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Nickname: Ani, Noot Noot, Rugrat (parent-exclusive) If people started calling me Noot Noot I would be totally down.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: I don’t really know. Probably anywhere between 5′9 and 5′11, if friends’ guesstimations are accurate at all

Favourite music artist: This is hard because it constantly changes. Two weeks ago it was Owl City but now I’m in that weird limbo where its not one particular thing. Maybe Gorillaz???

Song stuck in my head: All TIme Low by John Bellion AND 19-2000 by Gorillaz AT THE SAME TIME

Last movie i saw: The LEGO Batman Movie. It was hilarious and I’m so glad I went. 

What are you wearing right now: I passed out in my day clothes last night, so I took a shower and changed into my pajamas. So a band shirt from my high school and some basketball shorts from my middle school.

What do you post: Ehhhh mainly reblogs of Miraculous Ladybug but also politics. My own, self-created posts are mainly about how tired and/or sad I am and MIraculous Ladybug and writing.

Why did you choose your url: Okay lemme weave you a tale. Once upon a time there was a 6th grader making a fanfiction.net account. Their name was Anissa and their last name started with P. THey didn’t wanna use their full name (and even if they did its not like their parents would let them). So they took the first three letters of their first name, the first letter of their last name, and they were writing so they tacked ‘writes’ at the end. They thought this was cool and started using it literally everywhere else. 

Do you have any other blogs? anip-art for tips and my own art and writing, anipgarden for gardening tips and such, and some old non-important accounts. I’m thinking about making an OC blog but I’m not sure if anyone would care enough for it to actually be of value.

What did your past relationship teach you: I’ve never actually dated someone. However the closest I’ve ever gotten to it taught me that boys can be assholes. Some of them apparently think that telling someone you’d like to date them, and then a week or two later turning around and saying ‘don’t mean to be petty but I’m gonna date this girl instead so yeah that’s that bye’ is fair. It’s been 3 almost 4 months and I wish I wasn’t still petty about this but I AM AND IT SUCKS.

Religious or spiritual: I mean I’m Christian?? But I don’t agree with everything that my church talks about or certain parts of the Bible. So????? I don’t know?????

Favourite colour: lime green. Or, like, that nice bright green you get when you’re looking at a tree with particularly bright leaves and the sun filters into it just right. Or like the green of seedlings. I guess this means my favorite color is leaf green???? But sometimes its way dark so IDK I just go with lime.

Average hours of sleep: 6 to 8 most of the time. It’s never enough.

Lucky number: IDK man. I never really think about numbers like that.

Favourite character: currently? Nathanael Kurtzberg. Throughout time? Scourge from Warriors, Brambleclaw from Warriors, Shadow the hedgehog, Silver the hedgehog, Espio the chameleon, Mighty the armadillo, Dipper Pines, Connie Maheswaran, Chat Noir, and Nathanael Kurtzberg

How many blankets do u sleep with: I sleep with one comforter. Sometimes I add an extra blanket if I’m cold.

Dream job: Gosh I would totally want to be an author. 

I shall tag: @ofekma @shadowxmephy @105ttt aaaaaaaaaaaand I’m too tired for this. If you wanna do it do it. If you don’t then don’t.

I know we’re meant to be 

If he were to notice me 

Waiting for my presents to arrive

So Santa here’s my wish

To share our Christmas kiss

With the one that I’ve been dreaming of

But keeping him from me is a catastrophic 

He’s the boy I secretly love


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TITLE: Becoming 

CHAPTER NO.: 1 to 11

AUTHOR: Cat Winchester

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a vampire and catching Loki’s interest.


NOTES: Another existing story that fits an new imagine. 


Nina cocked her head slightly to the side so she could hear them. They probably had no idea her hearing was so sensitive, but even locked in this tiny room she could hear every word, although the room next door was supposedly sound proofed.

“Look at her, she’s not human.”

Well, they weren’t wrong, Nina mused. It had been years since she was human. In fact, she didn’t even know why she was keeping up the pretence of being civilised.

“She might be unusual, but she is as human as you are, Stark.”

She smiled slightly at Loki’s defence of her, but her smile soon faded. Rescuer or not, he reminded her of where she had come from.

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The Sector V thing i was working on, started off with the previous sector v as a sketch and then… expanded from there. with some parallels. (also a note, it wasnt intended but the clear huddled group of the current VS the previous not as huddled is a thing)

The previous Sector V with Numbuh 5, 11, 8a and 8b, and 9. And the current Sector V as well all know, 1,2,3,4, and 5. 

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Michael Emerson is mesmerizing in this multi-layered role. He acts rings around the other actors.

“Yeah, that serial killer. I played a man who appeared to be one of those fellows that wants to be convicted. That wants to be thought that he’s a powerful, vicious killer. But he was just making it up. But then the big twist was that he hadn’t made it up at all. He had been play-acting to cover his real ruthlessness.” - Michael Emerson about his character.

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The Lamb Defeating the Ten Kings, about 1220 - 1235, Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment
Leaf: 29.4 x 23.5 cm (11 9/16 x 9 ¼ in.)
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

If you’re in Paris right now

- Emergency special number (if you need information) (please, use it carefully, too many calls will make the line crash): 0800 40 60 05 

- Schools and universities are closed tomorrow. (in the whole country btw)

- In Paris and IDF, it’s advised NOT TO MOVE. Don’t leave your home or the place you’re staying in unless you really have to.

- It seems taxis are free tonight if you need a ride home.


- 5 metro lines are closed: 3, 5,8 9 and 11

- Maps of the attacks (source: Libération). Streets are probabky closed around these areas.


Yeah but Dean isn’t into men right? (especially Cas)