4x03 alone in the world

Olivia: What are you seeing?
Walter: It doesn’t matter.
Olivia: Just tell me.
Walter: A person. A young man. His voice is in my head…
Olivia: Does he look like this?
Walter: Where did you get this?
Olivia: I drew it from memory. I’ve been seeing him in my dreams for the past three weeks.
Walter: And all this time… I thought I was losing my mind, that he was a figment of my psychosis. I’m perfectly sane!
Olivia: Here.
Walter: Who is he?
Olivia: I don’t know. I’ve been running facial recognition through interagency databases, including Interpol, but nothing’s shown up.
Walter: A shared vision like this… He must be real! And if he’s real… We have to find him.