Idgaf who he is dating, i will always be luke trash

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i’m surprised ashton hasn’t broken more drum sets with the amount of force he uses while drumming

The Christmas Party - Lashton

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Forgive me lord for I have sinned

“Why do you always look so good?” Luke asked grabbing the hips of the girl in front of him, dark red skirt that was riding up her legs that were covered by her fishnet tights, green shirt covered by a white cardigan and a santa hat on top of her head. Her black thigh high boots were just the finishing touch that was driving Luke over the edge.

“Hello to you too, Luke,” she said laughing, turning with the freshly poured glass of wine in her hands. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She took a quick sip of the drink, tongue running along her bottom lip collecting the excess that never made it in her mouth. Her eyes ran along the length of his body: hair still wet from his shower with little curls falling on his forehead, face groomed with a bit of stubble still remaining just the way she liked it, a beautiful red, silk, button down shirt that greatly contrasted his pale skin, and his black dress pants that matched his black boots. He leaned his head in, pressing a soft kiss right below her ear before biting down on her lobe.

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pairing: calum x reader

so it’s the first day of december which means its basically christmas and im super excited, so imma post a christmas-y related imagine ((more like blurb cause im thinkin theyre gonna be pretty short tbh)) for each guy

over this thanksgiving break i wrote a lot actually, but that’s for a project later in 2017 ;))

A night in, the fireplace roaring while a Christmas classic was on. His arms wrapped around your torso and his head having perfect access to mindlessly press a chaste kiss to your neck throughout the night. Everything was just perfect. 

Your eyes looked over to the tree in the corner of the room, noticing a few wrapped boxes had already made their way to underneath it, despite Christmas being nearly two weeks away. That’s when it really hit you.

You carefully looked around the room, as if looking for answers, but there were none. Just a bunch of Christmas lights strung across the mantle, as well as the tree, and the couple presents that certainly didn’t give you any solace. You didn’t want to feel like a shitty girlfriend for not buying anything for him yet; being the procrastinator you were, usually you ended up buying his birthday and holiday presents days before, not two weeks. 

But you had to ask him. Sure, you’ve known him for years now and he would probably be happy if you bought him just a new little sticker to put on one of his basses, but you wanted to give him something he would really appreciate.

“Cal?” You reluctantly asked, tilting your head to look into his deep, chocolate brown eyes. He hummed as a response. “I never asked what you wanted for Christmas.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I couldn’t ask for more, Y/N. I have you, and Millie–” He said, eyes flickering to the little dog curled up by the fireplace to enjoy the warmth it gave off, her eyes closed as she was probably asleep. “And I have little Sophia on the way.” He large hands grazed over the little baby bump you had acquired over the past couple months, and a large grin crossed his face. “I have everything I want, really.” 

You brought your hand to intertwine with his, giving it a loving squeeze and receiving another kiss to your neck. For a moment, you understood where Calum was coming from since you were in the same position. You couldn’t want more than this, you life with him now as it was. Everything was pretty much perfect to you, with your little apartment and Millie and Sophia–how could you want more than a baby that was just as much you as it was Calum? A sign of your love for each other?

There was a brief moment of silence, but your thoughts had you aching to have a specific answer. “What about another bass? Would you like that?”

A light chuckle emitted from his plump lips, a smile etching across his face. “Y/N, please don’t buy me another bass. I can get a new one any time.”

“What if it was signed by Mike Dirnt, or something?” 

“I would be truly surprised if you could get a bass signed by Mike Dirnt in any world.” He admitted. “But you really don’t need to get me anything, Y/N. I’m not looking for presents.”

“Then what are you looking for?” You asked desperately, making eye contact with your boyfriend once again.

His thumb ran across your knuckles in a soothing manner as he looked over to the tree, particularly the presents underneath. There was one, in a small tiny box, tucked away from your sight, which was the only present Calum cared about giving you on Christmas. One that would mark the start of your future together officially.

But he kept his mouth shut about that one. At least for now.

He looked down at you, flashing a toothless smile that surely eased your nerves a bit somehow. “Just to be with you. Forever.”