn’t figure out where some of these places were. Cause there are 5 boroughs in NYC, and in “Brooklyn’s Here” they mention 6 different places, some of them boroughs some of them not. And, me not being from NY or NYC, I had no idea! (I have been there a few times, though, for shows cause we’re like 2-3 hours away…..)

Anyways! So I did some research, and here’s the breakdown for your writing/information needs:

Manhattan = MANHATTAN

Flushing = QUEENS


The Bronx = THE BRONX

Brooklyn = BROOKLYN

Woodside = QUEENS

So the bolded side are the areas mentioned in the show, the CAPITALIZED side are the actual boroughs. And anything that is bolded and italicized is a city/neighborhood from that borough!

Also, this sentence is taken from Wikipedia about the boroughs:

“Boroughs have existed since the consolidation of the city in 1898, when the city and each borough assumed their current boundaries. “

That was only a year before the Newsboy’s Strike of 1899! I just thought that was cool.

Now, please don’t judge me, this kind of stuff confuses me and I’m not from NY or NYC so cut me some slack!

Some Spider-Man and Tony Stark things I’ve seen discussed (Spoilers)

Spider-Man’s suit’s instant kill mode

1) Peter Parker removed his training wheels protocol, a function to keep the suit at a level. He’s young, 15, doing this gig for not too long. And yes Peter is a genius, but genius’ still have to learn and they make mistakes along the way. I felt like he didn’t even have much spider sense in Homecoming, maybe as a sign he’s not yet the spidey with all his cool tricks just yet. 

2) Karen immediately said, on the lines of, “congratulations on completing your training.” Obviously, there was insight that Peter would be further trained by either Tony himself or Peter self training whatever, but training to help prepare himself for the full functionality of the suit. 

3) Spider-Man doesn’t kill, whys he need this? He wants to be an Avenger, being an Avenger doesn’t mean you’re fighting people all the time. It’s safe to say all the Avengers have killed humans, even Captain America (come on, he super solider kicked him out like a 10 story window that kills people Steve, also he fought in WW2 (but thats war! yes, but it shows he has the capability to do it)) and thus they’ve killed aliens and “killed” robots. So giving an instant kill mode is understandable taking into account that 1- Peter wants to be an Avenger, 2- the Avengers dont just fight humans, 3-Tony knows what’s out there and what his type of people face. Think of The Walking Dead when Rick finally gave Carl a gun. He knew he had to because of the situation, it was a line of defense against the dangers they faced. Peter growing up and getting more powerful will only make him face greater dangers. 

4) The suit listened. While he couldn’t grasp the suit entirely, Karen listened to Peter’s request. Instant kill was never activated, even for self defense. 

You really just have to listen to the dialogue and think about the world for a second. This suit fits Peter one size, so you can think well, this is his suit for the long run and Tony made the suit where it can grow with Peter’s age and powers and skill capability. Not everything was for a 15 year old. Think of it as an iPad with parental controls on, you can use the iPad 6 year old child, but somethings are restricted until you’re older. 

Taking the suit away

People had a lot to say with the line “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” Saying that well, Tony always fights with his suit what a hypocrite. 

It wasn’t the best, we had a lot of issues with it, but it still happened, Iron Man 3. 

Literally a movie about Tony without his suit. His suit was “taken away.” Tony doesn’t even have powers in general. Without a suit, Peter still has strength, his brain smarts, wall crawling, jumping fancy parkour, etc. 

Besides, Peter was doing this in sweats before he even got the suit. So he was something before the suit, he just forgot. Maybe Tony noticed this, maybe Tony just wanted the suit so he can fix Peter’s tinkering. Peter was getting ahead of himself with the suit. Moving too fast. Perhaps he’d slow down without it, which we know he kinda did. 

Them rocks and his painful cries

Yes, my heart broke when Peter got trapped under the rocks and was crying for help. Some said that he would’ve gotten out if he had his suit, i think it would’ve been the same situation kinda/actually. There was no tracker and I don’t know if Tony gets Peter distress alerts, so there wasn’t much the suit could’ve done. I mean it doesn’t heighten his strength right? I only saw the movie once so I don’t remember all the aspects of the suit. Maybe Karen could’ve helped him, but i feel the situation wouldve been similar sweats or suit. 

Tony doesn’t listen

It’s hard to say what Tony did concerning the Vulture, we only know his only attempt at doing something was setting up the FBI on the ferry. Once again, only saw it once. But its safe to say that Tony is very up to date with what’s going on with Peter. And he listens. Im assuming Happy tells him everything, but he genuinely listens and knows, Peter’s not in band practice anymore. And he’s always available when Peter needs him (or when he thinks he needs him) even when he’s in another country. You can even say he was a bit overbearing. I didn’t quite understand why Peter was in a 5 borough lock-down and couldn’t leave NY. Peter had more attention on him then he realized i think, until he found the tracker and the fact that his lens recorder EVERYTHING. I mean the suit’s like a romper, he had to strip everything to pee. So a little over the top with the supervision in those cases assuming Tony can watch the recordings on his end. 


I think that was mostly it. I feel that conclusions are drawn up too and that dialogue and the history of this marvel world isn’t taken into account. I don’t know if the writers ever intend for things to be looked at this deeply, I would hope so! But we all know Marvel is just…Marvel its hard to tell what the hell they intend and want. BUT I think conclusions and reasonable assumptions can be drawn from what we know about the world, the characters and how the story progresses. 

Thick and heavy bass lines charged with brutal dance floor drive and delicate dark vibes

[Osaka | Japan]

Since listening to daft punk’s “derezzed” as a junior high school student, Keshigomu has fostered a deep love for dance music. In 2013 she started her DJ career overseeing a new party “Movement”. A year later, she joined the DJ crew “Sprout’s Dub ‘94”, a collection of DJ’s born in the year 1994.
Since then she has joined a range of parties spinning anywhere from heavy neurofunk to smooth liquid Drum and Bass and has supported the likes of Brian Gee, Alvin Risk and Andy C. She has become a vital part of the Osaka drum n bass scene.

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anonymous asked:

hey i'm trying to write story set in new york city and i was wonder if you knew of any websites that would be helpful

You’re in luck, my long-time writing project takes place in New York *laughs an evil laugh while going through every NYC bookmark in my computer*. 

Living in “The city” 

5 New York City Etiquette Tips 

14 Weird Things New Yorkers Think Are Totally Normal

50 Signs You Grew Up In New York City

11 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Hail A Cab In NYC (From A Cab Driver)

13 Slang Words Every New Yorker Should Know  


Geographic Makeup

Boroughs & Neighborhoods 

18 Ethnic Micro Neighborhoods in the 5 Boroughs of NYC

NYC Population at All-Time High of 8,550,405


New York City Boroughs & Neighborhoods Map

Printable New York City Street Map

Basic Tourist Map of Manhattan


Download lots of maps and get some travel books from your local library (if your story is set in the past keep in mind NYC is always changing). Study some of the city’s history, at least behind major trends and locations. Big topics to know about are real estate, street crime, and gentrification.

Other things I have learned:

  • Rain occurs suddenly and without warning, so always have an umbrella. If you don’t there is probably someone selling them nearby.
  • Everything is dirty. It stinks. Cockroaches are a given.
  • Nobody makes eye contact and you never see the same person twice.
  • You have a summer car and a winter car; one for the heat and one that’s rust-proof. Most New Yorkers seem to rely on public transit though, and may never have applied for a driver’s license. There are like four gas stations and they’re used mainly by cabbies.
  • A bodega is where you shop, but the rest of the country calls it a convenience store. A newsstand is like NYC’s version of a convenience store. Newsstands used to be individually owned, but lately they’ve been replaced with a chain of company-owned newsstands and people dislike that.
  • The Meatpacking District stopped packing meat forever ago, and now all the old warehouses are nightclubs or indoor flea markets.
  • Hell’s Kitchen is not a TV show about cooking with Gordon Ramsay. It’s also not called that too often anymore.
  • The High Line is hecka cool.
  • The Bronx was not hecka cool. In fact, it looked worse than Detroit does now.
  • New Yorkers make fun of New Jersey, but they’ll still go there for a weekend getaway. 
  • There are dozens of places called “Tony’s Pizza” but only one of them is the “real” Tony’s Pizza.

I expect real New Yorkers to correct me on any of this. In fact, I’ll share any helpful replies left on this post from legit New Yorkers because I know a list of links won’t be enough to capture how New York City really feels.

FringeNYC announces 2018 festival plans -- in all 5 boroughs, in October.

After a 1-year hiatus spent evaluating the needs of New York’s indie theater community, FringeNYC (New York International Fringe Festival) has unveiled its plans for the next 3 years under Producing Artistic Director Elena K. Holy.

Beginning in 2018, FringeNYC will move to October and will have three components:

  • A smaller, adjudicated festival. This smaller adjudicated festival will allow FringeNYC to continue to serve the NYC area’s truly emerging creators / underrepresented communities and those who do not have ample opportunity elsewhere. This will be where international shows, too, can be a part of FringeNYC - since helping them secure visas is key to their participation. Similarly, national artists who are less familiar with producing in New York, and New York City venues, will find a home at this new smaller adjudicated FringeNYC.
  • Because of the shift to the fall, FringeNYC becomes the annual convening of indie performance makers, with panels and workshops addressing current issues and the gathering of all indie performance stakeholders and constituents.
  • In 2018, FringeNYC will also add a twist on the “Bring Your Own Venue” model. In the coming weeks, FringeNYC be forming an outer borough steering group to devise a plan by which venues outside of Manhattan can apply to make their programming an official part of FringeNYC. 

I think a smaller, more selective festival is definitely the way to go. I wonder about moving it to the fall, putting it against everything else kicking off at that time, but maybe that’s where the panels and workshops come in- resources for all artists. I hope this also turns into a stronger and more financially accessible program. 

Glad to see you back, Fringe!

clementinegay  asked:

okay but like..... i would LOVE that masterpost of lgbt media


[S - standalone, s - series, M - lgbt main/pov character, m - lgbt side characters, ! - sexuality as the main/only theme]

afterworlds (S, M) the hidden oracle (s 1/5, M) five boroughs (NSFW, s 3/6, M, !) darkest part of the forest (S, m) a map of home (S, M) dragon slayer (S, M) the magpie lord (NSFW, s 3/3, M) lies we tell ourselves (S, M, !) a darker shade of magic (s 2/3, M) shallow graves (S, M) bonds of earth (S, M) nightrunner (s 7/7, M) captive prince (NSFW, s 3/3, M) downtime (S, M) the coldest girl in coldtown (S, m) in the company of shadows (NSFW and many trigger warnings look it up kids, s 4/4, M) six of crows (s ½, M) the raven cycle (s 4/4, M) the diviners (s 2/4, M) far from you (S, M, !) know not why (S, M, !) if you could be mine (S, M, !) the song of achilles (S, M) beauty queens (S, M)


lumberjanes // the wicked and the divine // giant days // nimona // rat queens // saga


the handmaiden // caramel (m) // circumstance (!) // tom at the farm // heartbeats // i killed my mother // jongens (!) // the way he looks (!) // imagine me and you (!) // and your mother too

black sails // broad city // cucumber/banana (!)// glue (m) // how to get away with murder // in the flesh // kings // lost girl // looking (!) // sense8 // penny dreadful

Illegal/Legal States to own Sugar Gliders
For anyone looking to add a suggie to their family, I found this nice little list of the states where it is legal/illegal to own them :] Illegal/Legal States to own Sugar Gliders Legal - Idaho Legal - Alabama Illegal - Alaska Legal - Washington Legal - Oregon Illegal - California They’ve been known to seize and put down animals here. Please do not risk owning them in this state. Legal - Nevada Legal - Arkansas Legal - Colorado Legal - Connecticut Legal - Delaware Legal - Florida Florida law requires you to have a cage at least 4'x4'x4’ for two gliders, and then 25% more space for each additional glider. I’ve been told this is an old law, and not really enforced. Be sure to … Legal with Documentation - Georgia In Georgia it is legal to own sugar gliders if you have documentation proving that they are from a USDA licensed breeder. Illegal - Hawaii Legal - Indiana Legal - Iowa Legal - Illinois Legal - Kansas Legal - Kentucky Legal - Louisiana Legal - Maine Legal - Michigan Legal - Minnesota Illegal in St. Paul. Legal - Mississippi Legal - Montana Legal - Nebraska Verify in Omaha. “No person may keep, confine, or sell any nondomesticated animal…”” Legal - New Hampsire Legal with Permit- New Jersery Legal - New York Illegal in the 5 boroughs. Legal - North Carolina Legal - North Dakota Legal - Ohio Legal - Okalahoma Illegal - Pennsylvania Legal with a permit, but the state has never issued permits and doesn’t seem to have plans to. Legal - Rhode Island Legal - South Carolina Legal - South Dakota Legal - Texas I’ve been told there are quite a few cities in Texas where gliders aren’t legal.  Please call and ask to find out about your city if you’re planning to own gliders. Legal - Utah Sugar glider, Petauridae Family (Petaurus breviceps) is noncontrolled for collection, importation or possession; Illegal in Salt Lake County. May be illegal in other counties/cities.  Please call your… Legal - Vermot Legal - Wyoming Legal - Wisconsin Legal - Arizona Legal with Permit - New Mexico Legal - Tennessee Legal - Virginia Illegal in Prince William County and Fairfax County, Virginia. Possibly other counties as well.  Please call and check before bringing gliders home! Legal - West Virginia Legal - Maryland Illegal in Prince George County Legal - Massachusetts Legal as of January 2014. Legal - Missouri Illegal in Jackson County

Under the cut you will find a guide I wrote on how to come up with an original character. I know it can be quite difficult to create one from scratch and actually make it have depths and seem real. So here you go. It took me a lot of time and effort to write this. So please don’t claim it as your own and don’t remove my credit (x).

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