4x12 a view to a kill


I’m watching tvd 4x12 “a view to a kill” and I’m on the scene where Damon tells Klaus “if your gonna be bad, be bad with reason, otherwise you’re just not worth forgiving ” and before that he says “I’m bad with reason”
How many people has Damon killed/tried to kill for no reason?!?
Damon is bad by Choice. He chooses to be a big baby, and kill people when he’s sad. And the problem is, he doesn’t even get punished. He gets forgiven and redeemed, regardless all the things he’s done. Thats why I don’t get why kai couldn’t be redeemed. But anyways, Elena only loves Damon because that was Damon’s intention.

To steal Elena away from Stefan, because she looks like Katherine. And he couldn’t stand to see Stefan happy for the first time in forever. So he took that away from him. He’s actually taken a lot of things from Stefan. And that’s sad. How Stefan continues to put up with his crap because he’s his brother. I bet if Stefan wasn’t damons brother, he would have already killed him.

Damon should Start taking his own advice and be bad with reason.