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Sorry but Louis WAS more abused. He was the one who had to shut down his natural mannerism. He was the one who wore a rainbow and got slapped. We talk how this fandom flinches waiting for a slap but imagine how it is for Louis. People praise harry for waiving rainbow flag and expect Louis to do it but don't understand that he was slapped for it when harry wasn't. So. Yeah.

You really can’t compare them…they’re in different places, especially now, and Harry has more of a certain type of freedom (being able to show LGBTQIA+ support) than Louis does, and I wish with all my heart that Louis could do that, but Harry has been through hell too. He was 17 and had to do a stunt with a 32 year old, he’s been labeled a homewrecker who sleeps his way through friend groups…he literally can’t have friends without people shipping them.

They’ve both had it so fucking bad that there’s no use in comparing them, like, what’s the point of doing that? Harry’s in more of a glass closet now and he has more visible freedom while Louis doesn’t, and that’s so awful, but at the end of the day you have to look at the bigger picture and realize that they’ve both gone through hell.

There’s no point in saying one of them has had it worse, especially when you realize that what affects one will always affect the other to a degree. You can sympathize/empathize with each of them without having to definitively say that one has had it worse, because you can’t - you aren’t them.

“Kearney and Levine used four types of existing statistics to answer questions about the impact of 16 and Pregnant: Nielsen ratings, Google Trends, Twitter records, and Vital Statistics birth microdata.” (via Dixon, The Process of Social Research – Existing Data Analysis: Using Data from Secondhand Sources)