My name is Kevin. I am a photo student based out of New Paltz, New York. Generally, my work is a direct approach to looking at spaces. My work has started to become more formal, with detailed attention to the composition. Lately, I have also been documenting the local people and culture as I travel. I hope to travel the country and world after I graduate and build a large body of work. I shoot primarily in film with a 4x5 view camera or 6x7 medium format camera as well as digitally. Please take a look at my website at kevinhanphoto.com and my tumblr page at lemonhanphotography.tumblr.com

White Sands has some of the most incredible patterns that form in the gypsum dunes.  During my recent trip, there hadn’t been any significant wind for at least a week so clean crests on the dunes were few and far between.  However there were some interesting close up patterns like this because the most recent breeze was from the opposite direction of the typical prevailing winds.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico -   March 2015

Shot Notes:

Provia 100f 4x5, 210mm Caltar Lens
1/60 at f32, no filters

Mammal Monday, Mantled Guereza.

This Mantled Guereza looks like he has a case of the Mondays. 

© The Field Museum, CSZ56055, Photographer Wilfred H. Osgood.

Guereza, Abyssinian Black and White Colobus monkey. Sharp contrast of black and white markings. “When, for the first time, Mr. Fuertes saw one of these guerezas make a plunge of 75 feet through the trees, he characterized it as ‘a hearse on a spree.’

Daily News Abyssinian Expedition Zoology Mammals, Birds Africa Abyssinia Wilfred Osgood, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, Charles Suydam Cutting, Jack Baum, Alfred M. Bailey Start Date: 9/7/1926 End Date: 5/20/1927

4x5 Interpositive