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Silver’s relationship with Madi has worked better for me than Eleanor and Woodes Rogers’s relationship did, but this episode still illustrates the fact that Black Sails is far better at understated, long-running, or previously established romantic relationships than it is at building new ones that start in the show’s timeline. Madi’s great, but she and Silver have been together for what, a month? And Silver is more emotional about rescuing her than her own mother is? He’s ready to betray his first real friend who he’s known longer, been through more with, and loves as much in his own way? I trust the writing to present Silver with more interesting and complex motivations for his upcoming split with Flint. I hope I’m not wrong.
—  Lauren Sarner - 4x07 review: ‘Black Sails’ Gives Rise to Calico Jack
My Review of The Originals 4x07 -  High Water And A Devil's Daughter

So the Hollow is a wolf that is/was apart of Hayley’s line and her bones are located in Mystic Falls??. This mystery seems be getting more cloudy than clear, hopefully in the next remaining episodes it all comes together to make sense.

- Favourite Scenes

1. Elijah
Who would of thought Elijah could be so ruthless? I’m still undecided if I like this new side to him, but I must admit I’m liking seeing the roles being reserved between him and Klaus. My favourite part this episode regarding Elijah’s character was when Vincent asked him, “Do you remember at all what it’s like to be a human being?”. And his reply was, “Not really”. I feel like it could apply to the entire Original Family (excluding Hope and Hayley). We perceived Elijah as the lesser evil of Klaus and his other siblings, but his facial expression after answering Vincent’s question, makes you wonder what Elijah has gone through in his 1,000 years of life. That is why I think it’ll be interesting to gain more of an insight of The Originals life, we know some of the things they got up to, but there is still some blanks.

For example I don’t think we ever got to find out why/when/how Finn got daggered? What Kol’s relationship was like with Mikael? More backstory for Freya? Where did Kol/Finn after Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah made that “always and forever” pact? I mean there are still so many questions, that I wouldn’t mind a few flashback episodes. I can’t be the only one who finds all of this interesting.

2. Klaus/Hayley/Hope
I love the growth between Klaus and Hayley, when you think about it they’ve come so far. And it’s nice to see them sticking together and getting along for their daughter. Also the Klaus and Hope scenes are the cutest, especially where she asks him to not be mad that she released Marcel. I love their growing father/daughter bond.

3. Vincent/Freya
Everybody in New Orleans should bow down to these two., I swear they’re the most kick-ass witches I’ve ever seen. They deserve all the credit in the world. Freya for doing whatever it takes for her family and making sure she keeps them safe. And Vincent for trying to maintain a balance and making his main purpose in ensuring the safety of the people of New Orleans.

- Least Favourite Scene
I didn’t have a least favourite scene, maybe because it was focusing on The Original family and I love Josh so it was a nice balance.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 7 and a half/10

- Favourite quote/line
KLAUS: I see no evidence that your uncle Elijah doesn’t sleep here upside down

What Belle Was Doing During “Smash The Mirror”

We know Belle wasn’t on-screen, so what was she up to? Was it:

  1. Creating new killer heels with Jefferson
  2. Learning kung fu with Mulan
  3. Recovering from all the nookie ‘cause Rumple can only sneak out of the house at night when she’s asleep
  4. Teaching the Lost Boys how to read via angsty YA fiction (“STAY GOLD, PONYBOY”)
  5. Raising snails
  6. Making a giant sign for the library lobby: “GREETINGS, VILLAINS– THIS WAY TO THE CLOCKTOWER”
  7. Helping Granny rearrange the lasagna so there’s room for Marian in the freezer

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Moral Absolutes: Brotherhood 4x07 Review

So… life at the moment is reaching Defcon Crazy. Between illness, family drama, work projects, packing (and shopping) for San Jose (YAHOOOO!!!!!!!), and the 750 texts discussing nearly all of the above, my blogging time took a nose dive. So sorry!!! I’m alive. I haven’t forgotten you. To all those who’ve sent me messages… I am going to answer you! I’m not ignoring you.

That said, I’m on a time crunch so we’re gonna do this quick and dirty fandom. In other words… I’m going to attempt brevity. 

Pause. Checks for the apocalypse. Nope. The world still turning. We’re good to go. 

 I’ll probably fail, but I’m gonna give it a go. This also means I may be light on the gifs.

Yeah… that’s one of the seven signs. Prepare your souls.

And… we’re back to another Arrow episode. Not just any Arrow episode. A DAVID FREAKING RAMSEY episode! God bless The Year of Diggle.

Let’s dig in….

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