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700 Celebration (2/100)

Request: @aubzylynn : “ 😍😍😍😍 Hi, honey! Can i request a bucky fluff fest puh-leeeease? 25, 5, 12, 13, 31😘😘 i love you”

25. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that we’re going to have a problem.”

5. “Tony is going to kill us.”

12. “You know what? We’re having a party, and you’re not invited!”

13. “I will pay you at least ten dollars to help me build a blanket fort.”

31. “I really want to kiss you.”

A/N: This is so not a drabble… Oh my god. I’m going to stop pretending I’m capable of writing drabbles. I will not be held responsible for the length of these requests.

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“Bucky!” You gave another insistent knock on his door.

“Damn it, woman, I am trying to sleep!” His voice was muffled as it came through the wood, but you heard the steady grumbling grow closer until the door opened, revealing a very sleepy and disheveled Bucky Barnes.

“Why are you even sleeping? It’s like eight o’clock, you weirdo.”

Trying to be considerate unlike some people. The more I sleep now, the less I sleep while watching whatever nonsense you’re forcing on me tonight.”

You tried to glare at him for that comment, but the little grin he was sporting was too much for you to handle.

“Fine, well, tonight is starting early. I may have been a little too thorough in the blanket and pillow gathering process. You know what this means.”

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Tarascan signs for days of the month

a.) Uxpi (alligator)

b.) Tarhíyata (wind)

c.) Kuahta (house)

d.) Uahzáki (lizard)

e.) Akuítze (serpent)

f.) Uárhini (death)

g.) Axúni (deer)

h.) Auani (rabbit)

i.) Itsí (water)

j.) Uíchu (dog)

k.) Ozóma (monkey)

l.) Uitzákua (grass)

m.) Isimba (cane)

n.) Puki (jaguar)

o.) Uakúsi (eagle)

p.) Tukúru (owl)

q.) Yúrniri (quake)

r.) Tzhinápu (flint)

s.) Mánikua (rain)

t.) Tsitsíki (flower)

Tarascan months

April 9-28 - name not given

April 29 - May 18 - name not given

May 19 - June 7 - Mazcuto

June 8-27 - Uazcata Cónscuaro

June 28 - July 17 - Caheri Cónscuaro

July 18 - August 6 - Hanciñáscuaro

August 7-26 - Hicuándiro

August 27 - September 15 - Sicuindiro

September 16 - October 5 - Charapuzapi

October 6-25 - Uapánscuaro

October 26 - November 14 - Cheriuapánscuaro

November 15 - December 4 - name not given

December 5-24 - Peuánscuaro

December 25 - January 13 - Curindaro

January 14 - February 2 - Tzitacuarenscuaro

February 3-22 - Purecoracua

February 23 - March 14 - Cuingo

March 15 - April 13 - Unisperacuaro

April 4-8 - extra days


It’s sad and tiny, but I’m working on it

700 Celebration (In Progress, Prompt Requests Closed)

1 - (Steve Rogers: 73, 84)

2 - (Bucky Barnes: 25, 5, 12, 13, 31)

3 - (Peter Parker: 8, 9)

4 - (Tony Stark: 15, 40, 51, 61)

5 - (Sam Wilson: 43, 38)

6 - (Clint Barton: 74, 26)

Bucky Barnes:

Birthday Kisses 

Burden of Proof

Steve Rogers:

Scarf Thief  

Scarf Thief II: The Reckoning

Stolen Dairy 

Steven Grant Rogers

Thank You

The Lonely Tree (College AU Series) (Complete)

Soundtrack (In Progress)

        Song One

        Song Two

        Song Three

The Idea

Just A Glimpse (Soulmate AU)

Pietro Maximoff


rockplush  asked:

5, 9, 13, 25 B)

5) Describe your aesthetic

Soft goth butch plant witch 

9) Any haircut goals for the future?

Omg i need to shave the sides of my head again, I wanna grow out my top hair and do cute butch top knots

13) If taken, talk about your girlfriend/wife!

aaaaaaaaaaaa  @catuallie is my wife and I love her so much………. she’s smol and ginger, an extremely talented and hard-working artist (read her comic pls here). beautiful, really weird and funny, makes my life so good….  i cry i love her so much lol

25) Be positive! What do you like most about being a lesbian?

I just………………. im………i love girl…………….. girls are so good and beautiful..


9 _ 12 15 22 5 _  25 15 21 _ 22 5 18 25 _ 13 21 3 8 _ 1 14 4 _ 9 _ 8 15 16 5 _ 21 18 _ 8 1 22 9 14 7 _ 1 _ 7 18 5 1 20 _ 4 1 25 !!!!

Key: 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, 4 = D, 5 = E, 6 = F, 7 = G, 8 = H, 9 = I, 10 = J, 11 = K, 12 = L, 13 = M, 14 = N, 15 = O, 16 = P, 17 = Q, 18 = R, 19 = S, 20 = T, 21 = U, 22 = V, 23 = W, 24 = X, 25 = Y, 26 = Z, _ = space

Not What He Seems Cipher DECODING!!

Ok, so we know how when Dipper and Mabel use the blacklight on the journal, we see prompts for a Caesar, an Atbash, and an A1Z26 cipher.The Caesar Cipher given starts with X for A, Y for B, Z for C, and so on, the letters being shifted three places to the right.

So what about our code at the way at the end, on the journal page?

We’ve got “4-16-15-6-4-25    25-19-23-6-5    23-10-20   10-9-1    16-19’5    22-23-21-13 /// 4-16-19    11-25-5-4-19-6-25      15-10      4-16-19     11-25-5-4-19-6-25    5-16-23-13”

Now here we need a SPECIAL something to translate this baby. We will have to use a combination of THREE codes. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you read correct. We will use a combination of three codes, all of which were directly shown to us in the episode! If you recall back to the blacklit journal page, we were shown three ciphers: a Caesar Cipher, an Atbash Cipher, and an A1Z26.

It’s time now.

It is time.

to GET.

Ok first, we are gonna turn these numbers into LETTERS and we are gonna do that with an A1Z26 Cipher. It is a very simple cipher to use and can make for lots of fun! All you have to do is swap out each number for its corresponding letter in the alphabet.

So for 1, you jot down the 1st letter of the alphabet, A, and for 2 you would jot down the second letter of the alphabet, being B. For 3 you would swap in a C, and so on.

Following this, our first number 4 translates to the fourth letter of the alphabet which as I’m sure we can all agree is the letter D. The following number, 16, translates to P, 15 to O, and if you keep going we start getting some letter groups.

And if we keep going, we get even MORE funky letter groups


Gotta love that gibberish lookin crap

The most exciting thing about gibberish lookin crap is knowing that it ISNT gibberish!!

Next up we’re going to be consulting our other bae, the Caesar Cipher…

The variation of the Caesar Cipher that the journal gives us under Dipper’s blacklight is +3, so that’s what we’re gonna use. It being +3 just means that it’s shifted over three places. So A=D, B=E, C=F, and so on, like this!

So we start applying that to our funky letter groups and see what we get


“but hey,” you might be saying

“it still doesn’t look like words!”

but oh!!!

no no, my friend, it does not

that is, not YET

see, if we keep going, we get a little something like this

and when we keep going we get some more for that second half

and NOW


To put these final funky letter groupings through an Atbash Cipher.

Atbash Ciphers are loadsa fun, its all backwards, literally

Like you switch all the A’s for Z’s and B’s for Y’s and C’s get swapped with X’s and so on.

It all switches around just like this







GOSH it just had to rhyme too


so nice

it feels good, doesn’t it

you earned it champ.

got ‘em.

cheezfingerslim  asked:

1, 4, 5, 9, 13, 22, 25, 40, 51 and 52!

4. What are you looking forward to?

No, I look forward to interacting with my online friends here and on Discord, improving my skills at art, Mario Galaxy, and my evitable demise.

5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile?

Yes! My family and my friends here online. Your guy’s Antics never cease to make me smile under my helmet.

9. Who is the last person I’ve seen? 

My mother

13. How do I feel right now?

Happy to start a new day

22.description of crush

Don’t currently have one. So I can’t really give a description. Sorry.

25.role model

Spider-Man/ Peter Parker Classic, not current

40. Favourite memory

There is a bit of a story here so you might want to buckle up. This happens when I still living in my hometown me my brothers and a bunch of my friends decided to gather all of us together to just play on the Xbox 360 mainly Halo 2 we were really into that at a time. The most of us did not have licenses or cars. So my brother and I we grabbed their Xbox 360 put it in a backpack and start trekking all across town going to all of our friend’s house seeing who would come and who bring there’s. The one that’s one particular friend who lived on a very large and Steep Hill that was that fun The Climb. But once again they went together about 30 plus. We all met up at another friend’s house who had a very large patio and a pool table. There we just it was just great is huge gamer party we played other things other than Halo. we played card games it was just all of us hanging out having fun. We also played pool and when our friends took a nut shot by one of the pool balls by accident, it was hilarious. That was a great night I always cherish it.

51. Star sign


52. Something I’m talented at.

Turn off this counts as a talent but people always say they have a knack of giving advice or bring comfort. I’m pretty good at planning and I’ve recently become sub par at art

senator-organa  asked:

5, 13, 25

5. most overrated character 


13. thoughts on the prequels? 

theyre….not good. I appreciate them existing because of worldbuilding and history information we wouldnt have otherwise (+ prequel memes are the best memes) but i dont enjoy watching them and the writing and cgi is horrible. I feel rlly bad for the actors involved tho bc they get so much shit when they probably tried their best in that greenscreen hell

 25. character you wish had more development/screen time

im gonna say wedge bc i love him and i wanna see more of him. I also wish Jyn erso was written betterand given more believable character development because i think her character had a lot more potential than what we got in rogue one tbh

brittanyzelazno  asked:


3. What was your last thought before going to bed last night? Two more days.

5. What’s something you’re not looking forward to? I’m actually going zip-lining with my little brother this weekend, that should be fun but I’m also shitting myself so that might be it lol. 

13. What are three things you did today? I went to work, I went for a long walk to clear my mind and I went to get new running shoes. 

25. what is wrong with you right now? Way too many things. 

Thanks B, I love you so much.<3

Ask me interesting questions.

I made a drawing of PPG OCs Bellbo, Baba and Bistre!

Bellbo is the mayoress of the spooky town! Her brother and Bistre are really proud of her! :D

I made a drawing for renrink! :D And renrink liked it so much! 😊 Hope you like it, guys!

First drawing of Bellbo, Baba and Bistre! :D

Bellbo and Baba: KazunaPikachu
Bistre: ITBluebeadTI

4-15-15-13-19-4-1-25 1-12-5-18-20!! 2-5-12-12-2-15 9-19 14-15-23 20-8-5 13-1-25-15-18-5-19-19 15-6 20-8-5 19-16-15-15-11-25 20-15-23-14!!


This year, I will have some of my pen and ink drawings available at Unfinished Business 2014. Here is a preview of two of them.

The first is “At Night”.

11’ X 14'Ink on paper.

The words are by A Tongue With But Six Words. They read: “At night, we deforest our thoughts.” Here’s the link to the poem: http://atonguewithbutsixwords.tumblr.com/post/87102883524/six-word-poem-5-25-13

The second is “Sacrificed to Your Whim

11" x 14" ink and gold leaf on paper. Sorry for the blurry photo. It doesn’t do the actual piece justice. A photographer, I am not.

I hope you enjoy. Come down to the show if you are in Pittsburgh on August 1st.

Support your friendly neighborhood artists.


Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

I was tagged by fanofthefirth

Name: Choo Xin Mei (means Peach Blossom in Chinese, which helped reassure me alot when I got bullied as a kid.) 
Time and date: 5:25 PM, May 13, 2015
Average hours of sleep at night: 7 -8 Hours. (Anything less and I feel cranky.)
Last thing I googled: How to add music to youtube videos (cos I’m trying to show some of my friends my gaming video!)
Nickname: Er…. Online, Kiara. Among my family and friends, bookworm as I love to read a lot!
Birthday: August 16.
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Unsure, possibly aromantic.
Height: I forgot…
Favourite colour: BLUE
One place that makes me happy: A quiet library full of good books!
How many blankets I sleep under: One, as it’s rather warm even with the air con on.
Favourite movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Kingsman 
What I am wearing right now: A shirt and dark grey jeans
Last book I read: Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of The Light! (highly recommend the series for those finding kickass females, funny quotes, or interested in finding books on magic in the modern times!)
Most used phrases: “…. Enna, you’re an idiot.” (Don’t ask why I have to use this phrase. That idiot deserves a punch.)
What I last said to a family member: “Shall we listen to this song together?”
Favourite beverages: Pokka Green Tea, perfect for long outing!
Last movie I watched: Age of Ultron.
Dream vacation: Switzerland? Europe? (As a kid, I dreamed of USA, but now with the crazy gun laws, not risking my life!)
Dream wedding: No idea.
Dream pets: Er…. I can’t be trusted with one. I’ll lose interest after a few months.
Dream job: Probably a writer!

And now, I gleefully tag diomiota , noninimicus , ennad3enna , coldwynternights

P.S. YX, Enna, if you dare avoid this, I know where you live, and I know where to hit you where it hurts most.