Air Date : Sept 4th, 2015
Season Number : 2
Episode Number : 16
Episode Name : Girl Meets World of Terror 2
Networks : Disney Channel
Genres : Family, Comedy

It’s Halloween season for Riley and her family and friends.

Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, Will Friedle




Old Rag Mountain [07.05.15] by Andrew Wagner
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the signs as 16 candles quotes

“This may sound incredibly dumb… but I love you, and I’ll do anything to make you love me” -Pisces, Taurus, CANCER, Scorpio

“It is physically impossible for me to get happy”- Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

“It’s really human of you to listen to all my bullshit” - Aries, GEMINI, Libra, Capricorn

A Father’s Approval

A/N: I had one scene from Clannad in my head for this but it didn’t come out that way at all lmao. [ x ]
Pairing: NaruHina

Naruto checked himself out in the mirror of his bedroom for the hundredth time that evening. He combed his hair right, then left and every which way only to leave it back to how it usually is. It wasn’t every day you met the father of the girl you were dating and he had to look perfect. First impressions are key after all; he can’t fuck this up.

His legs felt like lead as he made his way to the Hyuuga compound, heart beating a million beats a minute. He didn’t even notice as villagers greeted him, his mind too busy with worries about the meeting. What if Hiashi didn’t like him? What if he disapproved of his relationship with Hinata? Would he have to stop seeing her if that were the case?

Naruto was absolutely terrified. He loved Hinata and he made a promise to himself that he’d never let her go. Never let her out of his sight. He never wanted someone’s approval so bad.

All his worries left him, however, when he saw a glimpse of Hinata down the road. A boy about the age of nine handed her a flower and she smiled gently accepting the gift. It was a dandelion but she put it in her hair thanking the boy and his heart fluttered. Just seeing her was able to calm him and he thought to himself that everything would be fine as long as she was there.

She must have noticed that someone was staring at her because she looked up and faced in his direction immediately, a light blush gracing her cheeks and she smiled just a bit wider when she noticed it was him.

He lifted his hand as if to wave and she did as well. His heart clenched. 

Yes, everything was going to be okay.

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If Malaysia does host the season finale next year, it’ll be good for me. 

If Kimi doesn’t renew his contract and doesn’t stay in F1, that will be his last race in F1. 

Which means I’ll be able to be in Sepang to see his last race! I think I’ll cry on that day… 

Also, wouldn’t it be awesome if Kimi wins this last race? It would mean Malaysia is his first F1 win and last F1 win…