“Get us famous,” they said. “Yeah, that would be cool,” they said. And now look where they are 4 years later, with 7 EP’s, 2 albums, 1 Live album, 10 music videos, 7 singles, 2 books, 1 movie, and 1 tour complete and another on the way. Our boys, Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael; we’ve experienced so much together over the last 4 years from moments of joy, sadness, jealousy and worry. Most included laughs and tears, even screams, but not one moment was unforgettable. We’ve watched you grow into the beautiful young men that you are and watched you develop into the band you dreamed of being. I’m happy to say that I’m glad I could be around to experience most of your triumphs and can’t wait to see you succeed more. Happy 4 year anniversary boys I can’t wait to see where you take us next. ILY💕 @5sos-official

Y'all I can’t rn this is too much 😭
We’ve watched the girls grow and become women right I front of our eyes. We’ve watched their career grow and their fan base grow. It feels like it was just yesterday when they auditioned for the X factor and now look at where our babies are😭❤️❤️
So proud to call myself a harmonizer🙌
Thank you so much for four amazing years full of memories💝
We love you so so so much💕 so proud of y'all, so proud💋


He can't sleep


        Your phone vibrates in the middle of the night. You groan and pick it up. “Babe I can’t sleep” Harry whines into the phone. “Why?"You mumble. "I miss you to much” he whines again. “Do you wanna skype?” You sit up and grab your laptop. “I’ll call you” He hangs up calling you moments later. “Hey baby” He gives you a cheeky grin. “Hi” You yawn. “How was the concert?” You rub your eyes and shift your laptop. “It was so incredible the fans are amazing” He gushes. He dives into a conversation about the concert and you kinda nod of. “Night Love” He whispers before going to sleep himself.


         When the bed shifts you know Louis’s awake. “You alright?” You whisper. “Fine love” He pants pulling his soaked shirt off and tossing it into the hamper. “Another nightmare?” You sit up and wrap your arms around his waist. He just nods and lays down. He wraps his arms around your torso and pulls you to his chest. “Tell me about it” You turn and face him. “It was about you actually"he mumbles. "Louis I’m not going anywhere I love you” You straddle his lap and kiss his neck. “I love you too" 


       "Liam why are you pacing?” You groan sitting up flipping the light on. “I can’t sleep” he continues to pace. “Obviously, whats wrong?”. “What if they don’t like me?” he whines. “Who?” you climb out of bed and get in front of him. “Your parents” He moves around you to pace. “Relax they’ll love you” You rub his shoulders. “I can’t relax” he groans. “What if they think I’m not good enough for you?” He rubs his palms over his face. “Just act normal babe they’ll love you I promise” He sits on the edge of the bed. “I’ll help you relax” you play with the waist line of his boxers.


       "Can you please turn the light off?“ you roll over and look at Niall. "What if something goes wrong?” he just stares out the window. You can tell he’s trying not to cry or else he’d look at you. “Baby it’ll be fine” you try to soothe him. “They told me I might never walk again if something goes wrong” He’s crying now. You sit up and pull his head to your chest. “It’s okay you’ll be fine when you wake up I’ll be there” You smooth down his hair. “You promise you’ll be there” He sniffles. “Of course I wouldn’t be anywhere else” You kiss his hair and he cuddles up to you. 


         "Go to sleep babe" You groan as Zayn rolls over once again. “I can’t what if your water breaks” He rubs your belly. “I’m fine I still have about three weeks” You adjust your Pillow and wrap your legs around him. “I know but what if she’s ready to come out"He kisses your stomach. "zayn calm down I’m fine” You cup his cheeks. “Be right back” You stand up and walk to the kitchen. You come back with warm milk and oreos. You give him the snack and you wrap yourself back up drifting to sleep after him.

thrusting makes us happy

should we take a look at all the best thrusting moments?

because group thrusting should become a thing

liam really knows how to work it out

go niall go niall

zayn doesn’t thrust often but when he doesssss omg

is this real life

ahhhh my ovaries

i think i just fainted

i mean at least you tired haz

group thrusting???? come on

now you are getting the hang of it haz

you just killed all of us zayn

i can’t i just can’t


are you still with me or have you died?

the most sensual thrust i have ever seen

way to join us liam

i am so turned on

ooooo louis louis louis

niall i am dead. dead.

i don't think i can breathe…

they really know how to get to us

4 years ago today the sass master himself auditioned for the X-factor, just imagine if Louis didn’t audition or if he didn’t get the 3 yes’s (of course he would of made it through because he has an fablouis voice) without his audition and the rest of the boys auditions there would be no One Direction *gasp* so how about we thank Louis for auditioning 4 years ago today!!

Check out the video:

Happy blogging!