Candid ~ Bus Conductor

He always spoke to me in lilting Yoruba, spiced sometimes with English words or expressions. He spoke slowly because he said I was too Igbo to understand if he spoke as fast as he normally did on the bus, and I always marvelled at how normal his voice sounded at home but different once he got on the bus, as if bus conductors had a uniform for the voice, something they put on to disguise their real voices.” 

- Excerpt from Broda Sonnie - Nights Of The Creaking Bed by Toni Kan.


Best In The Desert:

Ford just announced they’ll be competing in the Best In The Desert Race in this beast! The first race is this week. Somewhat ironic because I will be in AZ this week. Maybe I’ll have time to ‘stop by’.

This race version uses the same basic platform and components as the production version with some ‘minor’ upgrades.

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