We Slip and Slide

Written for the Glee Twist Fest (prompt:  what if Holly Holiday came back?).  Takes place around Episode 4x21: “Wonder-ful”

Pairing:  Klaine

Word count:  4660

“So, just talk to her about it,” Santana said into her phone, as she flopped down on the couch next to Kurt.  “I know she’ll have some excellent ideas…” she said in a low voice, then paused.  “Trouty, stop being a baby and just do it.  I’ve got to go, this pasta won’t cook itself.”

 “Pasta?”  Kurt asked, looking at Santana, who obviously wasn’t anywhere near the stove.

 “No,” Santana scoffed.  “Do you see me cooking anything?  I had to get him off the phone.  Sam will babble forever if you let him.  He’s like a twelve year old girl, always wanting to talk about his feeeeelings…”  Santana grabbed the remote out of Kurt’s hand.  “My turn to pick.”

 “So did you have any good advice for Sam?”  Kurt was curious.  He hadn’t realized Santana and Sam were even close, much less that Sam was confiding in her.

 “I told him to talk to Hilarious Holiday.  She’ll listen to him – she’ll even look patient while she does it.” 

 “Holly Holiday?  The substitute?”  Kurt looked quizzically at Santana.

 “Yeah, apparently she’s back doing sex ed again at McKinley.  And Sam sure can use some.”


 “Calm down, it’s nothing kinky.  She was actually really cool to me and Britt junior year.  Helped us talk about our feeeeeelings.”

 “What’s Sam need to talk to her about?”

 Santana opened her mouth to answer, then closed it again.  She looked at Kurt apologetically.  “Sam told me in confidence and I actually think I’m going to keep it, well, confidential.”  Santana looked down and laughed quietly.  “Shocker, I know.”

 Later that night, Kurt tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.  He couldn’t stop thinking about Santana telling Sam to talk to Holly Holiday.  What did Sam tell Santana in confidence?  What type of sex related problems could he be having?  The same kind that Santana and Brittany had talked to Ms. Holiday about?  Kurt remembered all the “Blam” jokes Tina made that weekend at Mr. Schue’s non-wedding, and how Blaine would always blush with shy delight when Sam wrapped his arm around his shoulder.  He knew Blaine had had a pointless crush on Sam during the winter, but what if it wasn’t pointless?  What if Sam was bi, or gay, just like Kurt had suspected back when Sam first joined New Directions?


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