#4yearswith2AM : Kwon thought that the members would visit him during the 3 days of overnight filming, but no one came, and only SO sent him a short message asking if he’s filming well. Kwon replied “yes” and then SO replied “Okay then I’ll go to sleep then.”

He got sort of angry and sent all of them messages saying that it’s his last day of filming, asking if they are doing well. Then CM started replying him with many messages. So the MCs went on to ask him to shout out the person he wants to see the most, and Kwon shouted his mum first, but changed to shouting for the 2AM members when he realised they’ve arranged for the special event.

So Jinwoon appeared and hugged Kwon while Kwon started crying ~ He said it was a difficult period for him, making this solo album. JW said that he felt sorry about it and came to show his support today.. Then JW said a cheering message for everyone to support Kwon’s solo album but he ended off with “Jang Wooyooung Fighting!!” LOL. Kwon who’s in a mental breakdown state went to strangle him and said that he’ll “forgive” JW but didn’t name the rest ~~~ Keke so I guess CM and SO still have to redeem themselves ~~~

by summerblues_

Jinwoonie, I love you~