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what blood ritual did you use to make your paintings, and can you give the number of that art demon you summoned for it?

every time that it turns 5:26 or 11:11 I make a wish that someday i’ll be a successful artist so I guess i’m doing something right 

I know we’re meant to be 

If he were to notice me 

Waiting for my presents to arrive

So Santa here’s my wish

To share our Christmas kiss

With the one that I’ve been dreaming of

But keeping him from me is a catastrophic 

He’s the boy I secretly love


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“Sevgili Buski yetkilileri,
Adım Hamza Yusuf Çukur. Karacabey(?) Şehit Serkan Şahin Ortaokulunda 5/B öğrencisiyim.
26/11/2016 Cumartesi akşamı Bursa'ya dayımlara giderken benim için önemli olan bir şey çok dikkatimi çekti.
Buski'nin dağıttığı su tasarrufu çok kez okudum (KİTABINI). Akan sulara boşa giden sulara daha dikkat eder oldum.
Fakat Buski'nin binasında bir çeşme ve 4 su damlası gördüm. Her defasında 4 damla su boşa akıyor. O damlaların altında bir kova olması gerekmez mi? Ya da bir çiçek? Ya da bir ağaç?
Bir çocuk gözünden kaçmaz!

Hamza Yusuf Çukur”

Bakın eğer bu doğruysa, vasiyetimdir cenazeme bu çocuk da gelsin. Buski'nin düşünceli yetkilileri de cenazemde Hamza Yusuf'un getirdiği çiçeklere 4 damla su damlatsın. Ama 4 damla. 4 damladan fazlası ruhumun terk ettiği bedenime çok gelir, israf olmasın, Hamza Yusuf kızmasın.

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5, 11, 26

5. describe the cutest date you’ve ever been on

omfg absolute tossup here, when @mylordshesacactus was here two years ago 1) we went to the seattle aquarium and just kinda noodled around looking at fish and talking quietly about…fish… and then we found the cuttlefish who were having some AWESOME displays and talked about cuttlefish behavior for a bit it was gr9

2) possibly the same day? this sounds bad. anyway we took a ferry over to bainbridge on new years day which was a great plan except for the bit where bainbridge is A Small Town and everything was closed except a cafe AND an actually authentic mexican restaurant and so we had really stellar mexican food and then took the ferry back and the weather was great and we held hands a lot

11. would you ever date someone who owned rodents or reptiles?

well. i’ve owned rodents. so that’s hardly a deal breaker. my only thing with herps is i’m skeevy about feeding mice (3 guesses why) but like, if the partner wants a large herp that’s fine as long as they feed them

26. favourite lgb musician/band

i don’t? know any? i am so bad at pop culture omg. why is there no t btw.

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3, 5, 6, 11, 18, 26 - aly :D

3. How many different best friends have you had in your life?

I think.. 4? maaybe 5. :/

5. Do you have any specific talent?

My clay i guess?

 6. Do you fit into any stereotypes?

I don't really? I mean idk.. maybe a ‘Butch lesbian’ based on my hair… but I cant think of much else. I’m just bloody weird. 

11.When did you discover your favorite band?

… A handful of years ago? Not a clue tbh. 

18. Have you ever rejected anyone?

Yup. Refer to last ask XP

26. Do you like anyone?

Romantically? Guess not. 

Quite a few friends i like alot atm though. would love to hug ‘em <3

ehm @princeyandanxiety  @officalmisssugarpink  @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic

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5, 11, and 26? :)

5. Who’s Shepard’s best friend?

After her LI Garrus, it’s Thane. They each support her and she depends on them in different ways.

11. Are Shepard’s parents still alive?

No :( Marie is a colonist. She lost both her parents and her older brother in the attack. She doesn’t have any other close family.

26. How do they reconcile after a fight? (Shakarian)

They’re the types that when they fight, they don’t blow up at each other. They’re more like heated discussions. After they fight, they each go to their separate offices or work spaces for a few hours to decompress and then have a more calm discussion later and smooth things over later. I don’t think they fight much though, get a little annoyed with each other, sure, but not to many big fights.

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For the PL ask! 1, 5, 11, 26 and 36! ^^

1) Who is your favourite character?
~ I have so many faves - Clive, Emmy, Luke, Claire and of course Loosha :)

5) What’s your favourite setting? (Misthallery, Monte d’Or, etc…)
~ Another hard one but I think my favourite is the future London in the Lost Future. It’s so cool

11) Do you have a favourite quote? If yes, what is it?
~ it’s gotta be when Clive says ‘IT WON’T END THIS WAY!’ or the professor’s running theme of 'A true gentleman always….(subject)’.

26) How did you discover the series?
~ When I was 8 I got Curious village for Christmas! I didn’t really understand it at first but I remember getting so obsessed with it and then other people in my class got the game and I ended up helping everyone with the hard puzzles and thinking I was a proper boss because I completed the game and nobody else could. Back in the day, nobody knew what walkthroughs were.

36) Has a moment in the games ever scared you?
~ There were a few moments in Curious Village- the scene where Don Paolo gets busted for disguising as inspector Chelmey really creeped me out for some reason (I think it was because the Reinhold Manor music stopped playing and you just hear the beeping of the text bubbles) and also when Ramon goes missing and you have to walk around at nighttime is kinda unsettling. Other than the curious village, I don’t think there were any moments that truly creeped me out.

Thanks for asking!! ^^

bellammys  asked:

3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 13, 26, 28, 29, and 30

twin!! <3 thank you for the questions haha, ily

3. How many different best friends have you had in your life?

hmm I think four? one in kindergarten, one in primary school, one in highschool and my current best friend

4. Do you have a best friend?

well yes, I don’t really like to use that title bc it reminds me of all the primary and high school drama of ‘in this group of friends the two of us are best friends and the rest are just friends and our friendship is unbreakable’, but I do have a best friend and she’s awesome (ily Sigrid)

5. Do you have any specific talent?

if I’d ask this to my mom or anyone in my family they’d say drawing but seriously my drawing skills are nothing compared to those of others. I’d say other things like braiding hair or procrastination or taking really long showers

8. What’s your favorite animal?

an orca! when I was a toddler we had these tiny plastic animals for playing in bath and I liked the one that looked like a black and white dolphin so I decided that would be my fave animal, and more than fifteen years later it still is haha

11.When did you discover your favorite band?

I’m not really a music person, um. like I love music but I mostly listen to movie scores etc or just listen to the radio without really paying attention to separate singers or bands. idk I’m sorry

13. Do you want to have kids?

that’s too far ahead in my life to think about, but if you’d ask me now, probably?

26. Do you like anyone?

do you mean like like? well probably because most of the questions in that list were about significant others you just chose the safe ones haha well, I might me developing this tiny crush on a girl I know? but it’s not something I’d admit to myself yet so shhhhht

28. Do you have a celebrity crush?

one? lmao. no haha it changes all the time, but eliza taylor in the end of the finale had me like daaaaaaamn girl

29. Name a song that makes you want to fall in love

again, not really a music person and also afraid of falling in love so no

30. Do you think you’ll be happy later in life?

I’m sure I will :) I still need to figure out a lot of things but even now with all the stress I am a happy person so I’m confident it’ll stay that way

send me numbers?

mylifeisaserie  asked:

5, 8, 11, 26!

5. share a positive memory about coming out! Bon, y’en a plein sur le site qui sont au courant, mais je suis out auprès de la plupart de ma famille (sauf certains qui peuvent toujours courir pour l’apprendre) et du coup, les blagounettes sur le fait que je suis pas vraiment très hétéro, ça n’arrête pas. Donc, une fois, à table, mon frère (celui que j’aime vraiment pas des masses… mes mutuals proches s’en rappellent je pense) me balance “mais comment tu vas faire pour combler ton mari!” et je lui ai répondu “j’m’en fous, j’veux une femme!” Gros moment de blanc, jusqu’à ce que mon petit frère dise d’une petite voix “moi aussi” c’était trop adorable voilà voilà.

8. how do you feel about lgbtqa roles in media? Je sais pas trop comment interpréter la question! Si c’est “est-ce qu’il faut de la représentation dans les médias?”, je dis oui, oui, oui. Si c’est “comment les médias traitent la communauté LGBT?”… Franchement, je sais pas. Je trouve qu’on parle beaucoup plus de nous depuis le Mariage pour tous et c’est bien parce que l’invisibilité, c’est pas la joie, et j’ai l’impression que beaucoup de médias essayent de faire des efforts dans ce sens, mais en même temps, parfois, je trouve qu’il y a des trucs franchement déplacés où on a quasi l’impression d’être des bêtes curieuses à observer, des gens pas comme les autres, un peu des genres d’animaux bizarres qu’on aurait découvert y’a quelques années. J’aurais pas vraiment d’exemple à donner en particulier, mais parfois, c’est vraiment chelou.

11. tell us about your first crush? Euh… Premier crush sapphique ou n’importe? Mon tout premier crush… Forcément, avec des grands frères, c’était sur un des copains de mon frère aîné, il était blond avec des lunettes et très sympa. Voilà. Premier crush sapphique… C’est plus compliqué d’en trouver un, parce que vu que j’étais pas forcément “consciente” que j’étais pas hétéro, j’ai dû louper les premières fois. Mais la fois où je me suis dit, définitivement, “okay, je suis pas hétéro du tout” c’était devant un gifset de Natalie Dormer pour un photoshoot où elle était juste en chemise et maillot de bain et… bon. Voilà. Après, fille réelle proche de moi… Je vais pas en parler ici.

26. favorite lgbtqa actor/actress? Andy Mientus.

theonejlove  asked:

Alrighty, Mr. Musician, my turn to ask you questions from the music ask. XD 3, 5, 11, 17, 26, 30!

5: A song that needs to be played LOUD
Party Down by Reel Big Fish!

11: A song that you never get tired of
Look What Happened by Less Than Jake. 

17: A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke
I could go either fun/silly with pretty much any Disney duet, or something cute and romantic like Just A Kiss. 

26: A song that makes you want to fall in love
The Day Before You by Rascal Flatts

30: A song that reminds you of yourself
The Luckiest Loser by Bowling for Soup. XP

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Música fav?

[26/5 21:08] Meu Luís ♥: Todas as músicas que você já cantou pra mim são minhas favoritas
[26/5 21:11] lary: Essa resposta já é minha
[26/5 21:12] Meu Luís ♥: É nossa ♥

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5, 11, 26 <3

5. share a positive memory about coming out!

when i first came out as transgender, a very good friend of mine made a makeshift starter pack for me, which included cologne, a binder, and men’s t-shirts.

11. tell us about your first crush?

my first crush? i think that was maybe 6th grade on a boy named kristian rhodes. he was the new kid and i honestly just couldn’t stop staring at him and blushing. my friend pushed me to ask him out, but i honestly was stuttering so badly i couldn’t get the words out! he knew what i was gonna say though and, lo and behold, he wanted to date me. i think we lasted a month or so ksjhdf

26. favorite lgbtq actor/actress?

either andrew rannells or rory o’malley. the two of them are massive inspirations and i really look to their stories of growing up gay in small towns for guidance. seeing as how they’re so successful and well-know, they’re amazing role models for a 17 year old gay trans boy in a small town in ohio.

thanks for the ask! happy pride, anon!!! <3

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5. 10. 11. 20. 26. 36. 39. 47. 53. 54. 69. 94. 117, Do you enjoy a good hard spanking?

5. What were you doing at 11PM last night?

Playing PUBG online with my brother

10. What are you listening to?

Right now? How I met your mother. In general? Alan Walker/Marshmellow 

11. You can only drink one liquid for the rest of your life - what is it? 

Probably Dr Pepper

20. What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?

“Holy shit its hot as balls”

26. What colour is the shirt you are wearing?


36. Do you have any summer plans yet?

I imagine working and sweating

39. Do you have a secret you have never told anyone?

Many, many secrets 

47. Honestly, whats on your mind right now? 

Bad things, mean things

53. What was the last thing you ate?

Space Raiders chips, beef flavour

54. Did you get any compliments today?

None, I cri rite noe

69. Picture of yourself?

Go see my selfie tag

94. Name four things you with you had

Money, a new car, a holiday home, American citizenship

117. Do you enjoy a good hard spanking?

Can’t say spanking is what gets me going…

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Pride questions, 5, 11, 26!

5. share a positive memory about coming out!
The first person I came out to was my friend Bianca and although I first came out to her as bi because that’s what I thought I was she just kind of shrugged and was like that’s cool and it just wasn’t a big deal, so I think that was a huge weight off my shoulders, the fact that it didn’t have to be a big deal, that she wasn’t like I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT. It was just a thing about me and that’s it.

11. tell us about your first crush?
Oh man it was one of my friends from theatre in high school and I was like smitten with her cause I thought she was so beautiful and so talented and emo sixteen year old aimee thought it would be a great idea to write her anonymous poems. So that went well.

26. favorite lgbtqa actor/actress?
Does Hayley kiyoko count even though she’s more of a singer now? Idk I’m in love with her. Anyway. Her or Samira Wiley or Jamie Clayton they’re all cool


Agencyshipping sketch dump. 

The Day is getting near, so I thought I could post some of my Agencyshipping sketches + pics of Black and White in general that I’ve drawn over the past few years. There will be more once I get my hands on a scanner. I hadn’t noticed my parents had took it to our summer cottage (they work there).

(Please ignore any random pencil lines that shouldn’t be there…)

Pics are from newest to oldest, dates in captions. They range all the way from 2013 to 2016.