4x15 stand by me


There is no denying. The Bamon cliffhanger was BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND EPIC. Now, let’s see what really makes it c and what it means.


Bonnie and Damon have come a long way since season 1 so let’s go back to the beginning and in particular 1x09 …

Yes, Damon and Bonnie definitely started off of the wrong foot. What is sad is that Damon didn’t want to hurt Bonnie. He just wanted to get back at Emily who had just betrayed him. When he realized what he did, he felt instant remorse  despite his humanity turned off at the time. After that moment, Bonnie was scared of Damon and made her primal mission to stop Damon from hurting innocent people while Damon searched for a truce with her.

Fast forward this moment to season 5 finale

Damon and Bonnie stood together, hand in hand, awaiting the Other side to disintegrate  and discovering their new fate …

… in a very similar forest-like setting as the one in 1x09.

It only takes these two opposite moments to make the last Bamon scene EPIC.

But that is not all.

Throughout the seasons, Damon has been a PROTECTOR to Bonnie Bennett.

It’s started with Damon’s promise to Emily Bennett to protect the Bennett lineage. 

Then, his promise turned into natural but unconscious prime mission to protect Bonnie.

2x18 - The Last Dance aka the episode that scared the hell out of the network and tvd producers

Bonnie was determined to fight Klaus to protect Elena, even if it meant it would kill her. This was the first time we saw Damon worried about Bonnie dying.

Damon came up with a plan to protect Bonnie from Klaus by faking her death.

Damon was distressed over Bonnie’s body

And he carried her with so much caring and delicacy

In the end, Bonnie was saved thanks to Damon

3x21 - Before Sunset

After Vampire Alaric bit Bonnie and was left dying, Damon fed her his blood and saved her life.

4x15 -  Stand by me

Damon searched Bonnie on the island when she was lost and nobody knew what happened to her.

When he found her, he was so relieved that he wanted to embrace her

Then came the EPIC BAMON HUG

From 5x04 to 5x07

After Damon learned Bonnie was dead, he and only him moved heaven and earth to bring her back to life.

Damon was the most affected by Bonnie’s death

So he came up with a plan to bring her back to life

And Damon didn’t rest or give up until Bonnie was alive again

Throughout season 5, Damon and Bonnie had a pretty similar romantic storyline.

They both started the season with a new relationship. Elena for Damon. Jeremy for Bonnie.

They both had some issues with their partners. Damon had a co-dependency problem which prevented him from completely let go of Elena. As for Bonnie, she had a trusting issue that remained since he cheated on her with Anna. For me neither Damon nor Bonnie found true love and true happiness with the Gilberts.

In the finale, both Damon and Bonnie said goodbye to their respective partners in order to move on.

Contrast between the beginning and the ending of season 5

In the beginning …

Bonnie was dead (in the Other side), alone and not at peace with her death. The only living person she could see and talk to was Jeremy but couldn’t touch him.

Damon was alive and seemed happy with Elena but he didn’t know about Bonnie’s death.

But in the ending …

With the disintegration of the Other side, Bonnie, as the anchor, died again and disappeared into another dimension. But this time, she was not alone. Damon, who just died, was by her side and together they were both at peace with their death and whatever they would encounter.


Bamon’s death is exactly what I call an EPIC DEATH. Both Bonnie and Damon both left the living world being heroes and saving their loved ones and co.

Damon was the one who pushed Bonnie to find a new plan to save their loved ones, in the scene where Damon showed Bonnie total vulnerability. 

They both risked their lives to resurrect their loved ones and co. Damon had to die to trigger the explosion while Bonnie made everyone pass through her to go back to the living world.

When it was time for Damon to pass through Bonnie …

When Bonnie saw Damon, the smile on her face meant everything. She was so happy to bring him back to the living world, like he did her.

Seriously, look at them! Smiling and staring into each other’s eyes. They are so beautiful here.

Instead of rushing to pass through Bonnie, he just stood there in front of her, a few feet away from her, staring into her eyes. It was actually Bonnie who had to come closer and grab his arms. I don’t think that Damon was aware that Bonnie couldn’t be safe. But a part of him didn’t want to leave her behind.

But then, it happened. I love this moment. You can see the sadness, desperation and helplessness on Bonnie’s face as she realized Damon was trapped in the Other side. 


We’ve seen that Damon, throughout the series, has been a faithful and dedicated protector of Bonnie. If he hadn’t died “permanently”, he would have failed and would have forever been separated from her. But destiny kept them together. With the disintegration of the Other side, Bonnie was bound to die. But it was Damon’s destiny to follow her to protect her forever wherever she would go.

Just a few minutes before the disintegration of the Other side, Damon stepped forward and stood by Bonnie’s side.

Perfect Bamon quote

Their exchange here was so fucking beautiful. Let me tell you why.

When Bonnie said ”I’m sure there’s a million people we’d both rather be with right now but…” and Damon replied ”A couple thousand at most.”…

combined with their hand holding …

and their gaze

it is obvious that they both have a deep affection for each other. What they really meant underneath was the opposite. By Bonnie’s side was the one who brought her back to life. By Damon’s side was the woman he brought back to life. They were both at peace with their death and felt safe because of each other.

Knowing the whole meaning behind these quotes, it makes them so beautiful and powerful. Every time, I hear them, I sob like a baby.

Bonnie initiating the hand holding

So far, we had mostly seen Damon caring about Bonnie but we hadn’t often seen Bonnie openly care about Damon. But here, she was the one who reached for his hand which was the perfect continuation of her quote “I’m sure there’s a million people we’d both rather be with right now but…”. For me, her holding his hand meant “I care about you and I feel safe and at peace by your side”.

The magic of “I just wanna be by your side for the rest of our lives”

Not only did they use a perfect song - Wings, by Birdy - but they purposefully modified the lyrics to fit the scene and to convey what they really meant.

In the original song, both verses “I just wanna be by your side” & “for the rest of our lives” don’t go together. It’s:

I just wanna be by your side if these wings could fly”

“We’d remember this night for the rest of our lives

But in the last seconds of the scene when Damon and Bonnie are about to get sucked into this mysterious new place, here is the last verse:

“I just wanna be by your side for the rest of our lives”

They put together those two separate verses to become this beautiful and oh so meaningful line. If it doesn’t mean “Bamon is coming”, I don’t know what it means.

This EPIC Bamon scene makes it clear and obvious to me that Damon is Bonnie’s ETERNAL HERO AND PROTECTOR and Bonnie is Damon’s DESTINY. Damon was bound to die at this moment in order to stand by Bonnie’s side.

The way I see it, their experience, dying and going to the Other dimension together and beyond, will forever change Bonnie and Damon, so will their relationship. They will grow closer and stronger and nothing will ever be able to break their connection. DAMON AND BONNIE WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE CONNECTED, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER AND WHATEVER HAPPENS.

One last thing to say: BAMON IS COMING!


elena gilbert | “there’s nothing here for me anymore..” [4x15] (by BlairWaldorfQueenB)

4x15 Stand By Me

Nina Dobrev for all the awards. Nothing else matters in this episode. She’s amazing

(Okay, one tiny thing. When Elena burns the house down? All I can think about is how Klaus waited so long for an invitation and now he finally has free reign and she burns it down. So rude).