4x10 on set

Wren in 4x10; interrogating Mona, setting up Veronica... all to protect CeCe

If you’re familiar with the idea that Wren could be A, you’ll know this particular episode is hugely significant for two reasons:

1) everything he does in this episode is to help CeCe. Everything.

2) it is Wren’s last episode before his long break from the show. 

The way his character was left is so interesting considering the current storyline. It seems as though he was left this way on purpose. 

Let me remind you of the situation:

Wilden has been murdered by CeCe (not yet a suspect). Veronica Hastings is Ashley Marin’s lawyer because she is a main suspect. Mona has just confessed and is in Radley as a result.

Below, I will talk through each scene and discuss just why it is evidence that Wren has a very strong chance of being A.D. Enjoy!

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Skeptical to Destiel at First

So I was familiar with Supernatural before I started really watching it. Before I made it to Season 4, I had heard that people shipped Dean and Cas. I was confused at first, like “No that’s ridiculous, they’re just friends.” Then I was so happy Cas finally was on the show.

So when I was watching Heaven and Hell 4x10 and this happened

I thought nothing of this goodbye kiss between Dean & Anna until this…

I started shouting, “WHAT? Why in the hell are they cutting away to Cas, who looks jealous and hurt?! Okay maybe there’s something there.”

So that’s the story of how I became a Destiel shipper.

See! Arms progress🙈 If I get the right shadows, I convince myself of that!

3/23 Workout:

Pull-ups: 8, 7, 6, 5
Side raises: 5x5 30#
Arnold press: 5x5 40#
Shrugs: 4x10 50-90#

Leg lifts: 4x10
Hanging knee tuck twists: 4x10
Russian twists: 4x10 25#
4 sets of: 8 push-ups, 16 second plank, 8 plank oblique leg pulls, 8 plank cross leg pulls (it all just went with the music, that’s why they are in multiples of 4☺️)

Elliptical: 1 mile cooldown