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♡ Name: Zoe

♡ Nickname: Yeah don’t really have one

♡ Zodiac sign: Gemini

♡ Height: About 5′5

♡ Nationality: Aussie 

♡ Favourite fruit: Cherries and so many more

♡ Favourite season: Autumn

♡ Favourite flower: Roses (especially red ones)

♡ Favourite scent: Anything floral or fruity

♡ Favourite color: Navy blue

♡ Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee and I’m counting mocha in that

♡ Average hours of sleep: 7 probably 

♡ Number of blankets you sleep with: About 2

♡ Dream trip: Trip through Europe, particularly Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Also probably somewhere in Africa too

♡ Blog created: No idea, maybe about two years almost or one year. Honestly, no clue


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This is Théo! He’s is a 5 year old rescued Aussie. He loves hikes, car rides, and his momma. You can follow him on Instagram @theo.coyote.thehappyaussie 💚

Part 5 - Aussie Sausage Dairy.

Note : all the stories I wrote are true :) happy reading !

I’ve been pretty busy with life recently. Didn’t really have the mood for hookup. But I always like to share my sexual experience to people I chat with vise versa as much as I like to hear about theirs as well. Typically : The first time and the best ones :) 

For me I’m actually having a hard time picking which one was the best, Previously in Part 2 I shared about Calvin the Chinese hunk with a Shih Tzu stole my heart, definitely a boyfriend material and A grade fuck buddy lol. Well this time in Part 5 I would call it one of my Wildest Adventures. 

it was 2 years ago I could recall. I was 18 and horny.

It was a Friday night. Desperately wanted a dick right up in my ass. Shaved my ass, cleaned my hole, put on my Hugo Boss cologne, wore a super revealing singlet (my nipples are exposed on the side if I move too much) and a super short shorts, comb my hair nicely, chewing eclipse mints make sure that my breath smells nice.

Off I went. Took a ride to the city center of Kuala Lumpur. Pavillion alone. Found myself in Tom Dick’s and Harry Bar, ordered a pint of Carlsberg, scrolling through JackD and Grinder hoping to encounter someone decent for hookup but it seems like ladyluck wasn’t on my side tonight. Most of them were staying with friends, busy or just not my type. I was depressed and disappointed obviously I came here with an objective which was clearly to have a fine dick right up in my ass. Thank god he heard my prayer lol. 

A fine ass looking Caucasian caught my attention when he walked into the bar. He’s 6 Feet Tall (180cm+), Broad Shoulder with dark brown hair, that’s all I could remember the details of him. He was in a suit with a loosen tie ( I guess he just got off from work and came for drink) I was staring at him the whole time since his arrival. He was looking at me at one point, I smiled at him :) He stood up took his drink and moving towards my direction. (you cannot imagine how excited I was in that moment.) I was in Cloud 9. 

Hot Guy : Mind if I buy you a drink ? 

Me : hello sure. I’m alone anyway. :)

We were sitting by the Bar on the high chairs drinking and just introducing each other and found out that he was actually from Australia and he came here for working purpose and he’s flying back tomorrow afternoon. Until he hit that jackpot question.

Leonard : anyway. What are you doing here alone by the bar in this hour ? is it common for an 18 to drink here 

Me : Well I could give you the answer on your bed if you wanna know what am I doing here in this hour :)

Leonard : (Chuckles) you’re pretty straightforward little boy . I like that. I’ll go get the bill.

Me : alright. Be right back, I’ll head to the washroom.

Washing my drunk face in the washroom. Chewing to my eclipse, looking in the mirror telling myself don’t screw this up. Thinking a way of impressing him so I went in to one of the toilet cubicle and I took off my underwear and I put in inside my man pouch. 

I had about 3 pints of beer and I wasn’t drunk, just a little tipsy as we were heading towards his hotel Pullman in a walking distance.

Leonard : So do you do this often ? you don’t look like its your first time.

Me : (Chuckles) Believe it or not its actually my first time looking for hook up in a bar. I guess lady luck was on my side after all.  How old are you btw ? 

Lenaord : I’m 45.

Me : That’s not a funny joke. You look like late 20′s instead of 45 !

(I Swear he don’t look like 45!, I never fuck with a man in his 40′s btw)

As we reached the hotel. We were in the elevator just the 2 of us he was standing behind me. And it started. He sneaked his left hand from behind right into my shorts touching my bubble butt. We both were shocked for god sake. I didn’t expect him to do that in the elevator.

Leonard : fuck boy where’s your undies ? (Laughing)

Me : I think I lost it somewhere. Maybe its on your bed ? (smirks)

As I undress myself in his room we started kissing slowly and passionately. Until he went shirtless I swear his body was priceless. Firm chest with broad shoulders I worship it immediately touching it and licking his hard nipples. He knew I love his chest when I couldn’t stop worshiping it.  From the chest slowly right down to his hard Aussie Sausage. It was HUGE. It was longer than 5inch (12cm+) and its thick. As I stroke it I when next to his ear and whisper.

Me : Can I call you Daddy ? (whispering softly)

Leonard : anything for you Baby Boy.

Me : Am I allowed to suck it ? (whispering softly)

Leonard :  show me what you got boy.

Me ; Yes daddy.

His hard dick was huge that I couldn’t suck it all the way through, he likes me sucking his dick obviously from the head to the balls making it wet with my saliva. Sucking his dick while by tongue is doing the job on the inside. Again. I used the ace up my sleeves. Swirling his dickhead with my tongue like drawing a circle. he was impressed :)

Leonard : oh boy you’re good at blowjobs even better than my boyfriend.

Me : well I hope he wasn’t jealous. (smiling)

As we switch position I found my ass facing his face as he rims me it felt so good especially when I shaved my ass so it would be smooth. He likes it alot licking my hole and spanking me lightly as I moan. We were in 69 Position where I was sucking his big dick while he was enjoying my pink hole. He took the lube and started to loosen my tight hole gently. I love it when my top takes the time to lube my hole as I moan softly. He wore a condom and I started riding his dick all the way through. I’ve never felt so good. While riding his big dick I rest my hands on his chest and play with his nipple he was moaning as well.

Leonard : Fuck you. Yes baby boy 

I was just moaning the whole time and make sure my hips are moving up and down to make us feel good. Switching position time to time from Military to Doggy to Standing and against the bathroom mirror.

I was leaning against the bathroom’s basin facing the mirror moaning as he fucks my hole from behind with his left hands on my shoulder and right hands on my hips pounding my hole gently making sure that I moan like his slut. My dick was hard as fuck and my precum was leaking all over the bathroom floor.

Leonard : enjoying the view of me fucking you ? 

Me : yes Daddy fuck you’re so hot. Can I cum now ?

Leonard : I’m close too cum for me Baby.

Me : Im cumming ! (Cum all over the floor it was a mess)

Leonard : fuck ! I’m close kneel down I wanna cum on your cute face.

As I kneel down quickly looking into his eyes with his huge dick wanking infront of me removing the condom and there it is. With his babies all over my face and body. It was surreal. Mind blowing indeed.

Me : Can I stay for the night ? its 3am now if you dont mind.

Leonard : As if I am going to allow a cute boy leaving on his own in this hour. bunk in with me tonight. Don’t worry I’m dead tired couldn’t start a second round even if you want too (chuckles) 

It was heart warming of him to do that. Most of the guys would just ask me to leave or fetch me home after the sex. The next morning we had breakfast together, took him to have some local food nearby and he was cute because he couldnt stand the heat from the Curry sauce for the Naan. 

He gave me some money for the Cab (which was way more than enough) but I refused to accept. We part ways every since then. xoxo

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Ton top 5 d'œuvres littéraires classiques? (Lire SuD a ravivé ma curiosité pour la littérature?? Je t'en remercie)

Top 5 ?!!??? 

Je ne peux pas choisir que cinq (5 !!!) œuvres littéraires classiques donc pardon, je triche (je ne fais que pour les romans, Anon’ qui veut la poésie, je te réponds demain) :

Top 5 en littérature française :

  • A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, Marcel Proust (mon-bébé-que-j’aime-de-tout-mon-cœur-et-qui-est-parfait)
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Chordelos de Laclos
  • Une Vie, Guy de Maupassant
  • Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
  • L’immoraliste, André Gide 
  • (Et aussi : La Chartreuse de Parme de Stendhal, Jean de Florette si on considère Pagnol comme un classique (?), Les Trois Mousquetaires de Dumas, Sido de Colette, Les Belles Images de Simone de Beauvoir (classique or not ?), Le Rivage des Syrtes de Julien Gracq, et beaucoup, beaucoup d’autres.)

Top 5 en littérature anglo-saxonne :

  • Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald (mon-bébé-que-j’aime-de-tout-mon-cœur-et-qui-est-parfait)
  • To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf
  • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Anne Brontë (la meilleure des Brontë !!!)
  • The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton
  • Another Country, James Baldwin 
  • (Et aussi : Other Voices, Other Rooms de Truman Capote, The Bell Jar de Sylvia Plath, Christopher and his Kind de Christopher Isherwood, Rebecca de Daphne du Maurier, Gaudy Night de Dorothy L. Sayers et j’en passe des dizaines.)

Top 5 en littérature européenne :

  • La Montagne Magique, Thomas Mann (et tout Klaus Mann qui est  mon-bébé-que-j’aime-de-tout-mon-cœur-et-qui-est-parfait mais reste malheureusement dans l’ombre de son père)
  • Eugène Onéguine, Alexandre Pouchkine
  • Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d’une femme, Stefan Zweig
  • Le Jardin des Finzi-Contini, Giorgio Bassani
  • Les Frères Karamazov, Fiodor Dostoïevski
  • (Et aussi : Anna Karénine de Tolstoï, Le Docteur Jivago de Boris Pasternak, Les Cahiers de Malte Laurids Brigge de Rainer Maria Rilke, Le Refuge des Cimes d’Annemarie Schwarzenbach et tant d’autres.)
right or wrong

Summary: talking in the shadows and wishing in the dark. 

A/N: this is the second installment of Luke’s story, I also decided to give the girls names and Luke’s girl’s name is Anya, so say hello to Anya. also was inspired by a song. hehehe let me know if you figure it out.

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Warnings: none that I know of. 

Word count: 1,551 

It wasn’t the first time Luke and I had met but that wasn’t true for the rest of the people at this party. God knows what Luke Hemmings was doing at a house party in Malibu. I didn’t even know, but it wasn’t helping me or my oh so secret attraction to the aussie. 

This was actually the house of one of my band members, he liked to throw parties here so that when he went back to his apartment in Hollywood the only things to come home with him, would have been his girl of the night and a hangover for after. 

We were about two hours into the party when I decided to make some tea and find a quite place away from all the noise. Lucky me, I had a key to every room in this house and knew that the attic served as a second apartment. I one of my fellow band members that I was going upstairs, so they wouldn’t get worried and I made my way. 

You know they say that some of the best romances always have a little turmoil and pain, that isn’t how things were for Luke and I. My relationship with Luke actually started out as an affair and caused the turmoil and pain that would be brought on, and it was all my fault. 

I was sitting on the outdoor balcony that had been attached to the attic, when I heard the glass door slide open and close. There are only a few people who had a key to this part of the house so I was not worried about who was joining me, but never in a million years did I think it would have been Luke. 

“So this is where you go to avoid all the party maniacs, man I should have followed you up here sooner.” 

As soon as I heard that thick accent, I knew I was in trouble. Luke Robert Hemmings was the one man who no matter what he did, sent shivers down my spine and I couldn’t control it no matter what I did. 

I turned to him, stared for a good moment and turned back to look at the night beach in front of me. “I guess you could say that. How did you get up here anyway?” I asked, trying to sound annoyed. Though I did feel a rush of excitement run through me every time I heard him breathe. 

“Sweetheart, the door was unlocked, and I saw you walk up hear.” he responded with a smirk evident not only on his face but in his voice. I had no idea that this was all an act, but let me tell you he played it well.

“That doesn’t mean you have to follow me,” I said putting my cup to the side and running my hands through my hair. “Some one could have seen you, what were you thinking?” 

“What’s the problem, we aren’t doing anything wrong, we are just talking, and besides Mark isn’t even here? Where is he, Anya? Where? I don’t see him here with you, I never do?” Luke was shooting off the questions trying to break my resolve about us. I had told him nothing could happen, because I was with someone else, it also seemed that man was never around. If Mark and I weren’t spotted in the media so often or if I wasn’t engaged to the man, no one would even believe that our relationship existed.  

“Luke I’ve already told you, we can’t do anything more than talk. I love Mark, he loves me. Why can’t you see that? I am engaged to him, I am going to marry him.” I turned to Luke defending my current relationship. I mean, it’s not like the thought of Luke is always in the back of my mind, or that the sight of him makes me want to do sinful things. It felt like I was trying to convince my self and not the sex on a stick infront of me. I didn’t even know what he wanted from me.

“For once Anya tell me something truthful, not about who go home to at night but what you feel at night.” Luke requested. He was leaning against the side railing of this balcony with both his arms and legs crossed, staring me down. I knew that he wouldn’t loosen his gaze until I did as he asked. 

I mean it wasn’t like he was wrong. Mark and I still had sex, but it was never about me, or about us, just him. I was starting to believe that our spark was fading. Besides all Luke and I ever did was talk, and stare at each other from opposite walls of events never once to be seen together. So it wasn’t like we had done anything wrong. Always making circles around each other, trying to hide the connection we both desperately craved from each other, but were both to prideful to even admit. To the naked eye we were friends.

I wanted to tell Luke that he was always on my mind. I wanted to tell him to take me into the room and make me forget everything but him, and the way he would make me feel. I wanted him, all of him, forever, but it would only ever be a dream. I couldn’t tell him those things.

 I had a fiancé that wasn’t Luke. A fiancé that was never around when it didn’t concern him. A fiancé who didn’t seem to care about me or my future, but just the escape, or the pleasure I could give him after a long day. What was I doing with my life and why had I forgotten to make sure I was cared for. 

“Fine, you want to know something truthful Luke,” he looked at me with hopeful eyes. I walked inside to give us a little more privacy than that balcony could provide. He followed me in, and shut the door. It was so quite between us that I could hear the music, people, and alcohol taking over everything down stairs and I stopped. I turned around.  

“If he knew what I thought about you it would break his heart and I wish that I could but I can’t make the fantasy stop, the thought you makes me go crazy.” I didn’t even have to look at him to know this is what he wanted to hear, but I wasn’t done. “Every night I’m undressing with him and I’m thinking of you
and Yeah I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but feel this way.” 

I hadn’t realized that I was pacing until He grabbed my shoulders and made me stop moving. I looked up at him and he gave me a weak smile. “Look, I know that we can’t do anything because you are with someone else. Just don’t say it’s unholy if I hold you for now, because baby, I will only tempt you if you want me too.” He said, leading me over to the couch and laying down pulling me on top of him.  

I didn’t really know what Luke’s plan was, one minute he was pushing me to admit how I felt about him and the next telling me that he just wanted to be there for me. I knew he didn’t like Mark, that was obvious. I was expecting for him to initiate something between us, not for him to just bring light to my life. Luke seemed to be that sunshine that breathed life into someone and make things easier. 

I also had no idea what I was doing, with my life, with mark, or even with Luke, but I knew my time was running out and I didn’t know what was right or wrong anymore. When I was with Mark things seemed right, but felt wrong, and when I was with Luke it seemed wrong but felt oh so right. I didn’t know what to do, so when Luke finally fell asleep on the couch, I got off of him, gathered my self, and kissed him on the forehead. I checked my phone realizing it was late, and made my way back down stairs to say goodbye to my friends and make my way home.

It was about 3:00am when I finally made it home. I kicked off my shoes plugged in my phone and saw that Luke had texted me. 

hey next time you might not want to leave lipstick on my forehead. ;)  

In that moment I truly wanted to punch him, but it still made me laugh a little. I deleted the text, shut off my phone and went to bed. 

Once I got under the covers I felt Marks arm wrap around my waste and waited just few moments to rush to the bath room and fake throwing up from the party. Man that one drink, six hours ago really messed me up. I rolled my eyes as if that was true. I flushed the toilet, turned out the light and made my way back to bed. I laid back down on my side of the bed, back facing him and drifted off only thinking of one man and he was no where around.


Title: Out of the Closets, Into the Streets
Year: 2015
Language: Australia (English)

Plot: Rare footage and documentation outlining the Gay Liberation Movement in Melbourne during the 1970s. The local LGBT+ community share their experiences in a highly youth driven social revolution. 

Basic Review:

  • This film is close to home, currently living in Melbourne, I could resonate with the locality and nostalgia of this space and a window into the very real history of people who paved the way for me to live freely today.
  • The film features university protests and other footage from the 1970s following the communal push for freedom and protest alongside the Indigenous Australian Liberationists and Women’s Liberation Movement. What impressed me most was the way each group taught and influenced one another on their privileges and lack thereof in order to improve empathy and reflect on the greater social picture.
  • The recounts of traumatic yet profoundly empowering moments of the pioneers who stood up to conservatives.
  • Encouraging for people, especially youth to be more politically proactive.
  • If you’re Australian or from Melbourne its unStrayan to not find and watch this film!
  • Arzaylea : I do this, I do that, my boyfriend is famous, I hate fake ass people, My mental health is unstable, I wish people--
  • Me : Your voice sounds like a dead alligator and will you already shut the fuck up because your shit talk makes me want to puke.
#28 You get memory loss after an accident but remember one of the other boys | Part 2


Calum’s is soooo cliche goood. Hope you’re all are having a greaaaat time, remember to check out the country pref series I’m currently posting! And if you don’t get Michael’s - some of it is a flashback

Read part 1 HERE | Country prefs HERE


”Luke! For fuck sake Luke slow down!” “Leave me alone.” Luke mumbled not even wanting to look back at the pleadings from Michael and Calum, the 3 boys sprinting down the hospital corridor. It wasn’t far after you had admitted that you knew Ashton that Luke didn’t hesitate to sprint out of the door wanting to get as far as away from everything as possible. “You know running away from everything won’t help on Y/N’s illness.” Michael yelled making Luke stop in track, Calum almost running into his back. “She doesn’t remember me. She remembers Ash. It fucking shows how much I meant to her in the back of her mind.” “You can’t conclude something like that! It could possibly have been me or Michael she had remembered! Don’t even question her love for you, do you understand?” Calum said frustrated taking Luke aback. “Now we’re going back to Y/N’s room and you’re gonna talk to her. She may not remember you now but I’m sure that if you’ll spend time together at some point something will click in her mind and everything will go back to normal.” Looking down at the ground Luke hesitated for a second before nodding. Walking back to your room all the 3 boys went in through the door to see you sitting in your bed still with the yogurt but with a giant smile on your face, laughing at something Ashton said. “Hey mate, can uhm Luke be alone with Y/N for a bit?” Michael asked and Ashton stood up from his chair. “Of course, call me if you need anything.” Ashton smiled patting Luke’s back as the 3 went out from the room again, you and Luke alone now. He hesitating went over to your bed before sitting down, sending small looks at your direction. “Are you okay?” You asked seeing the boys’ nervous state, barely getting any eye contact with him. He nodded his giving you a small smile which you returned. “Why are you here?” You asked scooping on your yogurt. Luke let out a little chuckle at your question, readjusting himself on the bed so he was more comfortable. “I got a call this morning telling me that my girlfriend had slipped and hit her head. So I went over here as soon as possible with my friends to see if she was okay.” Worry appeared on your face as you actually felt sorry for this boy. “ Is she okay?” You said quietly interested placing the bag of yogurt on the nightstand beside you. “She is.. There is just this little problem. When she hit her head, somehow it had an effect on her memory. She can’t really remember anything besides my friend. She doesn’t even remember me.” Looking down at his hands Luke let out a shaky breath before meeting your eyes. A knot had started to form in your stomach and your bottom lip was formed as a pout. “I’m so sorry to hear that.” You said giving him a light hug. He returned it back, nuzzling his nose into your hair taking in your scent. Pulling away from him you looked behind him to see instrument suitcases. “Are you a musician?” You asked confused and he nodded his head slightly not giving any eye contact. “We were in a hurry. Do you uhm.. Wanna here something?” He asked scratching the back of his neck and you didn’t hesitate to nod. “It was something I actually wrote for my girlfriend. I wanted to play it for our half year anniversary. It’s on Tuesday.” He explained as he took the guitar out of the case before sitting back on the bed. He strummed the guitar lightly and as he did it, it was like the feeling of home suddenly appeared in your mind. And when he started to sing quietly your eyebrows started to knot at the sudden feeling. Luke played for a few more seconds, giving you a few glares noticing your weird expression. “ Do you want me to play something else?” He asked making you zone out from your trance and you looked at him gobsmocked for a few seconds before nodding your head wanting to hear more. He started to play the chords to The Only Reason and that was where everything hit you like a brick wall. “You played that to me the day you asked me to be your girlfriend.” The statement slipped through your lips before you knew it and both you and Luke looked at each other wide eyed none of you saying anything. “You remember that?” He asked placing the guitar on the floor, looking skeptical at you. “ I do.” Looking down at your hands you fiddled with them.“ I think you’re guitar playing increased my memory.”  The confession made a smile appear on Luke’s face before he grabbed his guitar again, placing his fingers on the right chords. “I guess we’re going to have a concert all night long then.” He joked and you let out a little giggle leaning back in the bed as he started on some new chords.


”Y/N we are never ever letting you bring coffee for us again that’s for sure.” Michael joked as the 4 boys were sitting beside your bed, surrounding you – the dark haired boy more distant than the others. “I barely remember.” You mumbled scratching your head lightly on the bandage forming out a pout at the feeling. “Well we almost had a heart attack as one of the doctors here at the hospital called and said that you were brought here. It gave more sense since it “took” you almost an hour to bring us coffee.” Luke explained and the others nodded. “But, what happened? The doctor said that I was hit whilst crossing the road. I landed in the curb as a car hit me.” The boys looked around at each other for any answer but as none of them said anything so you just shrugged your shoulders. “It irritates me that I don’t remember a thing.” “Well you remember Michael.” The black-haired one snickered and you looked at him with knotted eyebrows taken aback by his sassiness. “ His tattoo.. They just said something to me in the back of my mind. I don’t know how.” You mumbled giving him a glare as the others looked nervous the tension changing a bit. “ Did the doctor have any advice?” Michael asked and you just rolled your eyes. “He told me that I could try sleep it off and see what happens. I’ve been sleeping like for forever. Nothing has worked.” “Maybe a kiss would work.” Ashton suggested goofily making the other boys roll their eyes at him. “What? It could work.” He defended and you just shook your head at him. “We all know that Calum over here really wants to do it.” Michael said swinging an arm around the Kiwi’s shoulder. The boy gave Michael a death glare clearly not comfortable with the situation. “I’m up for it.” You said easing his nerves and he looked at the ground for a second not knowing what to do. “ We can leave the room if you want us to?” Ashton chirped and Calum nodded his head. The boys all left their chairs going out of the room. As the door closed you and Calum exchanged glares both not really knowing what to do with yourselves. “I’m Calum.” He said quietly trying to swallow the lump that had started to form in his throat. “Calum my boyfriend.” You added and he nodded his head sadly, walking over to your bed from his chair. Taking a seat on your chair he gave you a sad look whilst caressing your bare thigh that was visible from your duvet. “It’s comfortable.” You mumbled with a little smile and he looked at you confused. “Compared to that I feel like I’ve first met you. But your touch.. It’s familiar.” Calum nodded his head at your statement letting out a deep sigh as he continued his process. “Do you think that it would actually work?” You questioned breaking the silence that had felt over you. “What? The kiss? Ashton is just joking around.” Calum mumbled with his lips in a tight line. “There’s nothing to lose. Why not try?” You asked and he formed a knot with his eyebrows but nodded his head as he saw the seriousness in your eyes. Leaning forward he searched in your eyes for any hesitation but as you just closed your eyes he did the same as well before capturing your bottom lip with his, giving you the probably most passionate kiss in your life ever. And that was when the butterflies in your belly started to build up and scenarios started in your head. The way Calum woke you up this morning, when he asked you to go buy coffee for the boys as they were recording, and most of all when you missed seeing the car driving in front of you as you were too occupied with your phone that it hit you. As you pulled away from Calum he let out a deep sigh closing his eyes again as you caressed his cheek with your hand. “When I was hit by the car, I was checking a tweet from you saying that you had the best girlfriend in the world.” Calum pulled away from you in a fast motion looking at you with a confused but a big smile was forming on his face. “You remember that?!” Nodding your head Calum pulled you in for more pecks on the lips and you started to laugh as he continued his process around your cheeks and forehead. “You remember me?” He asked fully and you nodded your head as you both let out goofy giggles. “WAIT DID IT WORK?” The sound of Ashton’s voice appeared from the back of the door, totally exposing their secret ear dropping to you guys. “Guys you can come in.” Calum yelled and the 3 teenage boys stumbled in through the door as Calum swung an arm around your shoulders letting you snuggle in to his chest.


Even though it was spring, the wind was cold as it connected with Michael’s jacket covered arms. He was sitting alone, not daring to go inside again, just wanting to be alone. Everything had him harder than expected. But why would that be such a shock, his own girlfriend didn’t even know who he was? “Mike?” Michael turned his head at the sound of his voice but groaned instantly as he saw Luke standing against one of the hospital doors to the outdoor area, him just sitting at one of benches head in the hands and keeping on letting out small groans and sighs. “Leave me alone. I need to think.” He mumbled looking away from the blond-haired guy.  “Come on mate. You gotta be kidding me.” Luke half-whined walking over to Michael before placing a hand on his shoulder. “How is she?” He asked not taking his eyes away from the ground. “She’s… She’s sleeping now. I put her to bed. She was very upset and confused. I thought it would be best for her if she just slept it away.” Luke explained and Michael nodded his head swallowing the lump that had started to form in his throat. “I think we should go home and bring something for her. Maybe a blanket or something that reminds her of you.” Luke suggested breaking the silence that had felt between the two Aussie boys. Michael let out yet another groan but stood up instantly at Luke’s suggesting nodding his head. After driving home after one of the blankets you slept with together with Michael, Luke and him went back to the hospital before tip toing into your hospital bedroom, seeing you still sleeping peaceful. “Should we wake her up?” Luke asked walking over to your bed. Michael shook his bed before standing on the other side. “ I don’t have the heart to do that. We’ll just wait until she wakes up.” He mumbled before placing the blanket on top of you, the scent of him and your perfume filling his nostrils from it. “ If this doesn’t work Luke I swear to god..” He mumbled and Luke just rolled his eyes at the dark-haired boy. “ If it doesn’t we’ll try something else. As long as we don’t give up, somehow her memory might get back.” Michael looked at Luke as he was thinking something before looking back at you. He gave your sleeping one last sad glare before leaving the room with Luke closing the door.
“Do you ever think we’ll end like them?” You asked looking up at Michael as he was standing behind you, swinging the swing slightly slowly enough to still have a conversation with you. Looking over at the couple you were referring to Michael shrugged his shoulders before giving you a cheeky kiss on the forehead. “ I don’t know. We’ll probably end like someone who yells at each other all the time but can’t survive without each other.” “ You think?” You asked letting your feet connect with the san beneath you stopping the swing. “I don’t know.” He said in a high pitched noise trying to be teasing. “ Wanna race over to the basket? The loser has to feed the other.” Michael asked as he started to sprint over to your blanket with a picnic on it, making you groan at him before running over to the blanket as well. “Shotgun.” He yelled before crashing onto the blanket letting him fill it all out no space for you. Slumbering down on his stomach you placed yourself on him and he let out a huff. “Y/N!” He whined and you just let out a giggle. “This is what you get for taking all the space.” You shrugged but let out a howl as he grabbed your hip before switching place him now on top of you.  “Dominant now, huh?” You teased and he just laughed at you before letting out a small “shut up.” Before connecting his lips with yours.  
“Y/N?” Opening your eyes your body jolted as you saw Michael sitting next to you, a confused yet amused expression spread across his face. “Michael.” You panted in shock holding your hand to your heart. “You scared the crap out of me.” “You remember me?” He asked and you just nodded your head like he was crazy. “ Oh my… LUKE THE BLANKET. IT WORKED!” He yelled towards the door before attacking you with cuddles, Luke and the other boys running into the room seeing Michael almost knocking the breath out of you, and the other boys attacking you as well in joy.  “Michael are you crying?” Calum asked amused and Michael covered his eyes with his hands, the redness in them clear. “No I just.. Had something in my eye.” He lied but he let out a giggle anyways, really not caring if the guys saw him crying. “I’m just happy.” He said looking you in adore before giving you yet another kiss on the forehead.


”Mate you look pale maybe you need a glass of water?” Calum suggested as a few minutes of silence had passed by, none of you saying anything, just the constant staring from Ashton never leaving. “I uhm.” He mumbled running a hand through his hair looking around dazed. The usual reddish colour on his cheeks had turned into a pile white one. “Yea.” He finally said whilst nodding his head and Calum did the same before walking out of the room in a search for a water machine. As the sound of the door closing Ashton shut his eyes tightly taking deep breaths to calm himself down. “Do you need to sit down?” You asked timidly, feeling extremely bad for his condition and he opened his eyes staring directly at you, trying to see any hint of fakeness. “You really don’t remember me?” He finally asked and your lips formed into a straight line and you looked down at your fondled hands whilst shaking your head. Removing your feet from the bed you patted the now empty spot on the bed for Ashton to join. He looked at the spot for a second but oblige to sit down next to you.  “Tell me your name.” You smiled and he looked weirdly at you, not used to the new tension. “Ash. Ashton Irwin.” He mumbled. “Well okay then Ashton my name is Y/N.” He let out a little giggle at your sentence looking up at you. “I know.” “You do?” You asked confused and he nodded. “How do you know Calum?” He bursted making you squeeze your eyes in thoughts trying to come up with any answer. “ I don’t, I don’t really know. He’s just there. In the back of my mind. I know that he’s in a band, and he plays the bass. There’s nothing more about him that I know.” You explained and Ashton’s eyes lit up in the mention of the band. “You remember anything from the band?” He pushed on and that made you look to your right, reaching over for your phone.  “I’m not really sure but I think there are 4 members.” You mumbled, searching through pictures on your phone. “ I have this photo.” You said showing the photo on your phone – the 4 of them posing for the SLSP EP. “Hey that’s long time ago.” He mumbled looking at it. “Wait you’re the one with the bandana aren’t you?” You questioned as you looked at your phone again and he let out a smile. “I am. And there’s Calum. The blonde one is called Luke and the last one is Michael. They’re also here at the hospital somewhere. Probably down the cafeteria eating.” Nodding your head at his explanation of the band you scrolled through some of the other photos your phone but stopped at one specific picture. “This is.. Us?” You questioned wide eyed showing Ashton the photo of you and him kissing whilst cuddling on the couch. “Yea it.. is.” He answered looking at the picture in awe but a deep sigh left his lips. “ You’re… you’re my boyfriend?” You asked in fear – not because of being in a relationship with him, but the fact that you didn’t remember your own boyfriend. “ We are.” He announced giving you your phone back and you scrolled few some other photos. “We’ve been together for almost 2 years.” Unlocking your phone you formed a pout. “I can’t believe I don’t remember my own boyfriend.” You mumbled giving him a sad smile before taking his hand drawing patterns along his wrist. “ Well..” Ashton mumbled not really knowing what to say. “How are we? As a couple.” You added and he let out a small smile. “We’re.. Really something special. Always having a laugh together. That couple everyone is always sticking their tongue out at or making gagging sounds. We’re very affectionate. Love kissing out in the public. Also a few smacks in the ass sometimes but that’s just one of our crazy games. And you always freak out when I forget to put my laundry in the basket outside in our bathroom because you claim that if I don’t remove it from our bedroom floor, it’ll collect animals and more wash in big piles.” “ But you’re always putting a giant pile of clothes in the basket AFTER I’ve just put the dirty clothes in the washer, it’s so annoying god!” You said getting in a defensive mode but you smacked a hand in front of your mouth gobs mocked in shock as you realized what you just said. “You remember that?” He asked in joy and you couldn’t do anything else but nod, the tears welling in your eyes as all the memories went back in your mind. “Come here.” He cooed at your state and you obliged almost throwing yourself into his arms as he rocked you back and forth silencing you with the sobbing. “I’ll never forget you. I promise.” You whispered looking up at him and he gave you a small wink before giving you a lingering kiss on the forehead. “I love you.”