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Unchained - Music Notes Arrow 4x12

Felicity summarized this episode well:

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We saw many returns and with that we heard many returning themes and instruments.  This review will be a little different: I’m going to touch on all the returning musical themes (or at least attempt to).

Nyssa/Nanda Parbat/Tatsu

We start off this episode with Nyssa escaping prison to exhilarating music.  As Nyssa discovers the knife in the pepper, we hear the theme for Nanda Parbat (minor second then minor third) in strings and voices before the music matches the fight.  The last time we heard this theme, Malcolm Merlyn had healed a cut with the Lazarus Pit.  Now, followers and supporters are taking a stand for Nyssa, the daughter of the demon and the rightful heir.  This is the music for the leader and all that Nanda Parbat represents.  The fight commences with a return of the duduk used for the League of Assassins, hand drums, and strings setting the musical stage for a coup.  The usual themes that we associate with Ra’s al Ghul (or Merlyn) are gone but the instrumentation is still present.  As the Lotus is mentioned, we hear a new instrument: the ney flute.  (In all honesty, I had to ask Blake Neely what instrument was used…it’s a Persian flute.) 

This instrument is key to the fight between Nyssa and Tatsu.  In Season 3, the ney flute was used for Tatsu (or at least Katana - when she fights with her sword). We haven’t seen Tatsu since she left Nanda Parbat at the end of Season 3.  Now she has found purpose in protecting the Lotus.  In the fight between these two women, we hear their respective instruments representing these two fierce women fighting for their cause.  The ney flute, the crazy duduk, doumbek, gongs.  This was my favorite fight music for the episode.

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David Ramsey, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne