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I am a returned TVD viewer because of Steroline since the Delana show drove me away ( Sorry Damon fans I find him repulsive and her boring at the same time) . I have been reading people's opinions on when Stefan started having feelings for Caroline and something I think is overlooked is in episode 4x16 when Stefan saves Caroline from Elana he basically throws Elana at Damon and says take her and stays with Caroline. I would love your take on the dynamics of that scene.

Welcome back to the show! Hope you’re finding season 6 is better than the previous two seasons. 

It’s interesting that you should bring up 4x16 because that’s when I started shipping Steroline. It’s when I finally “saw it.” And if I remember correctly 4x16 is also the first episode in the show that hints at something more between Stefan and Caroline than just friendship. With that in mind, I’m going to discuss the last scenes in the context of the rest episode because the Steroline moments from earlier are informative of the ending. 

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What do you mean Klaus was out of character?

It was OOC for him to give Hayley a meal and try to get the information out of her civilly? NO, IT WAS NOT. IT WAS COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER.

Remember when Stefan stole his coffins and Klaus could have gone straight to torturing him or bleeding him dry and compelling him for the information? But he didn’t, he invited them over for dinner and tried to get the information out of Stefan in a diplomatic fashion.

And he only resorted to violence because Stefan wouldn’t cooperate.

Remember when he needed information from Rebekah about The Five and the sword and invited her for dinner?

And only resorted to having Stefan manipulate her emotions because she wouldn’t cooperate.

So now Hayley has information on Katerina and therefore Klaus, like the classy motherfucker he is, has her over for dinner and gets the information out of her because she cooperates.

What was that you were saying about it being out of character?

Theory #1 – Who’s the Woman (4x16)

Alright, I’m going to jump in and get into the discussion of who was in the car Ezra yelled at. Now, a lot of people I’ve seen are believing Ezra and saying it’s Maggie’s lawyer. I’ve also seen people saying it’s Maggie herself… well, I think it’s a different person and I’m going to throw my theory out there. And it’s not like we’ll ever get it answered honestly anyway.

To start, we know it’s a blonde woman who Ezra seems to know personally. What we hear from the two’s conversation, or Ezra’s yelling is ->

Ezra: I know, I know, but I don’t understand how you could make such a colossal mistake. (pause) Do you understand? Do you see how this is, this is difficult. (Woman looks away) No look at me, look at me when I’m talking to you! This doesn’t make sense! You have really screwed up. Oh, yes, please, please drive away! This isn’t over!

Now, what mistake could Maggie, or her lawyer, have made? Because, Maggie was not mistaken in Malcolm not being his son. So here is where my theory comes in. The woman is none other than CeCe Drake.

Because, we know that CeCe is taking orders from someone (4x12, pay roll) and someone made out two payments to her. The girls think that she could have been paid to dress up as Red Coat, but think of how many times we’ve seen Red Coat… CeCe would have gotten more than two payments.

 But, what did come in twos? Well, Wilden was shot with two bullets. I think she was paid for each bullet and the person who is in charge over her, the owner of the lair, A himself: Ezra Fitz. Ezra could have wanted Wilden to be killed for Wilden almost killing Aria on the Halloween Train. Or, they might have another connection to each other that we’ve yet to know. After all, they could have been friends. They were both in Cape May and Ezra did go to his funeral. But then again, Ezra could just like attending funerals.

But, that’s another theory. Back to this mystery woman. Ezra screams about how she made a mistake and how she’s screwed up. The latest we’ve heard about CeCe is that the police spotted her, got her trail, and that someone could have possibly paid her to kill Wilden.

That’s the mistake. Now that the police think someone paid her, they are going to look for that person. Now, if Ezra is that person like I truly believe he is, he is going to be angry and worried that they’ll catch him.

What do you guys think?

4x16 Bring It On

-I like when Damon and Rebekah team up so I enjoyed those scenes, especially when Damon told her why she wouldn’t like being human

-Good Stefan/Caroline scenes. I love their friendship.

-Emotionless Elena is the worst. I’m still mad they never addressed the fact that she almost killed Caroline and she tried to hurt Liz. 

-Hayley mocking Klais’ paintings was hilarious. And that’s the nicest thing I have to say about those scenes. 

You know, if Damon really was pretending to be good just to be with Elena he would have taken the chance she offered him in 4x16 and didn’t bother trying so hard to bring her humanity back even if it meant losing her (to Stefan)

He would have actually been happier to be with no-humanity Elena because he can be himself (a bad person in this case) around her and not worry about her moral standards getting in their way

Just saying..

Getting to know the Steroline Shippers 2.0: Part V

Based on the survey posted here

Part of the Getting to know the Steroline Shippers Series 2.0

Reminder: NOT MY GIFS

It’s time to know when everyone started to ship Steroline!!! Top 10 episodes in order from least to most votes

10. (Three-Way tie) The Devil Inside (5x12)

Oh My God. This episode. I totally get why people started shipping them here. Stefan literally puts everything else on hold and puts Caroline as his top priority. I firmly believe this is the first time he fully realized how incredible this woman is. And the fact that Caroline makes it clear that Stefan is her safe haven is really heartwarming. 

10. (Three-Way tie) 5x16 While you were Sleeping

This episode was great in terms of making it crystal clear that Steroline’s bond was really strong and really deep. They both subtly and not so subtly implied they would do anything for each other. Here, Caroline chose Stefan over everything else: her comfort, her safety, even Elena… Also, that moment when they joke after Stefan wakes up is perfection

10. (Three-Way tie) 5x21 Promised Land

Ok so Steroline didn’t share many scenes in this episodes. But, oh boy was it important for our ship. First, Stefan admitting that he doesn’t mid Caroline’s control-freakiness and stating that she makes him laugh. Second, Stefan dying for Caroline. Finally, Caroline crying over his body in one of the most intense and emotional scenes in TVD history. If anybody had any doubt they were OTP material, I can understand why they started shipping them at this point. 

7. The Rager (4x03)

This moment is so shipable. I mean this is when their relationship really took off. They were friends before but his is when they became best friends. the moment is full of mutual respect and admiration. 

6. (Tie) Daddy Issues (2x13)

This episode was so full of Steroline. It solidified their friendship so much. Stefan was so protective all episode. Caroline was hurt so much by the werewolves but she was still fierce and strong. The moment when STefan brought her friends over, just confirmed how much of a better man Stefan is around Caroline

6. (Tie) Pictures of You (4x19)

Foreshadowing anyone??? This episode put Steroline in many people’s mind without a doubt. In a show where everything comes back, I knew, for sure, that this would too. SO glad I was right

4. Rescue Me (5x17)

This is me! This is when I started shipping them. I know that many Steroliners feel sad that they didn’t start shipping them until this episode. But don’t be sorry! You got in right at the best moment. In this moment no one could deny there was something between them. Any doubt anyone had was wiped away in this episode. This was the episode when she did so much for him. It’s also the episode where she confirmed her true colors. This was the episode when he accepted these true colors. It was the episode she fell in love, I’m sure of it. 

3. Pilot (1x01)

Oh, the Pilot. Talking about foreshadowing! I actually fell in love with Caroline in this episode and I know many of you did too. I wanna congratulate all these shippers who started in 1x01. You have kept the Steroline fandom alive. Congrats for your patience. And thanks for your dedication

2. Bring it On (4x16)

It’s funny how this one episode turned so many people into Steroliners. No one can deny that they are adorable here. They showed us that they are the happiest when they are together. I mean, even Elena realized it! And she was right, they do look good together. 

1. Brave New World (2x02)

It seems the biggest number of Steroliners saw the potential right when Julie Plec did. It makes me so happy that every single cast/crew member interviewed about Steroline references this scene. And it is incredibly powerful. It is everything that makes Stefan a hero. And it is the start of a beautiful journey for Caroline. And they are together.  

Y’know how in the OUAT fandom certain characters have foods associated with them? Stuff that occurs in fic all the freakin’ time? Like Regina has lasagna and Emma and Henry have hot cocoa with cinnamon? 

Why have we never done this with Peter Pan and cake? 

We learn in 4x16 that Pan commissioned Hook specifically to bring him cake

And One of Malcolm’s big selling points of Neverland to Rumple is that “you can eat cake all day and not get a stomach ache.” (3x08) 

So. Pan and cake.  It’s a thing. 

yeah yeah I know nobody cares about Pan anymore