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My DNA Test Results

aka Phil is not part kangaroo

- Phil’s mum’s friend, June, is a doctor and gave him a free dna test

- June is not The Doctor

- Philip Philipson from 1873

- Science Phil defines dna

- cushionstack.com

- Phil’s fake name was Buffy Summers

- Phil is: 68.6% British & Irish, 11.5% French & German, 1.9% Scandinavian, < 0.1% Sardinian, 0.3% Broadly European, < 0.1% Broadly Southern European, < 0.1% Sub-Saharan African, < 0.1% Unassigned, 100% European

- “I might have a French ear”

- “And I have a German elbow”

- “I’ve got a Swedish eyebrow”

- “One of my freckles… is a Sardinian freckle”

- Phil is an alien

- “Prince Philip?” *fistbumps camera* “Ayy, Philip bros!”

- Phil is a larger percentage neanderthal than the average European user

- Phil had a 28% chance at being blond

- Philly’s not going bald

- There’s a 5% chance that his kid could have red hair

- “Hello distant relatives!”

- Plushie promotion

- “Goooodbye!”


[image description: 1-  a red and white polka dot marble maze, a white with pink-themed dessert-print marble maze, and a paper maze pattern. Both mazes, while having different patterns, bear chain stitching maze outlines and one blanket-stitched edge. 2 - the red-polka dot marble maze shown front face up, displaying the red chain stitching, beside the dessert-print marble maze shown back face up, displaying the pale pink minky fleece backing, unmarked by the stitching.]

Handsewn Marble Maze Tutorial


  • A paper pattern the size of your maze. (Most tutorials don’t give sizes! I’ve been using rectangles 18.5 x 11.5 cm wide, which works for me and my hands; you might like it bigger or smaller. This includes a .5 cm seam allowance; if you need a 1 cm seam allowance, add .5 cm all the way around.)
  • Three pieces of fabric the size of your maze (cut using said pattern). I’ve been using one piece patterned flannelette for the front, one piece minky fleece (but it could also be flannelette) for the back and one piece whatever scrap fabric I’ve got, as you won’t see this, for the middle. (Fabric with minimal fray, like ribbing or T-shirt fabric or knit, is easiest to handle. Quilting cottons are a pain.)
  • A ruler and pencil.
  • A tracing wheel or sewing chalk or one of those fade-away pens/pencils.
  • Sewing thread and needle (I use plain white for the inside as nobody sees it, matching or contrasting colour for the outside).
  • Scissors.
  • A marble.


  • Draw your maze on your paper. I’ve been leaving columns and gaps of 3.5 cm (not including the seam allowance at the edge) for the marble to pass through.
  • Take your front fabric and your scrap fabric piece and pin them together so the front side (the pretty side) of the front fabric faces out.
  • Draw or trace (I use a tracer wheel over the paper pattern; others might find copying the lines with a ruler via a pencil, chalk or pen easier to use) your marble design on the front side (the pretty side) of the front fabric. Using a ruler with your tracer wheel helps keep lines straight.
  • Sew along the maze lines. I’ve been using a chain stitch because I can, but a back stitch will also work. Don’t use a running stitch, because you don’t want gaps in the stitching; you need a full line of stitching. I’d double-thread this, because the stitching is meant to be slightly decorative.
  • Take your finished maze design (the front and the scrap fabric sewn together) and the back fabric and place them front sides facing in. (You should have the wrong side of the fleece and the scrap fabric, marked by the less-neat lines of stitching, facing towards you.) Pin together.
  • Sew around three edges (two long, one short if a rectangle) of your maze, sewing through the three layers of fabric. Because the materials I’ve been using don’t fray badly, I’ve been using a back stitch (I back stitch everything) with small stitches and leaving the edges raw. If you’re concerned about fraying, back stitch, and then go over the edges with a blanket or mattress stitch.
  • Turn your maze right-way out. You’ll have the maze at the top and a pocket at the back. Slide a marble between the front and middle layers and push it down to the bottom of your maze (testing your maze at the same time). Tuck the raw edges (the two maze edges together, the back edge separately) inside the pocket and blanket/mattress stitch or whip stitch it shut.

Your maze will look like the mazes in the second image: stitching in the front, neat and smooth expanse of minky fleece (great for stroking) in the back!

anonymous asked:

Pretty pleasee Drarry 2, 5, 6, 11, 15, 24, 31, 39, 41, 45....I'm sorry!!!! At least some of them? Please? 😇 💛

I have this condition where I can’t say no to people. o_0 

So, sure, here you go: 

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?
Harry is most often the big spoon. Mostly ‘cause he’s really warm like all the time and Draco is nearly always cold (he wears socks to bed even in the summer, it’s weird, honestly).

5. Who usually has nightmares?
Although Harry did have his share of bad dreams, he actually just suffered from insomnia for nearly two years after the War. 

It’s Draco who continues to wake up from terribly vivid nightmares, although they’re relatively rare now ever since Harry moved in with him.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day?
Draco started keeping a journal after the War just so he could pen his thoughts down - he had a lot of them. He still writes in it, sometimes several times a day.

Harry sometimes comes home in a troubled/pensive frame of mind after a particularly disturbing case at work, although if Draco were to be honest, he secretly yearns for those evenings because then they just spend the whole time talking; about all the stuff that really matters to them and it somehow always seems to bring them closer.

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?
You’d think The Boy Who Lived would have the stomach for some good old demon exorcism and vengeful spirits. But Harry can’t stand them; he spends most of the movie with his eyes shut while Draco sits beside him, leaning forward in place, wide-eyed with excitement. He never misses an opportunity to tell their friends about how Harry’s such a wuss.

And they’re both (although Draco would rather eat a Screwt than admit it) big suckers for romance movies. They both (inconspicuously) cried watching The Notebook.

15. Who is scared of the dark? 
Draco. He wasn’t a big fan even as a child, and the War - the nearly pitch dark Room of Hidden Things and being holed up in the dimly-lit Manor with Voldemort, exacerbated the phobia further.

Harry sort of got over his fear of the dark very early on - being shut up in cramped, enclosed spaces for long periods does that to a person, I suppose.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? 
They both talk, and they’re both great listeners. Harry’s learnt to watch out for the signs of when Draco’s had a stressful day - he opens a bottle of wine and lets Draco rant and he actually listens to all of it. Draco loves when Harry gets excited about something and starts prattling on and on about it - it’s quite endearing, really.

31. Who is more affectionate? 
You mean openly? Harry. He has no qualms about showing Draco/anybody else how much he loves the blond. He always kisses Draco when he meets him somewhere, regardless of where and who else is in attendance. He always holds Draco’s hand while out with him (the number of pictures in the press of them holding hands while out together is not even funny). He’s not opposed to PDA either (much to Draco’s frequent mortification).

Draco, ever the dignified Pureblood is less enthusiastic about his feelings in public. While they’re at home is a whole other story altogether - he will quite literally sit in Harry’s lap (rather than anywhere else in the whole damn house) and he will insist on being cute and snuggly while Harry’s in the middle of something (cooking, very often), demanding kisses. So yeah, they’re both rather affectionate in their own ways.

39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside? 
Harry. He never got to keep them as a kid (thanks ever so much to Dudley). Draco doesn’t really get it, but he will always stock up on Harry’s favourites.

41. Who cries during sad movies?
Harry sniffles during the movie. He’ll subsequently find Draco crying to himself in the bathroom sometime later.

It’s adorable.

45. Who is more likely to get drunk?
Harry gets drunk the minute he touches anything but beer. 

Draco gets drunk the minute he picks up his second glassful of anything.

I had way too much fun with these. Thank you! :D  ❤️

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Like Sugar - 1, 4, 5, 11

The whole series? Oh, gosh. Let’s see…

1 - What inspired you to write the fic this way?

As per the author’s note on the first one (elaborated on in some of my comment replies), I’ve always loved @tahariels‘ Backseat Verse over in XMFC fandom, which is set in a formalized Dom/sub society. I didn’t want to use that plot or specific setting or anything - it’s not a remix, but an inspired-by - but I wanted to see if I could do something *like* that, and maybe even tease out the political tensions and emotions that’re bound to be around in a legally unequal society (that is, the difference between Sebastian and Chris freely choosing their contract versus society making them get married). So that’s where this one came from, though when I wrote the first story I didn’t expect it to be more than two, maybe three, stories in the series… *laughs*

4 - What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Oh, man, out of the whole series?! I don’t know. I really don’t. I have favorite moments from the individual stories, but some of them have different moods compared to others, so it really depends on what we’re going for…

From the first story, I love a lot of the moments, but I like this one because it feels a lot like their newfound relationship in microcosm:

“This is gonna be complicated,” Chris murmurs, after a few moments of silent indulgence. “I like you being polite, and I like you being sarcastic, and I like being able to touch you…you feel good, y’know? I don’t know, is that stupid?”

“No. You like…touching things.” He’s certain of that much, even in so short a time. Chris Evans is a tactile, physical, demonstrative person. Sebastian, who’s never been opposed to being touched but has generally gone through life hesitant to assume intimacy where none might be wanted, is currently discovering how much he adores being held.

Chris’s hand pauses. “You’re not a thing.”

“What? No, I meant…” He’d wave a hand, but he’s too lazy to move. “English is a terrible language. You like touching things and people. If you would like to touch me, I have no objections.”

“That’s not the same as wanting it.” The hand’s continued hovering.

“Oh, really, sir…very well. Yes, I like you touching me. You may continue to touch me. If you would like to make that some sort of order, one of my duties—is that right? duties?—I would not be displeased. Better?”

5 - What part was hardest to write?

The easy and also most honest answer is, the final story, of which I still only have about a paragraph done. It’s the knowing it’s the last (main) story: it’s got to be GOOD. And my original notes for it in my outline had to change somewhat after previous stories grew unexpected plot points, so I don’t feel like I have a good grasp on a central scene yet.

If you want an answer about the stories in the series that already exist, probably the hardest was the last third of story seven, The Sound of You Kneeling, because I had wandered off to write other stuff for a while and had to get back into it/start the second half of the story arc.

11 - What do you like best about this fic?

Overall? I’m proud of the world-building, and the emotions, and the character growth - Chris and Seb are still themselves, but not quite the same selves they were way back at the beginning; they’ve grown together and because of each other and because of this situation that they’re having to negotiate as a pair. And I’ve loved watching them navigate societal expectations and their own emotions and desires, which they’re both more willing to explore and own.

(fic ask meme)

11 things

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1. My favourite colour is blue

2. I really love pop-tarts

3. I have brown hair

4. I’m finding it really hard to think of 11 things

5. My favourite TV show is supernatural

6. I spend wayyy too much time on tumblr

7. I procrastinate a lot (too much)

8. I speak 2.5 languages 

9. I love books

10. My favourite month is December

11. My favourite day of the week if Friday

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Nickname: Soph, Jacko, Maggie (close school friends)
Zodiac sign: Aries 
Height: 5′11″
Last Thing You Googled: the Princess Bride 
Favorite music artist: Too many. 
Song stuck in my head: Radioactive, Imagine Dragons 
Last Movie you watched: Howl’s Moving Castle
What are you wearing right now: jeans, black sk8 hi vans, black long sleeved t shirt, grey short sleeved t shirt with a green and blue pineapple on it. 
Why did you choose your URL: favourite colour and favourite bird
Do you have any other blogs: no.
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: … never had one (boy/girlfriend, I mean). 
Religious Or Spiritual: not religious, but spiritual stuff is cool. 
Favorite Color: turquoise or magenta 
Average Hours Of Sleep: 7. 12 on a free day.
Lucky Number: 27. 
Favorite characters: Too many. 
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 2 in winter, 1 in summer. 
Dream Job: Animator or Illustrator. 

Anyone, feel free to try this yourselves. :)

qaoki  asked:

2, 5, 11, & 19? :D

2. Damon or Jamie?

Both. I love them both dearly.

5. Plastic Beach or Demon Days?

Right now it’s Demon Days.

11. Noodle or 2D?

2D hands down. I love Noodle, but 2D is my favorite band member.

19. Which member would you like to have a long conversation with?

I would love to have a long conversation with Russel. I feel like we have a lot in common. Plus he seems like a great guy to talk to.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Harry Styles once stated in an interview that he wears Women's jeans in a size 26-inch waist. The average american woman is 5'4", with a waist size of 34-35 inches. Harry is a 23-year old, 5'11" man. He weighs 170 pounds. He is athletically active, and in incredible physical shape. Harry's trainer has stated that he can pull 500lbs with his upper body alone, and

e ora che tu vivi la tua vita,
e io vivo la mia,
cosa è rimasto?
di me, che cosa ricordi?
mi basterebbe averti lasciato anche solo mezza ragione per sorridere,
che mi ricordassi,
qualche volta, tra un pensiero ed un altro,
niente di importante, non voglio essere niente di più
ma dimmi,
dopo tutto quello che c'è stato,
come facciamo a non essere più
a non parlarci più,
a fingere di non essere mai esistiti
come si cancellano le persone?
ti prego,
come si fa a lasciare andare?