Dean Smith is Essentially the Most Perfect Dean We'll Ever Get

Do you know why I believe Dean Smith is essentially the most perfect version of Dean Winchester we’ll ever see?

Dean Smith was raised by loving parents Bobby and Ellen Smith, who odds are did not treat Dean anything like John Winchester treated Dean. From what we know of Bobby Singer and from what we know of Ellen Harvelle, they probably would have allowed Dean to be whatever he chose to be, whatever he grew into on his own accord as long as Dean was still good at heart.

You can see that in the way Dean acts, the way Dean dresses.

Dean Smith is secure with himself. He doesn’t hate himself. He’s comfortable being metro and embraces that, yes, he does like nice clothes and that’s okay. He allows himself to go through a cleanse and eat rabbit food and he doesn’t see any of it as something that takes away from his masculinity.

Dean got into Stanford as Dean Smith, and from what we know about Bobby and Ellen, he probably had to get some form of scholarship in order to even be able to go. Dean even finishing high school, even going to college means that Dean is comfortable with the fact that he is smart and believes in himself.

He’s fine with NPR in the mornings and the only person he seems to flirt with throughout the episode his dark haired assistant who looks vaguely similar to a certain angel who follows the Righteous Man around as he chats the guy up about Project Runway. Which may mean Dean is actually comfortable with his bisexuality as Dean Smith because his parents probably didn’t scare him into thinking something may be wrong with him if he was an adorable bisexual.

Dean doesn’t have any of the things his fear doppleganger pointed out as him copying someone. He doesn’t have the impala, he doesn’t have the jacket. He does still have the taste in music, but he’s allowed himself to be okay and reach out to other things he probably wouldn’t listen to unless Godstiel was around, like talk radio. Dean Smith makes his own decisions in this incarnation of Dean. He chose what he wore, he didn’t learn it from anyone. He chose what he drove, he didn’t take a hand me down from a dead father.

Everything we see in this episode is Dean. This is essentially what Dean would have grown up to become if he lived in a healthy, happy household that didn’t put him down and make him feel insecure about himself. This is what Dean should have turned out to become and it’s a shame that he didn’t get the chance to.


[Sherlock] Over the course of the 80 years of his derring-do, the Midnight Ranger has died 5 times. It occurred to me that our Ranger might have been killed by an obsessed fan attempting to recreate a particular death.

[Joan] And?

[Sherlock] Unfortunately, the deaths in the comics involve being sent back in time, buried deep underground, made microscopic, impersonated by an alien, and…