Unexplained Shady Wren Moment: #3

So, this isn’t actually “unexplained” as I think I have managed to figure out Shana and Wren’s relationship in terms of Wren being Uber A. Firstly, lets recap the weird connection between the two.

-In 4x10, when Wren learns CeCe had been talking to Mona in Radley, he phones someone and tells them, “We have a problem. I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours.”

-Later on in the episode, Wren expresses his anger that Veronica Hastings made Mona confess to Wilden’s murder. Because of this, he manipulates Veronica and causes her to be kicked off of Ashley Marin’s defense team, which also gets Mona off of the hook. CeCe is now a person of interest in Wilden’s murder case. It seems Wren’s involvement with Mona and Veronica played a role in getting CeCe on the police’s radar.

-In 4x12, Shana is in Wren’s apartment. We are yet to learn why this was. Shana also possesses paperwork for Wren and Melissa’s move to London.

-In 4x18, A leaves Shana a message telling her to leave town.

-In 5x01, Shana attempts to kill Alison. She is then killed by Aria. A/CeCe does not mention Aria’s crime again, as it obviously protected Ali.

What if Shana was the person Wren was talking to on the phone in 4x10?

As this post implies, Wren was working against CeCe and was probably trying to get her arrested for Wilden’s murder. “His end” was getting rid of CeCe, and Shana’s “end” was killing Alison. The fact Shana was in Wren’s apartment may be a hint that the two were working together and trying to take the DiLaurentis family down together. Shana’s motive? Alison blinded Jenna and Shana loved her. Wren’s motive? CeCe caused Bethany’s death (his sister) and blamed Bethany for some of her own crimes (see theory.)

CeCe may have been aware of the pair’s agenda, hence why she made Shana leave town. She feared the worst was going to happen (Shana killing Ali), meaning she had to get rid of her. Wren causing CeCe to be arrested for Wilden’s murder was the first part of the plan. As we know, CeCe managed to escape, but in the meantime, Shana was working on “her end”; killing Alison.

Wren’s sudden move back to England may have been precautionary. He knew what CeCe was capable of, and so fled the country after his part of the plan was done just in case. Alternatively, it may have been because his reason for being in Rosewood was over. His whole purpose was to take CeCe down for what she had done to his sister, and once he had completed his task, he was free to move on. 

I think Wren’s return will be his second attempt at getting revenge on Charlotte DiLaurentis.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Lana tries to queerbait between Regina and Lana. Regin def has given Emma a lot of doey eyes and what not (4x12 when Emma saves her from the monster thing). But JMo doesn't play it that way - she keeps it in the friend way. Therefore JMo always gets the hate from SQers and its just not fair!

I get that feeling sometimes too. Not much we do about it except send Jen love when we can!