4x17 because the night


I’m sure you’ve heard it before..

a song for every moment :: a kc series

because the night 4x17 :: heart skipped a beat by the xx 

Klaroline and Epic Quotes

3x11: Our Town

3x14: Dangerous Liasons

3x15: All My Children

3x20: Do Not Go Gentle

3x21: Before Sunset

4x07: My Brother’s Keeper

4x13: Into The Wild

4x14: Down the Rabbit Hole

4x17: Because the Night

4x18: American Gothic

4x23: Graduation

5x11: 500 Years of Solitude

Every time Klaroline have a scene, we get epic quotes. These are just some of the samples. So what is it going to be in 5x11?? Is this their thing too ;)

P.S. Gifs not mine.

4x17 Because the Night

-I hate this episode. The Damon/Lexi flashback is the worst rewrite of history. 

-Then we have Caroline killing 12 witches and feeling bad about it for like 10 seconds before it’s never mentioned again

-The Klaus/Silas scene is good, but I can’t help thinking how much better it would have been with Paul Wesley as Silas.

-Also, Klaroline + Geometry = hot

-And this is the best part of the episode, obviously.