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types of fic titles
  1. title is a literal description of the story (”5 times x did y”, “first kiss”, etc)
  2. perfect formatting, title is evocative of the story’s main themes
  3. song lyrics
  4. 3 feet long all lowercase (overlaps w/ song lyrics)
  5. one word. only one.
  6. title seemingly has nothing to do w/ the content of the story until it gets dropped during a high-tension dramatic scene 70k words in, making you feel like the world meant for you to be born in time to read it
My Impressions of Male Broadway Stars

Andrew Rannells: The Pretty Boy™

Jonathan Groff: Cute. Ray of sunshine.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: An excited puppy. Also a ray of sunshine. Must be protected at all costs.

Corey Cott: dashingly handsome. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: ginger dad.

Jeremy Jordan: jawline

Ben Platt: Sweet Pup. A literal Bean, everyone loves him.

Mike Faist: a shaggy dog. 

Aaron Tveit: hot damn. his thighs make me w e a k

Chris Jackson: An Actual Dad and the Sweetest Guy Ever.

Leslie Odom Jr.: very classy, velvet voice that makes me feel things.

Christian Borle: Daddy. (have you seen his arms)


7 years of Daenerys & Drogon

Drogo would be so proud