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I know we’re meant to be 

If he were to notice me 

Waiting for my presents to arrive

So Santa here’s my wish

To share our Christmas kiss

With the one that I’ve been dreaming of

But keeping him from me is a catastrophic 

He’s the boy I secretly love


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Red Arrow: 53 (23.3%)

Red Knife: 62 (27.3%)

Red Kick: 26 (11.5%)

Red Chop: 8 (3.5%)

Red Fall: 10 (4.4%)

Red Shot: 5 (2.2%)

Red Thunder: 1 (0.4%)

Brute force: 57 (25.1%)

Other kaiju: 4 (1.8%)

Fled: 1 (0.4%)

So out of the 227 kaiju to appear in Redman’s 138 episodes, 222 were killed by Redman himself, and only one – Baltan in episode 16 – escaped with their life.


Agencyshipping sketch dump. 

The Day is getting near, so I thought I could post some of my Agencyshipping sketches + pics of Black and White in general that I’ve drawn over the past few years. There will be more once I get my hands on a scanner. I hadn’t noticed my parents had took it to our summer cottage (they work there).

(Please ignore any random pencil lines that shouldn’t be there…)

Pics are from newest to oldest, dates in captions. They range all the way from 2013 to 2016.

Haunted Fatal Frame 5 photoshoot story

On 26/11/2015, Thursday night, I had a fatal frame/project zero 5 photoshoot in Singapore
It was haunted and weird on so on many levels (very fitting for the series though LOL).
I’m not the type that blames everything on paranormal etc but there are a lot of things that lined up, and also… you have to be the person to understand. The things I feel I can’t really explain it.
Before I go on with what happened that night, there is a backstory to this that is related. 

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