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thejojosanctuary  asked:

Hi! I'm loving how your blogs shaping up so far your hcs are so cute <3 Is there any chance I can get a match up?(Part 3) I'm 5'0 with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes framed with glasses. I'm pretty mute around new people I know and rely on them to keep up conversations because I'm worried I'll say something wrong. I love singing, video games, novels and staying indoors surrounded by friends. I tend to cling to others that have a mature aura since I'm so quiet. I hope this is enough!<3

IM DEAD OMG THANK YOU ((I love your blog, btw, so this is like a dream for me rn omg)) And yes! Of course you can get a match! (I hope that it is ok.)

I’d ship you with Kakyoin

-Despite needing to grow a bit more as a person, he is very mature for his age, so you would probably gravitate towards each other.

-He would be very nonjudgmental about your initial muteness/occasional slips in conversation because he would be the exact same way, leading to a feeling of silent solidarity between you.

-You two have similar likes, so that would lead to many a good talk where both of you would forget your worries and let loose, passionately discussing a point of common interest/annoyance.

-He would love it if you would sing to him when you two were alone together, especially if he could rest his head on your lap as you did so. He would find this soothing, as it would remind him of the good times before his parents gave up on trying to understand him and he had started shutting people out of his life.

-He is a pretty stay at home kind of guy when not traveling, so he would not mind staying in with you and some mutual friends instead of going out on lavish dates.

-The gaming marathons would be INTENSE and off-the-charts good. If you play more single player games and got stuck on something, he would be a research specialist for you, scouring every wiki and guide site until he found the finest of info to bring to your aid. Otherwise, he would just watch you play and comment on the action/try to help you strategize.

-Compliments you when you win, but doesn’t go easy either. 

-Your “first fight” (but not really though, lol) would happen after an extremely close match in some game, wherein one of you would dramatically rage quit due to the “tactics” that were used to gain the upper hand. It would be a good-natured (and not mean) exasperation, though, and a rematch would soon occur.

-He would love to read with you and randomly interrupt the comfortable silence with new facts that he found interesting. You two might have a sort of “book club” as well, and if you ever got sick, he would read to you so you wouldn’t strain your eyes. He would also always offer to clean your glasses.