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Number of Dangan Ronpa series copies sold so far

Number of copies sold in first week/total sales (up until 2015)

[PSV] Ultra Despair Girls Danganronpa Another Episode (Spike Chunsoft) {2014-09-25} - 63,898 / 95,901

[PSV] Ultra Despair Girls Danganronpa Another Episode [PS Store] {DL} (Spike Chunsoft) {2014-09-25} - 5,206 / 8,134

[PSV] Danganronpa 1&2 Reload (Spike Chunsoft) {2013-10-10} - 70,803 / 110,038

[PSP] Danganronpa -The School of Hope and Highschool Student of Despair- [PSP Best version] (Spike) {2011-11-23} - 13,015 / 132,660

[PSV] Danganronpa 1&2 Reload [PS Store] {DL} (Spike Chunsoft) {2013-10-10} - - / 5,697

[PSP] Super Danganronpa 2 -Goodbye Despair Academy- (Spike Chunsoft) {2012-07-26} - 59,112 / 101,149

[PSP] Danganronpa -The School of Hope and Highschool Student of Despair- (Spike) {2010-11-25} - 34,583 / 81,221

And let’s have a look at NDRV3’s first week sales:

[PSV] New Danganronpa V3 Everyone’s Killing New Semester (Limited Edition Included) - 76166
[PS4] New Danganronpa V3 Everyone’s Killing New Semester (Limited Edition Included) - 40006

And we’re past third week as of now (2017. 02. 08)
NDRV3’s sales: PSV- 101,884 PS4- 52,302 (total over 1500k)

Summary - NDRV3 is the biggest hit in the franchise history.
Conclusion - If next installment of DR doesn’t come out, then it’s not because of sales or bad receptions.

So…I walk out the back of my store, a small local store, I have a messenger bag over my shoulder, and one earphone in, and I go to pick up a basket and do some shopping, since my shift was over, so i’m there looking at meat deciding do I want chicken sausages or meatballs tonight and one of my regulars comes up and asks me where something is;
At this point I was in a good mood so I obliged, leading to 5-10 minutes of me walking around my store showing him where stuff is.
Keep in mind although I was wearing uniform I had a bag over my shoulder, earphones in, and was shopping, and here I am basically working, but oh well, so I’m there helping him and my manager (jokingly) goes “oh havent you left yet?”
“Just buying dinner”
And this customer just goes “oh werent you working sorry!” Like…obviously I wasnt on the clock…you literally sa me remove my earphones to talk to you of course I am not working

Apparently some people in OMGCP fandom don’t know it’s called Zimbits because of the Timbit???

They’re doughnut holes.  You get them from Tim Horton’s, which is a coffee shop founded by a professional hockey player who wrapped up people who tried to fight him in an enormous bear hug. Timmy’s is super iconic and widespread in Canada.  (It’s not actually high-class high-quality coffee and food; it’s humble and decent, but more importantly, 100% consistent.  Timmy’s is a beacon of reliability that shines out onto the darkness of endless highways when your only other option is greasy gas-station coffee that may or may not be green.  Timmy’s is so inoffensive basically anybody can find something they like there.)

When you order a box of Timbits (they come in boxes of 10, 20, and 40/50) they come “mixed” by default, meaning the employee who makes up your box picks one Timbit out of every rack (depending on the store there may be 5-10 kinds of Timbits).  There is a great deal of Canadian discourse about the fact that then any mixed box contains less than 20% of anyone’s favourite type of Timbit, and CLEARLY chocolate glazed are the best (”NO THEY AREN’T” “JELLY CENTRED” “COCONUT”) and you’re a monster if you DO eat the last chocolate Timbit, but also a monster if you DON’T.

I lack high moral fibre because when I buy Timbits I order my box “half chocolate glazed, half mixed” and then just eat enough chocolate Timbits that by the time I’ve arrived at my destination, the ratio looks correct to the people who thank me for being so wonderful and generous.

ALSO Timbits is the name for the company’s charitable minor sports initiative for kids ages 4-9.  Eg: “Aw, lookit all those little Timbits playing on the rink.”


I found the only hat I will ever need im fuckign, putting this on every Naegi and Komaeda cosplayer who will consent to having a fugly hat placed on their head u dont understand this FUCKING hat was $15 at this little tacky Chinese accessories store and the old Chinese woman who owned the store spent like, 5-10 minutes replacing one of the rhinestones that had fallen out and telling me to be careful until the glue had dried and she gave me a discount and this hat is SO UGLY i cannot describe how much i love this hat

I’ve been asked a couple times how I do my scar for Cullen, and this is the method I always use. You can make any size, color, or intensity of scar with this method too so it’s really, really versatile and works for any character, any fandom, and any scar.


  • Rigid Collodion - this is an fx makeup that you can find online or in specialty makeup stores. It’s usually pretty cheap, running about $5-10 for a small bottle 
  • Lip pencil - in neutral pink
  • Brushes - I like thin, disposable lip brushes 
  • Powder shadows or alcohol paints - any kind will do, you mostly want them in browns, reds, and creams 
  • Setting powder 
  • FX makeup remover - like Telesis or Bond Off. This one is super important. Get real, proper remover. 
  • 99% Alcohol (optional, if you’re using alcohol paints)
  • Cotton Balls

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Name: Rob

Nicknames: Both of my sisters to this day call me “Peegif” or “Peege” for short. No idea where it comes from. But I honestly can’t remember the last time either has addressed me directly by my given name.

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5'10" - 5'11" depending on which convenience store I’m leaving.

Orientation: Straight.

Nationality: American
Favorite book: I haven’t read it in years, but This Present Darkness

Favorite season: Fall or Spring

Favorite fruit: apples, cherries, pineapple

Favorite flower: no specific flower. But I’m a sucker for wildflowers

Favorite color: dark red or blue

Favorite scent: wood smoke

Favorite animal: birbs

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: mostly coffee, but tea as well and I will occasionally drink hot cocoa.

Cat or dog person: Preferably dogs. Some cats are cool.

Average sleep hours: SevenISH

Favorite fictional character: uh….

Number of blankets you sleep with: typically one. Depends on how cold it is.

Dream trip: UK.

Blog created: early 2015. Still not sure why any of you follow me.

Number of followers: 297.

I tag:

No. 1 Thing I Loved about the Apple Store Q&A (Dec. 11, 2014): Wordless communication. (video)

ETA: Alternate caption: Eyebrow conversations.

This concludes my list of Top 5 Things I Loved about the Apple Store Q&A. Hope y’all enjoyed this one-year anniversary walk down memory lane! :’)


*heart eyes*

Today I want to talk to you guys about one of my all time favorite bookish shops, by the lovely Evie Seo.

Evie is not only the sweetest, but extremely talented, as you guys can see in the pictures, and makes the most beautiful and colorful designs. 

You can purchase the designs in the pictures here: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Check out Evie’s Society6 store here.
Check out Evie’s Redbubble store here.

If you place your order TODAY (Wednesday, April 27th) you get $5 off PLUS free worldwide shipping!!!! You know what that means? It means one of these beautiful mugs can be yours for ONLY $10!!!!! How awesome is that?!

  when I was seven years old, I bought a large Superball from the 5&10 cent store. It later became “motts” but it was the five and dime at the time.
It came out of one of those vending machines that you stick a quarter or dime into, and you take your chances on what pops out of the chute at the bottom. You can see through the glass bubble at the top, but there is no real way of knowing whats coming out when you turn that knob.
I remember being elated when the large multicolored superball popped out into my hand. I immediately ran from the store out onto the sidewalk, looking for a place to wham this thing into the ground to see just how high it would go.
I found a likely spot, and I wound up my little arm, then let loose with my best throw straight into the unsuspecting concrete. The ball skyrocketed up and away from me. I mean it flat took off into the sky and quickly disappeared from sight.
I remember standing there and waiting for it to come down. I knew I had given it a terrific bounce, but after a moment I began to wonder just how super a Superball was?  I was still standing there looking up into the sky a few minutes later when my mother came out of the store to leave. She had to drag me away screaming, while I tried to explain to her that I was waiting for the very “Super” ball to come back down.

A few years ago while mowing the yard, I happened to see an object bounce into the grass near me. I stopped the mower and walked over to investigate. As I reached down to grab up the object I realized what it was. A large and very worn Superball. It was multicolored, and it was quite filthy and old.
As I was pondering the impossibilities of this, a kid from the neighborhood came around the corner and saw me standing there in my yard. I quickly pocketed the ball, and attempted a look of innocence. He walked up within earshot, and asked the question that I have been asking for 45 years…
“Have you seen a Superball around here?”

BTS going shopping- Zayli & Chei:

Jin: Now listen here you little shit fucks, we’re only buying stuff for spaghetti so don’t pick up anythi-

Jungkook: *runs to the candy section* 

Jin: WhY DO I EVEN TRY??????

J-Hope: Don’t worry Jin, I WILL GO AFTER THE YOUNG FETUS *runs the opposite way*

Jin: SOmeone please tell J-Hope he’s going the wrong way

V: *Talking to some 5 year old in the store* Now what if we had 10 hands instead of one, WE COULD DO ANYTHING


Jungkook: *cringes because he feels Jimin’s words from far away*

Suga: Uh…I’m going to go find Rapmon…

Suga: *finds Rapmon picking up a bag of chips* n00OOO DON’T TOUCH THAT WIth YOUr HAndS OF DESTRUCTION 

*store falls down*

Police: Do you know these people?

Jin: ….No. No I don’t know them

*Jungkook is screaming in the background because he was handcuffed to Jimin*

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So whenever I read complaints on this blog about careless mothers I didn't think that it would also happen to me. A woman came with a squad of children (4-5, under 10) around closing. When she took them outside of the store, to keep them entertained, she asked them who could make the best beat and they banged on the glass windows. I just??? When is that ever a good idea?? One of them even ran in when I was letting a customer out and wouldn't join his mother. God bless retail

So Barnes and Noble is having their manga mania or whatever they are calling it, where their sale is buy two get one free. I really like manga, but I don’t often buy physical copies since it’s just a bit more than I want to pay, but a 33% off sale is pretty enticing. They were also offering a bunch of free posters and a sample reader of some other stuff which was cool. Really unexpected tbh. 

I went hoping to be able to pick up railgun 5-10, but of course in typical I’m going to the store to buy manga fashion I ended up with none of them lol. It is seriously hard to find complete series at bookstores. 

Anyways, here’s the haul!

Yaaaa I bought a vol of danmachi.. I wanted to pick up vol 1 of the LN but they only had vol 2, so the manga will do. I read through it a bit and it’s actually a decent manga. Already a bit different from the anime. 

And of course the free posters!

I really like the Miku and Akame ones. I haven’t watched/read anything from SaO but it’s a good poster. The Drrr!! poster isn’t my favorite, but it’s nice to have some Drrr!! merch since it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Don’t know much about the FF poster but it’s nice. 

I think they really did a good job with this promotional sale. I’ve never gone to anything but a con and walked out with anime/manga merch. It honestly felt like I was coming home from a con, and that was a sweet feeling. I really hope they do something like this in the future again. 

It really is a great time to be an anime/manga fan. So many things are getting official translations/simulcasts these days and it just seems like more and more IPs are getting brought over. I love me some scanlations as much as the next guy, but I find it really satisfying to hold a physical copy of the manga.