4x15 :: dave returns

Best of the Ludgate-Dwyers: Top 15 Episodes of Andy and April

I have spent hours on Netflix, combing through Parks and Recreation’s six seasons until I could safely say that I had uncovered the best of Andy and April’s relationship. I started out with over 64 episodes, seven of which were going to end up on the list, regardless. But after rigorous tests and comparisons, I have narrowed the list down to the best fifteen episodes in Parks and Rec history (excluding the seventh season) Enjoy the list!

#1: 3x9: Andy and April’s Fancy Party
#2: 4x6: End of the World
#3: 3x6: Indianapolis
#4: 2x20: Summer Catalog
#5: 3x5: Media Blitz
#6: 5x8: Pawnee Commons
#7: 6x5: Filibuster
#8: 3x7: Harvest Festival
#9: 2x10: Hunting Trip
#10: 3x8: Camping
#11: 2x23: The Master Plan
#12: 6x17: Prom
#13: 3x14: Road Trip
#14: 2x18: The Possum
#15: 2x24: Freddy Spaghetti

Honorable Mention
3x13: The Fight, 4x12: Campaign Ad, 4x15: Dave Returns