Murdoch Mysteries Master Post: Season 4

>> Cuz American Netfix has S1-3 & Canadian Netflix has S5-8, so S4 is no where to be found. You’re Welcome ;)

Season 4:

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anonymous asked:

4x01 and 4x12 is why no matter what A&E say I don't believe the Marilena plot was planned. There were no subtle hints that you could go back to and say "ohhh, that's why" and Christie and Lana certainly didn't play it that way. And look how complex and detailed a performance they got from Lana in S1 when only she knew what happened to Regina and I'm sure they would've told Christie so she could play it that way and added lines in the script like so many in S1 alluding to Regina's past.

We’ll have to agree to disagree.  I think there are some hints in 3.20 that Zelena faked her death, and I think that you really can’t say there were no hints 4.04 through 4.11 because the bulk of that time she was unconscious.

  • Bobby:"Why did you guys post that video of me man? I mean it didn't make me feel good. It was mean. You guys are mean."
  • Leslie:"Well we used your own ad so I don't think it was mean."
  • Bobby:"All right, let me lay it out for you, my friends keep sending me links to that video and they just make fun of me...just stop running, okay...just stop."
  • Leslie:"Stop running the ad?
  • Bobby:"No stop running the campaign."
  • Leslie:"What?"
  • Bobby:"Just quit. It would be so cool of you if you just quit. Then I can win the election and I'll have a big party and I'll put you both on the guest list, plus one. Plus I'm going to have a guy who does magic, not cheesy magic, really good magic."
  • Leslie:"We're not going to quit the campaign. Why would we do that?"
  • Bobby:"Because I want it. C'mon gimme it. Gimme it. Gimme it. C'mon gimme it. Just give me the election. I'm sorry. Please. Please."
  • Ben:"Well he does make a compelling argument."