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here it is: all out!! characters set!

And you know what is my favorite thing about drawing this? That thing is that it isnt headcanons


finished this keith haring patch that I made for my bf @dearpercocet

Sam Winchester X Male!Short!Reader - remember me.

title: remember me. 

Sam Winchester X Male! Short! Reader
warnings: light language, sexual themes, [smut scene yo]
he/him pronouns used for reader
i have a gender neutral name, so i just put [name] and not [male name] fyi
***not really set during a specific season/episode :/
***also kinda long

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I need to write the words I love to read

I get high, slam a little and smoke herb, it’s an easy light combo but does me so hot… I am naked with porn on stroking to it. 5 men are naked and sweaty Hairy older men are fucking bareback and its on a cam not a video. I am seeing it live 5 men did meth on their cam for me and are having bare sex… I’m rock hard because I love that they saw me do meth earlier and then fuck my bf for them… when I do this drug my bf and I fuck on an app, lets other guys see… but they have to do the same. So most just see high men sometimes more than one in a cam and they want to watch me enjoy their body…. this is so hot.
All of us are high we show our own bodies as admission to it, and hotter men get more attention as usual with men seeking men.
Instead of seeing men make videos, we want to see men do it for us personally…
I am hard seeing my reflection, my face so given in to my buzz and it makes me proud of my body…
Men like me here, in sexual cyberspace. I call it tweakerdom. For gay men, sex is culture. Drugs are used for sex, so drugs is culture too. Poppers is a gateway drug little piggies be careful. Ha.
I am in this culture, it is new… and I respect it. I see men not noticing what I see I’m doing… ao it’s kinda hotter to me.

I want to let others use me to get off to, I am hot, but I don’t hold myself higher than anyone else I want my body to be enjoyed because it is meant for that… I am not ashamed of exposure you can’t make me shame my body… or shame doing the drugs I do, and enjoying how it has pushed me from fantasy want into having done what dark twisted shit I let it make hot for me.

I want to write about smoking meth with a group, like last weekend… and know men will be jacking to what I did.

Challenge from angelica55ink

A star has 5 ends. A square has 4 ends. A triangle has 3 ends. A line has 2 ends. But a circle of our friendship has no end. Send this to all of your friends (including me if I am one). If u get 5 back, you’re a good friend. If u get 10, you’re popular. If u get 15, wow I’m jealous.

I guess you guys send me one of those shapes.






















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Your girl is back and guess who just passed her board exams??? I DID IT GUYS. I AM NOW A LICENSED ACCOUNTANT. AFTER 5 yrs in College and 5 months of review school I finally did it. I am so so happy. You have no idea how stressful the past couple of months were. Review school was a nightmare. I suffered constant anxiety and panic attacks. It was the first time I’ve been away from my family for so long. But all of my hardwork paid off and i am now a CPA. I am so so happy. I miss you all so so much. I still can’t be as active as before since I still have a lot of adult boring things I need to do but it is still so good to be back. 

Strawberry Wine - Part 5: This Man’s Gold (Teaser)

So you guys voted and decided that I am posting SW 5 tomorrow. Here is a little teaser to keep you over until then. 


Dean smiled as he pulled his car up in front of the house. It had been a long day of talking to bank managers, trying to persuade them to loan him and Bobby money for a farm Dean’s name wasn’t on. He didn’t care but the banks did. More than one person had told him, that if he and Y/N were married it would be a different story, but Dean had given the same answer both times.

“I am not going to marry her over a piece of paper. When I do marry her it will have nothing to do with the farm.” Dean had felt Bobby’s eyes on him both time and he could have sworn the old man had smiled a proud smile both times. Dean had left town a little earlier than Bobby who still had, had a few errands to run so Dean had headed home.

Home to the farm. Wanting to spend as much time as he could with Y/N before she left in a few weeks. She was going touring for the first time since he had moved in with her, leaving Dean with her daughter. Bobby lived in the small farmhouse just down the road. He had insisted on moving out when Dean and Y/N had started talking about Dean living at the farm with her and Maggie, but he was still over most nights. He still legally owned the farm and he and Dean worked it together, with Y/N helping out whenever she could.

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  • Me: wow I just did homework for an hour and a half straight I'm getting so much done!
  • Me: I deserve a break now I've been productive I'll just take a break and then get back to my to do list
  • Me: *is on tumblr for three hours*

Tired but still obsessed w/ myself