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anonymous asked:

idk why people write westallen doing doggy style i genuinely thing theyd 69 or cowgirl


l o o k

the biggest thing here is that they really like to look into each other’s eyes? like they’re that cheesy and romantic and ~loving~. AND YEAH THEYRE BOTH SUPER GIVING PEOPLE and they love to share!!! and care!!!

(they don’t strike me as the doggystyle type either like at all, they’re all about things where they can ~see each other~ regardless of positions/where they are)


(cut/eng sub) 170214 kbc asadesu — shinee illustration game / download

fruitless-orange  asked:

I didn't mean that they were totally innocent, but it wasn't like they were there to do them any harm. I just.. I can't see why people still like Bellamy as a character after all he has done.

look, kiddo, bellamy hasn’t done anything more or less than any other character on that show, especially if we want to talk about bloody hands.

in any case, maybe they weren’t sent there to do harm. maybe they were. it doesn’t really matter. the leader that sent them alleged they were there for protection; the leader that took over management of them was going to use them for attack. who really cares. an army outside your gates is some unpleasant shit, especially when you’ve got a bad history of unprovoked attacks by that group (example: the entirety of s1 and most of s2 and most of s3). why should bellamy have trusted that leader’s word? it’s not like it worked out for him the last time. add in his emotional state and the manipulation by pike and you’ve got a perfectly reasonable course of action.

also, at least for me personally, i honestly don’t give one single fuck about armies of nameless faceless redshirts that get tossed out to be killed for plot reasons. i didn’t care about the grounder army in s1, i don’t really care about any of the people in the culling, i don’t care about the grounders that got all blown up in tondc, i don’t care about the people in mount weather, i don’t care about the grounder army in s3. they’re just numbers. plot devices. i don’t take any real issue to characters killing off these plot devices, because they’re just plot devices. that’s probably just me, but we are who we are.

i love my son!! my boy!! deserves all love and kindness and happiness!! always and forever!! my beautiful strong selfless bellamy

Last night the orange creature running my country threatened Chicago with martial law on the basis of inaccurate information, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s partly because it’s his predecessor’s hometown.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service had to create an underground anonymous Twitter account in order to keep talking about science.

This is day 5.


(official) get the treasure music video — fifth japanese album five