(starcast) shinee’s ‘1 of 1’, dating with shinee world, a success!

shinee, who are working hard in various areas, not only in the music industry, but also in dramas, movies, varieties, radio, etc. have returned after 1 year and 5 months with their 5th studio album ‘1 of 1′! shinee, who please our eyes and ears with a new concept every time, have come back with ‘analog’ concept this time.

their trustowrthy album ‘1 of 1’, came first in various physical album charts weekly, and swept all music programs’ number one trophies, is receiving lots of love.

#thank you

shinee prepared a special time for their fans who lavish them with love and support. ♬ you’re the first of the first ♬ a mini fanmeeting with fans to celebrate the release of shinee’s 5th album ‘1of1′! starcast will reveal this special event in detail!

shinee opened the mini famneeting with the performance of a track ‘feel good’ from the 5th album. it seemed that the members were encouraged from fans’ enthusiastic cheering.

#hello we are shining shinee!

since it was the first fanmeet with fans in a long while, the event place was filled with enthusiastic fever! shinee members also expressed their excitement saying that they’d like to talk about interesting things and share good memories.

first, they started off by talking about their album ‘1of1′. it wasn’t just any album talk! shinee talked about behind stories of the album production realistically!

starting with a surprising story how the album’s 4th track, ‘invisible umbrella (don’t let me go)’, was initially recorded as onew and minho’s duet song.

and the behind story that member key’s favorite song ‘shift’ was recorded first for this album! in addition, the song ‘1 of 1’ almost ended up being titled ‘1+1’, and the story behind lyric-writing for ‘don’t stop’, etc. they talked a lot about the album production.

shinee continued to talk about comments that fans had left. fans wrote about “attractive aspects” of shinee that they loved most in 8 words from a comment event held on vyrl!

members randomly selected one from the comments that fans had left and read them.

they looked at fans’ affectionate comments such as ‘the best when they dance like they’re about to fall’, ‘minho who takes care of people well’, ‘live master shinee’, ‘the sound of their soulful laughter’ etc. it was a talk filled with laughter.

moreover, i think that ‘shinee on stage’ is one of the best charming points of shinee!
followed by ‘feel good’ stage that shinee began the event with, ‘prism’ stage that members introduced as the song that represented shinee’s color well and the title track of this album ‘1of1’ stage. shinee continued to release their allures!

also! a premium present prepared by shinee at the end!
a surprise ‘stamp event’ was held because the members wished to meet the fans closer. unfortunately, key could not join the ‘stamp event’, but left his stamps with his heart like this.

shinee greeting each and every fan who came to mini fan meeting! with honey dripping from their sweet gazes.

shinee’s ‘1 of 1’ surprise fan meeting will conclude till here.
just like leader onew’s speech that it was good to meet the fans closer and talk a lot, i guess it was a precious time since shinee and fans, who are each other’s ‘1 of 1’, were together.

shinee plan to show their unique variety of charms through various fields such as drama, movie and entertainment shows, including ‘1 of 1‘ stages this week via music programs of course. so please love and support shinee continuously. thank you :)

translated by naver starcast / edited by romanceboys

Daisy is recovering from an addiction FORCED upon her, from the loss of free will, and the trauma of losing people she loved for what she thinks is her fault, but you all want to defend the assholes who punish her for not choosing to deal with her issues in a fashion that is convenient to them. You can go fuck yourselves.

At this point I’d say I don’t understand why Daisy would want the friendship of assholes who treat her like this but Daisy loves everyone and her past childhood abuse makes her crave the love of ANYONE, even people with such ugly souls as Shitz and S/immons and it’s a fucking tragedy because Daisy will drag herself through the mud in the hopes of getting some love from people who definitely don’t deserve hers. It reminds me of how she did everything to keep L/incoln’s love even though he treated her like shit and their relationship was so toxic.

Little things about Angela Zielger

  • The first time she saw a shooting star she cried. 
  • She was homeschooled for a large chunk of her childhood. 
  • She excelled in math and science. 
  • She had many acquaintances during her later school years, but she never hung out with them outside of school. She never had any close friends. 
  • She gets so lost in thought she ends up taking to herself rather than the person she’s with. 
  • She finds problem solving and puzzles fun but mysteries aggravating. 
  • Don’t touch her shit. Every day, millions of people go without touching her shit. Why can’t you be one of them?
  • Has broken at least three (3) mirrors due to various reasons. 
  • She has a strange fondness for snow white deer. 
  • Her room is always either spotless or a war zone and it changes just about every day. 
  • She has trouble apologizing. 
  • She can’t cook to save her life but oh god she tries so hard. 
  • Surprisingly strong upper body strength. She’s beat Reinhardt at arm wrestling once. Once. 
  • Virgo. 
  • Can hold a grudge for years while at the same time values forgiveness. 
  • Florence & the Machine
  • Temperance is a virtue this angel lacks.
  • Angela your hubris-

i’m censoring s/immons name but apparently that’s not enough for some people. look, the reason i won’t post in the “anti j/emma s/immons” tag is because big entitled fandoms like the s/immons stans go through the anti tags and then go to negative posts to contest them. or they won’t bother to use the search tags function properly and accuse me of putting hate in the s/immons tag. that’s why i won’t use the anti tag. because it will bring more trouble and Perfect Disney Princess S/immons’ fandom is fucking huge.

like sorry i’m so bitter about the verbal abuse and passive-aggressive crap your rich white fave inflicted upon an innocent homeless depressed woman of color who is being persecuted as part of an oppressed minority. sorry if it bums you out to read about your supporting white fave rightfully criticized for being a piece of shit towards our protagonist and for piling on the hurt she is already going through. sorry you don’t give a fucking shit about Daisy and it bothers seeing people who do.


Released these guys out of their cardboard cages today.

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