Captain Swan Appreciation Week;

Day 3: favorite happy moment

Absolutely cheated on this one with two moments instead of just one, but I can’t apologize for it.  I’m sorry, it’s like asking me to choose which Milka chocolate bar is my favorite.  You cannot ask me that (but I really dislike the caramel one, so now you know!)

These two moments will never not remind me of episode 3x12, New York Serenade.  They don’t remind me of how Killian asked Emma if she missed him after she took the memory potion and how she trusted him without really knowing who he was.  And it doesn’t remind me of the hope he had that was dashed because of the way she reacted after she got her memory back. It reminds me of none of that.  She left for a day and she hugged him as though she was gone for longer than that.  And she came back from the alternate universe where he did not remember her and he had died so that she can set things right so that they can have this moment.

Can’t make me choose, I just won’t do it!


Ok, I think I’m finally ready to talk about the ‘Emma in the library with the stare’ scene.

First of all, I think we ALL can agree it WAS intentional. Seriously though, if you think it was just a camera slip you are delusional. 

Now, I’m gonna be honest. When I was watching it the first time, when I had no idea what uckery was upon us i seriously saw it as a jealous!Emma scene and thought the episode was gonna be awesome. Although something did feel off in that scene. (especialy after watching it 100 times while making the gifs)

But anyway, knowing all the facts now, it feels more like Requiem. Well, you know how it is. You watch something then some crap like Emma’s sacrifice happens and when you rewatch it you think to yourself ‘shit, all the signs were there’.

So this scene was (like she said in the EF) Emma “seeing Regina’s ‘happy ending’ happen”. But that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. I mean, come on, would you call that face a happy one? Or any of these for that matter?

Emma never looks happy or interested or enthusiastic (and I believe gal pals usually do) when Regina talks about RH.

Well, except that one time when Regina told her they’d broken up

Ok, maybe not ‘happy’ happy (probably because that would be rude - Regina’s just lost her ‘TL’ after all) but definitely relieved and relaxed: everything returned back to normal - there’s no one between her and Regina once again (Hook does not count because she can get rid of him whenever she wants).

So, I strongly believe Emma is happy for Regina because to truly love someone is to wish them to find their happiness. Even if it’s not you. But at the same time she’s jealous and whishes it were her.

And I don’t care if all this is is my headcanon. I believe it because tbh this is the only explanation that makes sense to me. If you’ve got another one, please, do share:)