All the days I felt I wasn’t good enough for you.
The amount of times you told me you loved me were thin and few.
I had to get you drunk due to,
the lack of words you knew
while sober.
I just wanted you, 
to tell me I was valued,
A simple thank you,
for the effort I put into,
just trying to teach you,
how to love me the right way.
I gave you a step by step display, 
where all you had to do was make me feel okay.
Yet, you became so distant in the way
that you NEVER made time for me,
you were always so ‘busy’.
After four years I was the only devotee
to the degree
that while I was trying to fix you and me,
you were trying to find ways to leave.
—  Jade B. (The moments I should’ve left)