“Trying to distance yourself from everyone else so they don’t drown in your wake? I invented that move.”


“Phil Coulson. He found me in that cubicle and dragged me out. He didn’t give up on me… and he won’t give up on you.”

Er, May, you don’t remember the show? After Bahrain you weren’t in contact for like six years. And the reason you and Coulson went back to having a friendship is because Fury sent you to spy on Coulson and make sure he didn’t find out about Tahiti? What is this re-writing history going on here.

Also I should make a post about the erasure of Andrew Garner in this particular rewriting of history. (Andrew was the person who never gave up on May, Andrew was the person May chose to return to a relationship with, of her own volition, not because she had orders. But okay show, be this racist)

“You don’t get to choose who cares about you.”

Well, no but Daisy gets to choose what the fuck to do with her life and how she handles her trauma. WHO THE FUCK CARES IF COULSON LOVES HER? That doesn’t mean she has to stay or be friends with Coulson. If she doesn’t want to talk to Coulson ever again in her life that’s Daisy’s choice, and there’s nothing wrong in it. IT’S HER FUCKING CALL. She shouldn’t have to care more about other people’s feelings and opinions about her trauma when she makes choices about it.

What the fuck is this weird entitlemente everybody in this team has to Daisy’s presence. She doesn’t owe anyone being there hanging out with them. Why is everybody guilt-tripping her like they own her and Daisy staying away is somehow such a personal offense?

Again, no compassion for Daisy herself, it’s all about Coulson and how May apparently thinks he’s entitled to Daisy’s friendship because he “won’t give up”. I mean this show has a tendency to write May throwing people under the bus to prop Coulson up, which is one of the reasons why their dynamic grosses me out so much and why I think it’s so detrimental to her character.

I love Coulson and I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF HE GETS SAD BECAUSE DAISY WON’T BE FRIENDS WITH HIM. That’s Daisy’s call, he is not entitled to her time or friendship.

“Lincoln wouldn’t want you killing yourself over what happened.”

Wow, and to top off the grossness of the episode we have some good guilt-tripping Daisy into making other decisions by using the memory of her shitty ex-boyfriend who died for her, saying he wouldn’t like what she is doing. By the way this is a terrible, terrible thing to say to a depressed person, let alone if you really believe they are suicidal. WHO THE FUCK WOULD WRITE THIS. Also please never let this person write my baby Daisy ever again.

So next week is Coulson’s turn to be a complete asshole to Daisy or will the rest of the team take a second swing at her? I’m just curious.


today instead of doing my homework i decided to spend 3 and a half hours testing the makeup for my halloween costume. i need more practice w the crepe hair and i still wish i had the money for color contacts but all in all i think this came out p well considering it’s the first time i’ve done it!

Also Caitlin is becoming Killer Frost because she’s sad and heartbroken over Barry and Iris obviously it’s just hurting her THAT MUCH and she can’t handle it and Barry’s going to break up with Iris because he realizes he can’t lose Cait!


(eng sub/bts) arirang pops in seoul — 1of1 music video shooting sketch

anonymous asked:

Whats great about RebirthJay is that even though (like new52) the character is somewhat softer or at least less brutal than his postcrisis version (a fact that saddens me, I love viciousJay) He still does carry a lot of the depth that came with postcrisisJay, as in his experiences, background, and relationships leaving him with lasting traumas and issues that he admits he finds difficulty getting over. The focus on his ptsd/disturbed mentality is refreshing. Thoughts? Why do like RebirthJay?

Haha, I like him for pretty much the same reasons you do. 

Jason being softer in Rebirth, following cues from New52, is disappointing, but at the same time…exciting? Like, okay, this isn’t Pre52-Jason-as-written-by-Winick, but you know what? That’s okay. I don’t really want someone to imitate Winick at this point. We have all of Winick’s Jason to read anytime we want, and now we have a new version that retains his core but makes him more palatable. 

Besides, things change, and I can handle that. Whether you’ve ever read a Jason comic or not, the Jason depicted in Rebirth is engaging, deep, likable, and funny. I can’t complain about him not perfectly aligning with my preferred Pre52 canon from a decade ago when this new version is great too. It’s inevitable for comic fans. 

Jason still has those same issues, struggles, traumas, etc., but he just handles them differently. He’s more vulnerable and open, which makes him more easily understood and sympathized with. Given how many misconceptions existed about Pre52/New52 Jason, this kind of openness is refreshing. Readers can see that Jason loves Bruce, wants to help people, protects children, is insecure, struggles with the concept of a family, etc. His painfully-human portrayal is, for once, straightforward. I don’t need to point out subtle details that remind us of Jason’s struggles–they’re right there

I also do really appreciate the focus on Jason’s issues. I was going to link to specific panels approaching all these subjects,but then I realized I’d be linking to most of the panels I’ve posted so far. We’ve got his issues with the concept of family, his conflicting love for Bruce as his father, his insecurities, his desire to be independent, his miserable childhood, his feelings of being somewhat monstrous… I could go on for a while

Basically, I love Rebirth Jay because he’s like a cuddlier version of Pre52 Jay but he has the same heart. 

anyways ain’t it great that preston garvey is an altruistic, multifaceted character who deserves better than still being reduced to the same tired ass joke when the fandom can actually be fucked to acknowledge him

ain’t it great that he’s a good person but not a god damn doormat, and isn’t it good that he doesn’t just exist to ~ fix ur Problematiqué faves ~ or to get ur sosu and random love interest #4 together

ain’t it great that this game is gonna be out for a year this time next month and I’m still yelling at this fandom bc it can’t get it’s head out of it’s god damn ass