XMENreversebang Prompt #1026 In Which there are lots of Big Birds. 

*Original Prompt Image: HERE (because it is super long and unfriendly to all that is tumblr photosets)

Ahem. Let me now start my rehearsed Beauty Pageant Speech in which I thank everyone and wish for world peace. No actually, I really want to thank Ximeria for being so kind and amazing. Also patient. And super enthusiastic about this whole thing, which was a lot more than I could ask for. I swear she is part angel and part spy.

She’s managed to make what was only a silly idea into a lovely story SO YOU BETTA GO READ IT OVER HERE @ AO3

I also want to thank the people in XMRB support chat for being very…well supportive and awesome in general. It was really amazing to see some of the community come together and bond in such a creative event that I hope to see it happen more and more often! Yeys!

And yeah. I would like to get some sleep now. So let me go do that. Maybe.

ohteepeeh asked: OMG am I still in the 10 asks???because I love your art and I want some CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERIK <3 <3 <3 wohooooo

<3<3<3 I HOPE THIS…SATISFIES YOUR CHERIK NEEDS–for now? Because we all know there is no end to this yearning–and oh hey guys. I’ve got internet back! And now I need to spend a lot of time catching up with everything…most importantly my commissioner. OTL’“

THIS IS REQUEST NUMBER–3 I think. And also doubles as my weekly cherik post I am doing with the amazing: aqueoushumor

..I am ashamed that all of my sketches are so…sketchy.

Edit: Forgot to link the hi-res because tumblr resizes everything to bite sizes.

So yesterday, I got to read this amazing D/S ‘verse by Taha with a Sub!Erik that I fell SO HARD in love with. I’ll admit that I was majorly sub!charles (if i even decide to read D/S, which is also extremely rare. XD ) because I’m extremely picky about Erik’s personality in fics and…this one just hit me in all the right places that I ended up drawing fanart for it in place of sleeping. Haha. Oops.


IT’S TUESGAY! I thought I’d contribute some Charles/Erik for Mcfassy day! <3

This is…kind of a spin off from Pala’s KidCharles VS Erik AU.

I have SO MUCH STUFF I need to complete, and this was not one of them. But as usual…the things I want to do comes before the things I need to do. *facepalm*

…I’m sorry this is kind of silly now that I look at it. Not sure why I thought this was a good idea. ahaha..probably have something to do with how I haven’t gotten any sleep yet. Woohooo.

FOR REG’S BDAY, I actually finished this ahead of time because I thought I was late, and then Reg informed me of my folly. …apparently the safest way to get a bday present from me is to confuse me with an earlier date so I’d get it done on time. Haha! =W=;

Anyway, this is Charles and Baskerville from her The Bell’s Toll fic, which, if you haven’t read it. You should.

It’s a few days early, but I hope you enjoy it REGGUPA.


I worried for 3 seconds on how I actually dont know anything about muscle/skeletal anatomy to pull this off but then I remembered this is SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN and they dont follow that anatomy thing. SO EHE. Colossal!Titan Erik looking extra happy because Charles who happens to wear the same things as Levi found him a cape. V.important things, that cape and Magneto beetle. 

(I imagine they have similar relationship as Ymir and Christa!)

For Subtilior’s request of having Erik and Charles in bed (this is not a very accurate depiction of the most recent chapter–but it was drawn with it in mind!)~ months agoooo to the point that I don’t actually expect anyone to remember. Haha…*faceinhands* 

I wish I had the time and the speed to finish drawings that are more than just…lineart + random colors. Ha; ONEDAY. I say this all the time..


1. I was going to use it for XMRB, but the more I think about it, the less sure I am. XD I feel like people are pretty tired of crazy AUs so Cat Tribal Cherik might just have to be a personal project.

2. I saw a pretty red dress so I wanted to draw an Erika in it. Um…@U@; MHMM.

3. Back when I posted that Goggles app that allows you to draw on websites, I drew this with it. The app is so laggggy that I haven’t tried to do much else with it though.

But yeah. XD; These are just the sketches I’ve been sitting on while I work on commissions and pages orz. I can sketch pretty fast, but anything past that is slowww mooootion.

Breaking unannounced hiatus with a drawing I did last night on open canvas~ with Mao and Yae. The only two people who will make time to draw with me. WAHH. 

And it’s supposed to be Sage!Charles….who refuses to wear a silly hat. And Random OWL OF TEH WISDOMS.

Also. P.S. Guys I’m sort of hiatusing, and will continue to do so because my family is flying in tomorrow…and I have much works to do. Including a certain RBB. Snort…I WILL REPLY TO YOUR ASKS…EVENTUALLY. I’m so sorry.

codenamecesare answered your question: What sort of XMFC fanart would you like to see…

Never enough Drag!Erik & bamf!Charles in wheelchair. + chars in outfits we’d never get to see in films: cowboy/girl, Victorian, gothic, etc.

This took forever to get to but THANKS FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTION. <3 I do plan to draw the other things too…one day. In my Fangirl career.

Drawing based off of this HOT PHOTO: